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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “BeingCool,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Au2jGDouble CheersAdult (f)5,5423841
oo7NDGiant AangAdult (m)3,8444395
10UMhWhite SmilesAdult (m)6,0394903
fHrx7Albino Child of the NorthAdult (m)4,3293531
s8jPGFloater LordAdult (m)3,6534542
3pV3OBalonzoAdult (f)3,8953560
pYQriDwaggieAdult (m)4,9783830
2egohBalloon DraggyHatchling (F)3,0503332
RJZE4View Eating BlackAdult (m)5,0079215
PNsitPin SitAdult (f)3,4383540
vQqbIBlackness of the SoulAdult (f)3,7503640
h0oapHooapAdult (f)2,1451,0710
bHiO9Contradictory ChildAdult (m)5,4831,1713
1K7PgPog DwagomAdult (m)4,1373420
bpmEVVinefire the SecondAdult (f)4,9173881
SQfg3Vinefire's LegacyAdult (m)5,2443500
Vj64sVine's Child of PastAdult (f)4,5054311
83FbZVinefire's WishAdult (m)4,4024091
m7ucGVinefire's MemoryAdult (f)4,6853770
PSIXZVinefire's SixthAdult (m)4,2483290
POPxPVinefire's Greatest SecretAdult (m)4,6183680
DK986NEW ORIGINAL NAMEAdult (f)6,9075220
627DFBrimstone BrotherAdult (m)7,3804921
lgDn4Brimstone IgnaAdult (m)6,6984471
4ltM8LizzaAdult (f)4,2074653
riLH8Great Winged Leaf of the ForestAdult (m)3,7615592
pivfiThe Forest's Final HopeAdult (f)3,6033830
AEDBAHipster DinosaurAdult (m)3,4073760
PMJpXA Little CanopyHatchling (f, F)3,7974280
fEbokChild of Holiday JoyAdult (m)3,8434612
gP3vCQueen of the ShoreAdult (f)3,6644532
ddMiYCostal CutieAdult (f)5,2783711
0nN5KOniskAdult (m)5,4553811
FNO1EAUGH NO NAMEAdult (f)4,6094080
jtIEkI hate my lifeAdult (m)5,4153610
iAhFrCoastal CreatureAdult (f)5,1233660
DkBidIsh D BidAdult (m)5,3703580
jh76rYou'll Never Catch Me AliveAdult (m)2,0621,0270
I7TgVDetective CopperAdult (f)2,0701,0340
pMsEeMurderous Vine ChildAdult (m)4,8131,0774
MLvfuMentha of Leafed JoyAdult (f)5,2581,0276
c03UBRooted VineAdult (m)4,8393480
Hdg48Vines of WarAdult (f)4,8783851
hMK4VOHMIGODS ALTAdult (f)4,5353961
YMGsRLanguage Arts TeacherAdult (f)5,5361,1791
Tq4Q1Daydreaming FloAdult (m)5,2483630
n3QZqDaydream ChildHatchling (f, F)4,2014010
ambTLEelheartAdult (f)3,9194691
G1vGmDeep Water EelAdult (f)5,8391,2402
05oZXOsozAdult (m)4,6273810
tNVHHTinavAdult (f)4,7654051
p0BCbPon CribAdult (f)3,3513400
W2d8uDeep Sea JoyAdult (m)4,2873411
9M4HmDeep Sea MiraAdult (f)2,9058481
dPJoEdP JoeHatchling (F)2,5832420
OEDVYCindermakerAdult (m)3,3154211
MTfelCharred PurpleAdult (f)4,6824301
QOsDjFredwardAdult (m)3,8685731
D1oWGDorsal DwagonAdult (f)3,9953531
MKQuVElectric Socket TailAdult (m)4,2963891
GVtZ0Miss SparkyAdult (f)4,9729852
9OcqmARG PIRATEAdult (f)3,4203950
HBa8RHab AtarAdult (f)4,9213680
t8v8LZippity ZapAdult (m)5,3853620
FrrRyLong Forgotten ChildAdult (f)5,1903460
a09owElectric Stories of Past GloryAdult (m)3,1353450
lzZggElectric EarwormAdult (m)3,2423870
