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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Begone,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
h70TGracie and May ExpiscorAdult (f)4,7721,22612
kEHtSodom and Gomorrah Expiscor 10Adult (m)5,0811,1885
TpkdTime and Space Expiscor 11Adult (f)7,7901,7543
Fd4eJenny and Sarah ExpiscorAdult (f)7,5251,3073
Imc6Tani and Dera Expiscor 9Adult (f)5,7419784
WPseTaridana Expiscor 10Adult (f)6,4699114
pKmSNJaxx and Jutt ExpiscorAdult (m)4,5001,0843
shF2FMillennium Falcon and DeathstarAdult (f)2,0207550
Pk1ZYRoy and Marth Expiscor 8Adult (m)2,3056343
UkIRvPorom and Palom ExpiscorAdult (m)3,5606611
T6ZRUrsula and Ariel ExpiscorHatchling (f, F)5,6031,1039
DMKDMuerte and Vida ExpiscorHatchling (f, F)1,4223870
RykNUIva and Fen ExpiscorAdult (f)2,7456501
r83mD(r83mD)Adult (m)4,0276421
lYp1e(lYp1e)Adult (f)3,4347570
nx2M4Maha and Roja ExpiscorAdult (f)3,5286772
y2zD9Tshina and Fima ExpiscorAdult (f)4,8151,0152
omLTu(omLTu)Adult (m)3,6118452
hrAYsWrea ExpiscorAdult (m)2,3436171
CTdbTBarta ExpiscorAdult (f)3,0896433
JEml8Tima ExpiscorAdult (f)2,6346181
988st(988st)Adult (m)2,8937192
VT12C(VT12C)Adult (m)2,2406992
kyb2m(kyb2m)Adult (m)3,2996710
oy1gV(oy1gV)Adult (f)4,0716282
NSp4o(NSp4o)Adult (m)3,8616350
azOWO(azOWO)Adult (m)3,1886102
6VL8J(6VL8J)Adult (f)2,9076112
9q4Pr(9q4Pr)Adult (f)2,8026891
dxaSk(dxaSk)Adult (f)2,4216181
DkPcw(DkPcw)Adult (m)3,2996630
GzTo9(GzTo9)Adult (f)3,3076891
2hw4B(2hw4B)Adult (f)3,4236740
LOnEu(LOnEu)Adult (m)3,5307390
vMGBI(vMGBI)Adult (m)3,90185310
hTHGo(hTHGo)Adult (m)2,4597331
jcvz7(jcvz7)Adult (m)3,9268721
LTyQl(LTyQl)Adult (m)2,7685694
EsUFb(EsUFb)Adult (m)2,8305664
nRnYNeko ExpiscorAdult (m)7,7591,92618
BtHvMaia ExpiscorAdult (f)5,7821,0695
TpOWAiden ExpiscorAdult (m)3,3067692
b7nD1Koroto ExpiscorAdult (m)4,0438852
v0mYlYomini ExpiscorAdult (f)5,5579033
G9DiYara ExpiscorHatchling (F)1,3681672
aYbEToki ExpiscorHatchling (m, F)2,7384965
yzozoYzozo ExpiscorAdult (m)4,4184732
gsVn3Wyld ExpiscorAdult (f)2,1385251
b3j39Sarabande ExpiscorAdult (f)3,7994881
HRVQOViess ExpiscorAdult (f)4,1696611
A0aQa(A0aQa)Adult (f)4,5889110
SEw3I(SEw3I)Adult (f)5,0188250
LFYDpEesh ExpiscorAdult (m)2,6366133
SRLSrMercurial ExpiscorAdult (f)2,7887994
UhSlIUri ExpiscorAdult (m)2,8407851
TmBqySave ExpiscorAdult (f)3,5026982
Edexm(Edexm)Adult (f)3,8665780
mMS5r(mMS5r)Adult (m)4,0266231
XvpC1(XvpC1)Adult (m)3,6187331
srGA9(srGA9)Adult (f)3,0486100
uH2tNZruhv ExpiscorAdult (m)3,7306592
xcbrEHawked ExpiscorAdult (f)4,1026062
LLiU1Naegen ExpiscorAdult (m)2,4826231
