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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Arawon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gOCEZAri LupusAdult (f)5,13087710
56gEsYellow ZaaAdult (m)5,03786412
XDmjmPefkaAdult (f)5,1098848
3jggyIsteuxAdult (f)5,12789312
SmFfDOlga DragAdult (f)5,9161,1455
5kvw9Chimera BlackAdult (f)6,0291,1706
6mUEWLittle DevionAdult (f)5,9591,1774
uHczhLilly MorgAdult (f)2,0584656
oIS2mDarkness PawsAdult (m)3,6618911
oMNsaCrowley DemonAdult (m)3,7488810
8sljeDoctor OrangeAdult (f)3,6069190
xslgNLordGreenAdult (m)3,4668690
biTEWTaisumiAdult (m)3,1288720
oaZBlFred SturlosAdult (m)3,1738650
T84S0NobasAdult (f)3,4359361
Oi3I0Fruit sunsetAdult (m)3,2068481
Fs1qPAva StarssAdult (f)3,1838392
0IqeWJack NathanAdult (m)3,2078460
SC2S1Dear DragAdult (m)3,6638460
4sYwJGM-900Adult (m)3,5478620
EkovWGreen M'ladyAdult (f)3,6418520
mESwZFireWatersAdult (f)3,5868611
VXWsRCruel EagleAdult (m)3,6188260
7DhbDBlue FurrysAdult (m)3,6208470
f8iLUDead SolarAdult (m)3,5958801
f2DlJDead InsidesAdult (f)3,6248690
1Rp9oSwift glanceAdult (m)3,5738671
m58Y6Ice stareAdult (m)3,5428760
mvJysFlying mousesAdult (m)3,4748220
Xa6XtSoaring above heaven and earthAdult (m)3,5798500
NnShrFire-breathing killerAdult (m)3,5658592
yXNyLHe who raises the moonAdult (m)3,6509360
AXeinHexiyaeAdult (f)3,6229571
ygsJgJapanese winnerAdult (m)3,5918981
GQvy5Crystal XXXAdult (f)3,5419321
SHpy7Moon YYYAdult (m)3,3418660
o5cDnCute BabeAdult (f)3,4238840
rlTdLYellow eyes that will conquer uAdult (f)3,3888531
AJsavClaw Wings AAdult (m)3,3558910
1jTSCGrey Claws XAdult (m)3,3298061
Ym0zqNo Name FemaleAdult (f)3,3868141
3RwRiSL BombAdult (f)3,4538351
e9ZB0Flying knife YAdult (m)3,3598040
yWBwz(yWBwz)Adult (f)3,8268190
KhgIn(KhgIn)Adult (f)3,8218000
WqSvu(WqSvu)Adult (m)3,8868460
B0QCv(B0QCv)Adult (f)3,7617960
MW8Ew(MW8Ew)Adult (m)3,8398261
WMoEK(WMoEK)Adult (m)3,9128531
rqIdX(rqIdX)Adult (f)3,8708431
3J1ED(3J1ED)Adult (m)3,7968250
qEb86(qEb86)Adult (f)3,8558333
qlmVs(qlmVs)Adult (m)3,7527880
tApX2(tApX2)Adult (f)3,6857891
Ey1Vd(Ey1Vd)Adult (m)3,7307942
LBQb0(LBQb0)Adult (f)3,7377811
FDSzA(FDSzA)Adult (f)4,0348320
NfqaV(NfqaV)Adult (m)3,7637771
oZ2iZ(oZ2iZ)Adult (f)3,9368150
79vht(79vht)Adult (m)3,9527911
aTHkL(aTHkL)Adult (f)3,8557730
83OAJ(83OAJ)Adult (m)3,9061,0202
HjUdN(HjUdN)Adult (f)3,8809901
m9KRI(m9KRI)Adult (f)3,9639691
Km0cz(Km0cz)Adult (f)4,0831,0212
t9DO8(t9DO8)Adult (f)3,9771,0071
tscJ3(tscJ3)Adult (m)3,8328601
kfwM3(kfwM3)Adult (m)3,8898661
F9KBu(F9KBu)Adult (f)3,8328970
aodgJ(aodgJ)Adult (f)3,8788350
VbANJ(VbANJ)Adult (f)3,8418431
1R8wJ(1R8wJ)Adult (f)3,6478463
8zUyt(8zUyt)Adult (f)3,7968210
J8OBf(J8OBf)Adult (f)3,6218010
XoPxD(XoPxD)Adult (f)3,5848241
hKIro(hKIro)Adult (f)3,5718320
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