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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Apricity,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8TTE(8TTE)Egg (F)
cYXSh(cYXSh)Adult (m)1,7086640
V0XTU(V0XTU)Adult (m)1,6836480
hdIEThat Guy Over ThereHatchling (m, F)3,2602625
v8u6Johaeijc0 ThuwedAdult (m)5,6551,24710
p3rCSandwichesHatchling (F)1,4751043
gDQBQuarbiijaAdult (m)2,6535788
hgYlPractically Diabetic ThuwedAdult (m)4,4763825
7Zs9The Record Won't Stop SkippingAdult (m)4,2366132
5YsJKCB JasikAdult (f)2,3565695
MbNyjCB MaybenajAdult (f)1,3586701
KQisAnother VampireAdult (m)3,79241112
1rK7Ga Ga Ooh La LaAdult (m)4,1408999
i7rcK(i7rcK)Adult (f)2,4676495
rm9uT(rm9uT)Adult (m)4,4986942
uRfIp(uRfIp)Adult (m)2,1638372
PAAHM(PAAHM)Adult (m)2,2718081
czRaV(czRaV)Adult (m)2,1396641
VGs5cLots Of LovingarmsAdult (m)1,6575751
EUvYI'm A DinoHatchling (F)1,8875613
Wgjr3CB WaijirAdult (f)3,3995674
FODQrCB FodquerAdult (m)2,7856244
ivuSBCB IvusabAdult (f)2,3288115
J5OcsCB JacosAdult (m)2,7686181
4q4lGold RubiesAdult (f)4,35975410
W3MaWema ThuwedAdult (f)10,7351,2308
fYiOStefani JoanneAdult (f)2,3618909
2TMCTo Tune My CelloAdult (f)5,2809945
mb3SMonstarrrHatchling (f, F)1,6143463
3JGPApri's TangerineHatchling (m, F)9753574
gaImRoehok's OddityAdult (f)2,640544144
u9nSBi WinningHatchling (F)3492234
1Gbph(1Gbph)Adult (f)2,18891410
sW9FJRoehok's TangeloAdult (m)4,3467082
Yus10(Yus10)Adult (m)4,6646553
ml4UN(ml4UN)Adult (m)5,1381,0285
PrlSCB Ember PearlsAdult (f)1,83357311
5Oa0F(5Oa0F)Adult (f)5,1171,0244
9VM31(9VM31)Adult (f)4,8419922
0OLIVamps Should Be Easy To NameAdult (f)6,34585710
4F1fI'm Bi-WinningHatchling (F)1,34013013
9V7oVersatiHatchling (F)9114613
W8Gqm(W8Gqm)Adult (f)1,8137200
uPvSn(uPvSn)Adult (m)1,7976860
r8mnThe Final HorcruxHatchling (F)1,6851131
eiRMJumping In Piles Of LeavesAdult (f)3,1953615
5ttaThe First HorcruxHatchling (F)1,5751056
sEXX(sEXX)Adult (f)2,90661413
dJfFGlitchmonsterHatchling (F)1,0631167
B0M6I Think I Love HerHatchling (F)2,7593756
2f2M(2f2M)Adult (m)4,6124903
MrPOMrPOAdult (m)2,84943911
T72J8(T72J8)Adult (m)3,7576741
tJNfL(tJNfL)Adult (m)4,4857751
06pCi(06pCi)Adult (m)4,5846932
QrVYI Like Crunchy LeavesAdult (m)6,4021,6573
4tDig(4tDig)Adult (f)2,2646061
NumogCB NumogAdult (m)1,5436660
INQpA(INQpA)Adult (f)3,5988761
DsGmCovered In CharcoalAdult (f)5,17289813
HVrsHellbatherAdult (f)4,5661,16920
eE1oToasted ElioAdult (m)1,82670211
8o3lHerp da HurrAdult (m)4,22663116
