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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Athkore,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5SnTcSsentechael WinterAdult (m)3,6297651
GByVJBrygonHatchling (f, F)3,6365894
MPf5lMariza ShikattaAdult (f)3,4062749
Du20INatural BrineAdult (m)1,5926683
xlMRTMadrina OrinocoAdult (f)3,0328832
qsZtNZaysha OrinocoAdult (f)1,8676172
mKxkaKari OrinocoAdult (f)2,9466983
SjEdmSerori NitrusAdult (f)4,4536581
bYINmYin NitrusAdult (m)4,4316770
vVHQ4Valkim NitrusAdult (m)4,7596901
pFmT8Fachrai NitrusAdult (f)4,8076831
P9c29Cranival NitrusAdult (m)4,8017181
mzsR3Mizore NitrusAdult (m)4,3006811
lXH0dXhorine NitrusAdult (f)3,7257891
ZaxXUZantai NitrusAdult (f)3,6858021
9G7bA(9G7bA)Adult (f)2,7196710
DMjuiJurinnHatchling (F)2,1554881
SBG8Z(SBG8Z)Adult (f)3,8418622
aGLqd(aGLqd)Adult (f)3,8948491
ax5Ic(ax5Ic)Adult (m)4,5488801
b03YU(b03YU)Adult (m)4,2258331
SLAAA(SLAAA)Adult (f)5,2649142
tvbHh(tvbHh)Adult (f)4,9019472
Ulexr(Ulexr)Adult (m)4,4618921
6NvOX(6NvOX)Adult (m)3,6707561
ppeaa(ppeaa)Adult (f)4,8619421
kWBrr(kWBrr)Adult (m)3,0647302
DDaAa(DDaAa)Adult (m)2,2757032
9JsTFelyx LirenthAdult (m)1,5455459
e2gpFelisseAdult (f)1,5575206
U4jgFeliktra CalyptoAdult (f)1,3035688
AR4DCorbin CalyptoAdult (m)1,5284509
KIRTIKirtius CalyptoAdult (m)3,2721,1294
NsReZResna CalyptoAdult (f)1,5066312
lBOB6Shaletta CalyptoAdult (f)2,1936332
LLe03Talos CalyptoAdult (m)2,0896052
1ucraLucra GrassAdult (f)1,9286593
BkutuBakutu DamoriAdult (m)1,7335804
MeiYrMeiyara GeineAdult (f)2,9365881
gRa2zRhyncus CalyptoAdult (m)2,7686565
PKTAiNikatai CalyptoAdult (m)2,9106363
d0dZYThaelorAdult (m)3,1725741
3cI9YIvy CalyptoAdult (f)3,6435282
ve1oMFrey DamalaiAdult (m)3,0326251
nekhn(nekhn)Adult (m)3,6726926
mutwO(mutwO)Adult (f)3,2076673
zwuiL(zwuiL)Adult (m)4,1697231
xztro(xztro)Adult (f)4,1937341
qxoXi(qxoXi)Adult (f)4,0677111
BopWS(BopWS)Adult (f)4,2817551
iEMiACiemia WintersongAdult (f)3,3498041
kiuSPKiulo ShinanHatchling (m, F)2,3736162
0Mv6kI'm Allergic to ShowtunesAdult (m)2,4848552
sMUsEI Am Smused By ThisAdult (f)5,4531,0071
A1l33Allarus BryntonAdult (m)3,1567802
mJOBBQuitting mah JOBBAdult (m)4,6729153
MkRvlMacKarvel's AshesAdult (m)3,4527702
KLgCw(KLgCw)Adult (m)3,3447971
I8G0D(I8G0D)Adult (f)2,4619472
cASBARock the cASBAAdult (f)2,5207321
vaHDRLuke I am your vaHDRAdult (m)1,8127271
to2EAOut to2EA We GoAdult (f)2,1327623
fHrod(fHrod)Adult (f)3,3668553
2MhRT(2MhRT)Adult (m)2,4417801
