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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AshFlame669,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0Jf7YHi Im a treeEgg (F)
oseAF645 TOTAL DRAGONS AS OF 11-30-20Hatchling (f, F)2,7226723
iDU63PlusHatchlings-NoEGGs or CHICKENHatchling (f, F)4,4209247
y1ZaHDino and LeetleTree do NOT countHatchling (f, F)5,4096754
nDsFMDead ones and frozens DONT COUNTHatchling (m, F)2,8797394
QlZISof bittersweet memoriesHatchling (f, F)2,2726927
7s1Mcof that which has goneHatchling (m, F)3,4517212
DZJqga new dawn Is rising from ashesHatchling (m, F)6,7758616
N3GDMi will burn bright as the sunHatchling (m, F)6,6229995
PPgBf(PPgBf)Hatchling (f, F)12,0541,2935
AnJE2(AnJE2)Hatchling (m, F)12,2931,3042
NqDmx(NqDmx)Hatchling (m, F)12,4051,2853
HiTiYA S H F L A M EHatchling (f, F)6,5641,0371
6bBPRS P I R I T S O U LHatchling (m, F)6,3911,0181
8dvKYDawn Of A New Day-0 hours remainAdult (m)4,1581,1353
LfSQdLoneliness-never-lastsAdult (f)4,3981,1853
ePritAnger burns brightlyAdult (m)4,3331,1382
cRGOfguardian of the abandonedAdult (f)5,2211,2586
LIvaRLost Ruins Beneath The WavesAdult (f)4,4501,2673
RHgCFSunrise brings hope and renewalAdult (m)3,1919975
B6W4lPhantom who runs at duskAdult (f)1,9176302
7RT37chained beneath the surfaceAdult (f)3,8741,2372
jzkpUmake peace with your demonsAdult (f)3,8261,2462
csI3dDay--To--NightAdult (f)5,0061,5283
krn7sNow I see fire in the mountainAdult (f)2,2058332
vhkZhYou're like a shot of pure goldAdult (f)4,5821,3804
cU7Q2The thousand years of raindropsAdult (m)3,9581,4565
dwe2rThere came a waveAdult (m)3,4431,3773
oB2WFFlaming Wings Of ProtectionAdult (m)3,4661,3764
cd0GSAshDrowned-2013Adult (m)3,1421,2604
w4HrOUmbris MiserisAdult (f)3,1521,4263
dMKcORaging Blizzard Of Inner PainAdult (f)3,1261,2544
yjUSFHow-Do-You-Like-My-TanAdult (f)2,9351,0823
h878AThis Girl-Is On FireAdult (f)4,5231,5036
gD055Wind--DancerAdult (f)4,8261,5161
TfRGrIHaveLovedYouForAThousandYearsAdult (f)2,1858901
jxIOFThis Dragon Smells Of PeppermintAdult (m)2,1498742
XOVSZis this Rapidashs Mega EvolutionAdult (m)2,2397800
Cv8g0There's a place-that I knowAdult (m)6,7771,3252
DzbwQim secretly a zebra shhhhhAdult (f)6,3141,3902
5k31fThis dragon spits blue fireAdult (f)6,2971,3922
C3zXyIncarnation Of HappinessAdult (m)2,2977930
WXLDdBlue Blood SplatterAdult (f)2,5894740
RPxy5X-YAdult (f)2,7666725
mUupYShimmer Scaled WyvernAdult (m)5,1851,1044
bbDEgwow this dragon is like meAdult (f)4,7791,1101
4hAAgDark  To  LightAdult (m)4,6941,1254
AnyMfSuicune Of IceAdult (m)5,4231,2816
K4q0pVaati-As-A-Orange-DragonAdult (m)4,6161,1684
wQqVHLike a great handAdult (m)7,3271,6062
HjXQcVaati The Wind MageAdult (m)8,3881,7191
AFivWGrabbing everything on the landAdult (m)5,5331,1416
ImEAiLana The SorcererAdult (f)9,2581,7205
2SbsDGold Zapdos With Silver SpikesAdult (m)10,8081,7502
fa4tUAshFlame - 4Adult (f)6,3601,5742
Kgx8gB E N-D R O W N E DAdult (m)5,5791,4784
yJNULMagical Shallow WatersAdult (f)7,0981,4565
JckfUBlue Flames That Glow In DarknesAdult (f)6,0101,4562
R1LOeBaby Blue Rain FallAdult (m)4,3091,2495
MZq4ASweet little fruit dragonAdult (m)6,4701,7446
1jimlSpiritSoul The DragonAdult (f)7,1771,8884
y0HyQTwo-Headed-NightmareAdult (f)6,2601,8082
tCuMTLovely Sweet HeartAdult (m)6,0731,7802
