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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Aola,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
giTfvTwice As FancyAdult (f)6,0677165
8feqVDutch DiaryAdult (m)4,47473010
u3zqu(u3zqu)Adult (f)4,5449092
IiQtd(IiQtd)Adult (m)4,6618622
A9wxp(A9wxp)Adult (m)2,3275339
Fs5Jb(Fs5Jb)Adult (f)3,7622554
GgUIU(GgUIU)Adult (m)3,8448458
UUqda(UUqda)Adult (f)4,0919335
VynoZVintage wannabezombie XXXAdult (f)6,8401,2442
bNjqyVintage wannabezombie XXXIAdult (m)6,6781,2922
VdHkL(VdHkL)Hatchling (f)3,25161812
A1NKyVintage Two Headed MPBIAdult (m)5,0305319
UxDrg(UxDrg)Adult (f)4,5745966
3pUNu(3pUNu)Adult (m)4,1202755
x5xYUVintage Two Headed FPBIAdult (f)4,1968261
nqnjxVintage Two Headed FPBIIAdult (f)5,6721,0891
vzYCqVintage Two Headed x SplitAdult (f)5,7181,0930
LzXIt(LzXIt)Adult (m)5,3799920
s4PrV(s4PrV)Adult (f)3,1867141
gktzUVintage Aeon x AlmandineAdult (f)2,8476798
F0x2Z(F0x2Z)Adult (m)5,8751,0493
wuGFK(wuGFK)Adult (m)4,2768047
N3vKy(N3vKy)Adult (f)4,1889456
7cW7g(7cW7g)Adult (f)4,1247827
vDWgV(vDWgV)Adult (m)6,2531,2582
HpI0X(HpI0X)Adult (f)3,6949031
wPJoa(wPJoa)Adult (f)5,7161,3380
lPsWM(lPsWM)Adult (m)5,3751,2500
0RQqCVintage blue AECAdult (m)6,8551,1210
BQoRKVintage blue AEC bisAdult (m)6,7221,1111
51df2Vintage blue AECIIAdult (f)5,0311,0011
5dmJvVintage blue AEC terAdult (m)5,1391,0031
PxT8vVintage blue AEC II bisAdult (f)3,8428701
ORTl(ORTl)Adult (f)2,4982687
aRdAZDilute ClassAdult (m)3,1273983
V0pNZ(V0pNZ)Adult (f)2,8802634
wxuaU(wxuaU)Adult (m)3,1682153
H3pMB(H3pMB)Adult (m)4,7553171
2oG2C(2oG2C)Adult (f)4,7623182
LWyxo(LWyxo)Adult (m)3,7702563
uBhmC(uBhmC)Adult (f)3,7892593
lKmbEVintage Antarean x Silver TinselAdult (f)4,2368827
lnnP6(lnnP6)Adult (m)6,5881,1681
gBxFB(gBxFB)Adult (f)6,5911,2051
0s8au(0s8au)Adult (f)7,0681,2131
wmFkI(wmFkI)Adult (m)7,2151,2490
5aTlPVintage light blue AECAdult (f)5,0108851
MIwEyVintage light blue AEC bisAdult (f)3,6257911
6GmOHologram JemAdult (f)3,13046042
mqDI6(mqDI6)Adult (m)3,7132483
DuwQhVintage pink AECAdult (f)6,7591,0751
HG95tVintage pink AEC IIAdult (m)3,2014671
rhJUf(rhJUf)Adult (f)2,9516163
Lgv38(Lgv38)Adult (m)3,9767111
ADd4LVintage dark blue AECAdult (f)3,0214201
Uxvxa(Uxvxa)Adult (f)7,6551,1111
0el9D(0el9D)Adult (m)7,7201,0902
0xuIBVintage wannabezombie XXAdult (f)3,8367560
ABabZVintage wannabezombie XXIAdult (m)5,6911,0644
m2PgE(m2PgE)Adult (m)7,7901,1041
RoDYC(RoDYC)Adult (f)7,0741,1441
tJ69Balloon FlyingAdult (m)2,95234316
LaDV8Vintage Balloon MCBAdult (m)3,3524313
