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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bajka20,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2Tw6w(2Tw6w)Adult (m)6,0411,1294
zjAmE(zjAmE)Adult (m)5,9581,1363
exvi7(exvi7)Adult (m)6,3721,0044
ZimkYZimkyAdult (m)6,6271,0773
FAgCs(FAgCs)Hatchling (F)1,7503509
6THYL(6THYL)Adult (m)6,2521,0084
8ubjW(8ubjW)Adult (m)5,7691,1541
Qi0Of(Qi0Of)Adult (m)8,5621,0023
0YZpC(0YZpC)Adult (m)3,3277852
k58k7(k58k7)Adult (f)4,1641,0222
wY0XL(wY0XL)Adult (f)4,3211,0412
855wo(855wo)Adult (m)4,3371,0253
nPJ48(nPJ48)Adult (f)4,2941,0221
GduJp(GduJp)Adult (m)4,2551,0193
3VydC(3VydC)Adult (m)4,4041,0634
sgnR4(sgnR4)Adult (m)4,3521,0461
EvNSl(EvNSl)Adult (m)4,7261,1571
nKGoW(nKGoW)Adult (m)3,9449851
SA2J3(SA2J3)Hatchling (F)1,8782082
3mKCB(3mKCB)Adult (f)4,0601,0321
BP0GG(BP0GG)Adult (f)4,1641,0051
wOR2v(wOR2v)Adult (f)4,4029631
NYgle(NYgle)Adult (m)4,5369672
n6LkN(n6LkN)Adult (m)5,2268252
sjsPu(sjsPu)Adult (m)3,8949612
X8tID(X8tID)Adult (f)5,3241,0242
JkMZt(JkMZt)Adult (m)5,2107912
thQdL(thQdL)Adult (f)2,9268982
ReWpg(ReWpg)Adult (m)3,9968672
foWQQ(foWQQ)Adult (m)4,5628182
svjV7(svjV7)Adult (m)3,7328252
U4lmw(U4lmw)Adult (f)3,9841,0802
6ZMjo(6ZMjo)Adult (f)3,8157942
vGdJw(vGdJw)Adult (m)3,9787972
NO199(NO199)Adult (f)3,3469101
5IXSb(5IXSb)Adult (f)4,1328081
mrApGreg Gojira WraithAdult (m)3,46538430
FKNmBajka20 Gojira QueenAdult (f)4,51749937
PWvOEddie Gojira WraithAdult (m)4,65457838
FXZ5Todd Gojira Wraith PharaohAdult (m)5,31567830
lf7WChantico GojiraAdult (f)5,99985736
avG3Sol Angelika GojiraAdult (f)5,50475228
8oa9Tula Ingrid GojiraAdult (f)3,97458631
sdsC(sdsC)Hatchling (m, F)3,05641623
XBm9(XBm9)Hatchling (m, F)2,89065215
QjI5Magmara GojiraAdult (f)5,23356728
vQBjVulkania GojiraAdult (f)3,56048520
MjISSollius GojiraAdult (m)4,74153830
qXOoLevi Gojira ThuwedAdult (m)4,78758118
pQh4Mortiis GojiraAdult (m)4,25946017
cQd0Sonja Gojira ThuwedAdult (f)4,16685930
9gWQL-Jade Gateworld GojiraAdult (f)1,26047516
OpdmAnna Gojira Dusk ThuwedAdult (f)4,51987030
Uq01Thor Todd GojiraAdult (m)7,5781,25229
M2W2Leander GojiraAdult (m)8,9131,36723
X4JLGoemon GojiraAdult (m)5,5491,01632
TDaXDax Gojira ThuwedAdult (f)8,7431,27038
B7NjMictlantecuhtli GojiraAdult (m)9,9521,62629
WD0RSunniva GojiraAdult (f)7,8411,25131
MgAJMagi GojiraAdult (m)7,2881,39731
sFW4Citlalicue GojiraAdult (f)4,67767526
9ZNgDona GojiraAdult (f)7,7571,12223
gXvTNena Gojira 25Adult (f)6,23697413
jPohAngelica GojiraAdult (f)9,9141,45624
uDmpTlazolteotl GojiraAdult (f)10,5961,63716
sBbRGregus GojiraAdult (m)10,4821,38715
