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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ashura09,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
F66pqAshura's Gorgeous Gold CBAdult (f)6,1541,11246
k06odAshura's Handsome Gold CBAdult (m)4,20974316
ba1WnAshura's Yunako CBAdult (f)4,10878315
RFqJhAshura's Rafael CBAdult (m)4,0439974
JiZVsAshura's Lovely Gold CBAdult (f)3,9718824
RoJVrAshura's Nettlebrand CBAdult (m)3,5656637
g22OJI Better Go CBAdult (f)3,5428795
GWM9KI Will Stay Here CBAdult (m)3,7068947
oVUmfVa Va Va Voom CBAdult (f)4,0639785
9QL4cQuick Gold CBAdult (m)3,8588594
PckRdPick Me CBAdult (f)3,4959337
P6WkKNo Pick Me CBAdult (m)3,7049167
hObxbAshura's Hobbes CBAdult (f)3,9129793
HRIAbAshura's Heroic Gold CBAdult (m)4,2189925
glJjNAshura's Gijin CBAdult (f)3,9909656
34dbIYou Are Awesome CBAdult (m)3,7569575
7lLvdEpic Gold of Epicness CBAdult (f)5,3129527
IOsWjI'm Awesome CBAdult (m)3,7929265
sGqRhWe Are Awesome CBAdult (f)4,86878313
0NdrzZ a g a nAdult (m)4,81976812
rUtyIR o x x yAdult (f)2,36866914
EmTL9Make Em GoldAdult (m)4,80676912
nEGrCDracaena CBAdult (f)3,70887879
QjQKsAshura's MerenwenAdult (f)3,2768234
eAo8MAshura's ZahaviAdult (m)2,8178605
i5rnSAshura's CleopatraAdult (f)5,29784913
uriB8Ashura's Golden MonsterAdult (m)4,5839699
cMFoAAshura's Golden CammyAdult (f)3,6959162
0WU5MAshura's Golden AshAdult (m)3,6678992
IGB2RRawr Imma DragonAdult (f)5,9961,4018
ZMXnvAshura's ZevethAdult (m)4,5999759
MdiBN(MdiBN)Adult (f)4,3829269
t2c2CAshura's TCAdult (m)6,1767467
tGFEt(tGFEt)Adult (f)3,2836961
BoIIZAshura's BoiAdult (m)3,5487894
AYVBFAshura's AltairAdult (f)3,8797613
hUmf7Humf Imma DragonAdult (m)6,7241,2359
QqaZRPhase MedallionAdult (f)3,2757116
cE1Ie(cE1Ie)Adult (m)4,4981,1206
WOHPDAshura's CelestiaAdult (f)3,9549977
NqkSq(NqkSq)Adult (m)4,2539266
tlCYU(tlCYU)Adult (f)5,68582922
HzmtF(HzmtF)Adult (m)3,7816971
ExqbY(ExqbY)Adult (f)2,6147677
emAss(emAss)Adult (m)3,4599465
ccM2A(ccM2A)Adult (f)3,8349244
sh2ob(sh2ob)Adult (m)4,6587083
QvL4q(QvL4q)Adult (f)3,3617065
Iv2u3The Stars Are The LimitAdult (m)3,6706874
1qCQJ(1qCQJ)Adult (f)2,9237392
YjAsMAshura's TsugaruAdult (m)3,8349503
3lrgOAshura's Moonlight DreamAdult (f)2,7268696
pRsjRAshura's Quiet SwirlAdult (m)2,9979331
RAaTvAshura's Moonlight FantasyAdult (f)3,7989932
bpTlT(bpTlT)Adult (f)5,7111,1952
oJY91Ashura's Blue Orange JuiceAdult (m)3,0108793
aLAWPAshura's Lawful MoonlightAdult (f)4,3191,0342
H7qfrAshura's FantasyAdult (m)3,1238903
tPkv0Ashura's TakatoAdult (f)3,4158331
