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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AngelEnchantress,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cVvkZ(cVvkZ)Adult (f)5,8261,0563
yrL0D(yrL0D)Adult (m)6,0101,0342
eoU89(eoU89)Adult (f)6,2201,0282
xfPcn(xfPcn)Adult (m)5,9781,0432
4AlBG(4AlBG)Adult (f)4,3807900
Jr4PC(Jr4PC)Adult (m)4,4327794
kt3ZP(kt3ZP)Adult (f)5,4831,1351
x1ufK(x1ufK)Adult (f)5,4261,1121
aJLA9(aJLA9)Adult (m)5,6231,0983
B8c17(B8c17)Adult (m)5,5791,0870
Yu0wZ(Yu0wZ)Adult (m)5,4781,1102
08Jc3(08Jc3)Adult (m)5,4411,1111
ee0J0(ee0J0)Adult (f)6,1971,1610
Pk1EB(Pk1EB)Adult (m)5,6671,0872
12KCw(12KCw)Adult (m)5,7471,0801
SYS9W(SYS9W)Adult (f)5,8671,0843
M8Eee(M8Eee)Adult (f)5,6771,0881
EnEIZ(EnEIZ)Adult (m)5,5321,1064
dOvyr(dOvyr)Adult (f)5,6491,1230
v8cM4(v8cM4)Adult (m)5,6371,1071
TSTyp(TSTyp)Adult (m)5,6671,1222
VGQni(VGQni)Adult (m)5,6551,1144
73G1j(73G1j)Adult (f)6,4331,1803
DvCMf(DvCMf)Adult (f)5,9601,0891
04s0p(04s0p)Adult (m)5,8601,0810
JePX4(JePX4)Adult (m)5,9431,1002
UO2Ub(UO2Ub)Adult (f)5,8261,0950
WFoRP(WFoRP)Adult (m)5,7511,0920
KPYCJ(KPYCJ)Adult (f)5,8391,0880
CJ9D5(CJ9D5)Adult (m)5,6581,0581
1uYrF(1uYrF)Adult (f)5,6431,1254
QxdI4(QxdI4)Adult (m)5,7521,1225
h8sZ7(h8sZ7)Adult (m)5,7051,1292
FktGO(FktGO)Adult (m)6,6281,1627
C732P(C732P)Adult (m)5,8071,0981
mho51(mho51)Adult (m)6,6351,1873
I9uQp(I9uQp)Adult (f)5,6441,2371
YkXpG(YkXpG)Adult (m)5,5561,2724
VdJ5R(VdJ5R)Adult (m)5,5941,2570
LwIcW(LwIcW)Adult (m)5,6811,2582
7Isso(7Isso)Adult (m)5,6441,2223
0iUOQ(0iUOQ)Adult (f)5,7351,2312
3w5CQ(3w5CQ)Adult (m)5,6278683
8XgwK(8XgwK)Adult (f)6,5288832
HeONT(HeONT)Adult (f)5,5258382
SyarL(SyarL)Adult (f)6,9468864
Iz0zi(Iz0zi)Adult (f)5,9178223
Whqll(Whqll)Adult (f)5,8238463
l1Qxo(l1Qxo)Adult (m)2,7718624
4dth7(4dth7)Adult (f)2,7968941
m0H8i(m0H8i)Adult (m)2,7558952
9Eo7A(9Eo7A)Adult (m)2,7238483
1iobz(1iobz)Adult (m)2,7308740
Aw6zZ(Aw6zZ)Adult (f)2,8199222
pPCQu(pPCQu)Adult (f)2,7097444
Q7h7E(Q7h7E)Adult (f)2,0846184
IBtTm(IBtTm)Adult (f)2,2396622
kgixb(kgixb)Adult (f)2,0906625
S8siv(S8siv)Adult (f)2,2416372
oYndKI'll Be Close BehindAdult (f)1,6746090
3Zl3qNo Blinding LightAdult (f)1,6646151
JpkcGIf There's No One Beside YouAdult (f)2,7878653
2FxjcThe Hint Of A SparkAdult (m)2,0506592
19yUHA Streetcar Named DesireAdult (m)1,8246893
6prQWBeen At It For YearsAdult (m)1,9217320
mxwhgI'm Better With A PenAdult (m)2,6699392
NkqztWhen I'm All AloneAdult (m)2,7359701
1KJiLBut It Went To His HeadAdult (m)2,5628731
qejmFI'm Selling You Hooks And PlansAdult (f)2,6989140
csCDESweating In The PewAdult (f)2,6369251
DpfU4The Kid Was AlrightAdult (m)2,6699151
mwoRzThe Wind Blows StrongAdult (f)2,7699742
fzCO5I Just Dance By MyselfAdult (m)2,8621,0232
9XZPWNever See The Likes Of You AgainAdult (m)2,1797511
Q9qUFFreedom Tastes Like RealityAdult (m)2,1257590
ptw64It's Not A LotAdult (m)2,2047571
vqSjqIt's All I've GotAdult (m)2,1017481
LavICYou're A CanaryAdult (f)2,3478183
