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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AtomicSquid,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5RSJjLady of the ScrollAdult (f)8,6301,0975
ll0SsLord of the ScrollAdult (m)
3W8frMinutemanAdult (m)
k2dvLWorldenderAdult (m)
m8RwPSynthetikAdult (m)
eWU8nSynergieAdult (f)
0FXe3SynomorphAdult (m)
ionG3DinotronAdult (f)
qL6zZReactor CoreAdult (f)
uIgz6Bernie Sanders 2020Adult (m)
sm7BHZawmbieAdult (f)3,0291,0261
6bEEaAd NoctumAdult (m)5,1707902
MQISDZombie or not to beAdult (m)7,2138771
5CIunZombeAdult (f)7,1258891
v0hFjTrichomesHatchling (m, F)3,0052591
XHMiKGlutaraldehydeHatchling (f, F)3,9993171
gjyOaFlying Zombie NoodleHatchling (f, F)3,2722331
4t1dBDK DrakeHatchling (F)1,8261421
MRPlMSchutzdracheAdult (m)10,1556772
BXOE2SchildwacheAdult (f)4,1831,4823
jYLjrChandra XAdult (f)6,7391,1116
8CIl1KreationAdult (f)5,0961,1693
sZkyUSchoepferAdult (m)4,4971,2571
Cwz1fDer AnfangAdult (m)4,0491,2481
TTcdgDas EndeAdult (f)7,8598331
0wFeXZerfallAdult (m)8,9725991
YrPZIZersetzungAdult (f)5,2971,1823
XN8aYDelta-vAdult (m)4,9669064
7mWItDelta-TAdult (m)7,5779592
o4xYgDelta-KAdult (m)5,2819722
BrF50Nameless dragons make me sadAdult5,5336702
TGqkBaeumeEgg (F)
r3UEhSupercriticalAdult (m)7,7975991
akykjAtomic SunriseAdult (f)6,8429892
oYZVKBikini AtollAdult (f)6,6865621
SgHycEnewetak AtollAdult (m)6,8359981
Pjmv9Trinity GadgetAdult (f)5,7337161
Rg3btCrossroads AbleAdult (f)5,6885381
mZsrVCrossroads BakerAdult (m)7,4278701
q4tAVSandstone X-RayAdult (f)7,5178491
OFPdUSandstone YokeAdult (m)7,3488951
HL7SDSandstone ZebraAdult (f)7,0959121
T5VsKRanger AbleAdult (m)7,0449501
yBlEPRanger Baker-1Adult (f)6,4291,0452
l1Y1QRanger EasyAdult (m)6,3481,0271
6uBb3Ranger Baker-2Adult (f)6,4711,0411
UDJK7Ranger FoxAdult (f)6,4311,0371
6as2YGreenhouse DogAdult (m)6,4121,0481
umzoIGreenhouse EasyAdult (f)6,7987612
cHuzXGreenhouse GeorgeAdult (m)6,7907731
4MnwZGreenhouse ItemAdult (f)6,7009732
O7T6NBuster AbleAdult (f)6,9849612
Evt6VBuster BakerAdult (f)6,9119632
4HGSYBuster CharlieAdult (m)6,6739812
3DvPBBuster DogAdult (f)6,8369642
eGfYYBuster EasyAdult (m)6,6409973
isU3XJangle SugarAdult (f)6,7361,0051
Bmxo5Jangle UncleAdult (m)6,2511,0381
zabjfTumbler AbleAdult (f)6,3401,0431
WlxYoTumbler BakerAdult (f)6,3211,0431
xGeyMTumbler CharlieAdult (m)6,3051,0501
cLm5rSnapper DogAdult (m)6,3321,0421
mVleFSnapper EasyAdult (m)6,3641,0161
gLrrbSnapper FoxAdult (m)6,5819772
oIXN3Snapper GeorgeAdult (m)6,1301,0201
ILCWpSnapper HowAdult (m)6,2301,0261
spZPyIvy MikeAdult (m)6,1811,0011
SCao6Ivy  KingAdult (m)6,3951,0052
huclAUpshot-Knothole AnnieAdult (f)6,2299941
