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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “BigWolf643,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eNpRh(eNpRh)Hatchling (m)3,6458252
Kw4hC(Kw4hC)Hatchling (m)2,7857061
ZUv6I(ZUv6I)Hatchling (m)3,5377860
2YBSY(2YBSY)Hatchling (f)3,5307950
259ah(259ah)Hatchling (m)2,7596732
Uk6nQ(Uk6nQ)Hatchling (m)2,7816852
H1UA1(H1UA1)Hatchling (m)3,5738031
lLuzY(lLuzY)Hatchling (f)3,6388460
rGiZkDouble The HeadzAdult (f)6,3131,2504
GnWNyIt Feels so Much Better NowAdult (f)8,0771,3705
rW0PpThe Prettiest BobAdult (m)6,5167735
acQYMwhyd you leave this placeAdult (m)5,5529331
mQD1X(mQD1X)Adult (f)4,4678620
lIzYv(lIzYv)Adult (f)2,8817531
4omT9on my heart on my faceAdult (m)4,4768142
ags87(ags87)Adult (f)3,5359732
xihGV(xihGV)Adult (m)3,6739161
9JkVF(9JkVF)Adult (f)3,8748940
FhLwx(FhLwx)Adult (f)3,6008640
4xxnU(4xxnU)Adult (f)3,9988910
ZrAX9(ZrAX9)Adult (m)2,1036561
0rWEr(0rWEr)Adult (f)3,3547992
Uzaz9(Uzaz9)Adult (f)2,6226881
TIRcS(TIRcS)Adult (m)2,5807111
TkeKB(TkeKB)Adult (m)3,9037202
qSCak(qSCak)Adult (f)4,4909520
3cMMR(3cMMR)Adult (m)3,0277191
QCbGA(QCbGA)Adult (f)3,5307221
9qhSc(9qhSc)Adult (f)3,3408200
8Imr3(8Imr3)Adult (f)2,4837011
aFoII(aFoII)Adult (f)3,0217920
3cq5y(3cq5y)Adult (m)2,9648031
DBco8(DBco8)Adult (m)3,3428092
gaZUGAlly the AllAdult (f)6,9651,2992
CXRtSthe needle moves gracefullyAdult (m)5,8239492
ouFRx(ouFRx)Adult (f)3,9759381
yGem5i'll see you down the lineAdult (f)4,5589151
x9Mlntungle dot hellAdult (m)4,4398641
axFpV(axFpV)Adult (f)2,7226761
pBMjE(pBMjE)Adult (m)3,8838540
d9cCB(d9cCB)Adult (m)3,4749052
Vy5dIthe void is the place for youAdult (m)3,2865830
PweGha dog with a broken legAdult (m)2,3477670
I7PYSnow what are you waiting forAdult (f)2,5596920
K8Zy8and we'll hate what we've lostAdult (m)3,5956420
KUw0Ebut we'll love what we'll findAdult (f)4,9759481
m7mbY50ish to name this time lets goAdult (m)4,9337581
RLUEYgod i already hate this so manyAdult (f)7,2289622
phpxv3 in and i quit doing this laterAdult (f)7,0349323
3lfuMtime to name all these dragonsAdult (f)2,7516562
Bwfypget up i need youAdult (m)4,0105791
S6TPPlup and taako are so very goodAdult (m)3,4055903
MKaVNthe sound of crushing carsAdult (m)3,4945501
y9ONhcame out of the woodworkAdult (f)3,8795420
bncRuin the aftermath the melodyAdult (m)4,0545630
CqICrconflicting feels on hetaliaAdult (m)3,1977001
4hryd(4hryd)Adult (m)3,4027220
JWfSs(JWfSs)Adult (f)2,9417200
A3dhv(A3dhv)Adult (m)2,9907380
pXSyV(pXSyV)Adult (m)3,2346892
2X9cD(2X9cD)Adult (m)3,1626800
HrnZE(HrnZE)Adult (f)3,2377300
yPWI5(yPWI5)Adult (m)3,4188680
iE7Oeadblock plus plusHatchling (f, F)4,9597563
m47ZUthe song that is playing rnAdult (m)4,0506772
PrTa6all that is gold is rustingAdult (f)2,4717071
kL52mim just a silhouetteAdult (m)2,9436821
