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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “B-chan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Xm22D(Xm22D)Adult (m)3,1962602
JiGJf(JiGJf)Adult (f)3,1362773
1vk9K(1vk9K)Adult (m)3,1132622
kQKLO(kQKLO)Adult (m)3,2802784
3pK6i(3pK6i)Adult (m)3,3052832
w7tSA(w7tSA)Adult (m)3,7923072
h7ywa(h7ywa)Adult (f)3,0892672
ry4wz(ry4wz)Adult (f)3,8923102
QGztZ(QGztZ)Adult (f)3,3342892
LO52S(LO52S)Adult (f)3,3302882
GUWJu(GUWJu)Adult (m)3,3272743
8knq0(8knq0)Adult (m)3,1962592
u0bSK(u0bSK)Adult (f)3,4062632
GxTCg(GxTCg)Adult (m)3,2252732
d3B0J(d3B0J)Adult (m)3,1202601
nTo1Z(nTo1Z)Adult (f)3,0742642
MMxPzconcorde kyuu CBAdult (f)8,7461,2791
FJE6wsoukaichouseki shichirou CBAdult (m)9,2121,2793
8H2bdsoukaichouseki rokurou CBAdult (m)8,9421,2784
hclpZhi emiko sanjuuichi CBAdult (f)8,9461,2560
8gXDh(8gXDh)Adult (m)8,9191,2504
duVkpchibi sango juu CBAdult (f)8,9171,2571
wsTTiaranoa juuichi CBAdult (f)8,9981,2603
sEh0lnisehikari san CBAdult (f)8,9151,2604
riCmxnisehikaru rokurou CBAdult (m)11,0331,5362
rsPN9(rsPN9)Adult (f)11,1591,5983
73UVZkuroki nijuukurou CBAdult (m)11,0531,5154
2DLkl(2DLkl)Adult (m)11,1411,5145
KNOYF(KNOYF)Adult (f)11,0511,5123
3nI43chibi sango kyuu CBAdult (f)10,9161,5055
3c2Etmuko gojuunana CBAdult (f)11,1841,5251
EnvQ4shouseki hachi CBAdult (f)11,0171,5823
qKDW8aokawasemi san CBAdult (f)4,4046101
Dxd9bhokkyoku hachi CBAdult (f)4,7456502
ivtnXnisehikaru gorou CBAdult (m)4,2815943
XLrt7nyuusan juusaburou CBAdult (m)4,5186423
X0hDuchibi sango hachi CBAdult (f)4,1835722
0zIcEnisehikari ni CBAdult (f)4,0915541
CqQQWryokuseiun juushirou CBAdult (m)4,2605812
FzorA(FzorA)Adult (f)4,6326771
8BTX2nilia juushichirou CBAdult (m)8,5501,1773
7uQGRhigewashi juujirou CBAdult (m)8,6971,1582
70BYw(70BYw)Adult (m)8,7741,1972
3jPM0aojiro obi nijuurou CBAdult (m)8,4861,1872
6lyijhikari sanjuunana CBAdult (f)8,3841,1811
RQwtlGenjutsuAkitoshiJuukurou CBAdult (m)8,4971,2210
3tgpg(3tgpg)Adult (f)8,7191,1831
DiHr3kikai nijuujirou CBAdult (m)8,3451,1930
dswNd(dswNd)Adult (f)10,4301,3672
NMEAPnisehikaru shirou CBAdult (m)10,3771,3982
3Oa2ysoukaichouseki go CBAdult (f)10,4671,3776
Kynkh(Kynkh)Adult (m)10,5911,3956
txC0Ekoukouko juugo CBAdult (f)10,5191,3542
s6HRR(s6HRR)Adult (f)10,3461,3865
RHhiA(RHhiA)Adult (f)10,5371,4042
nSKHFhachimitsu kurou CBAdult (m)10,4521,3922
kV2mlsobakasu rokurou CBAdult (m)7,7281,1724
2cOrW(2cOrW)Adult (m)8,0071,1941
c5DTRGenjutsuAkitoshiJuuhachirou CBAdult (m)7,6571,1821
c2zJW(c2zJW)Adult (m)7,9111,2071
yCQxqconcorde hachi CBAdult (f)7,7821,1613
XXszg(XXszg)Adult (m)7,6931,1721
