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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
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  • 2016 Halloween Event
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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ashikara,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mVE3jAshi on HiatusAdult (m)4,0451,0902
h4Jpx(h4Jpx)Adult (f)3,2987011
hmZmB(hmZmB)Adult (m)1,4446770
s8QVa(s8QVa)Adult (m)1,3836980
JJx2u(JJx2u)Adult (m)1,4616960
AUzVw(AUzVw)Adult (m)1,8747050
YxPBWOdin KaraAdult (m)3,1756102
KftbZVank KaraAdult (m)2,6318850
kL99rBantan KaraAdult (m)1,6856891
y1DM2Eden KaraAdult (f)3,9301,1213
9oleI(9oleI)Adult (m)5,5289082
QKda6(QKda6)Adult (f)3,7419881
A5UHG(A5UHG)Adult (f)3,6628942
FEvYL(FEvYL)Adult (m)2,9967050
MQDex(MQDex)Adult (f)2,7577062
aUqLj(aUqLj)Adult (f)3,6457030
plkgX(plkgX)Adult (m)2,5217030
UeB0PBopy KaraAdult (f)2,8088684
bzJEYJezy KaraAdult (m)2,5578662
jDUGmDugmon KaraAdult (m)3,5406587
boluvBoluv KaraAdult (f)3,4406625
CRK6OGolden Trim KaraAdult (f)2,7796912
wIl0GSeawing KaraAdult (f)2,9186900
6iKjRDignified KaraAdult (m)2,6316901
pPsYWMasquerade KaraAdult (f)2,6196950
6nlglBloody Claws KaraAdult (m)2,4358302
GwnHsPainting the Sea KaraAdult (f)2,9768642
Ka3DD2k Wingspan KaraAdult (f)2,9038810
d8adVLavawing KaraAdult (m)3,1268530
Gn0WGMianze KaraAdult (f)3,1058500
9jlheAcain KaraAdult (m)1,9055882
v6WM9Anne-Marie KaraAdult (f)2,1666132
HKjLC(HKjLC)Adult (m)3,5667452
yZscP(yZscP)Adult (f)2,1767080
SqcabSquacaba KaraAdult (f)3,8558370
GhMy2Ghomaya KaraAdult (f)3,7627890
QEJYR(QEJYR)Adult (f)5,2458511
mdM81(mdM81)Adult (m)3,8148180
O2Pc8(O2Pc8)Adult (f)4,3648451
fEWOP(fEWOP)Adult (m)2,7157082
GB2Fy(GB2Fy)Adult (m)2,1935372
nI5aU(nI5aU)Adult (m)5,4971,1750
htEh5(htEh5)Adult (m)2,7027010
bI5He(bI5He)Adult (f)2,2537051
nH4jR(nH4jR)Adult (m)2,3867070
VwSoB(VwSoB)Adult (m)2,4197040
jlQAI(jlQAI)Adult (f)2,9166174
hucgATidea KaraAdult (f)4,1981,2105
MteciMteci KaraAdult (f)3,3211,2345
Xd69hQuista KaraAdult (f)2,6891,0118
5qYAWIcea KaraAdult (f)4,4469733
F0S8qSpeckled KaraAdult (f)3,6301,1033
gU3dDWrapped in Hugs KaraAdult (f)3,2101,0393
erkPTComey Erk KaraAdult (f)2,8881,0083
xEJttDarsepha KaraAdult (f)2,8259782
OTdEb(OTdEb)Adult (m)1,7977190
inkkz(inkkz)Adult (f)1,6176820
CME8z(CME8z)Adult (f)2,1428030
O1sZK(O1sZK)Adult (m)2,1225950
JDcn3(JDcn3)Adult (f)1,6955880