Tdp5I(Tdp5I)Adult (m)2,6558391
BayiwBlu BayiwAdult (m)2,7708004
eXFRZI was eXtra FROZEN todayAdult (m)3,1268156
risqe(risqe)Adult (m)3,3927997
YEcOv(YEcOv)Adult (m)5,2536903
FANSY(FANSY)Adult (f)6,2911,1651
inNjcFlaurisHatchling (f, F)2,3838472
0VJdGI Can't Believe It's Not SulfurHatchling (f, F)1,9368461
iStli(iStli)Hatchling (F)3,4555853
MPp3IMal'phyra CaeburnAdult (f)2,0748012
Kb0B7Koura CaeburnAdult (f)2,0077971
IyQAOIyana CaeburnAdult (f)2,0338071
u101tPersephone CaeburnAdult (f)1,9547691
88IlJNila CaeburnAdult (f)2,5378443
LA7V9Laniva CaeburnAdult (f)2,3917893
quBnaBrandon CaeburnAdult (m)2,3518171
QiU6lCoal CaeburnAdult (m)2,5547444
5bMolMol'kharis DuskAdult (m)2,2555932
RsnEN(RsnEN)Adult (m)5,4967332
azTri(azTri)Adult (m)5,1936992
nakix(nakix)Adult (f)3,1307081
mTnOI(mTnOI)Adult (f)2,9006981
qrbMF(qrbMF)Adult (m)3,0227172
g9Pav(g9Pav)Adult (m)4,1926452
ElB6m(ElB6m)Hatchling (f, F)2,7626492
SlGRD(SlGRD)Hatchling (f, F)3,9397182
cjinU(cjinU)Hatchling (m, F)4,0227064
NwG5XNerien KatteganAdult (f)1,6076081
CsCwoCasalora KatteganAdult (f)1,6055601
LDpcULucida KatteganAdult (f)1,5535224
OzbbEOben KatteganAdult (m)3,0818160
uEhcHNuvechra KatteganAdult (f)3,4771,1141
2HSKv(2HSKv)Adult (f)2,7097062
NMacw(NMacw)Adult (m)2,4946782
qiXIk(qiXIk)Adult (m)2,5027152
MPvRD(MPvRD)Adult (f)2,4337141
oYogo(oYogo)Adult (f)3,0289912
EgbYc(EgbYc)Adult (f)2,1616602
Xp1KY(Xp1KY)Adult (f)2,4137151
k7kz2(k7kz2)Hatchling (F)1,3484072
KWdEbCyraca SolAdult (f)3,8475842
hCHusCurio SolAdult (m)4,0355530
v3KoqKoden SolAdult (m)4,0985561
x46DNDijon SolAdult (f)4,5567812
jZ6j3Jazora SolAdult (f)4,6447881
tOCVlTocavi SolAdult (m)2,9485072
1OOLHCentra SolAdult (f)3,0465800
5juIAJuvia SolAdult (f)2,7666401
cWynT(cWynT)Adult (m)2,9556472
ebUMRikki AriAdult (m)1,8233318
rUNGKyura AriAdult (f)9125342
HiBopSpiro-ChuAdult (m)3,53740710
coaunKolya AriAdult (m)3,2884104
Hb1O2Shanabi AriAdult (f)2,8438342
A79CHChika AriAdult (f)2,8958842
NINE3Nino AriAdult (m)5,7361,0821
tBlgOTobi LeafstormAdult (m)2,1396822
9HUnbLeaf-stone FlierAdult (m)2,5616583
7CarPCarla AriAdult (f)2,2266343
dleo0Leora AriAdult (f)2,4536684
vJud0Judo AriAdult (f)2,2126212
rIzaeRizae AriAdult (f)2,6536641
KaLplKallan YeltrisAdult (m)2,3016403
zSZaRZaris OmaluAdult (f)1,7226462
GEEEz(GEEEz)Adult (m)2,0517882
NfkaIKaiden AriAdult (m)1,2156503
4pyxyPixy AriAdult (f)2,4416313
34x11Three hundred and seventy-fourAdult (m)1,7526481
OYRyXOryn AriAdult (f)2,8917263