BDKzNText Nun yet AutocorrectAdult (f)4,2913540
MDrbR(MDrbR)Adult (f)2,6193380
5AhPNThe Burning Flame WithinAdult (m)3,6153810
BfrJ7Ember from the FlamesAdult (f)5,2273532
LZaLGBall of Flaming JoyHatchling (F)2,2002461
7kiIBFlamingo of the TropicsAdult (m)5,3511,1273
57MRII'm A FlamingoAdult (f)4,2487352
48g4MDON'T YOU KICK MEAdult (f)5,4853710
8BirEFlami FlamingoAdult (m)4,6813690
qbUtVFlamingo of Dark WavesAdult (m)4,3804000
XeTQ3GERBITY HERBERTHatchling (F)2,5382260
2ejsqGeoFlagAdult (m)4,2413950
ide4UDawning Life and LoveAdult (m)3,7053520
md0YAColors of the Dawn LightsAdult (f)2,9958350
8TT0ENightwing ChildAdult (m)4,6144301
46uYyDusk of Broken DreamsAdult (f)4,9393410
TiVqmTiv QimAdult (f)3,7863813
rDvCEShallow Water ChildAdult (f)5,3914923
Z9gZOGiant StormAdult (f)4,2974021
PsJiJA Storm of Small MagnitudeAdult (m)4,1286951
UKItqALLCAPSAdult (m)4,2734051
HabXNGrey HBIBJIAdult (m)5,4683700
JbWDJGraymane hgsdiuAdult (m)4,6843450
UQwIDGray Child of StormsAdult (f)5,2673520
nI25TForgotten Storm of AncientsAdult (m)3,1963580
9o866Grey Storm of Long AgoAdult (m)3,6233860
5CgqiThe Calm Just Before the StormAdult (m)4,1923030
JXH4OToph's ApprenticeAdult (f)3,9396252
m453iHelga's ChildAdult (m)3,9614170
3XJQbAlways Expect NinjasAdult (f)3,8143740
h29SiEarthen HissiHatchling (F)2,0062330
CmFCRThe Name is Wing Green WingAdult (f)4,5318602
Ebp8UHerbity FlerbertAdult (f)4,5733960
gBauRShieldsilverAdult (m)3,8114653
C9Si6I Look Like A Kitty CatAdult (m)5,6934142
qd2fkChild of a Moon GuardianAdult (m)5,8814351
oipH6Shielded ChildAdult (f)5,7863860
MYkqCShield's Lost LoveAdult (m)4,3283620
rh46WShielding a KittehHatchling (F)2,1221650
nD6rZHarry HarverstAdult (f)4,9963695
EjQL2Wyvern of FIRE AND DEATHAdult (m)3,8575711
KGkqDI'm a Murderer of FIREAdult (f)3,7403700
ALUn1AluniAdult (m)5,1983651
vigvKThe Fires of TraumaAdult (m)5,3053641
B4Le5A Hatchling AlwaysHatchling (F)3,0173220
LbDnnHarbinger of AWESOMEAdult (f)2,0148391
7hFKIPurple LovelaceAdult (m)2,6946804
M7hOHPurple Twi SparkleAdult (m)4,1463233
dInYUDin YuAdult (f)3,5964010
mFtxnHorsie of HorsienessAdult (m)3,3603750
QKm7JThe Sorrow of Past MistakesAdult (f)4,0783540
ClO0ISwimmy the Dragon-fishAdult (f)3,9354191
3bHHsMister WatersprayAdult (m)3,8245512
loM8OSurvivorAdult (m)5,3003653
GnjGRGRAAARAdult (f)5,0833800
aQGqFAqua DwaggiaAdult (f)4,9224251
l4PonI For PonAdult (f)4,3733570
vCRFCSwimmy's Lost Sister in LawAdult (f)3,5733780
tmepvTim PevAdult (f)4,7083541
OEo8lChild of Silvery GoldAdult (m)7,2454830
WjlkMGlowing Child of the BurntAdult (m)7,1114751
9PANQPERFECT To A DegreeAdult (f)6,9194620
ONW9JGoddessGiftAdult (f)4,5291,4544
8irhSGlowingGiftAdult (f)3,2743903
lnVGnI now Visit Glowing newbiesAdult (m)4,2196921
dCWlVGifty giftAdult (f)3,8735761
HKQmXFrozen GiftAdult (m)4,1163782
1mshnGlowing Orange GoddessAdult (m)4,0043851
