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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Aureliette,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sJCnInsanity-DespirationAdult (f)2,57549214
aCleCaptain Hammer-The HammerAdult (m)2,7655648
Q8bGTrekan-LironAdult (f)2,7555437
PusJTwo Faced GentlemanAdult (m)3,02147510
M2hCDont make me go higurashi on youAdult (m)2,0214849
QQvn(QQvn)Adult (f)4,5628075
JEt7I'm Big Boned That's AllAdult (m)5,3731,17610
f74QSuper SizedAdult (f)4,7188793
7gFjL(7gFjL)Adult (m)3,5468157
d3kuCheer Up Emo DragonAdult (m)5,87177814
k2WOGET OFF MY LAWN YOU KIDSAdult (m)6,0196802
9YlW(9YlW)Adult (f)6,53183714
as5H(as5H)Adult (m)7,5488914
5XWC(5XWC)Adult (f)7,9338477
ekCdI want JUSTICEAdult (m)7,9821,0183
US0jAnd a Side Order of SpaghettiAdult (m)3,7391,01717
r9tcUtral AymokriyaAdult (m)2,4124798
WMUMEampinAdult (f)6,0371,13312
0LDOl(0LDOl)Adult (m)4,4265191
o8XPh(o8XPh)Adult (m)4,3775063
q1LuEaster SongAdult (f)1,8715047
L8RFCurious SongAdult (m)1,6044774
iTWrLone SongAdult (m)1,21444718
Rl6hEvening Song BirdAdult (f)6,5921,32517
NAovCinco de Mayo SongAdult (f)5,11092322
motkLittle Love SongAdult (m)3,72594219
e4iMW(e4iMW)Adult (f)7,9115473
uFpCK(uFpCK)Adult (m)6,2965291
pR43o(pR43o)Adult (m)7,3834932
rdHGDrHorribleAdult (m)2,4605269
uv23un-named dragonAdult (m)4,7518623
Jt3kClever Cheese PunAdult2,01774717
aW9gCheesy RomanceAdult7,3401,2049
suZUMust not eat selfAdult4,6518553
OFePohors d'oeuvresAdult3,6547066
6T9APeppermint Stick DorkfaceAdult (m)5,0739397
QqplI has a flavorAdult (m)5,1179273
CV89I cant get this bow off my tailAdult (f)5,0839314
123MI Wanna Be A DentistAdult (f)4,8378982
vJfLGirls Love Shiny ThingsAdult (f)3,6777183
vSN7From SantaAdult (f)4,0757662
ocJsdButter  ButtAdult (m)3,1946201
XLf5ZX-mas cookiesAdult (m)3,1966241
FR691(FR691)Adult (m)4,1544151
2N4WX(2N4WX)Adult (m)3,5924041
QLnLScythe WingAdult (m)6,6741,1864
9up8BananananananananaAdult (f)4,4099439
GqInIT'S A FLY TRAPAdult (f)3,6951,03916
U6TpAttack Of Ze Killer TomatoesAdult (m)4,9489005
0XC0Voldemort Wants Corn NutsAdult (m)4,5377904
HilTThe dragon above me is crazyAdult (f)12,2051,1744
A74jSo many vinesAdult (f)7,3989754
V6LWand still no altAdult (m)4,9847144
58YZ(58YZ)Adult (m)7,8328329
gU7E(gU7E)Adult (f)5,7176704
acON(acON)Adult (f)7,6789424
RJES(RJES)Adult (f)8,0221,0364
GjdcL(GjdcL)Adult (f)6,4191,1758
nkTlHoly Space Llamas an ALTAdult (f)7,9029864
2CvSJe vends du reveAdult (m)3,19285510
V6I8I can hear purpleAdult (f)1,8024793
DL8kDimanikaAdult (f)2,1326078
