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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AvalontheGreat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hAdWmAvalon's Terri and Kari CAdult (f)4,3219931
v3jIeAvalon's Mary and Sherry CAdult (f)6,9201,0475
18ON1(18ON1)Adult (m)1,3986931
JLKFRAvalon's Pink Velvet CAdult (m)2,1607184
1hqCI(1hqCI)Adult (f)1,2506761
ZCESr(ZCESr)Adult (f)1,1336531
MdXQvAvalon's Bloo SAdult (m)2,4347721
ddECNAvalon's SeaflyerAdult (m)3,0701,0225
pQDagAvalon's Bluey PAdult (m)2,0547267
ML9jHAvalon's Icy TanAdult (m)3,1951,0465
sFPlcAvalon's Heart CAdult (f)4,8889244
QaW8YAvalon's Bertha CAdult (f)5,2829292
OBsCZAvalon's Krogort CAdult (m)2,6177502
zP8UZ(zP8UZ)Adult (f)2,3945963
Ufj10Unto the Mint Thou Shalt ReturnAdult (m)1,9278041
dLjGB(dLjGB)Adult (m)1,3986540
voU75Snow Angel III SelliaAdult (f)1,5856951
ZbvqEAvalon's Golden RibbonAdult (f)1,7747511
5FB10(5FB10)Adult (f)1,4166350
BvsjPAvalon's Ice MageAdult (m)1,7547611
9frstMy Christmas of CavebornsAdult (m)1,5636783
XktLlMy Caveborn ChristmasAdult (m)1,6576943
ScOlRAvalon's VenusAdult (f)4,50844713
L0jEeAvalon's Dragonfly Trap PAdult (f)4,4107716
PQWsBAvalon's Mars Flytrap CAdult (m)1,7716891
nSnR2(nSnR2)Adult (m)1,1476122
QEiVh(QEiVh)Adult (f)1,6506042
4Q763Avalon's Cotton Puff CAdult (f)4,9511,1048
8JjGBAvalon's Cotton Poof CAdult (f)4,4681,0240
XEMrKAvalon's Cotton Fluff CAdult (m)6,7541,2433
Qp01eAvalon's Sparkia CAdult (f)5,1579358
jPgReAvalon's Sparkeo CAdult (m)5,3707135
JygEg(JygEg)Adult (m)1,9076840
db4hXAvalon's GlowAdult (f)2,0866372
cqIoS(cqIoS)Adult (f)1,2256074
7wSV0(7wSV0)Adult (m)1,1326551
6GBNf(6GBNf)Adult (f)1,4915930
WtcY0(WtcY0)Adult (f)2,2505671
F4AoPAvalon's On the InsideAdult (f)6,3911,0481
485VOAvalon's Day Song CAdult (m)4,9079091
10RzlAvalon's Dae Saung CAdult (f)1,3096530
4uVHd(4uVHd)Adult (m)1,2626272
esZaOAvalon's Night Song CAdult (f)2,9448715
atfe5Avalon's Dusk Melody PAdult (m)4,9021,0674
W8FZJAvalon's Evening Song CAdult (m)2,2245885
J32HBAvalon's Young Dusk CHatchling (F)8703441
PPJqYAvalon's SplishAdult (f)3,3121,0473
8rZqbAvalon's SploshAdult (m)1,8967049
BgjuYAvalon's Ruby Vine CAdult (f)3,7217246
iB0G4Avalon's Silveryshield CAdult (m)5,4171,2375
FhHi7Avalon's Platinumshield CAdult (m)3,5913676
O5LQFAvalon's Steelshield CAdult (f)3,8837264
re2LGAvalon's Goldleaf CAdult (m)2,39998514
3L4EXAvalon's Who Wants PieAdult (m)2,5399433
tbiAtAvalon's I Want PieAdult (f)2,9671,0802
oBbquRina MichelleAdult (f)2,4259144
6FzrF(6FzrF)Adult (f)1,4667051
5ZQKYAlikar Shadow WalkerAdult (m)2,4979373
IjqKPDiangen DeimosAdult (m)2,6799719
irq70Avalon's For EternityAdult (m)2,3549816
012S8Avalon's SpyreAdult (m)2,2949243
oKgni(oKgni)Adult (m)1,3466712
EoBXh(EoBXh)Adult (m)1,4096751
8SgSCAvalon's Cave CrawlerAdult (m)1,6087345
Z3QVc(Z3QVc)Adult (f)1,3156861
kZgirAvalon's ElectricFell CAdult (f)2,8779595
ufMsDAvalon's VolcanicFell CAdult (m)4,3851,0392
CR1HkAvalon's Beta CAdult (f)4,4269865
mXhV4Avalon's Theta CAdult (m)2,6523406
nDiO9(nDiO9)Adult (f)1,8123655
L4AHmAvalon's Violet Stallion CAdult (m)6,8241,2271
fo7FoAvalon's Ice StormAdult (f)1,90467810
SsdevAvalon's Devine Deva CAdult (f)2,1439412
U2rQ8Avalon's Silver CAdult (f)4,5681,0510
Q1kgeAvalon's Platinum CAdult (f)3,0958775
MB9vsAvalon's Diamond CAdult (m)2,9199891
zv3sMAvalon's Metallic Wanna-Be CAdult (m)1,7878291
3nNDfAvalon's Magi CAdult (f)5,4221,2464
UmDTCAvalon's Magus CAdult (m)1,3726550
igoHr(igoHr)Adult (m)1,2776333
nDgddAvalon's Fire StormAdult (m)1,4346832
