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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ayumi_Seto,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
z8zto(z8zto)Adult (f)4,3168404
QuHZv(QuHZv)Adult (f)5,5748593
5r4GC(5r4GC)Adult (f)4,3669401
zqFAu(zqFAu)Adult (f)4,4839411
cJ6rv(cJ6rv)Adult (f)3,4626242
Y2YaK(Y2YaK)Adult (f)3,1322602
8utym(8utym)Adult (f)2,7396511
aVUwD(aVUwD)Adult (m)5,6617441
JXnf6(JXnf6)Adult (m)4,6566992
D4ENB(D4ENB)Adult (m)4,0196623
mkwaV(mkwaV)Adult (f)6,0758463
fUkoI(fUkoI)Hatchling (m, F)4,1685441
pn5g5(pn5g5)Hatchling (f, F)4,3335141
IOjBP(IOjBP)Hatchling (F)3,2044871
opoLGSam Dawkins - PB Gen 2Hatchling (F)1,8771503
sOzfnCandie Rosenberg - Mix Gen 12Adult (f)6,4159772
wfxpp(wfxpp)Adult (f)5,0877650
opG76(opG76)Adult (m)5,1287652
BURmg(BURmg)Adult (m)6,4011,0782
TS9T7(TS9T7)Adult (f)9,4516307
8XFnw(8XFnw)Adult (m)9,0249725
OfLKV(OfLKV)Adult (m)10,8221,2056
PlPk4(PlPk4)Adult (f)5,1521,0312
hjlAY(hjlAY)Adult (m)5,4158552
j7vlJJohnny Stanwick - CBAdult (m)5,9238661
fSAZ1Francis Hubert - Mix Gen 2Adult (m)2,8764552
WbER6(WbER6)Adult (f)3,6597881
kbcoq(kbcoq)Adult (f)5,6547350
oM14P(oM14P)Adult (f)6,2587893
Pmqu6(Pmqu6)Adult (m)7,0466171
ikQmW(ikQmW)Adult (m)4,6909972
6QOWh(6QOWh)Adult (m)2,4197475
XPuuk(XPuuk)Adult (m)5,9706361
RfKHN(RfKHN)Adult (f)5,2419581
CBrYe(CBrYe)Adult (f)4,9955342
7VJDDCarlson -7VJDD- Jones - CBAdult (m)5,3797091
UfVIu(UfVIu)Adult (m)4,3127903
l7ib5(l7ib5)Adult (m)2,3485523
Hczn7(Hczn7)Adult (f)3,1475501
NETDF(NETDF)Adult (f)4,0089832
GSJPd(GSJPd)Adult (f)6,5059451
7axGIAngela Madison - Mix Gen 4Adult (f)4,6201,0434
Q3bXV(Q3bXV)Adult (f)5,6977425
o1fxtAlister Spencer - Bitten CBAdult (m)2,2147224
zDRUwAlucard Dracanus - Bitten MG 4Adult (m)6,0306891
E2pqHThe vampire Lestat - Bitten CBAdult (m)5,4276152
9IzkSRorick Asher - Bitten CBAdult (m)5,2136664
Ldrb6Vasya GrimwalkerAdult (m)6,0309646
XWgjU(XWgjU)Adult (m)5,3746970
tNHh1(tNHh1)Adult (m)4,4246732
EKJvi(EKJvi)Adult (m)5,2801,0275
87RWw(87RWw)Adult (m)5,3117021
xwJVO(xwJVO)Adult (m)5,6877041
mt2gL(mt2gL)Adult (m)5,8519692
wCftV(wCftV)Adult (m)4,6115843
gGPYY(gGPYY)Hatchling (m, F)4,5196022
EOFxZTeresa Jones - CBAdult (f)5,2177002
3JzAx(3JzAx)Adult (f)5,5389614
KZE3w(KZE3w)Adult (m)4,3539151
rls5V(rls5V)Adult (m)4,5019281
swUur(swUur)Adult (m)4,4939311
RYQKu(RYQKu)Adult (m)5,5421,0801
Ser1F(Ser1F)Adult (m)5,2601,3204
UmKUQ(UmKUQ)Adult (m)2,5647093
qKHqE(qKHqE)Hatchling (F)2,7695382
