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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Anarya-Ameana,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6s8sv(6s8sv)Adult (m)4,3749423
RkooN(RkooN)Adult (f)4,5639716
9dc6r(9dc6r)Adult (m)4,3819393
the2E(the2E)Adult (f)4,2711,1622
JM3kS(JM3kS)Adult (f)3,9561,1391
26GJf(26GJf)Adult (f)4,0041,1424
fgIKy(fgIKy)Adult (m)4,1781,1612
fGkn2(fGkn2)Adult (m)3,3729123
ApEKk(ApEKk)Adult (f)3,2009153
NHdTO(NHdTO)Adult (f)2,1667125
METql(METql)Adult (f)3,9521,1581
K9s0C(K9s0C)Adult (m)4,0941,1420
7vk2k(7vk2k)Adult (m)3,8931,1151
7OYFt(7OYFt)Adult (f)3,8851,1212
5lfH3(5lfH3)Adult (m)6,0591,2862
g2zRb(g2zRb)Adult (m)4,2481,1624
QMiYl(QMiYl)Adult (f)4,0601,1214
pRhsd(pRhsd)Egg (F)
cNs41Aeofell KakaiAdult (m)5,4091,08214
MDkPZAlsana Talaya CBAdult (f)2,13872518
hSLEgAlyra Talaya CBAdult (f)3,1028782
8aUvXAmayalira Talaya CBAdult (f)1,88569626
9LEidAmayna Talaya CBAdult (f)2,5378572
7kVaDAmiyana Talaya CBAdult (f)3,3838352
KUN8QTorinn Talayao CBAdult (m)2,4077464
Hj9NHAmaylo Talayao CBAdult (m)3,2577152
7ciNUAmataco Talayao CBAdult (m)2,5247881
MDJNEAmatano Talayao CBAdult (m)2,8469321
8rZKYTaronayo Talayao CBAdult (m)2,4959613
GYnmRLoki's 2nd gen splitsHatchling (F)1,9234492
2aiZAtayo Talayao 4sAdult (m)4,52997089
fAcxNTelentraya Telavira CBAdult (f)3,5731,0632
DQWZhTelenria Telavira CBAdult (f)2,38190317
zXmd0Telariel Telavira CBAdult (f)3,1631,13312
P2w3OTeleshtrio Telavyro CBAdult (m)1,7308783
nG7OqAnatalaya Telavira CBAdult (f)3,7651,11424
1vV5AMalina Mali CBAdult (f)4,5671,0264
QXQuBoraniya Mali CBAdult (f)83550830
ibHEtBalia Mali CBAdult (f)3,4661,12211
JjB6jBarania Mali CBAdult (f)2,4808952
ADdhABeraya Mali CBAdult (f)3,8641,1094
IfuvUBakoten Malio CBAdult (m)3,8031,0075
2GinXBakoren Malio CBAdult (m)2,9537284
eFmmgBakor Malio CBAdult (m)2,6899531
5nLBBerayo Malio CBAdult (m)2,21888131
WNdCBenayo Malio CBAdult (m)63039341
pl88Besayo Malio CBAdult (m)77947834
9vGPOLoki's 2nd gen albinosHatchling (F)1,0092125
39a4oLoki's 3rd gen albinosHatchling (f, F)2,4856699
Ba2SaBetshashi Bosca CBAdult (f)2,9849043
6KvZGBaria Bosca CBAdult (f)3,2891,10623
GVIcBichania Bosca CBAdult (f)1,3951,1604
OkskBocania Bosca CBAdult (f)78953725
6z0NwBeferio Boscu CBAdult (m)2,4268671
mDZuEBatanio Boscu CBAdult (m)2,9586711
qAre0Bocario Boscu CBAdult (m)5,1891,3034
vVF3LBataro Boscu CBAdult (m)2,4308191
pEuHMLoki's 2nd gen balloonsHatchling (F)1,6225982
qr3cSBoan Boscu 2eAdult (m)4,1621,1873
jEWIYLokiva LokiAdult (f)2,24587326
Y34ZCOtaru LokiAdult (m)4,1341,14432
BBRLjShinai LokiAdult (f)2,5978512
EaSkMHintashai LokiAdult (m)2,4037461
ral5BArcana LokiAdult (f)3,4201,0144
hXMivDamien LokiAdult (m)3,4591,0205
yTjBmSapphire LokiAdult (f)3,1431,04715