QkPpAI'm So Sorry But Not ReallyAdult (m)2,3778220
CcB02Sorrow Is Just All The RageAdult (m)2,2758531
ey06fWhere To Find My BodyAdult (m)2,5398585
H7FQzThe Truth Hurts WorseAdult (f)2,3608140
VgEiFPushed Up The Window To Kiss YouAdult (f)3,4531,1533
VyPJvYou Know You Drive Me CrazyAdult (m)1,8656551
9TOwdEverything Works In Your ArmsAdult (m)1,9056921
S5mODI Miss The Sound Of Your VoiceAdult (m)1,9216860
wN0MNAnd I Ache To RememberAdult (f)2,0546791
WqEtCI Can See AngelsAdult (m)1,9896710
t9YI2Loosen My LipsAdult (m)1,9267082
KuWbSLeave You High And DryAdult (m)3,0759882
JfdXQFeeling Young And RecklessAdult (m)3,7931,0893
2jqo5Put This Record DownAdult (f)1,9536740
mw7ihI Was Moving ForwardAdult (f)3,0331,0612
KUQPHOur Promise Finally RealizedAdult (m)2,5048601
xfujxMy World RewardedAdult (f)2,1027071
zY8WTI Can Feel It TurnAdult (f)2,0516811
7aphZFar Away To A Foreign LandAdult (f)1,9616772
wx954Our Growth To Be ExponentialAdult (f)2,0257030
wkYf2I Couldn't Find You If I TriedAdult (m)1,9377751
xI1hAI've Got No ObligationsAdult (m)2,5288452
pnOHhFreedom Is OverratedAdult (m)2,6518472
JqrF2Too Much Time Gone ByAdult (f)2,3378433
9H7TSDon't Ever Trust A FellaAdult (f)2,9981,0110
nPojBWith A Helmet On His HeadAdult (m)2,0036532
jQ31UWe Waited To Get OffAdult (m)2,1256691
7Y2NBYou'll See Me At The Face-OffAdult (f)2,1016921
iZ0b0Hang Them HighAdult (f)2,0646681
GmImaI'll Never Win A TitleAdult (f)1,9946652
vY7QlCherry Bombs And Cherry WineAdult (m)2,8099521
vaG37Your Troubles Can't Find YouAdult (m)1,8866491
KmFKPTake Only What You Need From ItAdult (f)2,0026990
WAmsVWe Like To Watch You LaughingAdult (f)2,0006690
LeMfiCrawling On Your KneesAdult (f)2,0506800
NUHfxTurn Her Down The Rocky RoadAdult (m)2,7149087
F0XpRWasn't Much InvolvedAdult (m)1,8336640
ViVwfThen The Winter Came DownAdult (m)1,9676902
tUlRKJust As The Ship Was SailingAdult (m)1,9206874
HSm2WAnd I Loved It So DearlyAdult (m)1,8206522
szyjbWalk In The Summer BreezeAdult (m)1,8336701
x7tsEWe're Gonna Blow His MindAdult (m)2,8049430
psYUOThey're Gonna Eat You AliveAdult (f)1,8866932
PTnpoShoot From The HipAdult (f)2,0047712
QFYRbThere Is No More Room In HellAdult (f)1,6706183
R7V2nNail Up All The WindowsAdult (m)1,7986680
79mz8We Appear Without A SoundAdult (f)1,8446741
qcp8aI See It Crystal ClearAdult (f)2,2778260
CLrGySunshine Blinds You If You StareAdult (m)1,8266851
TlYnhYou Can Take Or Leave MeAdult (f)2,6699454
OuvRaGive Me Something I Can Go OnAdult (m)1,8287191
MNJ0BIt's Too Late To GoAdult (f)1,8386900
HSjpCWon't Ever Be Anywhere But HereAdult (m)1,7636780
voSoYLet's Make This Last ForeverAdult (f)3,4569214
JNTSMThis Night's Almost OverAdult (m)1,7996893
QQYPlJust Scared Of What You ThinkAdult (m)1,7026931
CFxNEWhen You Smile I Melt InsideAdult (m)4,9131,0415
grn2PA World Outside My Front DoorAdult (f)1,8407342
6Ru44We Need Umbrellas On The InsideAdult (f)1,9087263
7BCCzWalk The Plank On A Sinking ShipAdult (m)1,9127452
H7rLPOnly Want To Sing You To SleepAdult (f)1,9507251