ESTmpVictoria Franklin - CBAdult (f)3,6758208
9wGeANatasha Richards - CBAdult (f)4,1928897
23ffsCode 23ffs - PB Gen 2Adult (f)5,8968691
bpztm(bpztm)Adult (m)6,6018821
4S04ORay Kenton - CBAdult (m)4,8338311
npxGA(npxGA)Adult (m)6,4191,24716
saGFU(saGFU)Adult (m)5,2211,0902
hdI10(hdI10)Adult (m)5,7081,2639
5DsNb(5DsNb)Adult (m)5,5111,2195
tqQkg(tqQkg)Adult (m)4,7951,2054
8GW8K(8GW8K)Adult (m)4,6141,0381
14osU(14osU)Adult (m)4,1829291
ptX1d(ptX1d)Adult (m)4,3559632
vUlUD(vUlUD)Hatchling (m, F)3,2198434
UKNWU(UKNWU)Adult (m)4,2019561
AJoAk(AJoAk)Adult (m)3,6369382
WQ5sS(WQ5sS)Adult (m)4,3258641
gUab7(gUab7)Adult (m)3,9919881
LsNLB(LsNLB)Adult (m)5,0649253
GFHDD(GFHDD)Adult (m)4,2736582
dEUTS(dEUTS)Hatchling (F)2,4093012
irqdT(irqdT)Adult (m)2,9567111
xpVpI(xpVpI)Adult (m)5,0741,1412
kY0XQ(kY0XQ)Adult (m)5,0381,1261
E0D4BJoseph Kingsley - CBAdult (m)2,4697854
QXYKdCB Sunstone HatchiAdult (f)3,3291,0232
IFf1g(IFf1g)Adult (f)5,8371,0192
UHnt7(UHnt7)Adult (m)3,9269012
jmkJJ(jmkJJ)Adult (f)6,7016504
jE9Hl(jE9Hl)Hatchling (F)1,0261621
Rg3dm(Rg3dm)Adult (m)5,9988506
B7Ei7Belinda Kenton - CBAdult (f)5,1708272
ciS31(ciS31)Adult (m)6,0879151
iGKDdDesmond Ron Allen - CBAdult (m)2,86774710
n5n7J(n5n7J)Adult (f)6,6796193
mC8xSAlexander Clayton - CBAdult (m)3,2179437
JurSrVirgil Dawson - CBAdult (f)2,74591912
YhZdLHarry Manfred - Mix Gen 5Adult (m)2,7978067
y5bKkDenise Manfred - Mix Gen 6Adult (f)2,9098277
CoYPqCode CoYPq - MixGen10Adult (f)2,9478217
YsUrbChaz - Mix Gen 2Adult (m)5,2065692
zdQrtKyle Sanderson - CBAdult (m)4,6008073
ckU6cDoug Easton - Mix Gen 3Adult (m)5,5577524
flLHlCode - fILHIAdult (f)2,9916021
4rpVE(4rpVE)Adult (m)5,9781,0123
phowy(phowy)Adult (f)6,1541,0141
b4VJ0(b4VJ0)Adult (m)5,9871,0001
6jPyE(6jPyE)Adult (m)6,6556201
7KO95(7KO95)Adult (m)6,5981,0638
1t0dr(1t0dr)Adult (f)4,3696663
cDsem(cDsem)Adult (m)4,2796152
9CRhV(9CRhV)Adult (f)5,9555182
z0gxZ(z0gxZ)Adult (f)6,6244841
lAyeu(lAyeu)Hatchling (F)1,8022522
D2HUIIvan Carter - Hybrid Mix Gen 7Adult (m)2,3106938
9pZkiGinger Roswell - CBAdult (f)6,0526781
IdipnCode Idipn - CBAdult (f)6,3518442
VtVAG(VtVAG)Adult (f)5,6996281
tstaGCode tstaG - Bitten CBAdult (f)3,0968019
5jhCaRosalie Fiona Manley - Bitten CBAdult (f)4,3378838
VzOpiAndrea Valentino - Bitten CBAdult (f)3,78582910
a2KnPValencia Cornwall - Mix Gen 2Adult (f)5,3017441
KmCFgDarlene Asher - Bitten CBAdult (f)4,3727081
U8RgmCode U8Rgm - Bitten CBAdult (f)5,3418052
wAFOh(wAFOh)Adult (f)7,1641,4394
