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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ayen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
y2CT3G Skywing Titus VarjoAdult (m)5,2261,955290
ZzSbCB Black Stephie VarjoAdult (f)5,4132,073143
3RN6CB White Spectra VarjoAdult (f)9,6693,837190
F5ksCB Purple Ayane VarjoAdult (f)5,8492,197117
X4ZWCB Two-Headed Albert VarjoAdult (m)7,5221,74754
meg1CB Two-Headed Stanley VarjoAdult (m)5,1681,73267
LgKJCB Proud Pink Malicia VarjoAdult (f)5,4711,53353
wnUwCB Guardian Lisa VarjoAdult (f)4,5191,13651
syRx2G Water Lucy VarjoAdult (f)3,6461,00530
FkaPCB Black Trent VarjoAdult (m)3,7431,00430
oW2a2G PB Two-Headed Simian VarjoAdult (m)3,72589120
Dt5e2G Red Titanus VarjoAdult (m)3,75889222
lIqk4G PB IB Two-Headed Stacy VarjoAdult (f)3,71688818
ETw7CB Green Clay VarjoAdult (m)5,2681,11525
cF2U2G Dark Green Steven VarjoAdult (m)5,2751,10925
NISDPaper PrinceAdult (f)6,3611,35242
2H4mCB Summer Tythus VarjoAdult (m)9,4982,51357
lrXYCB Magi Lisa VarjoAdult (f)9,1802,16942
Zo1lCB Mint Little Guy VarjoAdult (m)8,2001,99528
n6jt5G PB IB Two-Headed Chase VarjoAdult (m)3,6291,4148
Me75(Me75)Adult (m)3,6441,42818
rRW7CB Mint Little Dude VarjoAdult (m)3,6381,4197
1S2RCB Silver Athena VarjoAdult (f)4,49197439
j1xHCB Guardian Tina VarjoAdult (f)3,5131,3219
PmXdCB Guardian Timothy VarjoAdult (m)3,5301,31925
oo7k3G Stone Adelle VarjoAdult (f)3,1811,11223
Aiup2G PB Guardian Malcolm VarjoAdult (m)2,8021,0438
bOyo2G PB Two-Headed Christie VarjoAdult (f)2,7151,1247
b9bt2G Dark Green Misha VarjoAdult (f)2,6481,1187
CeNn3G Dark Green Timothy VarjoAdult (m)4,1731,3833
l7SC4G Grey Sasha VarjoAdult (f)4,0461,28010
3D3J3G Dark Green Mark VarjoAdult (m)2,4969373
Nc3q(Nc3q)Adult (m)5,7911,91422
bIlC(bIlC)Adult (f)4,5621,41412
GcOMAlt Black Proud Sadida VarjoAdult (f)5,0521,64021
piy22G Autumn Stephie VarjoAdult (f)5,2801,43923
Za4v4G Silver Zeus VarjoAdult (m)3,6841,28113
lu1jAlt Black Proud Sacrier VarjoAdult (m)5,1131,25917
1qUUCB Winter Kimiko VarjoAdult (f)7,3941,41415
rKV9CB 2008 Yulebuck Minis VarjoAdult (m)6,7861,34415
RAhgCB 2008 Yulebuck Phinis VarjoAdult (m)6,9581,37113
XSVW5G Silver Poseydon VarjoAdult (m)2,7838634
PO8ECB Frilled George VarjoAdult (m)2,7748587
sllX2G Frilled Gwen VarjoAdult (f)2,4411,4101
8Ana5G Silver Hades VarjoAdult (m)86248111
8KbG2G Silver Demeter VarjoAdult (f)4,1501,27523
MilQ5G Silver Bahus VarjoAdult (m)3,6971,11514
lydFCB Daydream Nina VarjoAdult (f)3,6551,17114
onIzCB Dorsal Dory VarjoAdult (f)3,7211,18114
nfhQCB Baloon Cynthia VarjoAdult (f)2,0031,00510
6YQACB Pink Sylvari VarjoAdult (f)4,9461,07612
7vOv(7vOv)Adult (m)5,6151,19314
BDmk(BDmk)Adult (m)2,5957782
3yXICB Red Dorsal Jenny VarjoAdult (f)2,7488495
1uJwCB Sunset Irvna VarjoAdult (f)4,3101,06113
2s6uCB Pink Asura VarjoAdult (m)5,0911,29011
9DpKCB Sunset Oslgen VarjoAdult (m)1,8585321
BCOpCB Sunset Osmana VarjoAdult (f)4,5611,27414
3gO7I wish I were YoshiAdult6,7851,33221
1KLwCB Daydream Claudia VarjoAdult (f)6,0461,2287