NkVEXPhoenix LokiAdult (m)2,1567791
eVd5cLeila LokiAdult (f)2,8441,06217
1shEHAiryn LokiAdult (m)2,86267918
m7KRdAmy LokiAdult (f)3,0661,06915
LbnPBKane LokiAdult (m)3,0871,11512
mjEP7Raven LokiAdult (f)2,76288018
a2ZyRArduro LokiAdult (m)3,3741,11710
CzblfAnalee LokiAdult (f)2,31599419
bz1pSAronak LokiAdult (m)3,1731,0943
TKIz2Kalsera LokiAdult (f)2,4121,0741
mS9xSAaron LokiAdult (m)3,2331,0941
Vn6J9Maiyiru LokiAdult (f)3,4901,1662
RG3g8Alero LokiAdult (m)3,1711,0986
tEh52Taya LokiAdult (f)3,1121,0601
1u7sCethin LokiAdult (m)4,50945648
9S8VNEryn LokiAdult (f)2,0888891
jUP7Michael LokiAdult (m)1,7731,09121
WxDqUAero LokiAdult (m)3,7101,0553
nD5V9Loki's 2nd gen blacksHatchling (F)1,8141904
eU0GAArkina LokiAdult (f)4,3908646
c6fMoAliara LokiAdult (f)2,4797054
MPACOKalseru LokiAdult (m)2,4038204
c3AEnArkarian LokiAdult (m)4,07986724
nXa8gAmariel LokiAdult (m)4,6261,1157
2hWA7Neraya Black 2eAdult (f)1,9278373
uUJMnLoki's 2nd gen alt blacksHatchling (F)2,1648326
aWiKYKamali TsukiAdult (f)2,3258372
Oh8MVAzrael TsukiAdult (m)2,9348343
8PGTbAnael TsukiAdult (f)2,7389287
KJroOCastiel TsukiAdult (m)2,6698512
JCqhYAnanchel TsukiAdult (f)2,9869914
uTg7FAbdiel TsukiAdult (m)3,0861,0231
GB6cSAcano Shadow 2eAdult (m)3,1019222
uEbsYLoki's 3rd gen BlacksHatchling (f, F)5,8758186
XULbQAmira Black 3eAdult (f)6,1201,40210
RIbf0Sirius Black 3eAdult (m)2,9189924
k8q6RAlia Shadow 3eAdult (f)2,7989483
CRkLjLoki's 4th gen blacksHatchling (m, F)3,2829386
FN2WSSheshari Black 4eAdult (f)2,4817033
KRr5QShadowwind Black 4eAdult (f)4,7537783
BOw4UAliria Aloresa CBAdult (f)3,7621,11216
Yzw3AChaiyiri Aloresa CBAdult (f)2,8041,0012
DHCCUChamelia Aloresa CBAdult (f)2,9341,12413
u7ddhJasmine Aloresa CBAdult (f)2,5789758
is5SSEarlerin Alaresen CBAdult (m)2,9001,10127
nreFJErikivale Alaresen CBAdult (m)2,8211,01217
tuUb3Akalea Kurnea CBAdult (f)2,4929212
fnHDeKaleriani Kurnea CBAdult (f)2,2858642
yAHYLKierven Kurneo CBAdult (m)3,5931,09916
KSD9bJalakovu Kurneo CBAdult (m)3,7211,10317
662WKTaleria Tsukaya CBAdult (f)2,65292524
mt6O5Evalira Tsukaya CBAdult (f)3,14396721
hhRjrTeleria Tsukaya CBAdult (f)1,8857961
2mOcBTsukiro Tsukovu CBAdult (m)3,2961,0504
MqX5rTayak Tsukovu CBAdult (m)3,9321,18525
9j8vnTeneric Tsukovu CBAdult (m)2,69390517
McP1QTelemor Tsukovu CBAdult (m)2,96887215
X6LRWLoki's 2nd gen bleeding moonsHatchling (F)9904141
513wZGalserani Galiria CBAdult (f)3,1641,0125
xC6eGGasherni Galiria CBAdult (f)3,2421,0463
4301zGalaeri Galiria CBAdult (f)3,2771,1023
TVzvDFelaria Galiria CBAdult (f)2,8021,00621
coCTMGalifran Galirio CBAdult (m)2,8161,05118
rFGrGGaelifrein Galirio CBAdult (m)2,8261,0071
sGp2QElena Acnai 2eAdult (f)2,4778131
UNbJaAnati Acnai 2eAdult (f)3,8771,0355
TUf8sEtore Acnao 2eAdult (m)2,9569972
OKSmLElimia Acnai 3eAdult (f)2,2998845
