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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Anateutza,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
v1Pl0CB I am a time travelerAdult (f)3,3006834
ZenLICB I will travel with youAdult (m)3,7895823
RE454CB Villagers almost scammed meAdult (m)3,3465909
OiTMmCB Blue is my lifeAdult (f)4,5155662
OetMlCB I am your browny lizardAdult (f)2,6656462
mY5HwG3 My boyfriend is a nerdAdult (f)2,8726363
IzXrSCB I am made of ashAdult (f)2,3613521
DJl6jCB I am a big gourmandAdult (f)2,0816176
EuZ69CB My favourite number is 69Adult (m)3,3608023
4UOcPCB I want to eat your lunchAdult (f)2,9195972
xpur2CB I am too hungry to talkAdult (f)2,5215341
yiI7YCB Willows for the winAdult (f)4,2673374
YngRxCB Do I look so lazyAdult (f)4,2443114
4KMBKCB I am not a Gaster BlasterAdult (m)3,3096072
I4b5MCB I will eat something I saidAdult (m)2,1715052
WhUeVCB I will be smart I saidAdult (f)2,2254921
dDlssCB I am not fat I am a balloonAdult (m)3,2337113
shZmKCB Our heads are fabulousAdult (f)4,9473757
ioOFfG3 Black is for the winnersAdult (m)6,1511,0086
qObleCB Nightmare fuel for everyoneAdult (f)4,6107025
fXcICG4 I am your black petAdult (f)4,2484924
laQMQG2 Too black to grow upHatchling (f, F)3,3015262
DBvS9G5 Too cute to grow upHatchling (F)3,2994842
bQAKiG3 I am too ugly for youAdult (f)4,0038614
UPkeKG4 I love my skullAdult (f)2,6475887
XryEJG3 My skull is beautifulAdult (m)2,4096971
WVAkMCB Let's eat some exotic buttersAdult (m)2,8442782
Ufmp8CB I wanna drink some oilAdult (m)2,9354871
oxL7qG2 Blood is my favourite sweetAdult (m)5,2156934
yGPenG3 Pen Pineapple Apple PenAdult (m)3,3915595
RRPBiG7 You are my ruby dragonAdult (f)3,91836518
ndQSCCB I love my little wingsAdult (m)3,82850210
jG6uMCB You are my shining starAdult (f)2,7705691
HbN7BCB I am a bolt you are my victimAdult (m)4,15854312
kunsbCB whomst'd've called meAdult (m)2,7093961
cOQwOCB QwO what's thisAdult (f)2,3983451
CNcOGG2 I can make blood pranksAdult (f)3,9174310
qdCZFG2 My eyes will kill youAdult (f)2,0676502
bU27fG2 I look like a stalkerAdult (m)2,3556352
E3NNRG2 I am not your friendAdult (m)2,2666061
9K4ELCB Why don't you want to hug meAdult (m)4,7107292
ab0hrCB I wanna have purple wingsAdult (m)3,2812675
Pnbn3CB I am your dreams' swanAdult (m)2,9193804
f2wkjG2 I am a climbing shadowAdult (m)1,8976063
2aKELG3 I am your faded shadowAdult (m)2,3905632
qtMkDG3 I am your constelationAdult (f)3,50337210
jOyYqG3 I can collect the starsAdult (m)3,4375219
aZLT0CB Do not eat me I will sufferAdult2,4122619
3h38XCB I am made of GorgonzolaAdult3,5897494
QS8PoCB I wanna be in your eyesAdult (f)2,9133202
AKaeGCB I am not a real copperAdult (f)2,3185142
OzgXNG2 I wanna be a bigger kidAdult (f)3,9583776
AWVSlG7 My flowers are dangerousAdult (m)4,8317174
sWqC5G2 I have too many vinesAdult (m)6,2761,1298
dM07kCB I am too little for youAdult (m)4,7727161
Jn70tCB I didn't come from MLPAdult (f)3,82052014
yR24qCB My cloud is so fluffyAdult (f)2,3185372
A4z0hG3 I will destroy your hopesAdult (f)2,2966852
slRuHG3 I can destroy your lifeAdult (m)2,3905754
WhiBaCB Like diamonds in the skyAdult (m)3,5976963
Y97RcCB I am the Pink DiamondAdult (f)3,3826754
HPMrdCB I shine bright like a diamondAdult (f)4,2358392
uu5mjCB I collect only diamondsAdult (m)2,8705844
4wFiMCB I am rarer than my purple sisAdult (f)3,0765536