dd3sPEveryone's Looking For ReliefAdult (m)2,4669321
88pTcIsn't It TragicAdult (f)2,5158911
Ff5DWClose It Like A CasketAdult (f)2,5279201
ouZmaWith The Aid Of A KnifeAdult (m)2,4998861
sl8KqWe Cursed The Day We Went AwayAdult (m)2,5249022
Nb5GbI Will Run To YouAdult (f)2,0466770
S6IqtGuess It's Just UnderstoodAdult (f)1,5136570
HYaiRYou Got Here Just In TimeAdult (m)1,6206721
nobz8They're Calling Out For BloodAdult (f)1,6066750
kjEaSSo What's A Little VertigoAdult (f)1,4686501
1djhsThis Might Sting A BitAdult (m)1,5016473
ugWKMI've Been Down In Here BeforeAdult (m)1,7667180
Or8LBLight That SmokeAdult (f)2,6619403
hqFW3In My Darkest DaysAdult (f)3,2881,1620
fTEFeI've Been Beaten DownAdult (m)3,3351,1123
JXSMxAnd I've Waited For So LongAdult (m)3,6931,3353
7lx5rShe's All I WantAdult (m)2,2458875
f9qfAI'll Keep Tossing RocksAdult (f)2,8981,0024
zo0jNWhen The Time ComesAdult (m)2,4168662
zc8ZKA Maze That's Never-EndingAdult (m)2,3908682
uGfEWHunt The Hare And Turn Her DownAdult (f)2,2568582
UYq3pI Want You ForeverAdult (f)2,3458494
TduvzThe Hours Get LaterAdult (m)2,2308344
o3glsLay Me Down In A Bed Of RosesAdult (f)3,5781,2253
hD76RThe Stars Stay Up All NightAdult (m)3,3221,1722
vGFE1Everybody Needs To BelongAdult (f)3,2971,1422
rU16oThere's Gotta Be Something MoreAdult (m)3,3101,1662
VgPZZI Need A Little More BlissAdult (f)3,2431,1291
RlPcNI Do Recall NowAdult (m)3,3261,1933
FRlehI Need A Little Less Hard TimeAdult (m)3,2701,1781
GZVJuLove Never Wanted MeAdult (m)2,6849173
mEGsgStare Me Down Across The TableAdult (m)1,9787171
rdvm4If Only I Were AbleAdult (m)1,8556932
SYDP4I'm Just TryingAdult (m)1,7656881
bHnwtYou Love The Way I LingerAdult (f)2,5666771
mdz8rMake The Words Come To LifeAdult (f)2,5376943
FBOsDYou Laughed Off My AffectionsAdult (m)3,2868013
qCs96When Guilt Fills Your HeadAdult (m)2,7089181
o4EZySoft Kiss And WineAdult (f)2,6778684
TizJWJinxed Things RingingAdult (m)6,5491,7032
CLs2oI'm Seated And SweatingAdult (m)4,0181,2573
BxVLdWe Just Got The Start WrongAdult (f)2,0037212
GvhDUI've Been Stuck Now So LongAdult (f)1,9426983
GZpOGAs Twisted And Mean As TheeAdult (f)7,1081,6906
fM94PBaby You're Not AloneAdult (f)6,2521,6642
O96TyI've Been AloneAdult (m)6,1111,6422
O5M9ySharpen Up The BladeAdult (f)6,8601,6863
8FH9sIn The Movie Of My LifeAdult (f)6,6321,7461
O3TdfI'm Deep With FuturesAdult (f)6,8681,6251
NqUMTI've Dried My EyesAdult (f)6,9801,6962
YTeu6Please Sing To MeAdult (m)5,7941,5851
AOyGWThe Foxes Hunt The HoundsAdult (f)4,0811,4021
sE88gTo Every Tainted SoulAdult (f)4,5231,5852
vHgO8The Last Good ThingAdult (f)5,1941,4054
C9MAJLife's Just A Pacecount On DeathAdult (m)5,6861,4121
NGooPIn Poisoned PlacesAdult (m)3,6791,2152
JyZuINow There's Always TimeAdult (f)3,1021,0520
oR2PqInsistent PretextAdult (f)2,9601,0451
wVTXCDrown Every Sense You OwnAdult (f)3,2371,0180
sW5kQI Could Be An AccidentAdult (m)3,4389952
XgnIyI Smile Like RitalinAdult (m)3,5601,4163
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