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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2011 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Archrial,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZAogD(ZAogD)Adult (m)4,3368652
rC4PA(rC4PA)Adult (m)4,0048001
U38ZB(U38ZB)Adult (m)3,9207711
2FPQO(2FPQO)Adult (m)8,9718264
Yg1Qv(Yg1Qv)Adult (f)4,3078261
XfAC6(XfAC6)Adult (f)4,9209501
ZQ9Xm(ZQ9Xm)Adult (m)8,5968421
eBTXh(eBTXh)Adult (f)3,9038152
YMHQm(YMHQm)Adult (f)3,4777202
c78NL(c78NL)Adult (m)3,9717871
l9f3R(l9f3R)Adult (m)4,0547653
sJpRv(sJpRv)Adult (m)3,5687061
grrFR(grrFR)Adult (m)9,4038193
rHEnU(rHEnU)Adult (f)3,7397804
eH8Pk(eH8Pk)Adult (f)4,2818982
Kvlii(Kvlii)Adult (m)3,5107872
BKlII(BKlII)Adult (f)7,7029013
hRcLG(hRcLG)Adult (f)3,7428582
J8PFF(J8PFF)Adult (m)3,6718484
t02pX(t02pX)Adult (f)3,8828332
MfurX(MfurX)Adult (m)3,7997991
5Y60v(5Y60v)Adult (m)3,9638192
PdOpO(PdOpO)Adult (f)3,3997421
DXtHO(DXtHO)Adult (m)3,4147431
nMVvf(nMVvf)Adult (f)3,3197361
SVa3l(SVa3l)Adult (m)6,90385523
AIJ8O(AIJ8O)Adult (f)5,7739515
7mlZF(7mlZF)Adult (f)9,3581,3092
G8UKr(G8UKr)Adult (m)9,8391,3374
8JBGf(8JBGf)Adult (m)10,3241,5412
JviYN(JviYN)Adult (m)9,1721,6282
kUWXn(kUWXn)Adult (f)9,5001,6155
tomFi(tomFi)Adult (f)8,3281,2794
lJZIK(lJZIK)Adult (f)9,2441,7159
UtHVm(UtHVm)Adult (m)9,1291,4239
I4oCJ(I4oCJ)Adult (m)5,6291,2312
KvZ32(KvZ32)Adult (f)8,5491,3346
JOjbn(JOjbn)Adult (f)7,3431,2304
OWWTM(OWWTM)Adult (m)5,4101,1695
evmLr(evmLr)Adult (m)5,6061,1971
mQlBH(mQlBH)Adult (m)4,8341,0796
kSfk6(kSfk6)Adult (f)4,6871,29618
4lmiA(4lmiA)Adult (m)5,2821,1633
At2u7(At2u7)Adult (f)7,6621,0382
lDYhG(lDYhG)Adult (m)3,3067431
qOpl8(qOpl8)Adult (f)8,0371,2513
lZfns(lZfns)Adult (f)2,77873810
YVP90(YVP90)Adult (m)4,5098588
JTI1E(JTI1E)Adult (f)10,1441,6473
1faYH(1faYH)Adult (f)9,1391,2332
p92nG(p92nG)Adult (f)2,7287076
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