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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “April_Prentice,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JAUVe(JAUVe)Adult (m)3,1844580
OH2Wt(OH2Wt)Adult (m)3,8993970
HBZPZ(HBZPZ)Adult (m)4,7314080
oKhKG(oKhKG)Adult (f)3,7009032
PLClc(PLClc)Adult (f)3,7129101
qUsb9(qUsb9)Adult (m)3,6959051
a4tGi(a4tGi)Adult (m)3,6959111
3IxHq(3IxHq)Adult (m)3,7109130
M18h0(M18h0)Adult (m)3,7369170
KiC38(KiC38)Adult (f)3,8009260
eddXE(eddXE)Adult (f)5,0209480
H1mdStrawberry Mousse via DorkfaceAdult (f)4,1531,28219
CZTC(CZTC)Adult (f)7,3051,4132
L4BJValentine DreamingAdult (m)4,2161,3578
ZmjbValentine DesiredAdult (m)3,5631,1407
mjIn(mjIn)Adult (f)5,2911,3331
JmDF(JmDF)Adult (f)5,0901,3503
Ld9Dl(Ld9Dl)Adult (m)4,2694770
OrLRt(OrLRt)Adult (m)3,0624680
PE4Ii(PE4Ii)Adult (f)3,8483571
ALBQr(ALBQr)Adult (f)4,4683630
bMmVv(bMmVv)Adult (m)3,9371,0402
G1Il3(G1Il3)Adult (m)3,9351,0420
obVoj(obVoj)Adult (f)3,9921,0301
xuI0G(xuI0G)Adult (f)3,9371,0392
G5Pvp(G5Pvp)Adult (m)3,3658400
RfMdX(RfMdX)Adult (m)3,3538340
7S1lW(7S1lW)Adult (f)3,6077380
T4Wx8(T4Wx8)Adult (f)3,6407280
nVptR(nVptR)Adult (m)2,9762857
YQRIz(YQRIz)Adult (m)3,2442601
xR4Nt(xR4Nt)Adult (f)2,0112732
6XPy8(6XPy8)Adult (f)2,5222973
D9C2K(D9C2K)Adult (m)3,4102480
3QHuc(3QHuc)Adult (m)3,2332651
CEDcDreams of VampiresAdult (f)3,0841,00926
UfV7Vampire DreamedAdult (m)3,0139083
o060Sweet Lady VampireAdult (f)2,5158427
NbGbVampire DesiredAdult (m)4,8671,42811
mVvSKnight of VampiresAdult (m)3,9321,19510
oXKeSir VampireAdult (m)2,9129239
p0fYMadam VampireAdult (f)2,0898410
P7WB(P7WB)Adult (f)8,7251,50411
t95jA(t95jA)Adult (m)2,1663840
bN1GX(bN1GX)Adult (f)1,9154130
cijfM(cijfM)Adult (m)5,1388603
xvJ2i(xvJ2i)Adult (m)2,7502763
wfPFn(wfPFn)Adult (m)2,5932642
oGfnO(oGfnO)Adult (f)2,6762702
MTEME(MTEME)Adult (m)2,0723080
bPuZLoch LeAdult (m)2,8117154
5qLALoch ShiAdult (f)6,7858116
ix4Gm(ix4Gm)Adult (m)2,4846370
iEssU(iEssU)Adult (m)2,7093611
A89H8(A89H8)Adult (m)3,2694101
ohO8d(ohO8d)Adult (m)4,0404010
Afe8Dreams of PrincessesAdult (f)2,3568113
vD06Magicians ChaosAdult (m)3,99188914
XpNF9(XpNF9)Adult (m)3,5538651
8m0Ki(8m0Ki)Adult (f)4,8548112
eKdbz(eKdbz)Adult (m)5,9407080
JHQzm(JHQzm)Adult (m)3,3218470
kbkPY(kbkPY)Adult (m)3,4478740
L2W4K(L2W4K)Adult (m)3,3988820
DVzVv(DVzVv)Adult (f)3,6608710
7vPOJ(7vPOJ)Adult (f)5,6467700
91wvH(91wvH)Adult (f)3,4128851
4V0kC(4V0kC)Adult (f)2,3533174
VDU9b(VDU9b)Adult (m)2,3723285
mZ8CI(mZ8CI)Adult (m)2,5312633
bdm7d(bdm7d)Adult (f)2,6772908
d4JSC(d4JSC)Adult (f)2,5682715
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