s89JQuoarAdult (m)1,6884845
WQkIg(WQkIg)Adult (m)4,5948832
1jlDLady of Purple CourageAdult (f)2,1654926
VFuVI haz a frillzAdult (m)7,1841,25826
4uWLChaos ChildAdult (f)3,9161,0155
S4RUNekxAdult (m)5,4101,10916
TACELa FoudreAdult (f)6,8791,6214
iPe2Long Lost DorkfaceAdult (m)3,7551,05622
4URFGive Me My CoffeeAdult (m)4,6897824
KKqc(KKqc)Adult (f)4,7397912
M57iR(M57iR)Adult (f)3,8664842
3TN7I'll be back MuahahahaAdult (m)3,6808193
at9bMeoauniaeaAdult (f)4,1178962
C6O0u(C6O0u)Adult (f)3,7005002
cUkqDecoratifAdult (f)2,19232119
1Gs7Mr Frilly BunsAdult (m)1,66065519
TA3ZBlack Beast of AaaaarrrrrrggghhhAdult (m)6,3931,28813
6sXjSuper Special Awesome NameAdult (f)2,7716944
U2oeStuck in the 70'sAdult (m)2,57093423
nlBPI just got my nails doneAdult (f)5,4688146
5UiPWe'll save you KipAdult (f)4,2301,24230
tq4Lpage 89- when we lost our sanityAdult (m)3,2931,01118
Z083Magickarp Used  SplashAdult (f)2,59281015
1cYKInvisible keyboard playingAdult (m)3,2506711
HC6le(HC6le)Adult (f)5,4105911
77kYKxenerAdult (f)4,9789316
UfCeTo YouAdult (m)4,2998516
LKPmGeass UserAdult (m)4,6738199
6J8uPowerthirstAdult (f)4,0899955
rmMPDr Octagonapus BLAAAAARRRGGGAdult (f)3,7108312
u77c1(u77c1)Adult (m)3,5295813
p5P8Q(p5P8Q)Adult (m)3,6684151
3LblE(3LblE)Adult (f)4,4904252
VaZrKeeper of the Bridge of DeathAdult (m)5,1901,2612
LUiW(LUiW)Adult (f)5,0088515
hQEUr(hQEUr)Adult (f)3,4595032
4QriQ(4QriQ)Adult (m)3,9185572
5Eefg(5Eefg)Adult (m)5,5617552
nmp7I like piAdult (f)3,3429111
qZWBnJust chillin in a pumpkinAdult (m)6,2807443
trbVD(trbVD)Adult (f)4,2036182
dBKGDont call me cuteAdult (f)2,6556373
eapXg(eapXg)Adult (f)4,3516894
d8tKT(d8tKT)Adult (m)4,3366683
4defMOnce  upon a midnight drearyAdult (m)5,5099042
Jsh31while  I pondered weak and wearyAdult (m)5,4988892
0Q2qQOver  many a quaint and curiousAdult (f)5,4788822
hoteEvolume of forgotten lore While IAdult (f)5,4898652
Rn2QDnodded nearly napping suddenlyAdult (f)5,4488591
2vA3Ythere came a tappingAdult (f)4,1047462
7o1Xk(7o1Xk)Adult (m)3,4775971
YlrJ7(YlrJ7)Adult (f)3,4476001
1AkHN(1AkHN)Adult (f)3,4826032
900r9(900r9)Adult (f)3,5236141
AaI43(AaI43)Adult (f)3,4845952
D80HJ(D80HJ)Adult (f)3,5096081
tB6c(tB6c)Adult (f)4,6978001
4Ttp(4Ttp)Adult (m)4,7197893
11EXW(11EXW)Adult (f)4,4854991
i8DZIWillDevowerYourSoulAdult (f)2,2795425
lFWTI hope that I am maleAdult (m)3,9231,06028
UV9BDeep Thought 42Adult (f)2,8827506
ibbVGrammar Nazi's SteedAdult (m)5,8261,06410
4KkdSo Much For Global WarmingAdult (m)3,7081,02721
SA7Po(SA7Po)Adult (m)3,4434353
