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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bianca_Beukes13,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iMdh4(iMdh4)Adult (f)4,6243320
lmjUT(lmjUT)Adult (f)4,2394062
9U7g9(9U7g9)Adult (m)2,9317185
ufhjj(ufhjj)Adult (f)4,7493250
UpPNq(UpPNq)Adult (m)3,7209340
hx2um(hx2um)Adult (f)4,5979290
RN6Jv(RN6Jv)Adult (m)3,9629630
PfsU0(PfsU0)Adult (f)3,9118740
651oJ(651oJ)Adult (f)3,8438810
zPVBf(zPVBf)Adult (f)3,8428850
5PTTc(5PTTc)Adult (m)3,8038910
bkBUl(bkBUl)Adult (m)3,7608790
U0jvE(U0jvE)Adult (f)5,7304020
SQip1(SQip1)Adult (f)4,3763340
XUsth(XUsth)Adult (m)4,7473451
qGquK(qGquK)Adult (f)5,2203481
sl6kX(sl6kX)Adult (f)3,5923473
F2fiC(F2fiC)Adult (m)4,8623320
WB1V2(WB1V2)Adult (f)4,2012810
GoMol(GoMol)Adult (f)4,9583551
omS8b(omS8b)Adult (m)5,3263562
WQWQm(WQWQm)Adult (f)5,3063540
IrVHS(IrVHS)Adult (m)4,9963341
Gb3Lg(Gb3Lg)Adult (m)4,1384170
WtPaT(WtPaT)Adult (f)3,5645081
6P45g(6P45g)Adult (f)2,7564642
k5Xda(k5Xda)Adult (f)5,3943611
rHlNI(rHlNI)Adult (f)5,0653380
rdk8V(rdk8V)Adult (f)5,3263562
2F4uI(2F4uI)Adult (f)3,8645301
PoiLp(PoiLp)Adult (m)3,6684980
rLaFI(rLaFI)Adult (m)3,9135341
pA1Ec(pA1Ec)Adult (m)2,78690221
p4S4Y(p4S4Y)Adult (m)3,5385943
HYFDm(HYFDm)Adult (f)7,4074942
KIflo(KIflo)Adult (f)7,2614850
Y6jQu(Y6jQu)Adult (f)6,8714592
MV8iH(MV8iH)Adult (m)6,7504502
pitGB(pitGB)Adult (m)6,2906060
5DW0P(5DW0P)Adult (f)4,4123621
Asnrb(Asnrb)Adult (m)4,2953183
2hs6a(2hs6a)Adult (m)4,9313391
NOdqs(NOdqs)Adult (m)5,0543512
q5jVL(q5jVL)Adult (m)4,0763741
HkS55(HkS55)Adult (f)4,3053202
pIQDqVellosoAdult (m)4,7343163
HpTXg(HpTXg)Adult (m)4,6953132
lLBV8(lLBV8)Adult (f)4,4705802
Ha0IZ(Ha0IZ)Adult (m)5,3953600
kOidI(kOidI)Adult (m)4,4402961
aFVcT(aFVcT)Adult (f)2,7814712
5SXEPSomera PluvoAdult (m)5,4683653
47uSc(47uSc)Adult (f)4,6953711
R2IQe(R2IQe)Adult (m)3,8413572
cZrKa(cZrKa)Adult (m)4,2533851
u5PZC(u5PZC)Adult (f)4,8343471
eQUun(eQUun)Adult (m)4,3743150
8fN3F(8fN3F)Adult (m)4,9613312
BDB7L(BDB7L)Adult (m)5,5213693
ueXNX(ueXNX)Adult (f)5,2923743
imJVf(imJVf)Adult (f)5,4803743
e9NXq(e9NXq)Adult (f)4,2214941
iV5RO(iV5RO)Adult (m)4,4223512
ptS56(ptS56)Adult (m)5,0893400
84tWt(84tWt)Adult (f)5,3713592
Lg08P(Lg08P)Adult (f)2,6496318
29qc7(29qc7)Adult (f)2,6196163
22VtWClavya LadonHatchling (F)2,2951823
nrpSW(nrpSW)Adult (f)4,6203088
v02T0(v02T0)Adult (m)4,7333491
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