eQZ8Marcus GojiraAdult (m)8,9921,46314
W1gRNitro GojiraAdult (f)9,1901,16113
gOGKSteelflower GojiraAdult (f)9,8971,39513
31inYohualtecuhtli GojiraAdult (m)9,2651,4839
VvVoHeike GojiraAdult (m)10,9461,78017
0tBjMatador GojiraAdult (m)6,5881,31514
1ep9Felix GojiraAdult (m)11,2161,78914
Ii0IEskil GojiraAdult (m)9,9831,59315
rIhvFiona GojiraAdult (f)7,1541,24516
ue2UGodzimira GojiraAdult (f)9,6401,40119
IJ4aItzpapalotl GojiraAdult (f)9,7201,40922
npYJNanautzin GojiraAdult (m)7,4181,20216
u2MTSamboja GojiraAdult (f)8,6891,00219
fLejMieszko GojiraAdult (m)8,7031,00719
751iToriko GojiraAdult (f)6,2451,07913
3M2bHajime GojiraAdult (m)6,2471,06115
JoYVBjorn GojiraAdult (m)6,8381,05012
bS3FFord GojiraAdult (m)9,8711,31516
CTorMarco GojiraAdult (m)9,7971,29415
gMr3Kenny GojiraAdult (m)6,07875021
8M8nSolve GojiraAdult (m)8,25182320
hQvnHocus Gojira 50Adult (m)8,53095619
suMHToyota GojiraAdult (f)8,51395318
e9R4Grazyna GojiraAdult (f)7,43386420
tAdrDrago GojiraAdult (m)9,29983819
IMZWHuixtocihuatl GojiraAdult (f)11,12992118
IucGFamiliana GojiraAdult (f)8,95094913
13lOTeoyaomicqui GojiraAdult (m)6,56880313
cTqIHoracy GojiraAdult (m)7,66277913
U1iPAkira GojiraAdult (m)9,30282616
li2iVegeta GojiraAdult (f)9,03280117
tMHtTloquenahuaque GojiraAdult (m)8,02873816
lVqAFelixiana GojiraAdult (f)5,19665712
cI4HMagnum GojiraAdult (f)3,00449613
qH4gLoki GojiraAdult (m)3,01754712
Cq6OTlahuizcalpantecuhtli GojiraAdult (m)5,92076915
OTKESDr Oetker GojiraAdult (m)6,34275012
u4NZsMalystryxa GojiraAdult (f)5,78177916
ZZo8PZZTop GojiraAdult (m)3,83662617
sDLC0Music GojiraAdult (m)5,46378918
VcAK2Vcak GojiraAdult (m)5,42878615
YsqkuAmadeus GojiraAdult (m)5,37780815
gSEjASeiya GojiraAdult (f)5,15083712
J1JAuEddie GojiraAdult (m)4,30682511
T0qJ9Seth Gojira CBAdult (m)3,27975314
eT5WbUruha GojiraAdult (m)4,04385410
Ts5eLTsel Gojira 75Adult (m)4,39690613
tEBspTeby GojiraAdult (f)4,59264319
oqZppHatszepsut Gojira CBAdult (f)5,01094727
bmBOOBamboo GojiraAdult (m)3,81867517
nO2DARhys DS Wraith GojiraAdult (m)3,84873917
8fJgJBasaltica GojiraAdult (f)4,67486510
7bELiVal 11 GojiraAdult (m)4,85283714
hROaRHroar Gojira PB 2ndAdult (m)4,52785217
otVPYSobekneferu Gojira CBAdult (f)3,91781916
mDYiXLovely Girl GojiraAdult (f)4,78594319
qFe9X(qFe9X)Adult (f)3,75165719
BID6W(BID6W)Adult (m)3,79766118
OssEnOssen GojiraAdult (f)5,07380317
EEglo(EEglo)Adult (m)4,96784018
0GvXB(0GvXB)Adult (m)4,45980517
LC09G(LC09G)Adult (m)4,38180418
XRElgStargate GojiraAdult (m)3,55884217
TUu1q(TUu1q)Adult (f)4,5608359
vWROtStargate Valentine GojiraAdult (m)3,4827828
tJSTn(tJSTn)Adult (m)4,0656997
