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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Biruko,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qKdW8(qKdW8)Hatchling (m)3,3017092
LL0WHokus and PokusAdult (m)585382246
2YBfAbra and Kadabra BirukoAdult (f)84249088
FudhBiruko's AlakazamAdult (m)81446068
Z7nAMilagros and EsperanzaAdult (f)2,142453137
rWQaSpeciosa et CallidiAdult (f)87148647
YtimBiruko's InnominatamAdult (f)87150237
RTsHMariposa and GloriaAdult (f)95452540
cg1WAlakzam and AmazingAdult (m)73244430
B2VVMagic and LoveAdult (f)85643431
mahPjCoti and MessiAdult (m)76740837
jsvW0Bravo and BisAdult (m)1,63945332
O6eVIDuo Dracones the RescuedAdult (m)2,80673918
z8WGpCholito and Mono CBAdult (f)2,97992414
w5VTLAndrea and Constanza CBAdult (f)2,71468822
R7E3RNina and LinaAdult (f)2,6716763
Ngey1Thabto's Pair of DoomAdult (f)3,01486132
Hf1FCHector y Hernan CBAdult (m)3,46173113
vsDsIVicky y Camila CBAdult (f)3,4606388
PRGUaProspero CBAdult (m)7,4659257
qoICV(qoICV)Adult (m)6,01064621
zXOw5(zXOw5)Adult (f)4,37977627
i10Us(i10Us)Adult (m)6,3076089
Rgb64(Rgb64)Adult (f)7,5905221
7HY3u(7HY3u)Adult (m)6,8525751
uiNjo(uiNjo)Adult (f)6,9494952
8m6Vt(8m6Vt)Adult (f)6,3187813
SrT2s(SrT2s)Adult (f)3,6422701
u1PIj(u1PIj)Adult (m)2,3335692
HIczC(HIczC)Adult (f)5,2409162
bGmTE(bGmTE)Adult (m)3,2965832
7PDIx(7PDIx)Adult (f)4,5197503
8LQMv(8LQMv)Adult (f)3,7755554
hgJDD(hgJDD)Adult (m)4,7477272
REOKN(REOKN)Adult (f)4,9237692
qsyc3(qsyc3)Adult (f)5,4557742
SrEzP(SrEzP)Adult (m)6,0238002
EPqiuYago and Lobo CBAdult (m)3,57196028
l5etYContu and Mercu CBAdult (f)3,53887019
hgmEEMihrimah Sultan CBAdult (f)2,99171920
mdpGgMark and Dark CBAdult (m)3,2346905
ZLJIlZen and Yang CBAdult (m)4,2587587
4rfCXChita and Conchita CBAdult (f)3,0436402
Xgx8SXimen y Xavier CBAdult (m)3,26978820
8NHJTNacho y Novio CBAdult (m)3,28174623
Wj5kLVioleta y Valencia CBAdult (f)3,14571114
Q7z6NYing y Yang CBAdult (f)4,4158602
QsJmaQuiqe and Josh CBAdult (m)5,7921,20228
2YI9t(2YI9t)Adult (f)3,90258418
LnCJX(LnCJX)Adult (m)5,97762924
Oyu2h(Oyu2h)Adult (f)5,79774414
e2yEU(e2yEU)Adult (f)6,15158322
CK4gy(CK4gy)Adult (m)7,33548929
IdfTg(IdfTg)Adult (f)6,0625472
gNNdu(gNNdu)Adult (m)5,9287571
n6x4f(n6x4f)Adult (f)5,7395700
VIjAiReturn from Zombie Don't killAdult (m)6,0595253
Pzg0l(Pzg0l)Adult (f)5,9385221
oI81Q(oI81Q)Adult (f)3,1305505
6kV6D(6kV6D)Adult (f)2,5805842
jlFNB(jlFNB)Adult (m)2,8595783
bTBZE(bTBZE)Adult (m)1,8457912
G92LmDuobus Capitibus CBAdult (f)2,94570821
pZe85La CuraAdult (m)2,44779017
yyMWBYerba and HerbaAdult (m)3,74688515
xhmJCMili and MonitaAdult (f)2,66272110
r5U4XMystic PrincessAdult (f)2,7647358
iklncIrvin and Kai CBAdult (m)4,0997496
ChLYqCarmen y Catalina CBAdult (f)3,15863217
FGjzK(FGjzK)Adult (m)5,9635855
HJWNpBirthday-Twin CBAdult (m)5,34062711
SDqER(SDqER)Adult (f)6,05575213
8nCW1Zombie Attempt6oAdult (f)2,5984519
TVA9j(TVA9j)Adult (m)5,82966620
bprbc(bprbc)Adult (f)4,7107151
bwvig(bwvig)Adult (f)4,2966791
n3mbc(n3mbc)Adult (m)4,3436741
0aczH(0aczH)Adult (m)5,0135742
L6nj4(L6nj4)Adult (f)5,7615561
731OW(731OW)Adult (f)6,5876011