yIxpFSchoral ExpiscorAdult (m)2,6405471
qo4WfAmicita ExpiscorAdult (f)3,9495183
wTsBMSylverna ExpiscorAdult (f)3,1564974
K7N53(K7N53)Adult (m)3,8877781
Nl28B(Nl28B)Adult (m)4,0778871
2wHiC(2wHiC)Adult (m)3,4997102
WfUhH(WfUhH)Adult (f)2,6106460
GFP3l(GFP3l)Adult (f)2,8565635
iDYvM(iDYvM)Adult (f)2,3285466
67alZ(67alZ)Adult (f)3,4965901
mByHV(mByHV)Adult (m)3,2095431
7tIIvDulla ExpiscorAdult (m)6,4081,1192
AYYs4Aracagua ExpiscorAdult (f)2,8504944
R9rnf(R9rnf)Adult (f)2,7187071
hveWl(hveWl)Adult (f)3,4046700
9yNd2(9yNd2)Adult (m)3,4496591
camwm(camwm)Adult (f)3,4776813
Vi6Xa(Vi6Xa)Adult (m)3,4676411
gHu5H(gHu5H)Adult (f)2,4076690
R0dsf(R0dsf)Adult (m)2,3887231
B7JNH(B7JNH)Adult (m)2,6397243
B9XuY(B9XuY)Adult (m)3,1506101
5ZMinVerza ExpiscorAdult (f)1,8575321
wMEnaStormblood ExpiscorAdult (f)2,0495331
OGhxcGehenna ExpiscorAdult (m)1,9605791
fxCplAegal ExpiscorAdult (m)2,2585491
MKk2tForta ExpiscorAdult (f)4,5626643
7wSmdSvalm ExpiscorAdult (m)3,0656442
VyC5kAmathu ExpiscorAdult (m)1,8806458
hkAeo(hkAeo)Adult (m)3,5167200
jg0vt(jg0vt)Adult (m)3,8236210
eZOO4(eZOO4)Adult (m)3,9176140
7i04O(7i04O)Adult (m)4,0036342
lCGb1(lCGb1)Adult (m)3,8075581
czJuA(czJuA)Adult (m)3,8096234
wi5HJ(wi5HJ)Adult (m)4,3948881
bszBr(bszBr)Adult (m)2,3786641
TGV4Q(TGV4Q)Adult (m)4,0956541
UJPFt(UJPFt)Adult (f)3,7437720
qu2VBala ExpiscorAdult (f)3,8539083
J3d4Commandress Kitestrings ExpiscorAdult (f)4,7571,0534
57WhGeneral Zeppelin ExpiscorAdult (m)2,8608562
Zvv3Petty Officer Mira ExpiscorAdult (f)9,3621,6827
S1kYAirwoman Shana ExpiscorAdult (f)7,3461,2755
m0jVCorporal Hank ExpiscorAdult (m)7,5641,1034
pQ29Seargant Corrie ExpiscorAdult (f)4,6428018
11T7Brig General Ulysses ExpiscorAdult (m)2,85359412
AAScoAsco ExpiscorAdult (f)5,4698891
fp5GG(fp5GG)Adult (f)3,8605652
ZpAzn(ZpAzn)Adult (m)5,1483458
wxlIM(wxlIM)Adult (m)12,3591,2176
Uzjir(Uzjir)Adult (m)4,0647946
1XqgX(1XqgX)Adult (f)4,0076741
rsvDI(rsvDI)Adult (m)3,9967271
Mf7rmJhangaad and Furo ExpiscorAdult (m)4,7047212
PtOFF(PtOFF)Adult (f)3,4156631
Nn7kk(Nn7kk)Adult (m)3,8658041
OH5APaul Expiscor 23Adult (m)7,2881,4007
mjOmMirage ExpiscorAdult (f)6,8781,1052
UKIiOlivia Expiscor 34Adult (f)6,2931,1845
JhB2Nyx of ExpiscorAdult (f)5,8071,2464
UbDhYoran Expiscor 8Adult (m)6,3671,39310
2kubTia Expiscor 23Adult (f)5,4941,1434
4vRNDeath's Lurking ExpiscorAdult (m)5,1939979
MfnkExpiscors Reason to Get More RumAdult (m)5,9779974
A33SIliad ExpiscorAdult (f)7,6741,14914
WTM7Nimiki Expiscor 7Adult (f)6,5131,0873
msooAdre Expiscor 53Adult (m)8,9751,2245
IsZSAmna Expiscor 73Adult (f)9,4641,2199