ckgeCA Tiny Flame - 50TH DRAGONAdult (m)3,7691,2542
dJ3zZIt's not pretty thereAdult (m)3,7181,2874
U2UIQMajora-dragonAdult (m)3,6551,2751
HbxcgChase you down until you love meAdult (m)5,0231,5601
f59aFPapa--PaparazziAdult (m)5,0601,5711
3ZDSzEccentric and Savage killersAdult (m)2,5658527
irHOEWave Rolling across The OceanAdult (f)1,9537412
YyL1dEt-tu BrutusAdult (m)5,5421,4426
qup0rthe fire that poisons and burnsAdult (f)4,9901,5199
UVMwooh the gift of a poisoned appleAdult (m)5,8909882
vwIcrHellFire CardinalAdult (f)6,2259702
UaGZVI-Set-Fire-To-The--RainAdult (f)5,9891,1656
RrmboSickness-is-a-curseAdult (f)5,4961,4310
6UvckI see fire--burning the treesAdult (f)5,7621,3954
TjOW8SpiritSoul - 4Adult (m)5,4341,4104
NLBenBEN--DrownedAdult (m)6,0961,2735
5bkmrSpiritSoul - 3Adult (m)4,8281,4612
j7FnTItsFingersOfFoam-CirclingAroundAdult (m)5,1061,4212
qGaw4Burning from the shadowsAdult (f)4,9101,4762
NBQUvChild-of the MoonAdult (m)6,5381,3005
cgGCAMidna-As a dragonAdult (m)7,0101,2762
96OzvChinese- water dragonAdult (m)6,7771,3691
zQSsQW h i t e-B l o o d y-R o s esAdult (f)7,5781,3165
w0x2EThisDragonLooksLikeItHasHair-LolAdult (f)2,3185676
5xwrHAsh-Flame-The-Insane - 2Adult (f)8,3031,4742
f6RqBAnd few have ever goneAdult (f)6,8641,1012
5UYnRDon't you know that you're ToxicAdult (m)6,5791,1072
45R9XZebraXDragon equals-this thingAdult (m)8,2991,3373
LcOevFlying Pink FruitAdult (f)8,2961,2559
rWi2UUprooting TreesAdult (m)7,6071,2333
6Q8CnBEN---DrownedAdult (m)7,9151,2586
EMS5YIf i show it to you nowAdult (m)5,0271,0504
xqISLNo-Idea-What-To-Name-This1Adult (f)10,2151,4961
1qMTKDecaying-rosesAdult (m)9,2401,3864
oNAlNGolden Skies1Adult (m)7,5211,1854
Zht5FNo-Idea-What-To-Name-This2Adult (m)6,5881,08615
IileyAshFlame The InsaneAdult (m)7,3381,11514
7H6TiMinty-HellfireAdult (f)7,2721,15010
6JoR7Luminous-UltravioletAdult (f)7,7411,13912
aqDefFlaming-FirebrandAdult (m)4,3641,10710
YY2BCBurning-GravesAdult (m)4,6041,0989
3Z94FHell-Fire-HorseAdult (m)4,7781,1299
ez1RdBlack trees and flaming leavesAdult (m)6,1071,2908
ZInXFFluffy-FeathersAdult (m)6,0751,28111
JN1m4Magic Shallow WatersAdult (f)6,5541,32115
7TPUbNinja-Chicken-From-SpaceAdult (f)7,3981,53924
MDvPWAshy-The-Magma DragonAdult (f)7,0401,21920
rCmC2Not all blizzards last foreverAdult (m)6,4691,2215
ePWgjRazing homes to the groundAdult (m)6,3421,1408
mew0aAnd I see fire--hollowing soulsAdult (m)7,1501,2533
ouQQIWill it make you run awayAdult (m)7,3621,2714
vGqQR100TH--DRAGONAdult (m)7,9051,3406
31IPFHowdy-Im Flowey Flowey TheFlowerAdult (f)1,8083475
towm6It aimed its fist at everythingAdult (m)7,1091,08013
cFXPIEXTREMELY  LUCKYAdult (m)7,4311,1569
k78gXStrawberry-RainAdult (m)5,3608403
1Bj30The wings have been doubledAdult (f)7,9311,1069
WtaXEI see fire--blood in the breezeAdult (f)10,0601,4662
tZz7bOrWillYouStayAdult (m)9,7811,4344
grQ1QEXTREMELY LUCKY X2Adult (m)7,9941,37312
Tj9HIIn sight---nothing could surviveAdult (f)9,1131,7075
KSO95Peppermint--BarkAdult (m)4,1869753
omzopComeAndTrimMyChristmasTreeAdult (f)3,4358144
A9UAvLatelyI'veBeenLosingSleepAdult (m)4,1479662
zJiohI'llLoveYouForAThousandMoreAdult (f)3,4378093
RBR7hDreamingAboutTheThingsWeCouldBeAdult (m)3,5919073
fNI3sWhite and golden feathersAdult (f)3,1308249
MbZRNToothless-As-A-Christmas-DragonAdult (m)3,4751,01111
9FuuIWithDecorationsBoughtAtTiffanysAdult (f)6,9211,3354
