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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Ankylia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    irKE0(irKE0)Adult (m)3,93976713
    pQqis(pQqis)Adult (m)2,4296817
    GaT4e(GaT4e)Adult (f)2,56171110
    76RcM(76RcM)Adult (m)2,4176799
    JoK4q(JoK4q)Adult (m)2,7747792
    r4b4d(r4b4d)Adult (m)3,9515002
    v0Lg8(v0Lg8)Adult (f)2,9397382
    h2XiG(h2XiG)Adult (f)4,0314874
    9SHJG(9SHJG)Adult (m)3,0397752
    s2VF8(s2VF8)Adult (m)3,0697581
    8LSIr(8LSIr)Adult (f)3,1287561
    cV9fb(cV9fb)Adult (m)3,4456672
    B9cP9(B9cP9)Adult (m)2,6666461
    k18vB(k18vB)Adult (f)2,4396591
    WLsJR(WLsJR)Adult (f)2,6756730
    Vummo(Vummo)Adult (m)3,6573812
    4pCTU(4pCTU)Adult (f)2,7374953
    HFQov(HFQov)Adult (m)2,6376310
    4YYBJ(4YYBJ)Adult (m)2,6886722
    8F3np(8F3np)Adult (m)2,6986691
    bionV(bionV)Adult (m)2,6606451
    8hKH3(8hKH3)Adult (m)3,2418021
    MOnLn(MOnLn)Adult (f)3,2788042
    p4X3T(p4X3T)Adult (m)3,2277841
    oKuco(oKuco)Adult (f)3,2217861
    mAJLG(mAJLG)Adult (m)3,2515481
    oOAkB(oOAkB)Adult (f)2,8776492
    YBZVI(YBZVI)Adult (f)3,2046481
    95RsA(95RsA)Adult (m)5,4649762
    PKdrX(PKdrX)Adult (m)5,2549721
    qDgE4(qDgE4)Adult (m)5,2789852
    9aL9o(9aL9o)Adult (f)9,7221,5623
    7MtmU(7MtmU)Adult (f)9,6751,5203
    TZBgh(TZBgh)Adult (f)9,2561,4673
    bAJqF(bAJqF)Adult (m)8,7981,4213
    4YghX(4YghX)Adult (f)5,2751,2883
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