4S4u8(4S4u8)Adult (f)5,4459782
saHXV(saHXV)Adult (f)5,2687051
vP72V(vP72V)Adult (f)5,5067952
q7ci4(q7ci4)Adult (f)4,3639172
QpfAm(QpfAm)Adult (f)5,9725354
fqlH3(fqlH3)Adult (f)4,5086692
KC1Vy(KC1Vy)Adult (f)5,6489112
GZmBj(GZmBj)Adult (f)4,6458043
S60vX(S60vX)Hatchling (f, F)4,6306222
4pAQZ(4pAQZ)Hatchling (F)3,7664781
RKkWh(RKkWh)Adult (m)4,3061,2482
8XA31(8XA31)Adult (f)3,6031,0953
ByYqc(ByYqc)Adult (m)4,7121,1471
ULJ5L(ULJ5L)Adult (f)4,5651,1161
UoZk5(UoZk5)Adult (m)4,5121,1371
Quk57(Quk57)Adult (f)6,6941,1412
wDTic(wDTic)Adult (f)4,2969395
KXsPc(KXsPc)Adult (m)4,2731,0673
9pwTM(9pwTM)Adult (f)6,5211,1103
Vmzjn(Vmzjn)Adult (m)4,7256891
9RktZ(9RktZ)Adult (m)4,9616392
HKCJu(HKCJu)Adult (m)5,1475991
4Jh2a(4Jh2a)Adult (f)5,3246031
JjnoD(JjnoD)Adult (m)5,2586151
MGlSQ(MGlSQ)Hatchling (f, F)5,5256231
7Fdow(7Fdow)Hatchling (m, F)5,3415971
W4AjQ(W4AjQ)Adult (f)6,0699321
2EGcF(2EGcF)Adult (f)3,3939591
WnAMZ(WnAMZ)Adult (m)3,4186660
MY8mO(MY8mO)Adult (f)3,5696281
UYoPk(UYoPk)Adult (f)3,1526965
7ksfP(7ksfP)Adult (f)3,5585792
p60bh(p60bh)Adult (f)6,4579531
KkZGI(KkZGI)Adult (m)6,4761,0433
AjLPzRachael Dawn Willow - CBAdult (f)3,4717738
xFplz(xFplz)Adult (m)4,5825960
sPc6r(sPc6r)Adult (m)6,1597733
vYTXtDesmond King - CBAdult (m)2,2716927
whYF9(whYF9)Adult (f)2,9275741
p87RK(p87RK)Adult (m)5,8568144
ts1sk(ts1sk)Adult (f)4,6705881
IctFT(IctFT)Adult (f)4,6555960
eibgC(eibgC)Adult (f)5,2607581
amerj(amerj)Adult (f)6,2727662
4iMgF(4iMgF)Adult (f)6,8758131
Zm52c(Zm52c)Adult (f)5,8215421
unDASCode unDAS - PB Gen 3Adult (m)6,7025886
Kq2gUHarry Hughs - Mix Gen 12Adult (m)4,1601,0885
kXIHQ(kXIHQ)Adult (m)6,2166211
uZZHO(uZZHO)Adult (m)4,8189826
npgTe(npgTe)Adult (m)5,4947651
rfvkLAgni Smith - Mix Gen 2Adult (m)4,4518336
j6jQzAgnos Smith - Mix Gen 3Adult (m)6,2076902
Neuor(Neuor)Adult (m)6,3646242
6sT5mMandy - CBAdult (f)5,2239645
ZRGMSCode ZRGMS - CBAdult (m)7,2526331
jw8akCode Jw8ak - CBAdult (m)2,9967151
An3U9(An3U9)Adult (f)6,8278092
cE15s(cE15s)Adult (f)5,9737171
J4sia(J4sia)Adult (f)7,1356433
snIodAlister Gregor - Mix 2GAdult (m)6,3071,1734
1WzNHPB Gen 2Adult (m)5,0761,0751
aC8VdMaximus says - Don't frz my kidsAdult (m)4,1819245
4noSP(4noSP)Adult (m)4,4648222
YOKyb(YOKyb)Hatchling (m, F)4,2637661
9Indb(9Indb)Adult (m)7,7587581
FmSv2(FmSv2)Adult (m)3,5357993
ILeX4(ILeX4)Adult (m)3,8327782
FTwgX(FTwgX)Adult (m)3,6028021
FpynZ(FpynZ)Adult (m)3,4968051
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