1CKsmGolden Gift for MagicAdult (m)4,7513760
iRWd2Magical IrwinAdult (m)4,5143840
bz4O1Magical Teleporter ChildAdult (m)3,8843540
l2ArQSir Time LordAdult (m)4,0054682
pEbojSon of the DoctorAdult (m)4,5438242
Sl1BvNot a DudeAdult (m)4,6894251
7vuAgWingless VuagAdult (f)4,7863872
CB22GMinty Freshness of the CaveAdult (f)3,4173580
7HDKHMint's FlamesAdult (f)2,6083250
h9hIoMinty Fresh  of Fresh MintyAdult (f)3,5693710
RYmVSFresh Minty of DovahkiinAdult (f)3,7964829
LZUPzFreshly Minted LuzpieAdult (m)4,2883100
WHfjGA Wee Tiny ImpHatchling (m, F)3,1974170
tgVkMTig VikimHatchling (F)1,9692290
UCW75Glowing NightcrawlerAdult (f)4,4683782
8ZbkqHandsome NightcrawlerAdult (m)4,6104173
XfKLmMoony the Loony LunaAdult (m)5,3353760
k63LUMoonstone Child of the NightAdult (m)5,2553710
M5ME0Moonstone Child of NightHatchling (F)1,4262300
oqcYVOcyiv QinAdult (m)3,8463690
Mg3jOJust A Story In The EndAdult (m)3,7746562
aSvGCSir ForrestAdult (m)4,6764691
FBuRGSir Forrest's SonAdult (m)4,5988671
JThXWChild of the Open WoodsAdult (f)5,2184792
F5yH0Elvish Dragon of NewHatchling (F)1,9301930
KCGSaQuiet NightcrawlerAdult (f)3,8923702
1pZSFPhotophobicAdult (m)6,0464832
Dly06At Last I See the LightAdult (f)3,4259231
HgvugLight is ScaryAdult (f)3,4183641
7lgcSThe Forgotten Child of OldAdult (m)4,5603510
uTI4BOveractive SandbarAdult (f)4,2313732
p4jqFSandy OrchedrakeAdult (m)4,0704351
ZmYuEAn Insult to RocksAdult (f)3,0083380
0RdHsMean DragonAdult (f)3,9473690
RA7lhPrince of the FluffballsAdult (m)3,7826094
nkYlIPrincess of the FlufflesAdult (f)4,9123881
0i8BRI LOVE PILLOWTHAdult (m)4,4104970
qEJL1PIEWWOW DWAGONAdult (m)5,4913670
XiNOARawring Rawr ChildAdult (f)4,2343310
AKJ46My Army of Pillows Shall GrowAdult (m)1,6666930
qbSvIFluffy Pillow That is FluffyAdult (m)2,9048500
CahOE(CahOE)Adult (m)2,2913330
lyh6O(lyh6O)Adult (f)2,2703300
UNQ5PPiwwowHatchling (F)2,3382401
OpUSVImma FluffyHatchling (F)3,6913530
StbasGentle Pink of MinervaAdult (m)4,0783892
T1AlVWEEEEEEEEEEEAdult (m)4,3103420
8ihiQNihi QaAdult (f)4,7664270
G1desGides SpiniAdult (m)4,2434160
7Yu39Gentle Pink of JunoAdult (f)5,2973810
Yn0C8Gentle Pink of ArtemisAdult (f)5,0893810
eHH1lSkippy Pink DraggieAdult (m)3,6043790
YyYeGMother of Kianna's HatchieAdult (f)4,0303730
1IMmoPink PinkpinkpinkAdult (f)3,3813770
OVs9NBronze ClawAdult (m)8,9355971
JfQ3rSpyra DorkfaceAdult (f)4,1864274
ttiOZI'm Freaking AdorableAdult (m)3,7793842
k0bR8PlurpluAdult (f)4,0264190
YJuJAYjuja MysticAdult (m)5,2693521
13qkaSir Mustache That Isn't MustacheAdult (m)2,0691,0290
5CcyYColors are NOT GayAdult (m)3,0058340
VqcqEFrozen SpyrHatchling (F)2,0902150
TqZvPChild of the ViolinsHatchling (f, F)4,2084060
FpNjFTiny GoldenheartAdult (f)4,1383933
tWQPqTiny GoldenwingsAdult (f)4,0613713
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