ah4tNCB we are stubborn like 2 mulesAdult (m)6,13763942
9kx2qCB We are unfixableAdult (f)6,1497475
63tSUG3 I am not smallAdult (m)3,2645993
RjY40G5 My horns will make you flyAdult (m)4,5724483
MEBnCCB Wi Fi for everyoneAdult (m)3,0326610
k3RJjCB Fire is for the noobsAdult (m)4,0825495
zBAwXCB I love eating old vasesAdult (f)2,1975905
YeN8mCB I am one thousand years oldAdult (m)2,5976216
66nTACB I want to eat dinosaurusAdult (f)3,5555435
R6s1hCB I hate this modern worldAdult (f)2,7915560
3pMNVCB I am blue da ba dee da ba dieAdult (m)3,77266811
vRugmCB My red is fireAdult (m)4,12871211
zayOOCB Zayoo I got a 10Adult (f)4,0257071
cKoPOCB I secretly listen KPOPAdult (m)5,1323953
zOopsCB Oops I am deadAdult (f)5,0873815
6QSsBCB I love the green fireAdult (m)4,2257322
HEMvoCB I am just a green fireAdult (m)4,3296753
mNqD5CB I can steal your moneyAdult (f)3,1602672
kKmwBG3 My name is PeridorittoAdult (m)5,9306786
EHNE5CB I am red like Rudolf's noseAdult (m)4,4217064
xYqTUG4 Blue but grey but crystalAdult (m)3,4654016
ZTAHWCB I am just an odd dragonAdult (f)4,0875166
SK7EnG2 I am blue da ba dee da ba dieAdult (m)2,9515196
kLF0aCB More beautiful than a peacockAdult (m)4,0456857
Zc5PMCB Night makes me happyAdult (m)2,8805363
VbkZgG3 I am the golden stoneAdult (m)3,2106683
AFUxBCB i am Goldie PloxAdult (f)6,2571,0874
oiFAGCB Too gold for youAdult (m)2,1175522
ParM4CB I am a golden teddy bearAdult (f)2,8875732
R4kEEGen3 I am a stalkerAdult (m)1,8735983
REvg4G4 Stalkers are weirdAdult (f)2,2985413
Rn2lKG2 Let me stalk youAdult (m)2,6415716
LQA8AG8 I created you to eat pizzaAdult (f)6,2008376
nHhrSCB I am the guardian of pizzaAdult (f)2,9322971
5DSWACB I am the Master of DragonsAdult (m)8,59682412
harM1G3 Only you can harm meAdult (m)3,0126742
NzUPGG4 I really really love nerdsAdult (m)1,8664412
lWzQdG2 I am veeeery lazyAdult (f)2,1736842
1WinSG3 Only one can win meAdult (f)4,00844910
mFK7mCB Only noobs can tame meAdult (m)2,7695584
HTK5tCB I like the lightningsAdult (m)3,0965586
Mc875G6 Holly is coolAdult (m)2,1936672
uLUFaG3 You cannot see meAdult (m)3,5309231
uNKfaG5 2017 is an unlucky yearAdult (m)2,2445812
ABYPWG3 I wish I was colouredAdult (f)2,5926343
4TPF3G5 You cannot describe meAdult (f)3,5689131
8Ta3eCB My tail just blew upAdult (f)4,3102884
lwMEzG4 You cannot name meAdult (m)3,5559201
eD4QUG3 I want 2016 backAdult (m)2,0505662
vewVxG5 You cannot catch meAdult (m)3,5529131
hB9fuG3 You cannot breed meAdult (m)2,0936081
yCMJJG2 My horns will decorate treesAdult (f)2,4306704
AHIfEG2 You always make me cheerfulAdult (f)2,4537212
fZ7esG2 You cannot decorate meAdult (f)2,4287153
bRhLfG4 You cannot pacify meAdult (m)3,5609132
6iNr0CB My fate is now unfixableAdult (m)2,2126272
Vd2IiCB You cannot fly with meAdult (m)2,2206131
CmAsLCB I am made of bananasAdult (f)3,0696216
mDyhqCB I hate Flowey the FlowerAdult (m)3,2425434
uI0YsCB I love honeyAdult (f)3,3525535
DHRw5CB I am the honey from your jarAdult (m)2,2544582
T5xTKCB Two heads but still dizzyAdult (f)3,4536134
9nGxbG2 I am your nightmareAdult (m)3,45635912
k4lNZCB I am a wolf in a dragon skinAdult (f)2,7665776
9L7cSCB I am a giant ice cubeAdult (m)6,5061,00611
qoHYiCB I am fabulousAdult (m)3,5012783
eX3W5CB Totally not a furryAdult (f)4,9058292
kJBjcCB Call me Mister CleanAdult (m)2,6196293
9MvJwCB I am a little fast lizardAdult (m)3,3446004
