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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AncientFyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
prfUNanosequoia a FyreEgg (F)
YwPVvAncient Gem ValentineAdult (f)3,1477152
Gif4ZAncient GiffourzAdult (f)2,6977004
YyQwSAncient Silver ValentineAdult (f)3,2007582
cwwo3Ancient Waterhorse ValentineAdult (f)2,7186854
AGZkNAncient White ValentineAdult (f)2,9396542
LwOzvEachavaleria a FyreAdult (f)2,7888141
OqVnValentine a FyreAdult (f)2,1301,36716
a71tValeria a FyreAdult (f)1,4068739
XANY2Dulcivalentinian a FyreAdult (m)2,7198063
uvFBValentinian a FyreAdult (m)1,9705447
laJRValentinus a FyreAdult (m)2,0265628
22z4oAncient Electric RoseAdult (f)2,6646752
KhwFTAncient RosebudAdult (f)2,1005671
lJV7KAncient ScriptroseAdult (f)2,6476771
SoFlAAncient SofiaAdult (f)2,0665823
0wq2cCandidrosamund a FyreAdult (f)2,5948121
IlovRosalie a FyreAdult (f)6,5401,0189
BOHNRosamund a FyreAdult (f)6,8381,0179
GeZlNAncient GezinAdult (m)2,8925381
QLbW0Ancient GoldenheartAdult (m)2,8575613
KGCukAncient HeartcascadeAdult (m)3,6096431
oDL7KAncient HeartseekAdult (m)2,4365741
vNWmIAncient Morning VaudevilleAdult (m)1,8167084
YgblzAncient NebulaheartAdult (m)2,6845142
qNR6OAncient RoseseekerAdult (m)2,9606312
yKpGHAncient RosesugarAdult (m)3,4226403
FbKwFAncient TangleheartAdult (m)3,2066091
xOaXLAncient Xoaxl HeartAdult (m)2,9385711
fx6wxBonodoriscor a FyreAdult (m)2,4558051
m68U9Cor a FyreAdult (m)1,7887044
SSbUlCordis a FyreAdult (m)1,4796542
9wc12Ancient ArsaniAdult (f)1,6096662
EpOJOAncient EpojoAdult (f)3,1046722
JSbmfAncient SaniAdult (f)2,1306645
W0TtnAncient WottnAdult (f)1,6086712
xoBQcArsania a FyreAdult (f)2,0467251
sONh4Arsanis a FyreAdult (f)2,1897121
ECOxjArsaniscriba a FyreAdult (f)2,4898021
K0mAqAncient KomaqAdult (m)3,8206412
LoIRAAncient LoiraAdult (m)3,2285411
PoyIiAncient PoyiiAdult (m)1,6205603
yLcT7Ancient Radiant AetherAdult (m)4,1536392
PpqngAncient Radiant StratusAdult (m)3,1885341
cvIMGHerbiradians a FyreAdult (m)1,7737065
mRtM4Radians a FyreAdult (m)1,4626672
7D3WCRadiantis a FyreAdult (m)1,5876922
OoycVSwallowradiantis a FyreAdult (m)1,8266974
K7pCOFurcordis a FyreAdult (f)2,0626602
v996zLatrocordis a FyreAdult (f)1,9976923
mI2MsStachylatrocordis a FyreAdult (f)2,3878082
DAgDKLychnimutabo a FyreAdult (m)2,6428051
pXCSJMutabo a FyreAdult (m)2,0347083
OUbzbMutamore a FyreAdult (m)1,9456974
R251vAnimalapis a FyreAdult (f)2,2247054
Edx24Erodiumanimalapis a FyreAdult (f)2,7031,1111
s4Bd8Saxumanima a FyreAdult (f)1,7927055
L6ABzFloralcoron a FyreAdult (m)2,2627082
zwUKUFloralcorono a FyreAdult (m)2,1897051
SeEBcPinkfloralcoron a FyreAdult (m)2,4408041