ZQevj(ZQevj)Adult (f)3,0187100
028jt(028jt)Adult (m)2,9526630
QFbhG(QFbhG)Adult (m)3,1087051
zsH3n(zsH3n)Adult (m)2,3477060
4jJYP(4jJYP)Adult (f)2,8247010
Neljt(Neljt)Adult (m)2,5517032
Cwxkv(Cwxkv)Adult (m)2,0747060
RHc2Y(RHc2Y)Adult (m)2,3066852
4AQJc(4AQJc)Adult (m)2,3787020
3UhkE(3UhkE)Adult (f)2,4016670
8KSoe(8KSoe)Adult (m)2,3097010
S4jix(S4jix)Adult (f)2,3937031
yhcSc(yhcSc)Adult (f)2,3467030
NWxKM(NWxKM)Adult (f)2,5797041
RL593Aboogala KaraAdult (f)2,3757953
QNdFSFeeva KaraAdult (f)2,1508341
iE85NProdinner KaraAdult (m)4,3469824
W2epb(W2epb)Adult (m)5,5387771
WCZva(WCZva)Adult (f)2,8307010
Za482(Za482)Adult (f)2,7236741
QL7nT(QL7nT)Adult (m)2,4607041
HpFmI(HpFmI)Adult (m)1,8277060
zOnl9Boon KaraAdult (m)2,8058942
F3DxUJoanna KaraAdult (f)2,3308210
S9h1jGenna KaraAdult (f)2,8259251
ITitKMerok KaraAdult (m)2,8728681
mx99NKagi KaraAdult (f)3,0749000
Y0EkhGanta KaraAdult (m)3,1209002
M9yUwSpike KaraAdult (m)2,8637452
Ux90S(Ux90S)Adult (m)7,0259670
4l38G(4l38G)Adult (m)2,4107011
YTTL5(YTTL5)Adult (f)2,6287032
x3kEg(x3kEg)Adult (m)1,8537070
iJAgWLetty KaraAdult (f)2,6948851
h7HFoMia KaraAdult (f)2,8008671
wIrXVSether KaraAdult (m)1,9357750
8tEzFGickle KaraAdult (f)2,6218521
qirqjNavoto KaraAdult (m)3,0199110
JkIKnJackling KaraAdult (m)3,8921,0864
i5kGH(i5kGH)Adult (m)3,0007030
0MTSeYaleva KaraAdult (f)2,1779144
3i7LDGrom KaraAdult (m)1,5897752
WwT1aWatelli KaraAdult (f)3,4401,1810
Sp1uiSplui KaraAdult (m)3,3301,1955
IGcwFGlower KaraAdult (m)1,9716972
2V4zMHanable KaraAdult (m)2,0027085
budAJBudaj KaraAdult (m)2,0455822
FWF5FSatnon KaraAdult (m)1,7995462
tq08kRahbav KaraAdult (m)1,8015831
8yPp8Skuliona KaraAdult (f)1,9675961
ipHboIboku KaraAdult (m)2,1436301
38ltQDaguca KaraAdult (m)2,1605751
CWWbHLagarto KaraAdult (m)2,1086641
TFJbhZuweia KaraAdult (f)4,3978702
VRuuWDavixion KaraAdult (m)3,2501,1531
PjtqPTyalta KaraAdult (f)3,4161,1641
Xi7p1Naveya KaraAdult (f)3,3881,1691
8dCCKMaynu KaraAdult (f)2,7528662
GPNXiFluffy Destruction KaraAdult (m)5,3051,3415
FIckK(FIckK)Adult (m)3,2288913
uq7rf(uq7rf)Adult (m)3,2341,0182
OnnZUKiban KaraAdult (m)3,2231,0192
KSwrzVerun KaraAdult (m)2,4461,0340
vIxzdAnno KaraAdult (m)2,7358871
MvQMGMaverick KaraAdult (m)2,7237611
yiqe9Yetch KaraAdult (m)4,3309243
VaR21(VaR21)Adult (f)1,8227710
92u9h(92u9h)Adult (m)1,9857450
Y1oXSLala KaraAdult (f)2,6477331
9SxsiBranzon KaraAdult (m)3,0879250
5x7JK(5x7JK)Adult (m)2,5467011