fkhK(fkhK)Adult (f)6,3801,29412
oMqeAlt Black Proud Iop VarjoHatchling (m, F)4,9081,21811
b8YcCB Pygmy Lucy VarjoAdult (f)2,5147234
2Y6qCB Albino Chad VarjoAdult (m)2,4717143
XOYXCB Orchedrake David VarjoAdult (m)1,6234893
3gca4G Geode Dylan VarjoAdult (m)3,5449712
NgSq(NgSq)Adult (m)1,9976953
TjfGCB Deep Sea Luke VarjoAdult (m)2,0656942
pd3FCB Neotropical Tabitha VarjoAdult (f)2,0247103
mW1p(mW1p)Adult (m)2,0437194
IcUdCB Electric Emolga VarjoAdult (f)2,85480210
Y7cnCB Nocturne Steph VarjoAdult (f)2,3056516
ILseCB Canopy Lila VarjoAdult (f)2,8618879
WMSICB Pygmy Nina VarjoAdult (f)6,7911,5588
I6R3CB Neotropical Samantha VarjoAdult (f)2,7558207
KV212G Water Nina VarjoAdult (f)2,1955459
RecI(RecI)Adult (m)2,0285743
07D1CB Orchedrake Steven VarjoAdult (m)1,9896296
PqsC(PqsC)Adult (m)2,1336497
GYQj2G Magi Lucius VarjoAdult (m)2,1306467
VgKCCB B-B Wyvern Asuna VarjoAdult (f)1,2095727
TaVP4G Skywing Lucy VarjoAdult (f)8134533
a5sF(a5sF)Adult (m)8395664
bDib(bDib)Adult (f)1,4995905
bfPXCB Terrae Aclvein VarjoAdult (m)1,1456350
DYYGCB Sunsong Timothy VarjoAdult (m)9745731
tQTkCB Hellfire WV Lidia VarjoAdult (f)8555290
hI92CB Night Glory Drake Dark VarjoAdult (m)9765702
TF5l3G Shallow Water Nina VarjoAdult (f)9515860
Q7AICB B-B Wyvern Mio VarjoAdult (f)1,1076672
T3Z4CB Day Glory Drake Helios VarjoAdult (m)1,0496391
eERUCB Terrae Forrest VarjoAdult (m)1,5455770
D9SICB Coastal Waverunner Iop VarjoAdult (m)8305501
PegvCB Terrae Lisa VarjoAdult (f)1,0866540
CFepCB Sunsong Vanilla VarjoAdult (f)1,0255881
kQBS3G Shallow Water Lucy VarjoAdult (f)1,0425792
EEI0CB Sunsong Strawberry VarjoAdult (f)1,0315961
YEPeCB Spitfire Anne VarjoAdult (f)1,0096021
LnprCB Canopy Jon VarjoAdult (m)9445801
nSeJCB Coastal Waverunner Cra VarjoAdult (f)9205501
OckOCB Baloon Steve VarjoAdult (m)9595991
kbHK(kbHK)Adult (m)1,0435771
9JUKCB Blue Nebula Lilith VarjoAdult (f)1,3755995
H3UJ2G PB Nocturne Nicolas VarjoAdult (m)1,0745494
tAQ8CB B-B Wyvern Hoshi VarjoAdult (f)1,1825700
vLr9CB Deep Sea Tabitha VarjoAdult (f)9945263
rrrB3G Water Samantha VarjoAdult (f)1,1745242
TSqW2G Deep Sea Jean VarjoAdult (f)1,2985601
6H3UCB Day Glory Drake Shine VarjoAdult (f)9945143
v73ICB Flamingo WV Anthony VarjoAdult (m)1,2945370
VmKM2G Purple Nebula Timothy VarjoAdult (m)9344884
USA12G Flamingo WV Sasha VarjoAdult (f)8584844
ZSWF3G Shallow Water Magikarp VarjoAdult (m)1,0905303
496QCB Horse Stephie VarjoAdult (f)9135170
pa6E2G Sunset Nebula VarjoAdult (f)1,2745130
eJtG3G Purple Nebula Timothy VarjoAdult (m)1,1685090
W7JTCB Spitfire Blanca VarjoAdult (f)1,2535011
GjICCB Neotropical Vivian VarjoAdult (f)1,0364940
8pC4Mr Cheesy VarjoAdult1,6575753
JdTE6G Silver Venus VarjoAdult (f)1,67055019
CdveCB Orchedrake Lidia VarjoAdult (f)1,5175302
W5T1CB Baloon Thomas VarjoAdult (m)1,2075141
INIKCB Mint Little Man VarjoAdult (m)1,5355640
cuqDCB Harvest Lelouch VarjoAdult (m)9595131
LVZtCB Ember Amber VarjoAdult (f)1,5445850
0L8vCB 2010 Black Marrow Alma VarjoAdult (f)1,2735724
8hqRCB 2010 Black Marrow Aldi VarjoAdult (m)1,0385131