AN283Aluten Acnao 4eAdult (m)2,5787654
ZF1iGEaoro Acnao 6eAdult (m)4,1387426
iaB09Ishaniari Paribia CBAdult (f)3,2551,0845
PJt8qFayari Faya CBAdult (f)2,7017355
KoiLmFelima Faya CBAdult (f)2,8347051
iMfIFetarali Faya CBAdult (f)1,46755117
fFi2fFecalira Faya CBAdult (f)3,36678821
COn3ZFelira Faya CBAdult (f)3,9718681
jj8WuFelani Faya CBAdult (f)3,7201,1844
iSifLFeteania Faya CBAdult (f)3,8131,3181
kUGmRAlari Faya CBAdult (f)3,1121,0521
4UqWZAlania Faya CBAdult (f)2,2018141
0vsFFFenali Faya CBAdult (f)2,1717831
cjl8eFayira Faya CBAdult (f)2,2617995
5BknaFayichi Faya CBAdult (f)2,8208903
Mjt9MAlorniana Faya CBAdult (f)3,5989462
l3s7nFanica Faya CBAdult (f)2,1336831
sMc3iFevorak Fayu CBAdult (m)2,2107221
MclRiAkento Fayu CBAdult (m)3,4091,1413
M84FqFetori Fayu CBAdult (m)2,6378550
20Na1Felanano Fayu CBAdult (m)3,5179563
3O2KaFarconan Fayu CBAdult (m)2,8349502
cIqoFaranayo Fayu CBAdult (m)58640922
SGPqFeranayo Fayu CBAdult (m)58641616
nTidFireanayo Fayu CBAdult (m)64343934
p7eSFAleafo Fayu CBAdult (m)3,0549431
kR3eQAkipo Fayu CBAdult (m)2,3637234
eYCQ2Atano Fayu CBAdult (m)3,0668580
iXFB7Fenaro Fayu CBAdult (m)3,0039722
8WYP1Fechacho Fayu CBAdult (m)2,8471,0243
dFg95Atalano Fayu CBAdult (m)2,7678161
3gEqhFuranu Fayu CBAdult (m)4,3521,0015
7QIMALoki's 2nd gen BBW'sHatchling (F)2,2915653
A6LUCFelaria Feral 2eAdult (f)3,24478915
U62Q6Analira Feral 2eAdult (f)3,4779092
DrnMNAcortu Fayu 2eAdult (m)2,0657322
s1q61Acortaco Fayu 2eAdult (m)2,1818072
oWueCFenaco Fayu 2eAdult (m)2,5769843
S30nrGraphic Fayu 2eAdult (m)1,9658915
XE274Femari Feral 2eAdult (f)3,1841,0383
vGJihFayatsi Feral 2eAdult (f)4,8779453
aB9AdLoki's 3rd gen BBW'sHatchling (f, F)1,6237074
tvYUVDayrea Faya 3eAdult (f)3,67967621
hUPNnIaya Feral 3eAdult (f)3,9397533
rUXI8Atatski Fayu 3eAdult (m)2,3269091
OGJgALoki's 4th gen BBWsHatchling (m, F)2,9971,0377
doxUHBrimvira Briali CBAdult (f)2,5451,0601
Oxc06Brevanto Brialu CBAdult (m)4,5801,16718
C22ixBravit Brialu CBAdult (m)3,56089713
ubq8PBrevian Brialu CBAdult (m)3,1529598
65aNTLoki's 2nd gen BrimstonesHatchling (F)1,2963001
C5VBvMayella Blair CBAdult (f)2,7758448
8gHLAMelira Blair CBAdult (f)2,85384910
SV5DLGenie Blair CBAdult (f)2,4297933
angUGuerania Blair CBAdult (f)65942121
XivjGatarali Blair CBAdult (f)69149733
UKj6uBrivoru Blair CBAdult (m)2,3207932
FThC6Britu Blair CBAdult (m)2,2097982
TeNvGoruonayo Blair CBAdult (m)75752119
49v0Gueranayo Blair CBAdult (m)73248430
bf940Guococan Blair CBAdult (m)2,1697351
2qsLRLoki's 2nd gen canopiesHatchling (F)2,6697885
puLrGamotalia Blair 2eAdult (f)78055932
hotOGiuratali Blair 2eAdult (f)72147334
6bkNsBylira Blair 3eAdult (f)3,12389013
JnXBHoronayo Horal CBAdult (m)8455868
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