MA1GjAllurebella a FyreAdult (f)2,5771,1162
Pyg2KDulcaromatis a FyreAdult (f)3,7061,1326
An3idSakuhana a FyreAdult (f)2,2067311
OsCBhBerryscent a FyreAdult (m)2,0937082
FpAotErador a FyreAdult (m)2,0656833
oVlkAncient YulaAdult (f)2,90785810
OKMMLilith a FyreAdult (f)6,6151,40010
btHGKNoctemdentis a FyreAdult (f)2,8486623
UBRLErebos a FyreAdult (m)6,87794211
otukJaro a FyreAdult (m)4,0991,17413
YZZG9Nosferatu a FyreAdult (m)3,5087095
Cf0SCucurbita a FyreAdult (f)2,1948202
66NyzSquash a FyreAdult (f)2,5818023
t3tGAthamas a FyreAdult (m)2,1798173
ngi9RPumpkin a FyreAdult (m)2,0497731
VnWy5Venwyfive a FyreAdult (m)1,5916153
g1WAAcacia a FyreAdult (f)3,3019133
XAgWMillicent a FyreAdult (f)3,4529603
KALKPPutrificans a FyreAdult (f)2,5818062
NeyQlPutrify a FyreAdult (f)2,1698032
fnVWrAcacion a FyreAdult (m)1,6828171
lQiWwAncient Aether MarrowAdult (m)4,1209084
AtJeoPutrifaction a FyreAdult (m)2,1168091
VoYOSummanus a FyreAdult (m)3,4859414
CRBsoAncient Aqualis ShadowAdult (f)2,9155272
EaiStAncient EaistAdult (f)2,4765172
VkbSBAncient Ghost Daydream Twin LassAdult (f)2,6625142
xecB0Ancient Grave ShadowwalkerAdult (f)2,7185832
x7QOnAncient Lumina Shadow Twin LassAdult (f)2,7175462
1uZPdAncient Pure Shadow LadyAdult (f)2,6995424
39EIfAncient Pure Shadow LassAdult (f)2,5205352
Amr4MAncient ShadowcloudAdult (f)1,9225893
z0KvlAncient Silver ShadowAdult (f)3,3215732
e2wwQAncient TwilitladyAdult (f)4,1177574
urCnkAncient UrcenkAdult (f)2,2555663
jWJMREala a FyreAdult (f)1,6778081
UqeMOMisty a FyreAdult (f)1,8646154
jNrPgSpectre a FyreAdult (f)2,3125317
5JPoEAncient Blacktip ShadowAdult (m)2,9455592
4cU4SAncient Ghost Daydream Twin LadAdult (m)3,3575855
hWNTMAncient Ghostly PanicAdult (m)2,7845796
tGFQNAncient Greengem ShadowAdult (m)3,3095502
9dhxhAncient Labradorite ShadowAdult (m)2,3115187
3ezrmAncient Lumina Shadow Twin LadAdult (m)2,0585281
z4C3xAncient Monarch ShadowAdult (m)2,7665772
wHnLpAncient Pure Shadow LadAdult (m)2,9745321
8mXE6Ancient Shadow BlusangAdult (m)3,9138064
qerfQAncient Shadow LuminaAdult (m)4,0978014
cfGGpAncient Shadow Silver LindairAdult (m)4,3868104
I6CACAncient Shadow Triplet IsixcacAdult (m)2,7165052
oDxXTAncient Shadow Triplet OexextAdult (m)2,9244841
SRO6AAncient Shadow Triplet SarosixaAdult (m)2,5214963
Qqim5Ancient Shadow WalkerAdult (m)4,0048042
0IgdBAncient WintershadeAdult (m)1,4055524
20rIVLir a FyreAdult (m)2,1056764
Q1cSFShade a FyreAdult (m)3,1997223
6EYonAncient Cavern LurkerAdult (f)4,2638084
Y7S6OAtra a FyreAdult (f)1,6356254
91AHmCaliga a FyreAdult (f)2,5268041
dqHDBTenebrosa a FyreAdult (f)1,7248152
Cj8NBAtrum a FyreAdult (m)1,5886385
IOvUFAtrumdigital a FyreAdult (m)2,1318020
COH5tCaligo a FyreAdult (m)1,5186234