cbEqApri's CerabiqAdult (m)5,09434114
H1jeHerpda FijaAdult (f)4,09332313
9JR48CB JarnineAdult (f)1,6177280
ldc0TCB IccadotAdult (m)2,8586603
t16dj(t16dj)Adult (m)2,8259080
RiWkk(RiWkk)Adult (f)3,6631,0523
oaCPGinGinsAdult (f)5,8351,1483
NZPDMiss TurboAdult (f)4,4338666
iP0TVoojx Dusk Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)3,99587215
XkvDThe KadfishHatchling (m, F)1,3162948
XcpuEvangelical Sweet DraconisAdult (f)3,1068808
nWFgConsteliaAdult (f)5,6961,28211
FraoyCB FroyAdult (f)1,8286536
cg77NCB CattanAdult (f)1,8956714
1O2C1CB OcelotAdult (f)1,3416821
cxUxB(cxUxB)Adult (f)2,1947872
TsoFn(TsoFn)Adult (f)1,9526871
g73VZ(g73VZ)Adult (f)2,2227602
0Iyk8(0Iyk8)Adult (f)2,1937860
4sxyL(4sxyL)Adult (f)2,7316534
rlMEZ(rlMEZ)Adult (f)1,7776471
qaB1a(qaB1a)Adult (f)3,6671,0272
uprgLeuciAdult (f)3,18637812
tT0hSHARKTOPUSHatchling (F)1,4961374
CMeN(CMeN)Adult (m)12,85192712
Ovkswhat do i type hereAdult (m)1,8554673
TrPv(TrPv)Hatchling (F)1,238846
ghEY(ghEY)Adult (f)4,5034814
Hq0TJ(Hq0TJ)Adult (m)2,5584923
JGoYn(JGoYn)Adult (m)2,2088024
mSVAJ(mSVAJ)Adult (m)2,9415816
gHS7Hannah AtwoodAdult (f)8,3071,6039
0bN3Ginny AtwoodAdult (f)5,9496509
Au2AThe Third HorcruxHatchling (F)1,4711206
N4sJRoehok's TinyAdult (f)2,92619611
IaKUNeville AtwoodAdult (m)8,3951,5996
P4hfDie IndringerAdult (m)5,6438409
pEM1Seamus AtwoodAdult (m)6,8391,3877
9dYBY(9dYBY)Adult (f)2,6063044
HW6ie(HW6ie)Adult (f)2,1982772
U7XP8(U7XP8)Adult (f)2,1417971
eui2p(eui2p)Adult (m)4,9304151
qUaFX(qUaFX)Adult (m)4,2654122
U6jeRandom EggpurgeAdult (m)1,33259412
oZN37(oZN37)Adult (m)2,7696071
ty8bN(ty8bN)Adult (m)1,4636900
oOKXCapitulumAdult (m)1,96552812
m6L5Apri's HufflerinAdult (m)1,6116112
bei2Apri's HogwartsAdult (m)8,5731,2517
Ng6oLike GlitterAdult1,8156353
gMiuThe Seventh HourglassHatchling (F)5903025
XT80Remus AtwoodAdult (m)2,6419585
uekpBlaise AtwoodAdult (m)5,0996224
TDKZTooth FairyHatchling (F)1,0502014
LeV8CavebornHatchling (m, F)1,6685989
RP2NrCB RapnirAdult (f)1,9675781
4bgFsCB BigfasAdult (f)1,8785521
E3qtF(E3qtF)Adult (m)2,9341,0553
5XqTApri's HufflepuffAdult (f)4,09040110
RsaWA CanadianHatchling (F)1,67619617
8WY4B(8WY4B)Adult (f)2,2295632
ZjKaSpirit of the AutumnAdult (f)2,9461,02710
ikmcThe Second HorcruxHatchling (m, F)2,2294125
pPJeRoe's Pumpkin PieAdult (m)3,0431,0168
BSfLf(BSfLf)Adult (f)3,0047924
9w5ir(9w5ir)Adult (m)2,3037924
95dkAdministratorAdult (m)4,4398808
Y079The LagmonsterAdult (m)3,16180818
iufqAnother ZaestusHatchling (m, F)2,79624453