ADimFAshura's AdamisAdult (m)3,6528931
eKKAU(eKKAU)Adult (f)2,8347431
RXAapAshura's RaxaAdult (m)5,0901,0281
phTBP(phTBP)Adult (f)2,1518823
nU5csAshura's Moonlight OJAdult (m)3,1417453
UnbBX(UnbBX)Adult (f)2,8427600
lkjDkI Don't Even Know AnymoreAdult (m)4,7009633
cPyyl(cPyyl)Adult (f)2,8357651
TfkQa(TfkQa)Adult (m)5,1538193
6cmsZ(6cmsZ)Adult (f)2,4176611
ppGQj(ppGQj)Adult (m)3,1368637
obrkeOh Give Me A BreakAdult (f)2,4846790
yNlvM(yNlvM)Adult (m)2,6466175
SNX49(SNX49)Adult (f)2,7107680
C9Yx4(C9Yx4)Adult (m)2,5476860
okelw(okelw)Adult (f)2,5547351
eFEGO(eFEGO)Adult (m)2,2436581
AIpSrAshura's Royal BlueAdult (m)3,3877421
PoatTAshura's PotatoHatchling (f, F)3,0607171
SoOkiAshura's SookiAdult (m)3,7619272
FW0PpAshura's FwopAdult (f)3,1257512
sg9PtAshura's Gold SagaAdult (m)3,1079163
INHTkAshura's Luck CharmAdult (f)3,3679686
sOHkbAshura's Golden TicketAdult (m)3,6439112
m5D5dAshura's Dash of GoldAdult (f)3,2488572
pDIdfAshura's Golden DreamAdult (m)5,5801,0541
LG23aAshura's Cute GoldieAdult (f)3,5298701
PaiuOAshura's Golden PiAdult (m)3,9568921
6l9MCAshura's MC AwesomeAdult (f)3,4598222
NoUlU(NoUlU)Adult (m)6,0701,4359
pmBOl(pmBOl)Adult (f)5,3931,0794
94hFn(94hFn)Adult (m)6,1491,4477
N9r2A(N9r2A)Adult (f)5,9291,4359
39I27Shimmers Like Gold CBAdult (m)5,1961,1488
2e8WS(2e8WS)Adult (f)7,0601,45015
6KFJE(6KFJE)Adult (m)2,6827607
TpEnw(TpEnw)Adult (f)2,3327915
lZmBH(lZmBH)Adult (m)3,6887117
R2BX7(R2BX7)Adult (f)5,5081,06711
e6RDyAshura's JudalAdult (m)3,78193217
TrC3p(TrC3p)Adult (f)3,0078681
qHzcB(qHzcB)Adult (m)2,5466660
4lVTH(4lVTH)Adult (f)2,9035201
eeWJp(eeWJp)Adult (m)2,0126861
aAyXl(aAyXl)Adult (f)6,2848920
mtf21(mtf21)Adult (m)3,8838901
xqdre(xqdre)Adult (f)3,3384851
UPLPI(UPLPI)Adult (m)2,2966851
Dkf5w(Dkf5w)Adult (f)2,1816750
9N2AI(9N2AI)Adult (m)2,4025161
XKf4K(XKf4K)Adult (f)4,5577921
DTFwr(DTFwr)Adult (m)2,6676712
eAUeZ(eAUeZ)Adult (f)4,8207851
fL2B5(fL2B5)Adult (m)3,5736960
oCwyY(oCwyY)Adult (f)4,8988501
4EGuO(4EGuO)Adult (m)3,7907733
yvJ6S(yvJ6S)Adult (f)2,3356873
ojrs0(ojrs0)Adult (m)3,8257580
zNPx3(zNPx3)Adult (f)2,5356632
YcpS2(YcpS2)Adult (m)4,4697552
V2RTD(V2RTD)Adult (f)3,9285191
x6kCN(x6kCN)Adult (m)3,4308400
aTgK2(aTgK2)Adult (f)2,7987032
YBxwL(YBxwL)Adult (f)3,3185350
2CVlk(2CVlk)Adult (m)3,1237690
Pvb8Y(Pvb8Y)Adult (f)2,8218670
fEsU3(fEsU3)Adult (m)2,8588551
p5C3G(p5C3G)Adult (f)2,2347051
klvHh(klvHh)Adult (m)2,4956004
PzzWRAshura's Golden WyvernAdult (f)3,3625122
A1ODbAshura's AdobeAdult (f)2,7228051