vrHQ2(vrHQ2)Adult (f)5,8075991
mN2pS(mN2pS)Adult (m)5,8645364
0J3Uk(0J3Uk)Adult (f)4,2762961
XwG1P(XwG1P)Adult (m)4,1163002
bOTxN(bOTxN)Adult (f)4,7155351
kK9xX(kK9xX)Adult (m)4,7555401
F2xc2(F2xc2)Adult (f)2,84740116
gRV5W(gRV5W)Adult (m)4,7674355
uKjeQ(uKjeQ)Adult (f)2,8274702
nQLWO(nQLWO)Adult (f)3,0396265
7xZAJ(7xZAJ)Adult (m)2,9616262
QPugg(QPugg)Adult (f)2,7616082
hJUxS(hJUxS)Adult (f)2,9836172
5BlaM(5BlaM)Adult (f)2,0407061
MlBpq(MlBpq)Adult (f)2,1187043
ftqhs(ftqhs)Adult (m)2,0097051
VgDul(VgDul)Adult (m)5,8528886
r0fPH(r0fPH)Adult (f)3,5875884
jrblX(jrblX)Adult (m)2,8815822
pM0fl(pM0fl)Adult (m)2,6605703
Ga881(Ga881)Adult (m)3,0295901
LCzBz(LCzBz)Adult (f)2,9135641
J8omn(J8omn)Adult (m)2,7225391
5MI3t(5MI3t)Adult (f)2,9446014
fmJ6L(fmJ6L)Adult (m)2,7655905
97CIJ(97CIJ)Adult (m)2,7796035
rRAMT(rRAMT)Adult (f)2,7285823
JbrJ4(JbrJ4)Adult (m)2,9035903
GT04i(GT04i)Adult (m)1,7746521
iyYdF(iyYdF)Adult (m)2,0326562
XBXLb(XBXLb)Adult (f)1,8206800
wR9Le(wR9Le)Adult (f)2,0136290
OpAa3(OpAa3)Adult (f)2,0616490
eEuLR(eEuLR)Adult (m)2,0176401
u1XTg(u1XTg)Adult (f)2,0436770
jRzgr(jRzgr)Adult (f)2,0016611
lxI3t(lxI3t)Adult (m)2,8866011
zQ2eY(zQ2eY)Adult (m)2,5206263
pXFI5(pXFI5)Adult (f)2,3385844
7ncsh(7ncsh)Adult (m)2,5416311
1JJM6(1JJM6)Adult (m)2,4196521
0KoYD(0KoYD)Adult (m)2,6256612
BUVZQ(BUVZQ)Adult (f)2,3716231
NGkwL(NGkwL)Adult (m)2,5936195
LAT6c(LAT6c)Adult (m)2,5255343
KcOHy(KcOHy)Adult (f)2,6045572
CVecw(CVecw)Adult (m)2,7415543
nUQhI(nUQhI)Adult (m)2,6095623
mX74l(mX74l)Adult (f)2,9085962
vdyxL(vdyxL)Adult (f)2,7655793
FEZr0(FEZr0)Adult (f)2,6825851
HUR1o(HUR1o)Adult (m)2,6575791
wAUHB(wAUHB)Adult (m)2,8167321
NhiPW(NhiPW)Adult (m)2,7935643
jqK8y(jqK8y)Adult (m)3,0365884
qgD1j(qgD1j)Adult (m)2,7545813
gCtpQ(gCtpQ)Adult (m)2,7685593
rqZzY(rqZzY)Adult (m)2,6245703
ZC8QO(ZC8QO)Adult (m)2,7625843
BaAbY(BaAbY)Adult (f)3,0026024
T5ya5(T5ya5)Adult (f)2,5895623
8Rs0y(8Rs0y)Adult (f)2,8655973
neJsl(neJsl)Adult (m)4,7949791
1sdxX(1sdxX)Adult (f)4,7829631
A4twx(A4twx)Adult (f)2,5108022
YviUp(YviUp)Adult (m)2,4848061
78kYt(78kYt)Adult (m)2,4938091
GlU2W(GlU2W)Adult (f)2,6458112
CJMlW(CJMlW)Adult (f)2,4828052
dhvKu(dhvKu)Adult (f)2,4978043
tthhr(tthhr)Adult (m)2,5078021
mkMqU(mkMqU)Adult (f)2,4918021
Oywmy(Oywmy)Adult (m)3,1676003
zcnet(zcnet)Adult (m)3,0876032
jtkGf(jtkGf)Adult (f)2,9125932
1meu2(1meu2)Adult (m)3,1656162
Kx1W5(Kx1W5)Adult (m)3,0765843
nOrEL(nOrEL)Adult (f)2,9175972
3M4Zi(3M4Zi)Adult (m)4,0946331
2ZaV3(2ZaV3)Adult (m)3,8126492
mgF83(mgF83)Adult (f)3,3775342
CxLOi(CxLOi)Adult (m)3,1435374
J5w7r(J5w7r)Adult (f)3,4645793
sPPQq(sPPQq)Adult (m)1,7896211
E3HGA(E3HGA)Adult (m)2,0046211
dhIIj(dhIIj)Adult (f)2,0836481
zkdf6(zkdf6)Adult (f)2,0786462
Nw7dc(Nw7dc)Adult (m)1,7295762
HQv70(HQv70)Adult (f)1,7996032
DCDAZ(DCDAZ)Adult (m)2,3056262
qVyBZ(qVyBZ)Adult (m)2,1276392
KRjXy(KRjXy)Adult (m)2,4686021
kolud(kolud)Adult (f)2,4285971
DrKI8(DrKI8)Adult (f)1,7805662
xGkla(xGkla)Adult (f)3,5097151
IvRgG(IvRgG)Adult (m)3,5437151
wtbGz(wtbGz)Adult (m)3,2217031
E9wOM(E9wOM)Adult (m)3,5117133
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