YCOpWillow TrilogyAdult (m)7,7351,84348
3gPmqGuadelajaraAdult (m)2,7257896
I2UYThere He Goes So PerfectlyHatchling (F)1,1071147
LSD0Lucy Steals DiamondsHatchling (f, F)3,7938821
jthKGolden Branch NyxAdult (m)4,78136137
kjKvThe Monster of FameAdult (f)3,28068613
fSnmThe Morning's GloryAdult (m)4,1611,12113
QerALady QuerraAdult (f)5,43569522
uL4VLady UlavaAdult (f)4,28554411
AhuHYou've Left Me SpeechlessAdult (f)2,57870022
jbgT4(jbgT4)Adult (f)4,7563181
BmSY1(BmSY1)Adult (m)4,9083282
DQE77(DQE77)Adult (m)2,8909765
rO9YIT'S BILLY MAYS HEREHatchling (m, F)1,46727912
IeVDYour SoulHatchling (F)6212664
JHe0Double Rainbow All The WayHatchling (F)1,2491776
a1P5Love PrinceAdult (m)2,63160810
f5bnFurrious GaleAdult (m)2,0957186
HneeApri's Murky DreamsAdult (m)2,1725099
lKA9IkkalAdult (m)1,9315135
2hiXSunflower's ValentineAdult (m)7,8021,21232
5vifTwisted Vilaf CurioAdult (m)4,9466089
WdJYOnyx BerylAdult (m)5,77570210
V3Sc(V3Sc)Hatchling (F)1,8501826
B7EvBetov FrostyNightAdult (m)3,49149613
YHJMHoneyjarAdult (m)5,18355111
ZhE2He Never Had A ChanceAdult (m)2,0666058
FMg7Lord FamgatAdult (m)4,5275656
n8Fr(n8Fr)Hatchling (F)2,64240612
iAim(iAim)Hatchling (F)3,6032419
VOcC(VOcC)Adult (m)2,0744589
GMR0Corrupted SpaceAdult (m)3,04459110
saB7KCB SabbakAdult (m)1,7956332
oXjDVCB DarvalAdult (m)1,5267110
mN7Pt(mN7Pt)Adult (m)1,7716531
gcVaF(gcVaF)Adult (m)2,3467901
I6kdc(I6kdc)Adult (m)2,5377981
mLWSSoy Hecho De QuesoAdult4,59972112
X6CqMi QuesitoHatchling (F)2,09121413
roQADO NOT ER MY THINGSHatchling (f, F)3,24474512
F29kFickle ValentineAdult (f)2,51144913
h1haSunflower BlacknessAdult (f)4,57285818
9bGSRoe's GeliskaAdult (f)2,5117595
QRPnRoe's QuarpeAdult (f)2,3939096
YFKVKavzinaAdult (f)7,5228696
9kJoBlack Ice NightAdult (f)4,35929231
VTWCStalker FamilyAdult (f)2,31641821
loiOBorrowed CourageAdult (f)4,1285894
6ihtSixxitAdult (f)2,2456216
q9go(q9go)Hatchling (F)2,84538110
sGfs(sGfs)Hatchling (F)7382552
A1QiYUsed to BeAdult (f)6,4291,4653
7o8KjCB TobateAdult (f)1,8806584
cR4wR(cR4wR)Adult (f)1,6477310
DYmsLCB DismayalAdult (f)1,2336392
P7iMI(P7iMI)Adult (f)1,5076952
YlgsO(YlgsO)Adult (f)2,4148221
W1f1N(W1f1N)Adult (f)1,9007252
i69RK(i69RK)Adult (f)2,0577700
XRJ2W(XRJ2W)Adult (f)2,6438453
N91b0(N91b0)Adult (f)2,7788721
NvK1r(NvK1r)Adult (f)2,4178162
CrFp2(CrFp2)Adult (f)2,8218315
HH3NT(HH3NT)Adult (m)4,5427812
gaYY(gaYY)Adult (m)2,81189314
He9FHe Says He's So In LoveHatchling (F)2,2546457
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