PH1EBCB Slytherin for the winAdult (m)3,5432882
PXGIICB SnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakesAdult (m)3,0095052
9C32HI'm an authentic dragonEgg (F)
fBcMjCB I want a friendAdult (f)2,7654891
m5eBqCB I have golden teethAdult (m)5,7277005
p9EElCB I am your hidden shadowAdult (f)3,9196623
iSX5WCB If we give you a lil frightAdult (f)6,1707432
RaaTRG2 I am a half-blood luminaAdult (f)3,4227048
vsd4gCB Don't wanna start a fightAdult (f)5,2985824
3nZ7DCB My name is AshAdult (m)5,3845785
3mEtxCB Let's try to make it rightAdult (m)6,8257782
tYvLuCB We are the best friendsAdult (f)6,8367912
tVo9uCB I am not so scary in lightAdult (m)6,5227662
LnFDWG2 And we're so sorryAdult (m)4,8196495
XS6nuCB I am a dark shadowAdult (m)5,1236496
gdjh7CB I am a dark side of youAdult (f)5,4617544
WiQaQCB I want some dark pizzaAdult (f)5,8017993
50lJECB You can see me in the shadowsAdult (m)2,7276572
qoFP2CB I am FNaF addictedAdult (m)4,6175642
cZP8lCB I can wish your little shadowAdult (m)4,3277091
9Jq1bCB I can't catch my shadowAdult (f)4,1914902
gWpRLCB Shadow is my name I saidAdult (m)6,6454445
S84uaCB I am the golden trophyAdult (m)3,4656454
LjZl9CB Gold is my middle nameAdult (m)5,1318712
ogWAmCB I will be your silver trophyAdult (m)2,9366086
HBSikCB Even bronze is goodAdult (m)2,9162193
iMv19CB I came from Darkus dimensionAdult (m)3,7737622
tiMtNToo messy to grow upHatchling (F)1,3921834
wPnXgG2 I will teleport you in HavenAdult (m)3,8154406
FkeVPG2 I can teleport you anywhereAdult (m)3,9216972
1Z5AtG12 I am made of volcanosAdult (m)3,2965675
JQY0nCB I am the Lava GuyAdult (m)2,6445273
7uCJDCB Just searching for diamondsAdult (f)3,4652971
ZxRJkSE Upside down poweeeeeeeeeeeeerAdult (m)3,0603988
GPcR8G3 I am tiny but very shinyAdult (f)4,5104311
OBWDjCB I am just a leafAdult (f)3,7557064
6WQiRCB I control the falling leavesAdult (m)2,4575433
lUHCzCB I am the King of leavesAdult (m)2,4854932
46esaG3 All the galaxy is in my wingsAdult (m)4,0613587
1xP2tG2 I am as blue as your eyesAdult (f)7,9901,1985
8iUhzGen3 TropicalGreenAdult (m)3,6057134
CBEPwCB I am a blue icy fireAdult (m)3,5394893
8DU3eCB I'm not fat I have big bonesAdult (m)3,7587722
W3DGaCB I am the beautiful OliveAdult (f)1,9375248
W9IhLCB I am as slim as a paperAdult4,3888264
7Q67RCB I am a paper planeAdult5,3966957
YrLmiCB I am your puffy pillowAdult (m)2,9416542
tuOacCB PinkyPinkAdult (m)5,2518615
kuE1XCB I am the Pink PantherAdult (m)3,0585323
IZdK0CB I am your pinky pieAdult (f)3,9677677
qcB7hCB You are my precious pieAdult (f)5,9796133
CeUHxCB What do ya want visitorAdult (m)3,2036762
9kmb0G6 I'm your silver dreamAdult (m)6,8001,0029
ezwE8G10 I thought that I am goldenAdult (m)6,03173710
uSeGZG8 Tinsel for everyoneAdult (m)6,8769666
26FJaG6 I am the golden starAdult (m)6,44179814
4FiscG4 I am friend with ANAFAdult (m)1,7205743
af6RmG4 I am a little pumpkinAdult (m)2,3376582
VdaRkG5 I am a dark pumpkinAdult (f)2,0265852
wwq3kCB I am the Purple GuyAdult (f)2,5335792
0PfltCB I am too penk for youAdult (f)4,8116369
zpzvuCB I am your pink soulAdult (f)2,9466204
W9oqoCB I love your wierd shapeAdult (m)4,1254662
KayPKCB we are the crystal gemsAdult (f)3,0885702
tuDn6G5 Red means POWERAdult (f)5,0125685
Do3H1CB I am made of looooveAdult (f)3,2866177
uwyxCCB I am your orange juiceAdult (f)3,8547705
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