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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “BMF2,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8EOPe(8EOPe)Adult (m)7,3811,11310
qsJC6(qsJC6)Adult (f)1,3615958
Os6J6(Os6J6)Adult (m)1,3036253
e5NX(e5NX)Adult (m)2,25159721
Z9jc(Z9jc)Adult (m)6,1491,19519
nIp5a(nIp5a)Adult (f)3,8643341
iaCL(iaCL)Adult (f)10,2151,3236
Wm69(Wm69)Adult (m)3,8391,48638
SBvX(SBvX)Adult (m)2,36670810
dDg7(dDg7)Adult (f)9,9561,16420
0tSsZ(0tSsZ)Adult (m)1,4123445
Dmko(Dmko)Adult (f)7,57389216
QEBe(QEBe)Adult (f)9,2621,76226
hVZu(hVZu)Adult (f)2,81680017
NXm2(NXm2)Adult (f)1,6275879
kqfT4(kqfT4)Adult (m)4,7543440
A6TS(A6TS)Adult (f)8,4981,49722
IKSh6(IKSh6)Adult (m)6,2351,4683
91GL(91GL)Adult (m)5,1758384
VUHQ(VUHQ)Adult (m)2,6208153
RlRVX(RlRVX)Adult (m)7,1051,6789
m4sh(m4sh)Adult (m)6,1331,18825
L8SQ3(L8SQ3)Adult (m)3,2351,3196
kuDh(kuDh)Adult (m)2,5348002
cNAsI(cNAsI)Adult (m)7,7431,78615
6Iq9s(6Iq9s)Adult (m)5,2511,5848
MOZsQ(MOZsQ)Adult (f)1,6006462
DNdO(DNdO)Adult (m)2,18265719
NkYc(NkYc)Adult (f)9,0421,95717
YoS5(YoS5)Adult (f)1,6517456
XYPJs(XYPJs)Adult (f)3,0999818
k6GGs(k6GGs)Adult (f)8,3288285
YU78(YU78)Adult (f)7,8282,05038
3XeP(3XeP)Adult (f)8,6271,60110
mF4i(mF4i)Adult (f)5,1381,0116
OkDN(OkDN)Adult (m)8,9091,56615
64BG(64BG)Adult (m)5,0291,0085
E42c(E42c)Adult (m)7,1021,4339
7vME(7vME)Adult (m)6,8851,00722
Qf2d0(Qf2d0)Adult (m)6,4261,4839
ArHUU(ArHUU)Adult (f)1,5516222
u8MbV(u8MbV)Adult (m)1,5386113
fFik(fFik)Adult (f)8,2971,54624
lpej(lpej)Adult (m)10,2731,76024
6iae(6iae)Adult (f)2,6768173
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