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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “BLU3_N1NJA,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nMBl3(nMBl3)Adult (f)8,3291,9214
OjvQmBigRedBallonAdult (f)7,7661,7859
gLBRFSylvierAdult (f)9,2302,02613
ltPTt(ltPTt)Adult (f)7,5801,7816
qxywz(qxywz)Adult (m)2,8687822
vv6LORainBow GaloreAdult (m)7,6301,7906
N9kiPSanta's Little H3lperAdult (m)2,1958007
YI25n(YI25n)Adult (f)5,4871,4463
LvqgBDR3AMCATCH3RAdult (f)6,3012,24120
hKrh0(hKrh0)Adult (f)5,5761,4572
NgEvr(NgEvr)Adult (f)8,4091,9614
sLt9iTheWonderousBoltAdult (m)3,4551,13132
XRIHlFireEmbersAdult (f)6,6851,81912
q9mJO(q9mJO)Adult (m)8,3411,8683
hVsBc(hVsBc)Adult (m)2,5659350
TcEH5DRAG0NNAdult (m)2,3677098
csWCF(csWCF)Adult (f)7,3051,8101
H9HHbTelportDragonAdult (f)6,0641,6556
SE8P4Princess MagiAdult (f)8,4081,9152
02CaQJack magicAdult (m)2,4518621
2IMa4(2IMa4)Adult (f)6,4281,8211
KjQLl(KjQLl)Adult (f)1,8958260
0Eg9KM1NTYAdult (m)7,2332,03110
HFYquBlueNebulaSpaceAdult (f)3,5351,79346
8CD7jGreenNebulaSpaceAdult (m)4,3841,1854
ROl82Flying DwarfAdult (m)9,0161,8347
1opThRed Fire FuryAdult (m)6,8951,7014
JT7VK(JT7VK)Adult (m)7,4401,8313
TPnug(TPnug)Adult (m)7,2571,8541
q4WFXBlu3yAdult (m)6,8271,5934
k3QvSRed-NinjaAdult (f)6,9712,10721
A3a25(A3a25)Adult (f)8,5562,0353
XojbLice-sicleAdult (m)7,5672,09716
qnqaeAdveturingGlowAdult (m)1,85563312
aYs3eRocky The DragonAdult (m)5,3031,5175
MTTdSFlyinng StripesAdult (f)8,5571,9996
q28sO(q28sO)Adult (f)6,0131,6861
r9bNc(r9bNc)Adult (f)2,0569230
YY9qlBalthezerAdult (m)4,8461,3557
IWXb0IND1ANA J0N3SAdult (m)8,9662,0305
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