vFsTgUpshot-Knothole NancyAdult (f)6,6889832
MJxocUpshot-Knothole RuthAdult (f)7,1031,0211
DCInsUpshot-Knothole DixieAdult (f)7,4249941
FN9jqUpshot-Knothole RayAdult (m)6,9171,0332
R1pCXUpshot-Knothole BadgerAdult (m)7,4191,0231
ayWIhUpshot-Knothole SimonAdult (m)7,1081,0101
6SbZ7Upshot-Knothole EncoreAdult (m)6,9671,0161
4otXdUpshot-Knothole HarryAdult (m)7,0581,0241
ga5XEUpshot-Knothole GrableAdult (f)7,7911,2002
AERbkUpshot-Knothole ClimaxAdult (f)7,6801,2053
p1XxZCastle  BravoAdult (m)7,7081,1581
nSRoTCastle RomeoAdult (m)7,5371,1542
VhXEHCastle KoonAdult (f)7,9391,1651
RBQa6Castle UnionAdult (m)8,0221,1541
dCGtjCastle YankeeAdult (m)7,4751,1441
fO9UtCastle NectarAdult (m)8,1461,2561
sll4iTeapot WaspAdult (f)8,0791,3231
meLr8Teapot MothAdult (m)7,9731,2991
XNlUATeapot TeslaAdult (m)8,0691,2921
i7VW9Teapot TurkAdult (f)7,7391,2752
OSDftTeapot HornetAdult (f)8,1201,2582
mCSPOTeapot BeeAdult (m)6,5441,2321
B3ItmTeapot EssAdult (m)6,5401,2071
fqkNXTeapot Apple-1Adult (f)6,5311,2511
3KcapTeapot Wasp PrimeAdult (f)6,6281,2331
XAIzOTeapot HAAdult (m)6,4261,2461
MLc4xTeapot PostAdult (f)6,5411,2571
oZ7u5Teapot METAdult (f)6,4761,2452
KhfXOTeapot Apple-2Adult (f)6,4471,1522
yPLG4Teapot ZucchiniAdult (f)6,3971,1523
JMuXqWigwam BettyAdult (f)6,3811,1171
ViO5qProject 56 No 1Adult (f)6,3881,1481
4RqmZProject 56 No 2Adult (m)6,4161,1802
ObzXKProject 56 No 3Adult (f)6,6371,1681
drS8JProject 56 No 4Adult (f)6,2421,1691
dprihRedwing LacrosseAdult (m)6,5591,2731
D5QZHRedwing CherokeeAdult (m)6,5261,2782
P05xLRedwing ZuniAdult (m)6,6711,2721
3HnaHRedwing YumaAdult (f)7,0541,2302
YzTyVRedwing ErieAdult (f)7,0591,2533
99tEKRedwing SeminoleAdult (f)7,1651,2442
5sBvNRedwing FlatheadAdult (m)7,0291,0452
t8yFGRedwing BlackfootAdult (m)6,9071,0782
y1KZhRedwing KickapooAdult (m)6,2841,1351
PuuN3Redwing OsageAdult (m)6,3871,1482
cdYNeRedwing IncaAdult (m)6,3101,1372
n2a1zRedwing DakotaAdult (f)6,6726011
NrDHeRedwing MohawkAdult (m)6,9669691
wjnBoRedwing ApacheAdult (f)6,5839761
FASv6Redwing NavajoAdult (m)6,6579931
Wlbo6Redwing TewaAdult (m)6,4191,0411
82s8sRedwing HuronAdult (m)5,9411,0891
lwNHiProject 57Adult (m)6,0351,1103
6gIQ7Plumbbob BoltzmannAdult (f)5,5401,1393
MXA0yPlumbbob FranklinAdult (m)5,6811,1471
l3L43Plumbbob LassenAdult (m)6,0861,0912
NKCKpPlumbbob WilsonAdult (m)6,2211,0691
xIttRPlumbbob PriscillaAdult (f)5,5721,1541
ggkW5Plumbbob HoodAdult (m)5,0125971
8yaWYPlumbbob DiabloAdult (m)5,5135631
n7mf1Plumbbob JohnAdult (m)5,0635821
4uP4WPlumbbob KeplerAdult (m)5,6485631
NmLYJPlumbbob OwensAdult (m)6,1281,0691
nV3uXPlumbbob Pascal-AAdult (m)5,2036451
WeIiPPlumbbob StokesAdult (f)5,1646491
