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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ashojj,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
guQajI Can Haz CheezburgerzAdult (m)3,6185101
eJUFDI Have A Toothy SmileAdult (m)2,4603555
7s1eUSunnehboyAdult (f)4,7596060
Rjle5(Rjle5)Adult (m)4,3176862
dJUwfCan I bite your eggAdult (f)2,3386343
WGI9oSing for your fishAdult (m)3,4567115
DHfXdand burgers and friesAdult (f)4,0143562
TPETeand Shrimp and SauceAdult (f)3,8416571
5L5jORawr I Am A Lava MonsterAdult (f)2,8876533
4XnAfD'Hennegal Magmas have more funAdult (m)4,0715286
nUa7vWell Imma MagmaAdult (f)4,5355402
CPrLtNestle NessieAdult (f)8,3781,0744
dKEJBI LIKE NEONAdult (m)3,0593524
WPFXFSelentineAdult (f)9,8431,61042
b6QCYWhite is RiteAdult (f)3,8724731
PnpZDAlbeano FunAdult (m)2,2145180
hrE0dTelgo of Lavender HankysAdult (m)10,5481,63534
23DaWHelorn of Lavender HankysAdult (f)9,3641,43026
F5er3Squek of Lavender HankysAdult (m)4,8071,1261
9WFO4Lenny of Lavender HankysAdult (m)5,6607601
PVFsLTeflin of Lavender HankysAdult (m)3,8324561
6Lm3PPei-Pei of Lavender HankysAdult (f)3,6026974
KGatHChico of Lavender HankysAdult (m)4,1862801
0pGaTHeflin of Lavender HankysAdult (f)4,4757082
HVLtFSnarzarAdult (f)9,0051,30622
83AJtFinn the fish faced dragonAdult (m)2,7193092
fsAfIIts madAdult (f)4,0804982
0IoQ6Its even madderAdult (m)2,1415082
eCKJfChekelaoofacongamannagoritorogisAdult (m)4,3196326
q35S6Doc WilsonAdult (m)4,4673761
k6qE1TwinklefingerAdult (m)4,3551,0851
pem1iQuaking BladderAdult (m)3,9426872
dp8qX(dp8qX)Adult (f)2,0616451
beI17(beI17)Adult (m)3,6767352
7jdEcRivkAdult (f)2,61662610
7nVCOLittle mintypieAdult (f)6,0286675
j5Sjr(j5Sjr)Adult (f)1,8656033
THulm(THulm)Adult (f)4,7217000
h8dP1(h8dP1)Adult (m)3,3045963
GIkmk(GIkmk)Adult (f)2,3826540
KGRG1Mack FrostAdult (f)3,1463694
vUVNBRawr I am An Ice MonsterAdult (m)3,8194022
4NKTC(4NKTC)Adult (m)1,8085502
20QVc(20QVc)Adult (f)1,8836351
CY8l9Meesa PeesaAdult (f)4,0677292
Q9gdZShiny Guy of the New MilenniaAdult (m)7,2154813
jasXG(jasXG)Adult (f)6,1886653
Bn602(Bn602)Adult (m)6,25086613
d1Ih1Titan of BalloonsAdult (m)3,7014095
MEC4EMister Grumpy-FaceAdult (m)4,5163556
IL7GF(IL7GF)Adult (m)2,0495362
XPIbp(XPIbp)Adult (f)1,4025850
IQMMgGrape NinjaAdult (f)4,9418282
ohKpWRadish NinjaAdult (f)4,9938692
8qFV8Apple NinjaAdult (f)3,8816380
bPfkQGinger NinjaAdult (m)4,9918272
l4o45(l4o45)Adult (f)5,8047617
hXKqV(hXKqV)Adult (f)3,3505782
vPLWp(vPLWp)Adult (m)7,1356799
2CJ5aBlimp of the New MilenniaAdult (f)4,6944421
2smgJReddyhideAdult (m)2,0506444
apmtNVery RedAdult (f)2,5216474
wbcJE(wbcJE)Adult (m)1,8576342
l04hVNinja WarriorAdult (m)4,3444962
V6MbDHoratio StonarAdult (m)9,9921,76134
qZ4G4Zarin of the ApocalypseAdult (f)6,5717700
Ho3QS(Ho3QS)Adult (f)6,5767561
AL0AcSue the Happy DragonAdult (f)6,5807611
emRsL(emRsL)Adult (f)6,6727810
iH4bYDusk Dorkwed and All That JazzAdult (f)4,0344902
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