SRNsaSarinsa AriAdult (m)2,4486202
emMewMew AriAdult (m)2,4906140
SaxORXorin AriAdult (m)2,7185481
XLEOz(XLEOz)Adult (m)3,3347110
psSALOhmai GoodnessAdult (m)4,2689051
sGTfy(sGTfy)Adult (f)3,9628244
ioKir(ioKir)Adult (m)3,2797662
nkQjs(nkQjs)Adult (f)3,1368222
sypi2(sypi2)Adult (m)2,8567921
oDipS(oDipS)Adult (m)2,7927803
FVvgd(FVvgd)Adult (m)3,2436693
OiZvG(OiZvG)Adult (m)3,1356851
m08YKii-RaaHatchling (f, F)8615634
SVYCSyvicHatchling (m, F)1,1585322
L0L4DOmbre LotadHatchling (f, F)2,1746134
7IGUiRigel FeyluneAdult (m)4,6247905
GsT7NFyona FeyluneAdult (f)4,5338041
Rxf3oRufeo FeyluneAdult (m)4,5828123
0u6l2Ourina FeyluneAdult (f)4,4618272
3RBOJ(3RBOJ)Hatchling (F)1,9915342
tvdkGTara RaptoriusAdult (f)2,1918433
KgzAEShay RaptoriusAdult (f)2,1496775
9nf8DNyxtra RaptoriusAdult (f)2,3025833
oEN7rOwen RaptoriusAdult (m)2,7056922
wNmXlZen RaptoriusAdult (m)2,8587182
ryoxxRyo RaptoriusAdult (f)2,5637374
5Red1Red RaptoriusAdult (f)2,9306898
WlserLeon RaptoriusAdult (m)2,2406050
FlincFlint RaptoriusAdult (m)3,0485546
JkYck(JkYck)Adult (f)3,7817693
kVSEP(kVSEP)Adult (f)2,7817101
XuBNe(XuBNe)Adult (m)2,6627191
5SmQSSaquira CassandeAdult (f)2,1775963
cRgi9Cirsa CassandeAdult (f)1,9826274
AEy9aAeya CassandeAdult (f)2,1197352
zgzZkZagara CassandeAdult (f)2,7597464
v2CZFRyzan CassandeAdult (m)2,3856701
3TapETapheta CassandeAdult (f)3,2776405
yMcMEMineros CassandeAdult (m)2,4088343
ed3uOEduardo CassandeAdult (m)2,4278112
x7CxzCaze CassandeAdult (m)2,9897743
Qs8kKKeikarus RemiAdult (m)2,7016561
qw9gnGuardian BronzeAdult (m)2,7146491
OEYE9Ochreye AntarAdult (m)4,1363827
gJygNJynna CassandeAdult (f)2,5526616
czI6zCazin DenieroAdult (m)3,2477273
tchnATechna CassaresAdult (f)3,2387584
A9nYZAnyos DenieroAdult (m)3,2427123
1BR1PBrion CassandeAdult (m)2,8715021
kLEK8Alekos CassandeAdult (m)2,4944691
ctjoEJorah MaerisAdult (f)2,8435242
LbexsLexas NeptunirasAdult (m)2,7035782
45augAuriga the FortifiedAdult (m)2,4935461
SHEA9Sheanoth DayshieldAdult (m)3,6404802
RurqqRurith DeusandeAdult (m)3,2306342
OYhGZYolena NessandeAdult (f)4,4496450
kyblCKyldon NessandeAdult (m)4,5196440
eQavQ(eQavQ)Adult (m)3,9397722
DMreY(DMreY)Adult (f)3,9907741
RubbA(RubbA)Adult (f)3,4887601
kAMKJ(kAMKJ)Adult (m)3,0947241
ro9UR(ro9UR)Adult (f)2,9457072
rmyav(rmyav)Adult (m)2,9037002
LsyXa(LsyXa)Adult (m)3,0626942
2BtukRandar SylthAdult (m)2,0198711
gKq7gKagaria SylthAdult (f)2,0609071
I8O8UIoyu SylthAdult (m)2,0398662
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