cPeVLorel Dorkface ExpiscorAdult (m)6,5951,1263
fIefRex ExpiscorAdult (m)5,6581,19813
tl0BMin Expiscor 11Adult (f)6,9051,0525
1rjEqRejeq ExpiscorAdult (m)7,1451,1183
h1AVrExpiscor's Onyx and GoldAdult (m)1,5696751
S6R8mLohana Expiscor 16Adult (f)3,2659815
7ljLpCuja Expiscor 6Adult (f)2,1486603
cCEmrChlor ExpiscorAdult (m)1,8296760
bWIFSMoira ExpiscorAdult (f)1,4676872
rav9wMona Giovanna ExpiscorAdult (f)2,4576612
5jeTlAgrippina ExpiscorAdult (f)2,7865094
XyaoIBehkeri ExpiscorAdult (f)3,0446332
Th8KLVhiss ExpiscorAdult (f)3,3507240
l1XZX(l1XZX)Adult (f)3,7587531
UVVvj(UVVvj)Adult (m)4,0396610
B41p0(B41p0)Adult (m)3,5567972
CtJda(CtJda)Adult (f)3,5417582
GEUKA(GEUKA)Adult (m)4,3497164
VunKj(VunKj)Adult (f)4,0768572
YWAbTulu ExpiscorHatchling (f, F)2,8205053
LjZsGrant ExpiscorHatchling (m, F)3,2178992
nPF8Toraz ExpiscorHatchling (m, F)2,0014355
tpKRDerri ExpiscorHatchling (f, F)2,3064005
rqUkLil Cal ExpiscorHatchling (F)2,6566715
3VqaLicorice Lagmonster of ExpiscorAdult (f)5,6821,36615
puPZExpiscor's Dark MojoAdult (m)2,6486978
6kdtToruki Thuwed Expiscor 8Adult (f)2,7347244
5SuFIAdria ExpiscorAdult (f)1,4847082
xz4ExSweetling ExpiscorAdult (m)1,1746773
flmmT(flmmT)Adult (m)3,0416351
5oHPwFee ExpiscorAdult (f)4,4627531
OpquC(OpquC)Adult (m)3,5626513
eUQ9cMaski ExpiscorAdult (m)2,0616630
rcovAGull ExpiscorAdult (m)1,8547060
TDJrvScavenger's ExpiscorAdult (f)1,9816381
JAOU3Jonsel ExpiscorAdult (m)3,6884742
W66OaNerites ExpiscorAdult (m)2,5695961
wh7YARhophi ExpiscorAdult (f)3,0067021
0mCUC(0mCUC)Adult (f)3,9526051
zN3gF(zN3gF)Adult (f)3,7337371
m7BOpRhurhu ExpiscorAdult (f)4,2807082
wmQpPCourga ExpiscorAdult (f)5,4818521
wpc4YAchan ExpiscorAdult (f)5,0157291
J1gSx(J1gSx)Adult (f)3,0344953
NLqUN(NLqUN)Adult (m)3,2926970
YL8QAMoth ExpiscorAdult (f)1,8726750
oOwurVerte ExpiscorAdult (f)1,9766971
wStnyStala ExpiscorAdult (m)1,9247140
xk5C0Mirre ExpiscorAdult (m)5,6188363
kodeuNyehre ExpiscorAdult (m)4,7571,3092
rquIG(rquIG)Adult (f)4,6668180
TQ24qTodor and Koth ExpiscorAdult (m)2,6597404
peNSPJulianos and Hark ExpiscorAdult (m)4,4726141
4IWQhVehk and Vervive ExpiscorAdult (m)2,8776681
DooLi(DooLi)Adult (f)3,0616571
OfwGZ(OfwGZ)Adult (m)3,8336190
kSsDa(kSsDa)Adult (f)4,0877851
ohKwf(ohKwf)Adult (f)3,1697811
p4qYy(p4qYy)Adult (m)3,9607370
OPl8N(OPl8N)Adult (f)4,0936462
W9GG2(W9GG2)Adult (f)2,3267201
C1DraCerise ExpiscorAdult (m)2,6658141
M0S2dMorning ExpiscorAdult (m)3,7745290
Dq8a0Esqualo ExpiscorAdult (f)4,0965591
ERUaHRezna ExpiscorAdult (m)2,6346441
9PW5FKumei ExpiscorAdult (m)2,5546773
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