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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AnnieGYG,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
r7yHAtonia Scindaro 3GSAdult (m)9,3322,156135
RkOlAtonia Scindia CBAdult (f)6,5642,65435
1XGrAtonia Scindarina CBAdult (f)4,8082,07262
vqoDAtonia Scindaro Martini 2GAdult (m)3,8091,64849
poupAtonia Scindarianna 5GSAdult (f)2,5091,38364
eM74Atonia ScindaxaAdult (f)3,5931,94643
xRqDAtonia Scindana CBAdult (f)1,7091,00210
H7mHAtonia Scindara Thuwed 2GAdult (f)2,04084717
l4PtAtonia Scindarinna CBAdult (f)7375712
Tpv8Atonia Scindarissa 2GAdult (f)1,7681,0946
x6sDAtonia Scindanti 2GAdult (m)1,6491,03010
2uGsAtonia Scindarinno CBAdult (m)2,43999116
PS97Atonia Scinderino 2GAdult (m)2,44387410
bCETAtonia Scindarinia 2GAdult (f)2,16376911
Gc28Atonia Spangled Lag 4GAdult (m)1,96289212
MNo0Atonia Scindarosa CBAdult (f)7,0467693
IEJL0Atonia Ancipiso CBAdult (m)2,3668330
XPEYkAtonia Ancipisa CBAdult (f)2,4448743
Q69OmAtonia Ancipisia CBAdult (f)4,0727854
lWFudAtonia Ancipisio CBAdult (m)4,0717507
WAzw1Atonia Ancipisina CBAdult (f)5,9431,0443
kX0JKAtonia Ancipisino CBAdult (m)3,6537422
yQyV6(yQyV6)Adult (m)4,9826801
n1O58(n1O58)Adult (f)5,3369102
lelz0Atonia Ancitisino CBAdult (m)5,2147261
XmTJX(XmTJX)Adult (m)4,9886752
0O8kM(0O8kM)Adult (f)6,1016580
DiYcU(DiYcU)Adult (m)5,6906590
ekjWG(ekjWG)Adult (m)4,0707571
zw88T(zw88T)Adult (f)4,1867650
8l5CD(8l5CD)Adult (m)3,7937980
5X0Ek(5X0Ek)Adult (m)4,0988713
eouf2(eouf2)Adult (m)4,5531,0003
HQJs7(HQJs7)Adult (m)4,0789102
89g9a(89g9a)Adult (f)4,1699533
GetoAtonia Albacina CBAdult (f)1,06559711
JbDYAtonia Albacita CBAdult (f)1,2244114
633HAtonia Albacinia CBAdult (f)1,66595741
VS7gAtonia Albacino CBAdult (m)1,7331,10345
CA26Atonia Albacinio CBAdult (m)3,1938707
hiCMAtonia Albacito CBAdult (m)4,5185042
4gkGf(4gkGf)Adult (m)5,0195910
ChPkaAtonia Ameraldo CBAdult (m)3,9767861
cFoUR(cFoUR)Adult (f)3,9667791
SjCGN(SjCGN)Adult (f)3,9617881
iwjGt(iwjGt)Adult (f)3,9607840
LnjZB(LnjZB)Adult (f)4,7017140
nIh8Y(nIh8Y)Adult (f)5,1905611
GVFCz(GVFCz)Adult (m)4,2777012
AbHl4(AbHl4)Adult (f)3,7045880
gzYkC(gzYkC)Adult (f)6,4915951
YTH98(YTH98)Adult (m)4,5759951
oelDUAtonia Truncasino CBAdult (m)2,8117451
WKi0WAtonia Truncasinio CBAdult (m)7,3578703
13bIt(13bIt)Adult (m)4,6217382
rVHlP(rVHlP)Adult (m)3,7517942
1GINGAtonia Aethono CBAdult (m)5,0536641
nJuByAtonia Aethona CBAdult (f)4,9606832
oMtEBAtonia Aethonia CBAdult (f)4,0387451
UVnMKAtonia Aethonio CBAdult (m)4,9796682
FKDuP(FKDuP)Adult (m)5,8221,0461
SvxSK(SvxSK)Adult (f)5,5731,0351
snBGa(snBGa)Adult (m)3,8908211