PSQZVeiled NeniAdult (f)1,8964929
T1LeAgon LegendAdult (m)5,7261,27421
JksYg(JksYg)Adult (f)2,8095662
OlmFg(OlmFg)Hatchling (F)4,0273901
OmsMb(OmsMb)Adult (m)9,4206281
2aF84(2aF84)Adult (m)6,9855372
kuCBO(kuCBO)Adult (f)7,1955942
GrBbNight Who Says NiAdult (m)7,4011,6266
52n5Your future lord and masterAdult (f)2,9335952
6ueq(6ueq)Adult (m)3,7958544
VEPT(VEPT)Adult (f)3,7938423
U5OX(U5OX)Adult (m)5,7236803
9YhqHellHathNoFuryAdult (m)2,2995475
NVA4I want a  divorceAdult (f)4,1491,0003
cVqjYes you do look fatAdult (m)4,3099493
ZJj4c(ZJj4c)Adult (m)2,7025573
F0Fs6(F0Fs6)Adult (m)3,3125792
pSUhf(pSUhf)Adult (m)3,0755661
XWVGV(XWVGV)Adult (f)3,8845131
F1eXs(F1eXs)Adult (m)3,6325191
U52POmega NebulaAdult (m)2,43358514
rjKvMosaic NebulaAdult (f)4,5921,10828
stV5F(stV5F)Adult (m)4,1735131
83uYePetite NebulaHatchling (m, F)3,7464681
fhc8Cat Eye NebulaAdult (f)4,5107194
8USDm(8USDm)Adult (m)3,6884721
5NXDJedi MasterAdult (f)2,1535644
TRJvOne in a Million ChanceAdult (m)5,1261,77115
eL9QCome Fly AwayAdult (m)4,5461,00617
FE9s(FE9s)Adult (f)5,9706751
kTP6Happy MinkAdult (m)1,2965247
iWkELorenda ZillaAdult (f)2,0765187
aLKqq(aLKqq)Adult (m)4,0295451
kSLn(kSLn)Hatchling (f, F)4,9656682
IhUmg(IhUmg)Adult (m)5,1445532
X0KCd(X0KCd)Adult (f)5,1415461
n4rW333 only half evilAdult1,52469323
EViQImportant essay that flew awayAdult2,7915754
fvCaRub my fluffy bellyAdult (f)5,2368461
HrmAFluffy Dragon LoafAdult (m)4,6986712
XXKJh(XXKJh)Adult (f)5,1921,0703
NmL5Fabulous In PinkAdult (m)2,0955709
72CJLove 146Adult (f)4,5267904
WDeL(WDeL)Adult (f)12,1541,1785
4R6m(4R6m)Adult (m)7,4309303
WYlJd(WYlJd)Adult (f)5,3535992
NPt76(NPt76)Adult (m)9,7076481
uP2XR(uP2XR)Adult (m)9,9526646
ZGukZezzuvaAdult (f)1,7556494
C2laIs not a girlAdult (m)4,0641,03721
0ROUI was influenced to be a girlAdult (m)5,4278173
kbG2n(kbG2n)Adult (m)3,5864931
a4pINact'larnAdult (f)1,9645724
m6QIKish'taAdult (f)1,6055212
FeFUPipclideous DominiscusAdult (m)1,6195112
tNZKOWhy do I neverAdult (f)4,1565443
621eOname my pygmiesAdult (m)3,8205382
r7LDD(r7LDD)Adult (f)2,9095592
PGe5l(PGe5l)Adult (m)3,9985591
2bKu3(2bKu3)Adult (m)4,5755523
0qgt9(0qgt9)Adult (m)11,5111,6386
AS1Pf(AS1Pf)Adult (m)4,5705502
deWVv(deWVv)Adult (f)3,2035201
Pch14(Pch14)Adult (m)4,5555442
2tka2(2tka2)Adult (f)3,7975151
0oXbC(0oXbC)Adult (m)3,8235321
TrLJb(TrLJb)Adult (m)3,5555402
d5CZV(d5CZV)Adult (m)3,3505161
BE7MM(BE7MM)Adult (m)3,4986711
fRdtO(fRdtO)Adult (f)3,7477003
60HcBrim's ToneAdult (m)2,4164877
44p0(44p0)Adult (f)5,3267324
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