NdIsvPlumbbob SaturnAdult (m)6,2151,0851
eh54LPlumbbob ShastaAdult (m)5,1586491
GgxeFPlumbbob DopplerAdult (m)5,1166551
XHr9HPlumbbob Pascal-BAdult (m)5,0776611
qYxaNPlumbbob Franklin PrimeAdult (m)6,0779512
V4fpBPlumbbob SmokyAdult (m)5,9049571
uMQ8vPlumbbob GalileoAdult (m)6,0929841
bLv9ZPlumbbob WheelerAdult (m)4,6826431
Jws7UPlumbbob Coulomb-BAdult (m)4,6946391
EMcZ2Plumbbob LaplaceAdult (m)4,6836321
ycfiwPlumbbob FizeauAdult (m)4,8796531
t8ZAnPlumbbob NewtonAdult (m)7,0219471
5GvIwPlumbbob RainierAdult (m)6,5739822
fq3b7Plumbbob WhitneyAdult (m)6,5519791
ncLqQPlumbbob CharlestonAdult (m)6,5789772
JneTYPlumbbob MorganAdult (m)5,3416951
IZS8lProject 58 Pascal-CAdult (m)5,4786971
OD6sIProject 58 Coulomb-CAdult (m)4,7096881
gAkMQProject 58A VenusAdult (f)4,8256821
JQUMCProject 58A UranusAdult (m)4,4867942
Xxc1yHardtack I YuccaAdult (f)4,4487901
VXqODHardtack I CactusAdult (f)4,4337992
P76m8Hardtack I FirAdult (m)4,4287991
CBYSmHardtack I ButternutAdult (f)4,5007992
Ym9sVHardtack I KoaAdult (f)4,4307881
m7CPjHardtack I WahooAdult (m)4,4417861
6K0AyHardtack I HollyAdult (f)4,4347911
5mYYDHardtack I NutmegAdult (f)7,0988812
W2dhhHardtack I YellowwoodAdult (m)6,9089033
SfmGdHardtack I MagnoliaAdult (f)4,4796222
wbnLAHardtack I TobaccoAdult (m)4,8006561
Bwxt3Hardtack I SycamoreAdult (m)5,6291,0233
FbkjbHardtack I RoseAdult (f)5,8661,1472
4aUZBHardtack I UmbrellaAdult (f)5,8281,1484
oiXDaHardtack I MapleAdult (m)5,6971,1535
GXLmSHardtack I AspenAdult (m)5,5891,1003
D1OXVHardtack I WalnutAdult (m)5,8361,1713
he3CIHardtack I LindenAdult (m)5,9411,1684
G8HGPHardtack I RedwoodAdult (f)5,5041,0726
ugtq3Hardtack I ElderAdult (m)6,0461,1512
2niMBHardtack I OakAdult (f)5,4815951
Be5yaHardtack I HickoryAdult (m)5,7715711
vDn6tHardtack I SequoiaAdult (f)5,9215751
zKa9GHardtack I CedarAdult (f)5,4865981
5pInFHardtack I DogwoodAdult (m)5,6155981
IZpNxHardtack I PoplarAdult (m)4,9617131
lcEcdHardtack I ScaevolaAdult (f)4,8917261
XKeBcHardtack I PisoniaAdult (f)6,1547161
IaAf3Hardtack I JuniperAdult (m)6,3216901
vJkFDHardtack I OliveAdult (m)6,2567291
8E7cYHardtack I PineAdult (m)6,1087261
KgpRkHardtack I TeakAdult (f)6,8596861
BzrUHHardtack I QuinceAdult (f)6,2487311
YkGrMHardtack I OrangeAdult (m)6,5219362
nFb0sHardtack I FigAdult (m)6,4019772
fmnqqArgus IAdult (f)6,8149061
MesVMArgus IIAdult (f)6,9658971
uov7nArgus IIIAdult (m)7,9675482
2Evk7Hardtack II OteroAdult (f)7,5685221
HtGgYHardtack II BernalilloAdult (m)7,9575501
l6OFkHardtack II EddyAdult (m)5,2346391
K0jU7Hardtack II LunaAdult (f)5,2746441
RKQhUHardtack II MercuryAdult (m)5,2166441
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