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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bekah1312,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5YBuGI watch you when you sleepAdult (f)5,3755305
UKOfdswimming with the starsAdult (f)5,5346447
5UAHf(5UAHf)Adult (m)3,8481,1950
F9k4Iomg its a dinoAdult7,2221,3446
QhIj6beautiful heheAdult (f)3,0839296
HfmkGI Transport thingsAdult (m)5,4965837
hXTUni teleport dragons cause yoloAdult (f)4,2811,10411
fsmX7The devils numberAdult (f)5,8711,1691
UEQUN(UEQUN)Adult (f)3,6141,0871
jn0Yoim not draculaAdult (f)5,3171,3057
VT9VfiPrey AutumnAdult (f)3,8093936
SqFvEDon't knowAdult (f)5,4314904
0uMMtoh no a snakes on my tailAdult (m)5,9871,1562
X0CckIm a lion hear me roarAdult (m)6,6179677
qYDLXhehe im cute cause im fluffyAdult (f)5,0495396
s0ouDman that stinksAdult (f)6,5636325
XQiT2Why am i wearing socksAdult (f)4,5984776
bgLL4I look like a scary statueAdult (f)6,0121,2300
sAk8rVroooom im a racing carAdult (m)5,7286128
6Grtg(6Grtg)Adult (m)3,6571,0980
MEErX(MEErX)Adult (f)8,7611,4205
XKVrNOmg its another oneAdult3,7774877
r0miFi look like a zebra with wingsAdult (m)5,1314777
28gENIm from the movie avatarAdult (m)6,0636144
c119Bbubble bubble boil and troubleAdult (f)4,8104914
GRRHOAHH FIRE PUT IT OUTAdult (f)3,7341,0196
2QgSFopa gangnam styleAdult (m)5,8591,1560
1QHhfi could be an angelAdult (m)8,86559112
BdvWv(BdvWv)Adult (m)3,9191,1670
dJK0jim the alpha of the packAdult (m)5,0971,0430
QjpoLi neeed to fartAdult (m)3,8628977
NRO3Hbro my face is right thereAdult (m)7,2061,1264
YIX4dand hes my manAdult (f)6,5501,02516
9L40rUmm no hes mineAdult (f)6,6051,0504
sPoRbbugger off hes mineAdult (f)3,6411,01411
Vha6aderr whats two plus twoAdult (f)4,0361,1594
0ZA2nWheres my thunder buddyAdult (f)5,6079846
nvRkgits okay man i got youAdult (m)5,3459978
tlHMli look like a kittttyAdult (f)6,4865449
43LJrIm a racing horse with a maskAdult (f)3,8013445
SVVlRwoof imma dogAdult (f)5,5026006
FcXkDIm an inside out umbrellaAdult (f)6,3935334
OCilrthat smells rank dudeAdult (f)6,0151,1873
lpsU7In the mornin im havin wafflesAdult (f)4,7664791
ahvu8(ahvu8)Adult (f)3,8571,1892
q0eV2Beyonces backup dancer oneAdult (f)5,2735557
r4fPqBeyonces backup dancer twoAdult (f)5,4235654
iDsRNand im BeyonceAdult (f)5,5216547
0C3qXmy hairs moldyAdult (m)6,2421,0163
NBAtpIm repunzelAdult (m)4,9151,0190
oOobj(oOobj)Adult (f)8,5641,3514
d8bvf(d8bvf)Adult (f)3,9761,2571
0j0MB(0j0MB)Adult (f)7,0401,3424
t6X7U(t6X7U)Adult (m)8,5781,4006
8OWmJRepunzel let down your hairAdult (m)6,3345278
ZASAsi bow to everyone cause im niceAdult (f)6,3391,2303
AbIPiStrut and strutAdult (m)6,1406107
kor42Im flawlessAdult (m)4,8591,0611
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