kRWSWAvalon's Moonstrike CAdult (m)2,8828314
fv8RcAvalon's Moonbeam CAdult (f)2,7488233
qQ506Avalon's Violet VelvetAdult (m)1,9786603
SbXuW(SbXuW)Adult (m)2,2885981
AhCrk(AhCrk)Adult (m)2,1555602
yCX76(yCX76)Adult (m)2,2127441
o5L1LAvalon's Prickly Spindle CAdult (m)2,2237341
CYMYFAvalon's Empire CAdult2,2389226
0lgg9Avalon's Poofa CAdult (f)3,8137245
HCbNDAvalon's Puffle CAdult (m)1,3905840
o9L26Avalon's Pink PantherAdult (m)1,5844925
lQBTkAvalon's Another MaleAdult (m)6,7901,0833
T1W0VAvalon's More MalesAdult (m)1,8206703
P1jZbAvalon's ValentineAdult (f)4,5773991
1t2cdAvalon's Rose GypsyAdult (f)2,0576591
tnFB8Avalon's Shparkle SAdult (f)3,8141,0385
00it9Avalon's Jingle TingleAdult (f)3,0139303
Ys7hG(Ys7hG)Adult (f)2,5588322
WTCkQAvalon's Stache CAdult (m)3,0437831
ZkDcpAvalon's Purple Popstar CAdult (f)1,4566610
0ZGSO(0ZGSO)Adult (f)1,5076180
25OWc(25OWc)Adult (m)1,8616550
GbVBhAvalon's Red Rover CAdult (m)2,6008123
q1ZTEAvalon's Rover of Redness CAdult (m)1,4766883
2fdApAvalon's Leah PAdult (f)1,4745905
uiXfAAvalon's Laoh CAdult (m)2,2116853
SKqAiAvalon's Fanwing CAdult (f)1,4416771
Ts26y(Ts26y)Adult (m)1,3726731
rAttFAvalon's Royalwing CAdult (f)1,4216890
oaGg4(oaGg4)Adult (m)2,2634532
I0g6bAvalon's Spring Has SprungAdult (f)1,9026991
p2d4mAvalon's Leaf CAdult (m)1,6016373
tJcbgAvalon's With The Seasons CAdult (f)1,8706721
HT6phAvalon's Seasons Greetings CAdult (f)1,2986291
Reo7t(Reo7t)Adult (m)1,6306961
oGsl5Avalon's ArgentAdult (m)2,06154411
s9apJAvalon's Cerrulean Wonder SAdult (m)2,1666503
eUYztAvalon's Snow Legend SAdult (f)1,5636573
pkCufAvalon's Specklebird CAdult (m)2,0827221
7hEgZAvalon's Sandflyer CAdult (f)3,7917115
7tlWFAvalon's Golden StripeAdult (f)1,4524673
XdsUVAvalon's Jungle Stripe SAdult (m)2,3017096
En7CKAvalon's Cassanova CAdult (m)5,0009384
e9D5qAvalon's Iridescence CAdult (f)2,0066642
emZBrAvalon's Knightress CAdult (f)2,2518034
8TrSHAvalon's Eve CAdult (f)2,3127432
8TBJsAvalon's Adam CAdult (m)2,1266711
vtKPqAvalon's Sunset Drive CAdult (f)2,2197331
8GP80Avalon's Daylight Sonata CAdult (m)2,2386680
XqEN4Avalon's Afternoon Symphony CAdult (f)2,2437053
kfM1KAvalon's Morning Concerto CAdult (f)2,5328954
8M9WDAvalon's Fairy Princess SAdult (f)2,7073539
hAS5C(hAS5C)Adult (m)1,3616652
aeli7Avalon's Orb CAdult (f)5,4681,1845
FFXW9Avalon's Bro CAdult (m)6,8811,2353
qujoCAvalon's Broro CAdult (m)4,2889962
tW6jRAvalon's Butterfly CAdult (f)2,8953186
MJf2sAvalon's Thunder StormAdult (f)1,9006513
dgbD9Avalon's Fighter CAdult (m)2,0146401
EYrbiAvalon's Herbi CAdult (m)2,2607512
fV4GlAvalon's Waterbeat CAdult (f)3,6208246
5JHA1Avalon's Poison CAdult (f)6,7441,2321
a5VYXAvalon's ToxinAdult (f)4,1911,0498
JyMgC(JyMgC)Adult (m)1,6448271
JcjZQAvalon's Electric SandsAdult (m)2,2247802
g6gVX(g6gVX)Adult (f)1,5017422
uBRXA(uBRXA)Adult (f)1,2826431
WDMTZ(WDMTZ)Adult (m)1,5267373
iJ44B(iJ44B)Adult (f)1,5327163
6Rcbt(6Rcbt)Adult (f)1,3526931
lsiv2(lsiv2)Adult (m)1,4707061
FBkH8(FBkH8)Adult (m)1,3806991
E5LDJ(E5LDJ)Adult (f)1,3796762
4ntp5(4ntp5)Adult (f)1,3126501
qMLqpAvalon's In Cold Blood CAdult (m)2,8308352
vhGDKAvalon's Water Pony CAdult (f)2,8648591
8RY9sAvalon's AngeloAdult (m)2,45737212
YbQrnAvalon's Purity CAdult (f)2,2277072
DrBLbAvalon's Snowy DorkfaceAdult (f)1,9837305
tKB40Avalon's KatreyaAdult (m)2,79336010
u4Og8Avalon's Cloud CAdult (m)2,1547191
KNgniAvalon's SilimandraeAdult (f)1,5007042
q8vS3Avalon's Angelo CAdult (m)1,3596510
V1EG5Avalon's Greenosaurus CAdult1,2736251
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