KkEHg(KkEHg)Adult (f)3,92277410
26N8l(26N8l)Adult (m)4,37281612
atMStAsthma Gojira CBAdult (f)4,33476813
GNKNt(GNKNt)Adult (f)4,18575714
pZFul(pZFul)Adult (m)5,78366312
A6cY1Mari Gojira 100Adult (f)5,86467613
WPCKq(WPCKq)Adult (m)3,23366912
4aKiCProud Wraith GojiraAdult (m)3,22351911
DN97V(DN97V)Adult (m)3,58360713
GKd98(GKd98)Adult (f)3,82665311
jXu0M(jXu0M)Adult (m)3,85863912
cTBAOUrania Gojira CBAdult (f)4,05371813
JPDOeJapanese Doe GojiraAdult (f)3,74340710
L9NtmMy Dream GojiraAdult (m)4,4526837
ZOtCd(ZOtCd)Adult (f)4,44077311
k8vKh(k8vKh)Adult (f)4,46579412
lRfsN(lRfsN)Adult (f)4,65780010
pNdCVVega Black Dagger PB 2ndAdult (f)4,77194311
ulKbN(ulKbN)Adult (f)3,62460911
JNjqb(JNjqb)Adult (f)3,66659811
sAPGD(sAPGD)Adult (m)3,63160811
G8aQ0Ramesses Gojira CBAdult (m)3,84269010
dOepA(dOepA)Adult (m)3,90267810
LUonJ(LUonJ)Adult (f)3,83768011
HsOA0(HsOA0)Adult (f)4,10667910
e6IOU(e6IOU)Adult (m)4,69083311
aIYEoTodd Cathia GojiraAdult (m)5,46180615
hqT0Q(hqT0Q)Adult (m)5,91892415
KCJVBAzumi Gojira CBAdult (f)6,23598512
kPnfE(kPnfE)Adult (f)3,5076748
OGWEvOgwen Gojira 125Adult (f)3,1865239
LUERhLuerh GojiraAdult (f)2,8425609
qfgjL(qfgjL)Adult (f)2,2495509
feKPs(feKPs)Adult (f)3,4696438
es4S8(es4S8)Adult (f)3,9826829
QPlWE(QPlWE)Adult (f)3,18776512
cQiQZ(cQiQZ)Adult (m)3,4397067
W7FY0(W7FY0)Adult (m)5,5947539
XgSEp(XgSEp)Adult (m)10,3041,44413
NTNptVal AFA GojiraAdult (m)6,7611,16413
ieQWE(ieQWE)Adult (m)4,8967366
SESJa(SESJa)Adult (m)5,0818137
8Janq(8Janq)Adult (m)6,2891,1106
BNUuD(BNUuD)Adult (f)6,4281,1106
Wpn0M(Wpn0M)Adult (f)7,6691,32010
FNvDm(FNvDm)Adult (f)6,2401,13012
tAlrD(tAlrD)Adult (m)6,3061,17910
E7nVf(E7nVf)Adult (m)7,2281,31614
IgFSU(IgFSU)Adult (m)6,1221,2849
LQYnt(LQYnt)Adult (f)6,5881,32510
LHaUr(LHaUr)Adult (m)7,1791,1918
9m6Yi(9m6Yi)Adult (f)6,7371,2148
A5XsqShadow GojiraAdult (f)4,2571,11411
bfVdt(bfVdt)Adult (m)4,2831,1559
fZUCA(fZUCA)Adult (m)4,9281,1046
fkvS6Merida Gojira 150Adult (m)5,0221,39210
jEfbgDreamComeTrueAdult (m)4,7271,14214
a59mgMagda Gojira PB 2ndAdult (f)4,6681,1127
rRuBjMercury Gojira PB 3rdAdult (m)3,8789588
REvfXGarland Halloween GojiraAdult (m)5,4161,1647
QpHANStellaris Wraith GojiraAdult (m)4,5671,1485
GcHsWLatia tes Haghias Triados PB 2ndAdult (f)4,5491,1345
fIN5mFin Mercury PB Gojira 3rdAdult (m)3,3477599
IgK6DGhost Jmm GojiraAdult (f)4,9481,21111
N9T9uNobu Taurjetari Gojira NoAdult (m)4,1211,23910
qd3nfSystem Of A Down GojiraAdult (m)4,0041,1787
mAfcnRose GojiraAdult (f)4,0501,2039
vAKMFFrilla GojiraAdult (f)3,6011,0609
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