kmotdColorful FuryAdult (m)7,0821,3366
tCn7gRosemary-LeavesAdult (f)4,3031,0954
okwz8Colorful mistletoeAdult (f)4,8601,2793
SwR6gGoldalicious swaggerAdult (f)5,1097795
s5ccwA-Master-SorcererAdult (m)2,6176792
TiRkSUnderworldy-nightmareAdult (f)2,4986603
Sf68HWings Of The-UniverseAdult (m)2,4526431
CFYsfS-P-L-O-O-S-HAdult (m)5,8831,2714
IG5dWS-p-i-r-i-t-S-o-u-lAdult (f)6,4471,1298
5TuQiOrange-AphroditeAdult (f)8,9191,4307
4PDcCTwo-Finned Blu-LunaAdult (m)9,1141,4164
AyKg0This Dragon Reminds MeOf SyvleonAdult (f)6,0251,7375
fbPDUHealing the Fairy-I mean dragon2Adult (f)6,0061,67928
UU9SoHeart-Tailed-Valentine devilAdult (f)7,6051,8776
MxUKSVelvet-ValentineAdult (f)6,1241,7375
kakE6L o v e-I s-I n-T h e-A i rAdult (m)5,6051,6717
aJqfBths dragon is charged with arsonAdult (f)8,7841,9945
N8haGthis dragon reminds me of someonAdult (m)5,5111,4664
AIPC3Frozen Hearts concealed in vinesAdult (f)4,2341,0761
2qpEjbroken hearts covered in ashesAdult (f)4,6201,0722
Vlnu6Ice--ClawsAdult (f)4,3739975
rsuVIThis dreadful might---people ranAdult (m)6,6021,1812
qnNvuCollossal DragonAdult (f)7,1571,2066
1oI9SStriped-RiverAdult (m)6,9281,2928
r9FltIn and Out in time with the tideAdult (f)2,3045345
DRKzhAshFlame - 3Adult (m)2,5825282
f60paEven if it hurtsAdult (m)6,1121,0595
v0Sw7summoned by my song are my tearsAdult (f)7,0811,0436
ZGs00Trainer-gold-wants-to-battleAdult (f)6,3451,0134
1vBAFEsmeralda RubiaAdult (f)6,7281,0985
2e9DySilver Tinsel ScalesAdult (m)7,28788210
xpxfN150TH-DRAGONAdult (m)6,7331,1526
in20cthe-last-of-the-mohigansAdult (m)8,1361,1827
GFk2fNowhere to go nowhere to hideAdult (f)5,2008304
6JIyBEvenIf-I-TryToPushYouOutAdult (m)9,6401,5187
OtpsmWillYouReturnAdult (m)5,6781,0125
OijPxThe Universe Upon My wingsAdult (m)7,6401,2905
XJRqnAnd i hope that youll rememberAdult (f)7,7211,2732
mv1BAMagma Covered DevilAdult (m)4,9091,0837
8RVLTDecaying and bloody white rosesAdult (f)2,9994426
DOWicthunder that strikes is my angerAdult (m)3,7917674
HATDeScales and Claws sharp as knivesAdult (f)4,7107965
WzXXlbehold-the magical flying noodleAdult (m)4,5728442
ksGt8The hand was born in the bellyAdult (f)5,1638701
EUh4pS-e-a-f-l-a-m-eAdult (m)4,7738563
jnOQ7Ash D r o w n e dAdult (f)4,8118674
vunkOThunderous Blue ZapdosAdult (f)6,2941,1315
yUUOAplease stop pollution-kthxbaiAdult (m)6,4471,1051
X55yaVaati the magical flying noodleAdult (f)6,3651,1703
zGuaVTime flies-literallyAdult (f)6,4141,1092
99rtWlong boiyoAdult (m)6,3061,1471
d5iUwTonyTheClock-I regret nothing XDAdult (f)4,4733052
FX202E-l-a-n-i-aAdult (f)4,4353132
8YiXWMoonChild wearing Odolwa's MaskAdult (f)3,8196792
Nr0QOWave controller idk what to nameAdult (m)3,8816581
1nOvjAnd remind me who I really amAdult (m)3,8948281
31wAWThe shadowed wandererAdult (m)4,1628571
RKDqcPRAISE THE SUN WE ARE SAVEDAdult (f)8,0631,2839
RbAJMI-Like-Giving-Dragons-FunnyNamesAdult (m)8,4191,24411
F9VgwThe dark prophetAdult (m)8,3051,2698
DBODfG-y-o-r-gAdult (f)8,1861,2680
UD3LARABBIT OR A HABITAdult (f)3,8188962
lMJdVMoonChild Wearing Gohts MaskAdult (m)4,8117901
ymWkZFinding a penny is luckyAdult (f)4,3668391
mv4PHEmerald and JasperAdult (f)7,4511,2072
okCJdPlease remind me who I really amAdult (m)5,5141,1063
OwXk2the magical carp carp carp carpAdult (m)7,7541,2045
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