d8jP7Paladroma KaraAdult (f)2,1598360
ka3UyVerdateimoth KaraAdult (m)2,6488871
4jGJrGreydaul KaraAdult (m)1,6366581
vMYo1Yoluk KaraAdult (f)4,4879693
aKo9s(aKo9s)Adult (m)2,0477042
sLcCpAtlantic KaraAdult (f)2,4537883
AJlNIAjini KaraAdult (m)2,3317590
dEhRtCookies and Cream KaraAdult (f)2,1408380
dWrUbRippla KaraAdult (f)2,0247411
iWBQ0Puget Sound KaraAdult (f)1,9157050
0TcUDLake Ballinger KaraAdult (f)2,9978082
jmoTA(jmoTA)Adult (f)2,6276880
zLXBJ(zLXBJ)Adult (m)2,5687061
w0dA6(w0dA6)Adult (f)2,5947101
b1PFqSaltiph KaraAdult (m)2,3257434
oxBn3Love's Gift KaraAdult (m)3,0249104
fsECyAngelic Sea KaraAdult (f)2,9417022
r8huTGlory Glory KaraAdult (f)3,1619303
vlCHnEwigald KaraAdult (m)2,7616793
a6VQyHemaela KaraAdult (f)2,7016653
iUHpuBinya KaraAdult (f)2,3566384
61rvNAquatid KaraAdult (m)2,1166061
pehMRPeha KaraAdult (f)2,2375443
OJJ0J(OJJ0J)Adult (m)3,6399221
dXLdL(dXLdL)Adult (f)5,0767752
s9j4I(s9j4I)Adult (m)6,8619891
teV96(teV96)Adult (m)6,0911,1113
apSxd(apSxd)Adult (f)2,9686910
Nhgx4(Nhgx4)Adult (m)2,9457081
0DiRf(0DiRf)Adult (m)3,5257010
ADuqT(ADuqT)Adult (f)2,2817021
8A6P4(8A6P4)Adult (m)2,6437050
xEG1p(xEG1p)Adult (m)2,5047020
P5sjk(P5sjk)Adult (f)3,2217020
eY0La(eY0La)Adult (f)2,4717060
8mEAU(8mEAU)Adult (f)2,6277021
4I4Uc(4I4Uc)Adult (f)2,0307081
LPjaD(LPjaD)Adult (m)2,0957020
6qTAd(6qTAd)Adult (f)1,7627730
1A82n(1A82n)Adult (f)1,7597561
OYkIX(OYkIX)Adult (f)1,8407800
hDeky(hDeky)Adult (m)1,7587490
u52gl(u52gl)Adult (f)1,7897790
fCG6m(fCG6m)Adult (m)1,9447240
Pr2Un(Pr2Un)Adult (m)2,0898080
wkUzwCindel KaraAdult (m)2,4796311
cXFIpPinep KaraAdult (f)2,6838661
KBmTtLay Lay KaraAdult (f)1,7636631
IfxCOCola KaraAdult (f)2,9719094
37bFEExuberant KaraAdult (f)4,6081,29623
VytqXGorvuta KaraAdult (m)2,9528792
sBNBMSawna KaraAdult (f)3,0709101
4zm33Grifful KaraAdult (m)3,2809570
Li3HQNika KaraAdult (f)2,8809281
nVAei(nVAei)Adult (m)4,2338173
fU3Hs(fU3Hs)Adult (f)6,6959280
lFHbDPofin KaraAdult (m)2,2618722
4LTLuRy KaraAdult (m)2,3668271
ocSSDCutler KaraAdult (m)2,6518492
L6HD2Brutish Uncertainty KaraAdult (f)2,8017631
dFEF5Fedelta KaraAdult (f)4,4859384
JV3yK(JV3yK)Adult (f)3,0156951
WNQ7k(WNQ7k)Adult (f)2,0987040
JV60m(JV60m)Adult (f)2,1207052
Lk2VqFi Muenla KaraAdult (f)3,5811,0011
caES8Cael KaraAdult (m)3,2331,0252
lLkOmKomia KaraAdult (f)3,2551,0041
4rRnERen KaraAdult (f)3,2291,0223
JSYtTTyga KaraAdult (f)3,2731,0403
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