1fiERTenebrosus a FyreAdult (m)1,3796174
5YMaZAncient FiveymazAdult (f)2,4025092
GEkyMAncient GekymAdult (f)1,5605755
an4FtAncient Ke'maro GraveAdult (f)5,7891,0102
n8eqbAncient Neightequb GraveAdult (f)3,8559382
gID3mAncient Pure GraveAdult (f)4,2439284
V8LmHAncient Veightelemh GraveAdult (f)3,9879331
lQ2pnAshara a FyreAdult (f)4,8257261
u9AETGravitas a FyreAdult (f)2,0728071
lJYI8Pandora a FyreAdult (f)1,6116110
7QAw6Severa a FyreAdult (f)1,6936180
acIEqAncient AcieqAdult (m)2,2726265
XXm0HAncient Exexmoh GeminiAdult (m)2,7145322
YCSvFAncient Grave RainfurAdult (m)2,6395192
i1klJAncient Ioneklj GeminiAdult (m)2,9765802
kvFfsAsh a FyreAdult (m)1,7076070
vOgVPAuregravis a FyreAdult (m)1,8646771
99PxqGravis a FyreAdult (m)1,7438021
JoCwZSev a FyreAdult (m)1,74047410
bPSusSeverus a FyreAdult (m)1,9616950
s1Qs5Sevveami a FyreAdult (m)2,1978032
ZdK3BAncient Pyro DesipisAdult (f)4,0798072
Y5uZlDesipia a FyreAdult (f)1,8666752
WHJZVGargantua a FyreAdult (f)1,9626623
OKCVsInfamis a FyreAdult (f)2,3306584
KJKNkDesipis a FyreAdult (m)1,9926424
1yDVVGargantuan a FyreAdult (m)2,2156642
kv0baInfandus a FyreAdult (m)2,0376422
mmiRuMiru a FyreAdult (m)1,9156274
TyiN9Caligena a FyreAdult (f)1,7425935
iphmeDelabracaligena a FyreAdult (f)2,3948063
aF9MOAncient Caligene Zyu AlpineAdult (m)4,4418032
TarHjCaligen a FyreAdult (m)1,5686083
cLimIClimi a FyreAdult (f)1,7457202
VdgMrHecate a FyreAdult (f)1,5236841
FcLnQSilencia a FyreAdult (f)1,3427061
hoOxzSilentis a FyreAdult (f)1,9496772
b5cyfConjurion a FyreAdult (m)1,9146771
icmu9Icmunine a FyreAdult (m)2,1708041
zFKt8Illusio a FyreAdult (m)1,9426941
rhSX2Silencio a FyreAdult (m)1,5046241
g4GoPAncient Mint OmenAdult (f)4,1509254
EgULsOmena a FyreAdult (f)2,2877051
uWPovOmenia a FyreAdult (f)1,9536862
gWy5aOmenis a FyreAdult (f)2,4357012
pScoGOmenissa a FyreAdult (f)2,5618012
NDDlzOmen a FyreAdult (m)2,2768014
dRWuNOmenio a FyreAdult (m)1,8497192
yoI5vOmino a FyreAdult (m)2,3448153
x9drqOminor a FyreAdult (m)2,3097041
zQ4r4Ominous a FyreAdult (m)2,2067081
xsCypArcana a FyreAdult (f)1,9968032
VqbsmArcanae a FyreAdult (f)2,0608032
He4obPurearcan a FyreAdult (f)2,3828072
DmKNaPurearcana a FyreAdult (f)2,1848045
woaYNAncient Woayn ArcanaAdult (m)3,1757953
X897OArcan a FyreAdult (m)2,0408041
ZmHwqArcano a FyreAdult (m)1,9648065
ZODk9Purearcano a FyreAdult (m)2,1888103
Z8833Imitaminia a FyreAdult (f)2,4928023
ZSwlRImitaminis a FyreAdult (f)1,9126801
8SggjImitatoris a FyreAdult (f)2,1346812
svtR7Ancient Kohraki MawworAdult (m)4,1549142
E7ju2Imitamen a FyreAdult (m)1,9087032
QevP5Imitatio a FyreAdult (m)2,4678173
5cLdUImitator a FyreAdult (m)2,0697101
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