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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AruGard,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6OGa(6OGa)Adult (f)2,5676825
stfi(stfi)Adult (f)2,5546830
dN7Z(dN7Z)Adult (f)1,29190826
XDX9(XDX9)Adult (f)83754731
gdLB(gdLB)Adult (f)1,23887629
rUzO(rUzO)Adult (f)67446045
1PV5(1PV5)Adult (f)2,9057202
4mcS(4mcS)Adult (f)2,5406621
rfbu(rfbu)Adult (m)3,2808384
NFsf(NFsf)Adult (f)91855053
X1U0(X1U0)Adult (m)61543731
dZiA(dZiA)Adult (m)62844230
Jhlm(Jhlm)Adult (m)1,9034703
jeQY(jeQY)Adult (m)2,9717130
BCam(BCam)Adult (f)1,7131,0106
v641(v641)Adult (f)2,5247161
6ZI2(6ZI2)Adult (f)2,6996990
tzUw(tzUw)Adult (m)89852943
RLKk(RLKk)Adult (f)89754145
HInu(HInu)Adult (f)1,6831,0106
TBAS(TBAS)Adult (m)1,57664522
auIh(auIh)Adult (f)1,78561648
Tgmx(Tgmx)Adult (f)2,06341026
4kdG(4kdG)Adult (m)2,6827134
aZim(aZim)Adult (f)3,65764350
GnJT(GnJT)Adult (m)1,32893541
09CF(09CF)Adult (m)2,5906791
duHi(duHi)Adult (m)3,4887690
zQ2i(zQ2i)Adult (f)81254446
xJMI(xJMI)Adult (f)80853136
bfdX(bfdX)Adult (f)3,0876813
Abbt(Abbt)Adult (m)2,06768919
Lqc6(Lqc6)Adult (f)95955747
o3Tk(o3Tk)Adult (m)2,5724233
lXhA(lXhA)Adult (f)3,0666851
TOlH(TOlH)Adult (m)3,3196986
ZHkw(ZHkw)Adult (f)1,7041,0085
dWJH(dWJH)Adult (f)1,44281719
dRP2(dRP2)Adult (f)61542219
mBgH(mBgH)Adult (f)2,5866666
3NFE(3NFE)Adult (f)3,3587134
n8CB(n8CB)Adult (f)3,4097392
UW3l(UW3l)Adult (m)1,47481111
8bhC(8bhC)Adult (f)2,26650047
DvKb(DvKb)Adult (m)1,29992432
sDDc(sDDc)Adult (f)3,12468311
eOkh(eOkh)Adult (f)3,6761,1891
jNmS(jNmS)Adult (f)3,5741,1763
glFA(glFA)Adult (m)3,6621,2030
QVHB(QVHB)Adult (m)2,5796380
7fus(7fus)Adult (f)2,9157862
MqQl(MqQl)Adult (f)2,20148036
eIo4(eIo4)Adult (m)3,3148252
MXQ0(MXQ0)Adult (f)2,6976903
LaCG(LaCG)Adult (f)2,8977213
PtNl(PtNl)Adult (m)3,2436842
ShLB(ShLB)Adult (m)3,4557273
FPkn(FPkn)Adult (m)3,3887024
wtKX(wtKX)Adult (f)87157941
8sF3(8sF3)Adult (f)3,2238122
FCFJ(FCFJ)Adult (m)3,0953286
tPRX(tPRX)Adult (m)2,8317244
17pA(17pA)Adult (m)1,8794593
UPq0(UPq0)Adult (m)3,0936912
hlKc(hlKc)Hatchling (F)1,7414411
CxrV(CxrV)Adult (m)1,7731,0157
HzgB(HzgB)Adult (m)1,40497730
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