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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Anneliese,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UADSGGhost of YorkAdult (f)2,5404883
pvjJm(pvjJm)Adult (m)4,8768061
R2bHL(R2bHL)Adult (f)1,9715191
BQNIG(BQNIG)Adult (f)2,3154361
VwtMO(VwtMO)Adult (f)2,0976511
kmiIB(kmiIB)Adult (m)2,3094202
yA2lT(yA2lT)Adult (m)1,9635180
VbMLM(VbMLM)Adult (f)2,9074551
BcXCO(BcXCO)Adult (f)2,8585212
Und91(Und91)Adult (f)2,6454200
tXphk(tXphk)Adult (f)1,6834821
WUGHO(WUGHO)Adult (f)2,7625001
FVCf8(FVCf8)Adult (f)2,7595683
Uvjdz(Uvjdz)Adult (f)1,9445812
Z2kWT(Z2kWT)Adult (f)2,0376411
D02dV(D02dV)Adult (f)2,2197062
FNpcVOdirr ThunderstrokeAdult (m)5,4375843
rQnEzKrai ThunderstrokeAdult (m)2,0876711
euhY4(euhY4)Adult (f)2,7284290
8y9We(8y9We)Adult (f)4,7928352
3fIHQ(3fIHQ)Adult (m)1,8126021
Gcz0A(Gcz0A)Adult (m)1,9854311
fgi3u(fgi3u)Adult (f)3,1045533
i5ZRa(i5ZRa)Adult (f)2,4384482
RHYvlNiid KrosisAdult (f)2,6837791
cNU4U(cNU4U)Adult (m)3,1655867
hwhNf(hwhNf)Adult (m)3,1945992
u5HyN(u5HyN)Adult (m)2,7884173
C9uWt(C9uWt)Adult (m)2,1455283
s2Hra(s2Hra)Adult (m)2,3705140
zOPv6(zOPv6)Adult (f)3,3707234
dkhlD(dkhlD)Adult (f)4,1596321
slFyF(slFyF)Adult (f)1,8666022
26roM(26roM)Adult (m)2,0455062
VVn9(VVn9)Adult (m)2,19168357
k2y12(k2y12)Adult (f)4,3736391
4e8Kp(4e8Kp)Adult (f)2,3915183
Guf6vHT NeoclassicalAdult (m)2,9198111
5XDKQ(5XDKQ)Adult (m)3,0445381
76GjrKreintafiirAdult (f)2,8167912
mWuZl(mWuZl)Adult (f)1,8805040
oDU7hQeilunneAdult (m)2,0386441
9kbJk(9kbJk)Adult (f)1,9404311
3w2QL(3w2QL)Adult (f)2,4365364
hoRT8(hoRT8)Adult (f)4,7598132
6r4gKhronidAdult (m)2,76933031
HA8KR(HA8KR)Adult (m)1,9996251
u1sUA(u1sUA)Adult (f)1,7643252
nhMfR(nhMfR)Adult (m)2,3065132
WzPcI(WzPcI)Adult (m)2,0284963
e4hJbAjatarAdult (f)1,8335921
SmK0S(SmK0S)Adult (m)1,9235534
aWVKq(aWVKq)Adult (m)2,1795321
nXZpW(nXZpW)Adult (m)2,8477881
XP5mKHT Spontaneous MeAdult (m)2,0026431
rXZPB(rXZPB)Adult (m)1,8695365
8DPnj(8DPnj)Adult (f)1,5164190
hJkMC(hJkMC)Adult (f)1,5314270
4GvGQ(4GvGQ)Adult (m)2,6625461
ZKBUBZ'HelixAdult (m)5,1466291
VVUxf(VVUxf)Adult (m)2,5475152
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