fQOcDAshura's Dark TerrorAdult (m)2,7538171
59fGr(59fGr)Adult (f)2,7268310
v2dcY(v2dcY)Adult (m)2,7048130
YECfv(YECfv)Adult (f)2,1085352
CcUZ4(CcUZ4)Adult (m)2,7487412
Y4cHU(Y4cHU)Adult (f)3,3718201
YI3wq(YI3wq)Adult (m)2,1005932
zyWBMAshura's Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)3,2237181
gYE7Ashura's Wise AlbinoAdult (f)5,73588717
chaLXOMG I'm White and NerdyAdult (m)2,8787845
41dV(41dV)Adult (f)6,8721,2329
GPhMW(GPhMW)Adult (m)3,9836852
RgXOB(RgXOB)Adult (f)3,9897021
Sy6g0(Sy6g0)Adult (f)3,0607171
hdGv(hdGv)Adult (f)9,4411,76810
FHunAshura's Hunny BalloonAdult (m)9,0581,2783
AsR2(AsR2)Adult (f)5,6199732
FdgPf(FdgPf)Adult (m)2,8277062
f0lWkAshura's Midnight TemptressAdult (f)3,4169071
MY1QeAshura's Midnight WarriorAdult (m)3,0048312
ZLrf8(ZLrf8)Adult (f)1,88058417
i17TKAlterne MirossAdult (m)2,8507853
NoM4ZScintillating HolidayAdult (f)3,4236846
fEy96(fEy96)Adult (m)3,6119715
HTudZ(HTudZ)Adult (f)2,6636382
9mCd6(9mCd6)Adult (m)2,8535140
xDcc6(xDcc6)Adult (f)3,4387872
fdbG4(fdbG4)Adult (f)2,2386730
T4mo2(T4mo2)Hatchling (f, F)2,3426525
ebSZ5(ebSZ5)Hatchling (f, F)3,9287824
Kv8X(Kv8X)Adult (f)7,8471,3157
HiTpfAshura's Master of NightAdult (m)3,3538983
SvkJ(SvkJ)Adult (f)8,0321,3607
E7AkU(E7AkU)Adult (m)3,1848992
nLdkHAshura's Dark WarriorAdult (f)3,4838864
bNfjN(bNfjN)Adult (m)3,6399463
q0avJ(q0avJ)Adult (f)3,1809252
q6aVLVakethAdult (m)3,5726661
QHg95(QHg95)Adult (f)3,0588135
uGjrh(uGjrh)Adult (m)6,6271,0412
OsZCP(OsZCP)Adult (f)3,1208223
6AOLe(6AOLe)Adult (m)3,8727900
rB3ZXIt Was A Dark Night CBAdult (f)5,1971,3207
0mZzLAnd I Ate All Of the Doritos CBAdult (m)3,5438963
0SM9a(0SM9a)Adult (f)3,5967971
PcaLf(PcaLf)Adult (m)3,4918180
LQvJL(LQvJL)Adult (f)2,5276356
HhS5q(HhS5q)Adult (m)3,8369151
geKOHGekohAdult (f)4,2609190
CG4bh(CG4bh)Adult (m)5,3509668
fG8AM(fG8AM)Adult (f)2,5116680
hvHaC(hvHaC)Adult (m)3,2049334
M0KKb(M0KKb)Adult (f)2,9458560
aQHIN(aQHIN)Adult (m)3,1988823
5pAe2(5pAe2)Adult (f)4,2567531
2eVvI(2eVvI)Adult (m)3,0638032
9px2a(9px2a)Adult (f)2,5227550
TCZGn(TCZGn)Adult (m)2,8697742
SmsmgTalalusAdult (f)3,8388881
MEeR4Meer for BeerAdult (m)3,1798101
GcmsP(GcmsP)Adult (f)3,1055461
Z3uXd(Z3uXd)Adult (m)2,2687441
zrkLk(zrkLk)Adult (f)2,3646980
zPXzj(zPXzj)Adult (m)1,8406780
CZRZW(CZRZW)Adult (f)4,6568392
LkKff(LkKff)Adult (m)7,3921,0384
KRlQk(KRlQk)Adult (f)5,7767293
cLjSXAshura's Black DragonAdult (m)2,3417111
j2b3(j2b3)Adult (f)7,1871,23219
XJd3(XJd3)Adult (m)7,4801,3095
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