ym2vTkonpeki touyoku juuichirou CBAdult (m)7,8071,2132
HJspCtengai gojuujirou CBAdult (m)7,8341,1872
qa0EA(qa0EA)Adult (f)7,7141,2362
MAKbUsoukaichouseki gorou CBAdult (m)7,6381,2593
kugezseidougetsu denreisha san CBAdult (f)7,5741,2741
LK6fTantarean juusaburou CBAdult (m)7,7171,2561
sGiEtnisehikaru saburou CBAdult (m)7,5261,2510
Xxcfhnisehikaru jirou CBAdult (m)7,4531,2473
Adfx0senpuu juusaburou CBAdult (m)9,0501,2952
1kMNikaijou jirou CBAdult (m)7,6131,2524
sGDR9(sGDR9)Adult (m)6,9151,2061
u40ka(u40ka)Adult (m)6,6351,2151
11ELvmelismor juusaburou CBAdult (m)7,1451,2210
4R4Hp(4R4Hp)Adult (f)7,1101,2011
0EArC(0EArC)Adult (f)7,4171,2234
iIkAr(iIkAr)Adult (m)7,2271,2440
VWYOUnisehikari ichi CBAdult (f)6,9391,2010
SYGUJnisehikaru ichirou CBAdult (m)6,8981,2011
4cnoC(4cnoC)Adult (m)3,2566402
ORIu9juuteki roku CBAdult (f)4,1288191
jP5ht(jP5ht)Adult (f)3,6587312
kAGUA(kAGUA)Adult (f)3,7427121
IHibfshukketsu tsuki nijuuichirou CBAdult (m)3,8877491
RzNMgkovos yon CBAdult (f)3,8177251
FVwJ2higewashiko juuni CBAdult (f)4,1398002
BzA5L(BzA5L)Adult (m)3,9487981
e1AMasoude nijuuni CBAdult (f)8,1011,2583
c2lxDkunshu juuichirou CBAdult (m)8,7471,2873
RAVrP(RAVrP)Adult (m)7,9521,2492
B9WjFkovos san CBAdult (f)8,0931,2114
oeWtXkovos shichirou CBAdult (m)8,0091,2182
gxczy(gxczy)Adult (m)8,3251,2974
6nBCxranshouseki san CBAdult (f)7,9751,2143
BfSQO(BfSQO)Adult (m)8,6721,2996
8940h(8940h)Adult (f)7,8431,3341
67gTk(67gTk)Adult (m)7,8351,3121
iNzIZ(iNzIZ)Adult (f)7,7851,2873
YayII(YayII)Adult (f)7,7031,3070
6NHYv(6NHYv)Adult (f)7,7771,3420
9qhm0(9qhm0)Adult (m)7,6541,2920
D9sIkkikaiko nijuuhachi CBAdult (f)7,5391,3012
JrX99henki nijuurou CBAdult (m)7,5601,3021
I3Klmshouseki shichi CBAdult (f)6,4241,2272
Hs78kaokawasemi jirou CBAdult (m)6,5011,2201
GlM5Ntenkuu hachi CBAdult (f)6,3391,2012
GKhFQ(GKhFQ)Adult (f)6,4491,2500
U7qFQ(U7qFQ)Adult (m)6,4571,2371
xuUJGakakouichi juurokurou CBAdult (m)6,5281,2580
EdnKl(EdnKl)Adult (m)6,4001,2280
hTYRcrurihakobe nijuugorou CBAdult (m)6,3911,2090
CUQ7Q(CUQ7Q)Adult (m)6,1101,1773
CJWgPgonketsurin hachi CBAdult (f)9,4921,4604
jhpIhmamoru sanjuushirou CBAdult (m)3,8367322
mfL32(mfL32)Adult (f)9,4341,4633
jwawz(jwawz)Adult (m)9,4951,4933
SBQ0Q(SBQ0Q)Adult (f)9,3971,4503
B27Pvrakurai juuroku CBAdult (f)9,3981,4524
OG2rz(OG2rz)Adult (f)9,5011,4664
0CF8ltsujikaze nijuuroku CBAdult (f)5,9321,0422
k1namkumohane yon CBAdult (f)5,8091,0452
ZeKZsaojiro obi juukurou CBAdult (m)5,9701,0661
NbDHpaojiro obi juuhachirou CBAdult (m)5,8361,0543
wL9PZ(wL9PZ)Adult (m)5,8231,0591
FNO8M(FNO8M)Adult (m)5,8501,0692
wzFyn(wzFyn)Adult (m)5,9671,0892
7rjBA(7rjBA)Adult (f)5,9781,0461