KBNxK(KBNxK)Adult (f)4,2911,0541
m7EQi(m7EQi)Adult (f)4,0159902
KgFfu(KgFfu)Adult (f)2,3456441
sISRI(sISRI)Adult (f)2,3636290
lvO5k(lvO5k)Adult (m)3,8366122
Q9hxB(Q9hxB)Adult (m)3,0076912
5xUSw(5xUSw)Adult (f)2,6307102
udlUM(udlUM)Adult (f)3,8028171
3ApEy(3ApEy)Adult (m)3,0107853
KOsbV(KOsbV)Adult (m)2,5836972
OMr6Q(OMr6Q)Adult (m)4,5858902
IlpBhfind me in the backyardAdult (f)2,1375931
aydMrwe found our roadsAdult (f)7,1851,1793
Zg3Vri still dream of youAdult (m)4,5159012
v8hM4im hoping you'll come soonAdult (m)4,4778121
j1XEVi cant keep coming up with theseAdult (m)7,0201,2482
ZGGqqwatching a bird through a windowAdult (m)5,7791,0260
mRHA6youtube auto play featureAdult (m)4,0148381
RYtPpits a trainwreakAdult (f)4,7259591
W58zPsix hundred and thirty nineAdult (f)5,8421,1400
tSjIkseventy five radical face songsAdult (m)3,2486323
ExN9Xthe antlers are a good bandAdult (f)5,5868530
MU4Qtscript another showAdult (f)5,2738301
dJaPFif this isn't all a dreamAdult (m)4,6668241
YvQe4wolves of the beyondAdult (f)5,7018311
5N09bwhy must they be uniqueAdult (f)3,0546650
mFmNbwe're not old old at allAdult (f)4,1835763
jD5zVim gonna run out of namesAdult (m)3,1235620
BvYdnor willpower whichever is firstAdult (f)3,2375501
JziuS(JziuS)Adult (f)3,9718140
lFjmG(lFjmG)Adult (m)3,0506741
zsyED(zsyED)Adult (m)2,9446661
Cxz00(Cxz00)Adult (m)4,7191,0202
ZKIdw(ZKIdw)Adult (m)5,3191,0581
CoKx3(CoKx3)Adult (f)4,1859180
1haSh(1haSh)Adult (m)4,1558481
a7pnD(a7pnD)Adult (m)2,9757511
Wz0pk(Wz0pk)Adult (m)2,9037651
RWMjE(RWMjE)Adult (m)3,4396900
MS0IL(MS0IL)Adult (m)2,5816611
yXqRD(yXqRD)Adult (m)4,4569532
3mmwzsee myself through someone elseAdult (f)2,5536681
6EYp2and you caused itAdult (f)2,1655131
z2jNQnope im done i'll do a few moreAdult (m)3,7187600
t68m3this is an available nameAdult (f)4,6728073
Ms7JKmarie kittyAdult (f)4,7629644
37iDpwater but it's in a coffee mugAdult (m)5,8641,1070
Xtmtean old maroon hot air balloonAdult (f)3,9355962
RRUCmRiver of WindAdult (m)4,6001,2721
3E8U5The Wonders Of Water is AmazingAdult (f)8,4521,4198
sHouHkiss the grassAdult (f)4,3075753
MZOp9good is the paper kitesAdult (m)4,9477152
MhpiZfrozen yogurt shop that closedAdult (f)4,8217030
A3tCzdragon names nowAdult (m)5,0099822
qIjm6(qIjm6)Adult (m)3,1207901
Cveqy(Cveqy)Adult (f)3,3018351
gUnptBlank as Night Light as DayAdult (f)8,1441,1681
WdUAzBright Lime EyesAdult (f)9,4781,1613
np9h2Curious you sayAdult (m)4,0209492
fhBbMSimply Perfect DragonAdult (f)4,6401,0720
MA1zkJ E R R  YAdult (f)5,9531,2141
2FggrM I K E YAdult (f)6,3321,1722
dY6ujBlack Dragon black dragonAdult (f)5,6191,0372
tQFQmScales the SclaeAdult (m)7,3311,2171
sQvOoJ a d I t eAdult (m)4,7631,0362
kQU6MThe won who ran awayAdult (f)8,7271,4204
7E5D8Blocky the Black dragonAdult (m)5,4679464
W0xVlBlock blickAdult (m)9,2731,3595
