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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Beckster,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bqesPCB Two Ton TomAdult (m)3,0366074
tinG0Pure Tin Go TomAdult (m)4,2835681
GaV3RCB Gavel Thread TomAdult (m)4,6438413
Ns9kNCB Tipsy Toe TomAdult (m)2,9978691
2KUqjPure Bluebell 2013Adult (f)4,1274952
r8z58Pure blue Rosie2013Adult (f)4,6264482
VoalWCB skyyeAdult (f)2,5546614
J1tPrPure 1G Two is better than 1Adult (m)3,2996490
psxtLCB 14 BluAdult (m)3,4755013
s5enu(s5enu)Adult (f)3,6264365
tHJ3tPB jewelAdult (m)3,6323551
YHnOJ(YHnOJ)Adult (m)4,3614535
b3Y5w(b3Y5w)Adult (m)4,5854732
JrmyA(JrmyA)Adult (f)5,2033882
PmEBrCB 14  WyrmAdult (m)4,1453050
i5VrY(i5VrY)Adult (f)3,7103748
A2fnCB Albus the WhiterAdult (m)2,24667812
IA9oCB Albinia SnowAdult (f)2,58682513
dq3tZPB mixieAdult (f)2,9245414
TCzA8Cb white001Adult (f)2,8496392
QV3VTCb white002Adult (m)3,4836580
MlCV(MlCV)Adult (f)2,1536639
vXBLCB AirloAdult (m)2,00864919
U1mRCB Betay balloonAdult (f)3,26356410
XTMJOCB air1Adult (f)2,9036391
dqxmwCB air2Adult (f)3,2796060
zKgIlPure Bee Balm2Adult (m)3,9885173
SpxSzPure beauty 2013Adult (f)3,5814675
0HUKxCB 13bAdult (m)3,8564713
vQuh6CB 13 bbAdult (f)2,5825194
EPBENPB with GoldAdult (f)3,0974603
2MQLyPB still lurking someplace elseAdult (f)2,5685220
uwE5nCB 2014 Lucky DayAdult (m)4,8978282
pO9GmCB New YearAdult (m)3,7056204
3L5ZhCB lucky5Adult (f)3,6597391
dCZR5CB lucky4Adult (f)3,2897480
HBsEXCB lucky3Adult (m)3,3055991
xMR0BCB lucky2Adult (f)4,1706590
YsLG1CB lucky 1Adult (m)3,5115161
wPpOhCB lucky 2014Adult (f)5,3997982
IuyF9CB lucky 2014 2Adult (m)4,5908691
x7x1RPB niceAdult (m)3,3064887
KuiV6CB 14 bAdult (f)3,2614834
npGYeCB 14 b2Adult (m)3,1024794
VUeMICB 14 BeckAdult (f)4,5213851
BNYXncb bizzy bugAdult (m)4,1234753
Za4IrPB Guardian 2Adult (f)3,5663931
bybCs(bybCs)Adult (f)4,4594071
DSVt8(DSVt8)Adult (f)4,2354334
h0SgG(h0SgG)Adult (f)5,0474752
t7XhN(t7XhN)Adult (m)3,6415194
AYlfRefgie2Adult (m)1,55842712
Qi1TSabrina2Adult (f)1,82042212
kRNZNight Child 2Adult (f)1,86044910
1IYfVenus2Adult (f)1,8235078
kpo51Pure silver and blackAdult (f)3,1155594
NZB5ppure prettiesAdult (f)3,1668273
H5e3Wpure night 5Adult (f)2,8645170
23rUUyikes 2Adult (m)3,8504256
ZZX82CB Earl Grey2Adult (m)2,7078063
wRqymCB Lady Jane Grey2Adult (f)2,7437924