5bJ7Magma Never Breed Me Pls VarjoAdult (f)2,6206438
f72r2G Ember Marrow Luke VarjoAdult (m)9985140
rjpcCB Horse Tina VarjoAdult (f)1,2755861
emhZIce Nina VarjoAdult (f)1,4995225
WmWa(WmWa)Adult (f)1,5383971
89EGiCB Moonstone Jedynka VarjoAdult (f)2,1165260
SMXrLCB Spitfire Clarice VarjoAdult (f)2,2105140
Aer3p(Aer3p)Adult (f)2,0374750
Giik0CB B-B Wyvern Tsuki VarjoAdult (f)2,1855200
eioZ93G IB Magi Lucas VarjoAdult (m)2,0044680
pWfpUCB Spotted Greenwing Lila VarjoAdult (f)2,3327192
C23c2CB Blue-Banded Thor VarjoAdult (m)3,0048961
EKqB6CB Cassare Trent VarjoAdult (m)2,9858870
qfpSQCB Blacktip Serena VarjoAdult (f)3,0158851
9sJjoCB Deep Sea Lucky VarjoAdult (m)3,0088782
IAfuXCB Royal Crimson Agathe VarjoAdult (f)1,6085911
HRGsOCB Brute Marshall VarjoAdult (m)2,0126720
48N7ECB Duotone Lisa VarjoAdult (f)2,6048995
O3gM4(O3gM4)Adult (m)1,8196690
TSbS4CB Carmine Wyvern Magenta VarjoAdult (m)2,6418660
7NkPhCB Imperial Fleshcrown Gil VarjoAdult (m)2,5148130
Min4PCB Skywing Brutus VarjoAdult (m)2,4638140
8QmrzCB Dark Myst P Lucian VarjoAdult (m)2,4828090
HyQfh2G Olive Olivier VarjoAdult (m)2,2896682
0QFaHCB Speckle-Throated Ian VarjoAdult (m)2,3166390
4oWTB(4oWTB)Adult (m)2,1157002
2iwrbCB Ember Thanatos VarjoAdult (m)3,5039283
AEUTMCB Sunstone Drop VarjoAdult (f)2,0936461
vBVwtCB Bleeding Moon Samara VarjoAdult (f)2,0236381
sNYfX2G Blacktip Andrew VarjoAdult (m)3,0466215
QdTAUCB Teimarr Kora VarjoAdult (f)2,7788631
Xbs5E4G Moonstone Daughter VarjoAdult (f)2,2816430
u9NF82G Duotone Vernon VarjoAdult (m)3,0408542
BgM3sCB Pillow Jack VarjoAdult (m)2,0766871
g7Ypz(g7Ypz)Adult (m)2,1276347
XDZt3CB Fever Trisha VarjoAdult (f)2,1386641
sm77PCB Moonstone Darling VarjoAdult (f)2,0656180
muOkuCB Sunrise Trent VarjoAdult (m)3,1168800
RhCaZCB Pillow Orlando VarjoAdult (m)3,0448341
hZ7fF(hZ7fF)Adult (m)2,0496340
SMXcK(SMXcK)Adult (m)2,0046171
9piCvCB Bleeding Moon Chucky VarjoAdult (m)2,4607471
wQuSI(wQuSI)Adult (f)2,1406522
CcwRJ(CcwRJ)Adult (m)2,8028252
PHWXdCB Nilia P Zara VarjoAdult (f)2,2746083
uZWReCB Frostbite Adam VarjoAdult (m)2,1426121
EvjMWCB Tidal Lucy VarjoAdult (f)2,7878160
saP0g(saP0g)Adult (f)2,3436211
C8yFRCB Nocturne Samara VarjoAdult (f)2,3576202
nSJ9p(nSJ9p)Adult (m)2,1375891
zKezl3G Magi I'm Not Shallow VarjoAdult (m)2,2316251
JIxjU2G Frostbite Aleena VarjoAdult (f)2,1726040
Jw0ny3G Gilded Bloodscale Tyron VarjoAdult (m)2,1996111
JNJMPCB Teimarr Hades VarjoAdult (m)3,1008023
6oeCq(6oeCq)Adult (f)2,9567420
LmuXqCB Misfit P Tamara VarjoAdult (f)2,0426231
DJCoE(DJCoE)Adult (f)1,9435933
aGGqJCB Misfit P Gary VarjoAdult (m)2,2326411
K5E0MCB Blue-Banded Athena VarjoAdult (f)2,1376612
QSzQICB Falconiform WV Lucy VarjoAdult (f)2,9858430
q1jk0CB Mint Little Lady VarjoAdult (f)2,8947883
fEz9PCB Moonstone Miracle VarjoAdult (f)2,9168281
c9RCuPB LL IB Two-Headed Sylvie VarjoAdult (f)2,4046701
egF9N2G PB Crimson P Steve VarjoAdult (m)2,1936361
Jsmef7G Lumina Shimmer VarjoAdult (m)4,2387925
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