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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Aurelia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    of3d(of3d)Adult (m)2,32641520
    JFwZ(JFwZ)Adult (f)4,64383651
    9l5I(9l5I)Adult (f)2,21133013
    p385(p385)Adult (m)4,64983651
    PD0a(PD0a)Adult (f)3,71463727
    dXOB(dXOB)Adult (f)2,03154329
    75vL(75vL)Hatchling (f, F)2,00460916
    SyHp(SyHp)Adult (f)1,12040919
    ntI6(ntI6)Adult (f)3,99485023
    NXts(NXts)Adult (m)3,88964328
    kQNg(kQNg)Adult (f)3,73764428
    lueP(lueP)Adult (m)2,97765724
    FF7i(FF7i)Adult (f)1,67258421
    nxsm(nxsm)Adult (m)1,66446322
    Q5k1(Q5k1)Adult (m)1,10640218
    HjS1(HjS1)Adult (f)4,2621,03225
    jOBS(jOBS)Adult (m)3,73664526
    B8nR(B8nR)Adult (m)4,66289136
    hlAt(hlAt)Adult (f)2,49548919
    MF14(MF14)Adult (f)6,4392,20457
    KC04(KC04)Adult (f)4,39180327
    I5k4(I5k4)Adult (f)4,62083750
    0o7X(0o7X)Adult (f)2,54660328
    ZJi2(ZJi2)Hatchling (F)1,27527714
    dngQ(dngQ)Adult (m)4,63483550
    LYu0(LYu0)Adult (m)3,41772624
    7zVh(7zVh)Adult (m)2,22433711
    eQB3(eQB3)Adult (f)1,67636017
    lNT0(lNT0)Adult (f)1,78137119
    h0hR(h0hR)Adult (m)1,68946525
    irxs(irxs)Adult (f)1,68146422
    PILi(PILi)Adult (f)1,58643720
    4Uka(4Uka)Adult (f)2,21132813
    f8XN(f8XN)Adult (m)6,09945315
    x6WJ(x6WJ)Adult (m)2,44653726
    hfLE(hfLE)Adult (f)2,38656324
    sRFy(sRFy)Adult (m)1,82832315
    Ae0A(Ae0A)Adult (f)3,19146622
    JHSH(JHSH)Adult (m)3,37183816
    hQtz(hQtz)Adult (f)3,60060625
    eJK8(eJK8)Adult (m)2,33833619
    DtQ6(DtQ6)Adult (f)12,7241,00886
    7Smp(7Smp)Adult (f)2,20732412
    nq8k(nq8k)Adult (m)2,51634221
    Bm2W(Bm2W)Adult (m)4,40377122
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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