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You pick up the scroll labeled “Awii,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
a2YP(a2YP)Adult (f)2,69490722
7fRT(7fRT)Adult (m)3,24531016
WjN8(WjN8)Adult (f)3,15935710
Nek0(Nek0)Adult (m)3,0293498
r0lg(r0lg)Adult (m)2,31976424
BGNE(BGNE)Adult (m)2,6103584
ctTM(ctTM)Adult (m)3,1194107
edRd(edRd)Adult (m)3,8242575
ksYi(ksYi)Adult (f)3,5874087
BrpA(BrpA)Adult (m)3,12944023
DnlW(DnlW)Adult (m)3,5524707
pcuq(pcuq)Adult (m)2,6763756
3SIn(3SIn)Adult (f)3,0193999
NTvq(NTvq)Adult (f)5,5431,09427
jkVi(jkVi)Adult (f)1,5635578
Vmj3(Vmj3)Adult (f)93544113
cQl2(cQl2)Adult (f)2,28033912
v3dC(v3dC)Adult (m)3,87745623
s4QG(s4QG)Adult (f)2,7212618
XNBN(XNBN)Adult (f)2,9342386
t2iP(t2iP)Adult (f)3,95828914
BFV5(BFV5)Adult (m)2,1813258
sR7W(sR7W)Adult (f)3,39423812
CVOo(CVOo)Adult (m)3,90645627
4laR(4laR)Adult (m)2,3183575
r7VQ(r7VQ)Adult (m)1,1643596
66hm(66hm)Adult (m)4,0322709
oDqD(oDqD)Adult (m)4,2143214
Nbbk(Nbbk)Adult (m)2,8543583
EObj(EObj)Adult (f)1,2524137
uGWO(uGWO)Adult (m)4,2099938
hWvt(hWvt)Adult (f)3,9562688
scjP(scjP)Adult (m)3,0203895
VJiB(VJiB)Adult (f)1,6173497
nDtn(nDtn)Adult (m)3,09040613
Hjsq(Hjsq)Adult (f)2,41040711
TkXF(TkXF)Adult (m)6,03442610
L2d1(L2d1)Adult (f)3,8562585
HZpO(HZpO)Adult (f)2,53826461
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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