1MUgY(1MUgY)Adult (f)3,5428761
ld4hF(ld4hF)Adult (f)3,9098180
dRENAtonia Rosadina CBAdult (f)4,9402,11782
CAkRAtonia Rosalinia 2G DPAdult (f)2,2071,16124
RmqbAtonia Rosadinnia 3GAdult (f)1,22362712
6oMyAtonia RosadinissaAdult (f)5944684
QN8j6(QN8j6)Adult (m)3,5891,0462
gubwk(gubwk)Adult (m)3,6761,0941
svnJD(svnJD)Adult (f)4,4039992
lKNVi(lKNVi)Adult (f)3,4098282
ymBxv(ymBxv)Adult (f)3,8418491
zeCl4(zeCl4)Adult (f)4,2946632
Qosrf(Qosrf)Adult (f)3,1216511
J5LV0(J5LV0)Adult (f)3,1716460
jszyE(jszyE)Adult (f)5,8346282
ALtdF(ALtdF)Adult (f)5,0195960
DBcdr(DBcdr)Adult (f)5,2566282
nwiRH(nwiRH)Adult (m)5,4496071
L2IXB(L2IXB)Adult (f)5,5196330
fOWkX(fOWkX)Adult (f)5,0745910
cJKJs(cJKJs)Adult (f)5,0195940
dvAVX(dvAVX)Adult (f)6,2035241
yrIcD(yrIcD)Adult (f)5,8115651
hrAMP(hrAMP)Adult (f)6,9676081
ANgxU(ANgxU)Adult (f)5,7475841
CTA1X(CTA1X)Adult (m)5,5546301
CRYrU(CRYrU)Adult (m)6,0195782
iBU08(iBU08)Adult (f)5,8345500
tpX4G(tpX4G)Adult (f)5,5695301
fqtHAtonia Vessicina CBAdult (f)5724381
RLx1Atonia Vessica CBAdult (f)2,42772713
kea2Atonia Vessico CBAdult (m)1,34354432
LsE0Atonia Vessicino CBAdult (m)1,74782214
7xbJs(7xbJs)Adult (f)5,8827121
Sw8O0(Sw8O0)Adult (m)5,8337130
pq3L7(pq3L7)Adult (f)7,2574991
4acjh(4acjh)Adult (f)7,1294891
RenvE(RenvE)Adult (m)6,3096581
gMAso(gMAso)Adult (m)5,8935650
gZrjG(gZrjG)Adult (m)5,8675710
lk6GX(lk6GX)Adult (m)6,2551,0121
B7WeAtonia Acerbia CBAdult (f)5,8642,49558
UJ1WAtonia Acerbius CBAdult (m)5,8782,72772
2RrWAtonia AcerbioAdult (m)7,4292,94592
uvTNAtonia AcerbianaAdult (f)3,4471,85925
JxRHAtonia Acermista 2G BSAdult (f)4,9162,13141
WdzdAtonia AcerkerraAdult (f)4,8571,7679
fzgYAtonia AcerbinatoAdult (m)2,26354114
O97bAtonia Acebinatia CBAdult (f)1,6921,0017
6EQCAtonia Acerbino CBAdult (m)1,72870821
1cMMAtonia Acerbinito CBAdult (m)1,6571,1594
SG01Atonia Nefarious Embrace 3G BGSAdult (f)2,6161,44814
II9xAtonia Acerbia's Lotta RosieAdult (m)3,15759125
nB6LAtonia Acerbina 2G BSAdult (m)1,6461,0246
6cjfAtonia Acebinato GBAdult (m)1,53094614
KTRKAtonia Acexanthe 2G GBAdult (f)2,19768216
GRrLAtonia Acerbinata 2G PBAdult (m)1,6454623
8GBmAtonia Acerbista StormAdult (f)3,8211,06311
49kLAtonia Acerbina 2G PBAdult (f)4,42894224
1lshAtonia Acermarisssa 5GAdult (f)4,9225187
Dx1d2Atonia Acerbianatio CBAdult (m)3,5208863
bBxC0Atonia Acerbisa Z'Fail 2GPBAdult (f)6,0657383
hClWLAtonia Acerbio Thuwed 6GAdult (m)4,2318212
gTqjnAtonia Acerbiata CBAdult (f)6,1386433
iIj0UAtonia Acerbino 2G PBAdult (m)6,1646363
ANTEZ(ANTEZ)Adult (f)5,5649492
m88uX(m88uX)Adult (f)5,6709262
9nzRO(9nzRO)Adult (m)4,5829341
SgWtn(SgWtn)Adult (m)6,5248481
M9PXC(M9PXC)Adult (f)5,5407171