GX03min which i run out of namesAdult (m)3,7411,0030
8q8uojayfeather deserved betterAdult (m)3,7514233
0YGumblue willow chinaAdult (f)4,7266291
PXL3kblue willow COW chinaAdult (m)3,1246851
mRo6tfrog antiquesAdult (f)4,2009141
G2cM7mullet barryAdult (f)4,1597900
ZrX09That Younger SiblingHatchling (m, F)7,9701,1842
C0LZcMy Young ButterflyAdult (f)4,8571,2752
p9XN8Fly like a birdllAdult (f)6,3321,3532
wVQ57(wVQ57)Adult (f)3,7708530
6BoHs(6BoHs)Adult (f)3,3407221
b206i(b206i)Adult (m)2,5556791
oWX6h(oWX6h)Adult (f)2,5956652
ZXPVv(ZXPVv)Adult (f)4,6901,0001
fsaAHThis Is A Long NameAdult (m)5,8151,3352
RlVdQThe Worst Things in LifeAdult (m)7,5771,2392
pDzlUA bleeding moo nAdult (m)9,8861,5184
tFCTh(tFCTh)Adult (m)3,0106751
q0T4othis naming system sucksAdult (f)5,4208120
izblqMetal ShardsAdult (m)5,2621,3392
FhHMDradical face is goodAdult (m)3,9818191
lF1uZwe've made it to the coastlineAdult (f)5,7649381
08kv8our folks are damaged goodsAdult (f)6,1229221
5HTi4This is not a Dragon You SayAdult (f)2,8898091
Ku3dtBleuBlueAdult (m)7,3001,2832
DFjIvscratch your name in the groundAdult (f)4,0068173
RTHIdhollyleaf deserved betterAdult (f)3,8195810
62Kc3(62Kc3)Adult (m)3,9207293
lPUOeColdandBlueAdult (f)1,9325863
dEF9Asolider onAdult (f)2,7097010
SZQuJi may as well ditch my dismayAdult (f)5,6199723
dy7Po(dy7Po)Adult (m)5,6451,0131
bgEh8(bgEh8)Adult (f)2,9838520
GZ8xi(GZ8xi)Adult (f)3,5817643
ouZc5(ouZc5)Adult (f)4,6871,0171
imW62Burning Ball of Glowing LightAdult (m)5,3831,1802
9aLdrLittle J O EAdult (m)7,2841,3406
DeFHf(DeFHf)Adult (f)2,4626623
dgyfoive been here beforeAdult (m)2,7965141
9XrW1folkish musicAdult (f)3,2457411
9JlTYthe thunder plays its drumAdult (m)5,4759624
gUqiUnever truly goneAdult (f)4,3539081
hSHWw(hSHWw)Adult (m)3,5717341
KlSMmLonging To FlyAdult (m)7,3361,2993
8fSNhfire metaphors are my jamAdult (m)3,6087491
mq0Nf(mq0Nf)Adult (m)3,7938231
LQnj7today we love lup taccoAdult (m)4,1959231
roozktoday we also love taako taccoAdult (m)4,3599122
LgddFblupjeans goodAdult (m)4,1988732
Ur47rthese dudes are really prettyAdult (m)4,6678223
nYJ4Hdragon man manAdult (f)5,6548360
QKyvjPINK H A I RAdult (m)8,0741,4045
OvlVfFlowing over the riverAdult (f)7,5731,2761
Js4gDi hope someone reads these namesAdult (f)3,5305471
lD08QFlickering Flame of FireAdult (f)6,7321,1941
iXPMiJefferererereerAdult (f)5,9241,1643
LnvmTthe old harry potter pc gamesAdult (f)3,5257101
sQVeEwalle and eve are lesbians yallAdult (m)3,9535680
2OyGbits just who you areAdult (f)1,8626511
t8Fh8green grass of tunnelAdult (f)2,5546290
1SWvYsouthern summersAdult (f)5,6849622
vMklesouthern wintersAdult (m)3,8418202
MNJQdthe song pompeiiAdult (f)5,4527930
s6Y1Y(s6Y1Y)Adult (f)4,7141,0111
WxBUMi cant believe 2016 is deadAdult (m)2,3625211
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