41uCbshimoyake nijuuni CBAdult (f)6,6241,3614
RZGCN(RZGCN)Adult (m)6,5621,3455
Bajgt(Bajgt)Adult (m)6,5871,3703
0uEhEkagaku gojuuni CBAdult (f)6,6381,3842
w6NeFkumowa shichirou CBAdult (m)6,4941,3641
QdSIntaka nijuuichirou CBAdult (m)7,2201,4742
eH2k9aranoa juujirou CBAdult (m)6,7321,4051
SgpbUhachimitsu hachirou CBAdult (m)6,5261,3534
JPZZ3haikou shichirou CBAdult (m)7,7861,3891
wLxXW(wLxXW)Adult (m)7,9531,4131
cDz4pmidori houshu saburou CBAdult (m)9,1841,4753
MDyWn(MDyWn)Adult (m)8,3191,4504
5qAeXsuiryuu yon CBAdult (f)8,1041,4213
4cO9f(4cO9f)Adult (f)7,7771,4022
XbH6a(XbH6a)Adult (m)7,9121,4236
1FLuYconcorde nana CBAdult (f)7,9461,3984
T8Zau(T8Zau)Adult (f)7,6451,4074
Ia6Fbantarean juuichi CBAdult (f)7,6111,4302
im6Jggonketsurin nana CBAdult (f)7,6401,4172
SnsYcmelismor juuni CBAdult (f)7,8141,3965
IYI6E(IYI6E)Adult (f)7,4281,3942
DFePlkoukouko juuyon CBAdult (f)7,5721,3852
nyYNM(nyYNM)Adult (m)7,9491,4111
NJCtJ(NJCtJ)Adult (m)7,6671,3874
5GbNP(5GbNP)Adult (m)7,6531,3792
N1gQehokkyoku nana CBAdult (f)7,6811,3472
0tigJ(0tigJ)Adult (m)7,7951,3476
KOIk1(KOIk1)Adult (m)7,8451,3953
5Xifwaranoa juuichirou CBAdult (m)7,6411,3952
rUh2M(rUh2M)Adult (f)7,7911,3553
XW1bI(XW1bI)Adult (m)7,7031,3863
dFRyusoni juugo CBAdult (f)7,7021,3464
DUwMUaokawasemi ni CBAdult (f)8,6911,3271
1uAij(1uAij)Adult (f)8,3951,3312
s4d2J(s4d2J)Adult (m)8,6621,3462
grdrF(grdrF)Adult (m)8,7381,2943
HdlvQ(HdlvQ)Adult (f)8,6781,3091
7SeYraokawasemi ichi CBAdult (f)8,6281,3141
CGXYwshishi juushichirou CBAdult (m)8,7691,3042
G7NeThaikou rokurou CBAdult (m)8,6841,3172
ITjlDsoukaichouseki yon CBAdult (f)9,0461,2933
TpYkNmidori houshu jirou CBAdult (m)9,8541,2891
6YrxJakakawasemi san CBAdult (f)9,1291,3052
tVGvukin hiryuu juunana CBAdult (f)8,8901,2862
GGjALtsujikaze nijuugo CBAdult (f)9,1691,3073
iXhLzkuroko yonjuu CBAdult (f)9,3001,2742
ZvMMururihakobe nijuuyon CBAdult (f)8,9531,2722
bbnxT(bbnxT)Adult (m)8,9921,2864
Os9Ebsoukaichouseki shirou CBAdult (m)8,3261,1726
hsDNcairbus shirou CBAdult (m)8,3161,1834
HHmm2(HHmm2)Adult (m)8,2281,1961
kfuok(kfuok)Adult (f)8,2591,2132
MykL6shokudai shirou CBAdult (m)8,4211,2224
FnVUThoujuku nijuujirou CBAdult (m)8,0501,1572
gJ0VBmelismor juujirou CBAdult (m)8,2581,1662
WSSSKryokugyoku juu CBAdult (f)8,1981,1462
JmuLykovos ni CBAdult (f)9,0161,3924
oz3ms(oz3ms)Adult (f)9,0631,3595
tBcYxsoukaichouseki san CBAdult (f)8,9001,3382
yfmVxtenkuu juusaburou CBAdult (m)8,9831,3335
mU90ukumowa rokurou CBAdult (m)9,0481,4333
7F6mX(7F6mX)Adult (f)8,8581,3756
FnurL(FnurL)Adult (m)9,0161,3672
chAEjmelismor juuichi CBAdult (f)9,0711,3962
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