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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Armads,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    3mJB(3mJB)Adult (f)8986013
    Ew2h(Ew2h)Adult (m)7125204
    8Ars(8Ars)Adult (f)7005133
    xf5q(xf5q)Adult (m)1,0997912
    oliF(oliF)Adult (m)7295933
    nmZi(nmZi)Adult (m)7245894
    hZIH(hZIH)Adult (f)6855631
    WGZC(WGZC)Adult (m)7335943
    jTwx(jTwx)Adult (m)8026234
    HUWp(HUWp)Adult (m)8006244
    EPRO(EPRO)Adult (f)7966214
    CIlF(CIlF)Adult (m)7976224
    DmMn(DmMn)Adult (f)1,2259243
    WCw8(WCw8)Adult (f)1,5651,0626
    7jBE(7jBE)Adult (m)1,5361,0375
    taN1(taN1)Adult (m)2,23587233
    y192(y192)Adult (f)8517162
    RR16(RR16)Adult (f)1,2998466
    69vp(69vp)Adult (m)2,0711,2126
    ijtL(ijtL)Adult (m)2,0901,2197
    FNHl(FNHl)Adult (f)1,5531,0078
    tnAZ(tnAZ)Hatchling (m, F)3,3892,1108
    RYxt(RYxt)Adult (m)3,3612,1135
    Knk7(Knk7)Adult (f)3,3772,1196
    Wsce(Wsce)Adult (m)2,2591,2815
    bpr5(bpr5)Adult (f)2,2881,2926
    zrOq(zrOq)Adult (m)2,2801,2925
    pGHT(pGHT)Adult (m)2,5651,0682
    ipXh(ipXh)Adult (f)2,7471,1323
    j7mG(j7mG)Adult (m)2,7481,1403
    GS6g(GS6g)Adult (m)2,7361,1304
    ayzn(ayzn)Adult (f)1,3595003
    V1Wy(V1Wy)Adult (f)1,7061,07510
    1DW3(1DW3)Adult (f)3,0611,36811
    Kf4m(Kf4m)Adult (f)3,0431,35610
    1Scd(1Scd)Adult (f)3,8051,44113
    rTYh(rTYh)Adult (f)2,4751,0537
    mzqx(mzqx)Adult (m)2,5591,0587
    ewMA(ewMA)Adult (m)2,5511,0535
    W3rj(W3rj)Adult (m)3,0531,3287
    GckG(GckG)Adult (m)3,1371,53812
    OCWA(OCWA)Adult (m)3,1121,53215
    3dRi(3dRi)Adult (f)2,00199621
    mFJ9(mFJ9)Adult (f)2,2141,08312
    gcyj(gcyj)Adult (m)2,1991,08112
    Vdux(Vdux)Adult (f)2,2441,07617
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