A6NfsVintage Balloon FCBAdult (f)5,3303598
rjU9hVintage Unkillable Balloon MCBAdult (m)4,8943277
nLUWBSunshine Beach BallAdult (f)3,68225410
WGArn(WGArn)Adult (f)3,3565031
gwVFb(gwVFb)Adult (f)6,3471,2923
ZmLFh(ZmLFh)Adult (m)6,6541,3323
8O55Twinkle Eyed EGAdult (m)3,75654617
D9A0YPrinting Fail XIAdult (m)2,9583367
cRiD8Contrejour CBAdult (m)5,63041114
nzlf5Holiday Noche Buena CBAdult (f)5,59938710
MaxpZVintage Black MCB1Adult (m)5,3383593
TR7OeVintage Black MCB2Adult (m)5,3203582
BFkkxVintage Black MSTAdult (m)4,30432613
z6hZqVintage Black FPBEGAdult (f)4,7073596
2mSkhVintage Black FCB IAdult (f)5,1453432
PqAUnVintage Black FCB IIAdult (f)5,5113753
VkNwcLuxiole XIAdult (f)4,0342701
urXfv(urXfv)Adult (m)3,6412446
o9FCl(o9FCl)Adult (f)3,5472376
T5sZhVintage Black MPB1Adult (m)3,8077537
XdeeDVintage Black MPB2Adult (m)2,8486244
24VWmVintage Black MPB3Adult (m)3,4566693
3Rt7hVintage Black FPB1Adult (f)3,8277523
ITemqVintage Black x Gold MIAdult (m)4,8239642
6mCHuVintage Black x Gold MIIAdult (m)3,8538071
MF9EYVintage Black x Gold MIIIAdult (m)3,7958012
A7WoSuper Nintendo RAdult (m)1,7224433
ou7uIChangelings QueenAdult (f)2,9663367
YdCxb(YdCxb)Adult (m)5,3141,0733
zQCPt(zQCPt)Adult (m)4,7689922
qnH8S(qnH8S)Adult (f)6,9521,1191
b4CXw(b4CXw)Adult (m)5,36035913
n8zbj(n8zbj)Adult (f)5,36035915
qtTHr(qtTHr)Adult (f)4,40829413
yeJHm(yeJHm)Adult (m)4,4366514
jgEhr(jgEhr)Adult (m)8,9451,3333
WYqMx(WYqMx)Adult (f)9,1891,3515
2NfQKVintage Truffle x Silver ShimmerAdult (f)4,4769923
o1wd8(o1wd8)Adult (m)6,5541,2353
OP0nW(OP0nW)Adult (f)6,5861,1951
KKIvo(KKIvo)Adult (f)4,9691,0501
uOkKr(uOkKr)Adult (m)3,9947741
aIXQVVintage wannabezombie XXXIVAdult (m)4,8938790
GTT9LVintage wannabezombie XXXVAdult (f)5,3879821
mC0Sk(mC0Sk)Adult (f)5,2634708
SUJET(SUJET)Adult (m)5,2554687
QKJ4t(QKJ4t)Adult (m)5,13034217
VxLg6(VxLg6)Adult (f)5,15734617
wrl8h(wrl8h)Adult (m)4,1672824
NLXoy(NLXoy)Adult (f)4,2212864
T1f29(T1f29)Adult (f)9,5751,2913
Sto60(Sto60)Adult (m)9,6241,3384
ce40Streaming in Blue EGAdult (m)2,00646010
EDOAvVintage F Bluna IIAdult (f)6,4517386
B4W3hVintage M Bluna IIAdult (m)3,5233627
3tnr5Vintage M Blusang X DaydreamAdult (m)4,4343637
TglQe(TglQe)Adult (f)5,2654708
2zsPT(2zsPT)Adult (m)4,0272825
wuh9y(wuh9y)Adult (f)6,6061,0642
nXBhH(nXBhH)Adult (m)4,2979742
wnfcQ(wnfcQ)Adult (f)3,0622493
XxvJT(XxvJT)Adult (m)2,9102323
hkbYFourmiAdult (f)3,7874167
ChVsDoryphoreAdult (m)4,7514348
V0Y6bMme ManticoreAdult (f)6,2345294
0Z3M0Diamond Dog DragonAdult (m)6,2535354
0lVyV(0lVyV)Adult (f)3,8442603
OG87H(OG87H)Adult (m)4,1482774