CP5TuCB Tension TamerAdult (f)3,3196734
pSTKkCB Chai 2013Adult (m)4,1617044
7dbj8G1 Pure SpiceAdult (m)3,5265542
9U1V3G1 Pure Black TeaAdult (m)3,5395354
NZnfJCB ChamomilleAdult (f)2,7814831
Uzzi4Cb Sister2Adult (f)1,8676681
y975WCB Slly sisterAdult (f)1,7536330
OzWXzCB seaside 2013Adult (m)3,1037185
RWVzACB White RatAdult (f)3,0537780
4HMpOCB Nasty piece of workAdult (f)2,3486284
9YAb3CB mean machineAdult (m)2,2966616
pAz5p2014 keepAdult (f)3,3954702
G8uZnCB meankinsAdult (m)2,0795551
EMP4Mcb cold as iceAdult (f)4,8397161
ACFa4CB Temeraire2Adult (m)4,5718835
U3vmECB Night Beauty3Adult (f)4,2008873
GCfiFCB Celestina2Adult (f)3,4648424
UerRCCB Storm Cloud ExpressAdult (m)3,0496078
yWLKcCB pretty tombstoneAdult (f)3,2796862
GX1Ct2014 CB BlazeAdult (m)4,1505063
KqJAwCB 14 MeaneyAdult (m)4,7177782
3AFlKcb black beyond beautyAdult (m)3,4343822
iWInV(iWInV)Adult (m)6,6751,2321
0YRjH(0YRjH)Adult (m)3,1704230
7ycpC(7ycpC)Adult (m)3,0424560
CaHpT(CaHpT)Adult (m)3,6482534
4RVpy(4RVpy)Adult (f)3,9552651
Slspz(Slspz)Adult (f)3,6603881
fGjMPPB Blue Bluna OneAdult (m)3,9786384
xlyzkPB with silverAdult (f)3,6906954
1ThpEPure joy2Adult (m)3,5906372
fo04RCB FoorlaAdult (f)3,6796202
jmrfTCB Of the farmAdult (m)2,8915633
yVyym(yVyym)Adult (m)2,9035251
2Yunq(2Yunq)Adult (f)4,1798190
xKR9SCB PrimAdult (f)5,6716416
nmu0jCB FireaterAdult (m)3,8017203
yH83B(yH83B)Adult (m)5,6127955
I94TI(I94TI)Adult (m)4,9968150
uUESr(uUESr)Adult (m)5,2947820
ZwbiT(ZwbiT)Adult (f)3,6094442
I57Zz(I57Zz)Adult (f)4,3114061
XJjri(XJjri)Adult (m)4,6133751
rZapS(rZapS)Adult (m)4,6133442
8d4hD(8d4hD)Adult (m)4,1904971
DAhd9(DAhd9)Adult (f)3,6963744
j1F6e(j1F6e)Adult (f)3,3834001
D4KSc(D4KSc)Adult (f)4,0024921
R8sCCB RascalAdult (f)2,0465967
kN4RCB scrappyAdult (f)1,7304814
IwrAkMister Mighty MaxAdult (m)3,4574342
Ng6XFCB PerfectaAdult (f)3,1236532
oaisyPb DaisyAdult (m)3,4844603
a7d8K(a7d8K)Adult (m)3,1624551
dxSqJ(dxSqJ)Adult (m)4,0495322
OaCcQ(OaCcQ)Adult (f)3,2664290
edrAj(edrAj)Adult (m)4,0402710
QhVPT(QhVPT)Adult (m)3,1465021
938Zc(938Zc)Adult (m)3,6412450
CCxJR(CCxJR)Adult (m)3,9882700
vDBkE(vDBkE)Adult (m)4,6956650
ZcCP7(ZcCP7)Adult (m)3,4515211
9C4VM(9C4VM)Adult (f)3,3784014
0j9Pv(0j9Pv)Adult (f)3,5574972
YY4iECB cheese louiseAdult2,7885223
eUKbF(eUKbF)Adult (f)5,3493656
ZJfjg(ZJfjg)Adult (m)3,1434445
wXLvs(wXLvs)Adult (f)3,6674062