ytS04(ytS04)Adult (f)6,5717661
4Ngeb(4Ngeb)Adult (m)7,2255290
dFVRAtonia Alliasto 3GAdult (m)7,3263,14094
rF16Atonia AlliastinoAdult (m)4,5822,09275
wNuBAtonia AlliastiusAdult (m)3,6761,90843
uR2JAtonia AlliastinusAdult (m)2,67794436
XP0TAtonia AllastiniaAdult (f)1,2278795
vLvWAtonia Allista's Embrace 4G BGSAdult (f)9416569
Kc7tAtonia Alliastinia 2G BGAdult (f)2,62471915
nqkmAtonia Alliastissa BGAdult (f)1,4585748
Q76TAtonia Alliastinna 3G SBSAdult (f)2,72879110
NnOlH(NnOlH)Adult (m)7,0785851
wno7lAtonia Theannto CBAdult (m)1,8309591
Qp5xwAtonia Theannta CBAdult (f)2,4761,0822
CYNyFAtonia Theanntia CBAdult (f)2,4581,1051
DTDCqAtonia Theanntio CBAdult (m)2,5341,0933
Ab6zQAtonia Theanntina CBAdult (f)3,6916841
DlXxyAtonia Theanntiso 3GATAdult (m)8,0616321
iwZgz(iwZgz)Adult (f)3,8237042
gZUicAtonia Limbatino CBAdult (m)2,4091,1961
1Wri4Atonia Limbatiso CBAdult (m)3,2081,5181
WVOAVAtonia Limbatina CBAdult (f)3,1541,5001
usBMjAtonia Limbatisa CBAdult (f)3,1861,5011
lIBaT(lIBaT)Adult (m)7,3646221
9JJol(9JJol)Adult (m)6,6077501
d2lUp(d2lUp)Adult (f)5,1839032
c5U9F(c5U9F)Adult (f)4,3579700
VKmHL(VKmHL)Adult (m)4,3189440
oJnKBAtonia Dapletiano CBAdult (m)2,6368751
5C2DyAtonia Dapletianio CBAdult (m)1,7247120
ri4QVAtonia Dapletiana CBAdult (f)1,6506980
GjeldAtonia Dapletianno CBAdult (m)4,3666574
edpWU(edpWU)Adult (m)4,7437382
LgZ2e(LgZ2e)Adult (m)6,2406641
ik3QmAtonia Bracteanna CBAdult (f)2,2378990
Q9vynAtonia Bracteannio CBAdult (m)2,2418890
GQo5JAtonia Bracteanniso CBAdult (m)2,1669021
P2wpcAtonia Bracteanisa CBAdult (f)2,1749020
lezVOAtonia Bracteanita CBAdult (f)3,3839084
AdTKp(AdTKp)Adult (f)4,0217601
9e2ZO(9e2ZO)Adult (m)5,3746652
b3yKG(b3yKG)Adult (f)5,7886202
5R3Zo(5R3Zo)Adult (m)5,6666660
NxWCJ(NxWCJ)Adult (m)4,4429781
AYFFIAtonia Armentina CBAdult (f)2,3897545
SUbYJAtonia Armentisa CBAdult (f)2,5477865
g7Cky(g7Cky)Adult (f)4,5248382
EBx06(EBx06)Adult (m)3,7848752
ImRa6(ImRa6)Adult (m)6,2176651
d5dUo(d5dUo)Adult (f)6,5365960
ku7aF(ku7aF)Adult (m)5,9755892
Ds17S(Ds17S)Adult (f)6,0765912
Dodku(Dodku)Adult (m)5,6695862
62NYJ(62NYJ)Adult (f)5,7815882
NltCD(NltCD)Adult (f)6,1115471
gPG8w(gPG8w)Adult (m)5,8745361
38hEB(38hEB)Adult (f)6,4526150
W5Ell(W5Ell)Adult (m)6,4776070
0cF1G(0cF1G)Adult (f)6,4576030
pSOnO(pSOnO)Adult (f)6,4996100
4A1RG(4A1RG)Adult (m)6,7127542
wN5wH(wN5wH)Adult (m)6,6367472
zDi5N(zDi5N)Adult (m)6,2466651
E2EGAtonia Siliquinno 2G WSAdult (m)4,9257627
iih5Atonia Siliquinna 2G SDAdult (f)3,4394695
YfAdAtonia Siliquia DorkfaceAdult (f)5,2864142
HB0RAtonia Siliquia 2G WSAdult (f)6,0125336
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