aHkbN(aHkbN)Adult (f)3,5542373
5Oqh4(5Oqh4)Adult (m)3,4412312
NfCVBrendon de la JungleAdult (m)2,2213725
VvWOBrenda de la JungleAdult (f)3,1513979
268g5(268g5)Adult (f)6,6451,0933
uRfnH(uRfnH)Adult (m)6,5971,1291
voklK(voklK)Adult (m)4,0302705
Fhq1p(Fhq1p)Adult (f)4,3202884
mLHU0(mLHU0)Adult (f)4,1642834
UBKO2(UBKO2)Adult (m)4,3202884
CgYvn(CgYvn)Adult (m)4,1242863
ib06j(ib06j)Adult (f)3,7992722
NpvVMarching MiceAdult3,8206426
2eOmk(2eOmk)Hatchling (F)2,2405353
PKP0iWhite GingerAdult (f)6,5659502
1q5Qp(1q5Qp)Adult (f)5,3181,1665
d9RSy(d9RSy)Adult (f)3,7708918
L9szO(L9szO)Hatchling (f, F)4,35191110
qqSMLVintage Holly RAdult (f)8,5051,2657
N5piS(N5piS)Adult (m)7,3351,3902
Ld7RG(Ld7RG)Adult (m)7,3001,3803
9mEEaVintage Holly STAdult (m)3,8409672
ckfZYVintage Yulebuck X BlackAdult (m)4,73445111
dNUW3Vintage Yulebuck X RibbonAdult (m)4,3184124
zv97NVintage Yulebuck STAdult (m)3,9304963
kF5Qu(kF5Qu)Adult (m)7,1601,3493
T1Ion(T1Ion)Adult (m)7,4191,4334
3T2OGuirlandesAdult (f)2,7203268
uEfb4Stockings Sibling XIAdult (f)4,0154189
N2yW0(N2yW0)Adult (f)7,2491,4143
jPoMqVintage Angel x GoldAdult (f)3,7559382
5uXcVVintage Ribbon X RidgewingAdult (f)4,8007479
0Z9jjVintage Ribbon STAdult (f)4,2473952
vC1Nh(vC1Nh)Adult (f)7,3781,4175
zriaS(zriaS)Adult (f)7,2941,4392
croG5(croG5)Adult (m)4,0104343
VHShN(VHShN)Adult (m)3,6534123
DQYo5Vintage Magis x AetherAdult (m)3,8949163
kFaajVintage Magis x AutomnAdult (m)3,7179562
o8dXf(o8dXf)Adult (m)5,9625954
gYE9v(gYE9v)Adult (m)5,7665844
PUuJvVintage Wrapping EG 1Adult (m)3,9018631
hT5tMVintage Wrapping EG 2Adult (m)4,1629090
W39Y0Vintage Wrapping ST 1Adult (m)3,7789403
psDbxVintage Wrapping ST 2Adult (m)3,8589403
XvGx3(XvGx3)Adult (f)5,6706323
d1HM5(d1HM5)Adult (f)5,6516323
nWfcDVintage Solstice EGAdult (f)4,1549112
cjKJ9Vintage Solstice x AetherAdult (f)3,9329572
Z2aDi(Z2aDi)Adult (f)5,2753582
En3M8(En3M8)Adult (f)5,1533543
QPuMXVintage Mistletoe EGAdult (f)4,1679422
xOFBfVintage Mistletoe STAdult (f)3,7249692
JTlDtVintage Mistletoe x AetherAdult (m)4,0499152
95G3j(95G3j)Adult (m)3,8612622
xOsjJVintage Aegis x Striped RiverAdult (m)4,4689242
emzaA(emzaA)Adult (m)4,1402764
tr9MG(tr9MG)Adult (m)2,6872803
x7XrI(x7XrI)Adult (m)2,8082913
wa0uu(wa0uu)Adult (m)3,8329454
dON2JVintage Snow x GoldAdult (m)4,1899334
ptUGa(ptUGa)Adult (f)6,4451,1442
bWyWh(bWyWh)Adult (f)6,5051,1833
ndxWfVintage Garland x GaiaAdult (f)3,7839791
1p4jRVintage Garland x GemshardAdult (f)3,8619741
3B9YL(3B9YL)Adult (f)5,2161,0831
wQpDy(wQpDy)Adult (f)5,1451,0380
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