hTDzF(hTDzF)Adult (m)2,7504751
7ndta(7ndta)Adult (m)3,5958701
ccffuHappy Holidays ThuwedAdult (m)2,8936011
VydR7Pure Pink HolidaysAdult (m)2,2106561
CN97p(CN97p)Adult (m)3,3065003
6mwo3(6mwo3)Adult (m)2,9224810
ZzIBP(ZzIBP)Adult (m)2,7034402
DrP5l(DrP5l)Adult (m)3,0744911
NmIEr(NmIEr)Adult (m)7,3971,4862
O6tFH(O6tFH)Adult (m)3,7508901
7f5GaG1 SpiceAdult (f)2,8296092
kNhaL(kNhaL)Adult (f)3,5325043
dxa5i(dxa5i)Adult (f)3,5914511
D4XRB(D4XRB)Adult (f)2,5122283
NbFaX(NbFaX)Adult (f)2,3682371
TFLQw(TFLQw)Adult (f)3,5088941
AnqwzG1 Grave HolidaysAdult (f)2,3656632
O7oGU1G HolidayChild of DoomAdult (f)2,1076441
KFaIH(KFaIH)Adult (f)3,1384843
I2Fyw(I2Fyw)Adult (f)3,3094191
AheQ1(AheQ1)Adult (f)3,2495090
CbLhECB New ChristmasAdult (m)2,1248324
AjeToPB Black RibbonsAdult (m)1,8876711
Aqp7t(Aqp7t)Adult (m)5,6751,2571
VLs3EG1 BeautifulAdult (m)2,5976361
wFl6G(wFl6G)Adult (m)2,2926571
yPnbI(yPnbI)Adult (m)3,3075112
NcbPC(NcbPC)Adult (m)3,0884511
uqFKN(uqFKN)Adult (m)3,6038741
6YRVdCB Rudolph the Snow ReindeerAdult (f)4,2635040
QLK31CB Prancer of the NorthAdult (f)4,5744890
h24Rk(h24Rk)Adult (f)3,5375061
fgTnU(fgTnU)Adult (f)3,5165011
KwxFb(KwxFb)Adult (f)3,4044771
12ja3(12ja3)Adult (f)2,5844430
ixopj(ixopj)Adult (f)2,7494723
HnPV6(HnPV6)Adult (f)3,4264421
jlcCi(jlcCi)Adult (f)3,8084842
9pfuW(9pfuW)Adult (f)3,3484342
OmYzQ(OmYzQ)Adult (f)3,3004501
7u9Of(7u9Of)Adult (f)3,3585423
hnC4i(hnC4i)Adult (f)6,8401,4183
mzLwy(mzLwy)Adult (f)3,5559202
6lMoK(6lMoK)Adult (m)3,2155541
mszQf(mszQf)Adult (m)2,9505360
IhBW3(IhBW3)Adult (m)2,6224561
s1X2I(s1X2I)Adult (m)3,5644170
0mUgO(0mUgO)Adult (m)3,2633943
miUMD(miUMD)Adult (m)6,8091,4382
kGR0U(kGR0U)Adult (m)5,6111,2261
hjJ4R(hjJ4R)Adult (m)5,6181,2452
OE8TC(OE8TC)Adult (f)4,7481,0071
Y8BKa(Y8BKa)Adult (f)4,7991,0001
5SRl2Ocean view 2011Adult (f)4,5316184
JGjAECB Sky 2011Adult (m)6,4541,1795
NFKvqCB Arrow 2011Adult (m)2,3785861
OkLnWNice MixAdult (f)4,0094461
6Rf7NCB Flyer 3013Adult (f)3,0436752
BZxed(BZxed)Adult (m)4,3974390
EFHLi(EFHLi)Adult (f)4,4965755
7TJKf(7TJKf)Adult (f)4,3865283
hI47c(hI47c)Adult (m)4,5815432
lVU6MCB StempunkAdult (m)2,0036776
ySBuy(ySBuy)Adult (m)4,7564635
4oRaH(4oRaH)Adult (m)3,2894411
17245(17245)Adult (m)2,7764612
vzUEp(vzUEp)Adult (f)4,5948035
NdvUC(NdvUC)Adult (m)4,6238542
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