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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
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You pick up the scroll labeled “AmyPReed,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4wgy8(4wgy8)Adult (m)2,1127302
bEwbs(bEwbs)Adult (m)1,9836811
b8dCNCBM Albino Dragon A1Adult (m)3,4081,1552
51NI5CBF Albino Dragon A1Adult (f)3,3221,0000
0TCK0CBF Antarean Dragon A1Adult (f)2,6027102
BCquHCBM Antarean Dragon A1Adult (m)2,8777071
XmVwDCBM Aria Dragon A1Adult (m)2,7767021
q12gVCBF Arsani Dragon A1Adult (f)2,0387142
91tYPCBF Arsani Dragon A2Adult (f)2,6105792
6rfUZCBM Ash Dragon A1Adult (m)1,9677610
yPOtUCBF Azure Glacewing Dragon A1Adult (f)2,9347052
QLtb1CBF Baikala Dragon A1Adult (f)2,5377021
V3QUvPBM Balloon Dragon A1Adult (m)2,3138673
UcL9OCBF Balloon Dragon A1Adult (f)5,2561,4353
6CKc2CBF Balloon Dragon A2Adult (f)2,6117051
NsUB8CBM Balloon Dragon A1Adult (m)2,9387042
c3htuCBM Balloon Dragon A2Adult (m)2,7956673
tYiz3CBM Bauta Dragon A1Adult (m)2,6397033
zItw2CBF Bauta Dragon A1Adult (f)3,2767041
NFz58CBM Black Dragon A1Adult (m)2,7186871
xXg77CBF Black Dragon A1Adult (f)2,3337031
c4VCzNPBF Black Dragon A1Adult (f)2,0565512
kFrQEMBF Black Marrow A1Adult (f)3,9711,4842
k2Gh3SS Female Black Marrow A2Adult (f)4,0211,5153
72B27CBF Black Marrow Dragon A1Adult (f)2,3877281
idfQHCBM Black Tea Dragon A1Adult (m)2,9827031
ec0qgCBF  Black Tea Dragon A1Adult (f)2,5087011
m19MRCBF  Black Truffle Dragon A1Adult (f)2,3778061
L4A0cCBF Black Truffle Dragon A1Adult (f)2,8218014
f9cUCCBF Blacktip Dragon A1Adult (f)2,8677111
znHQnCBM Blacktip Dragon A1Adult (m)2,7987081
TPDn6CBF Bleeding Moon Dragon A1Adult (f)2,4587052
ZHMnaCBM Bleeding Moon Dragon A1Adult (m)2,6077051
zbC3PCBM Blue-Banded Dragon A1Adult (m)2,6147012
cO8uOCBF Blue-Banded Dragon A1Adult (f)3,9717131
1KJQMBM Erosaf's 3rd Gen A1Adult (m)1,6146104
sDcTvCBF Bright-Breasted Wyvern A1Adult (f)2,1077062
RsQvUCBM Bright-Breasted Wyvern A1Adult (m)3,2997021
PBblOCBM Brimstone Dragon A1Adult (m)4,5177904
ZjJpTCBM Brimstone Dragon A2Adult (m)4,4617521
5Itr3CBF Brimstone Dragon A1Adult (f)4,3048222
ogNPBCBF Brimstone Dragon A2Adult (f)3,7867392
Jhzd3CBF Brute Dragon A1Adult (f)2,2447071
gwaBbCBM Brute Dragon A1Adult (m)3,7737091
zlG0wCBM Caligene Dragon A1Adult (m)2,3887101
Bnwb6CBM Candelabra Dragon A1Adult (m)3,2327022
w8eFWCBM Carmine Wyvern A1Adult (m)2,8477031
AIUpqCBF Carmine Wyvern A1Adult (f)2,3887051
quNYPCBF Cassare Dragon A1Adult (f)1,9207780
ikBY0CBM Cassare Dragon A1Adult (m)1,9817861
eJDrZCBF Cavern Lurker Dragon A1Adult (f)1,8057101
9CPqmCBM Cavern Lurker Dragon A1Adult (m)1,8017090
WiUycCBF Celestial Dragon A1Adult (f)2,5267061
EOz4pCBM Celestial Dragon A1Adult (m)2,8757061
ohEqICBM Celestial Dragon A2Adult (m)2,9507011
FLwTkCBF Celestial Dragon A2Adult (f)2,45054810
moZdTCBF Coastal Waverunner A1Adult (f)1,8357012
4AgfHCBM Coastal Waverunner A1Adult (m)2,8937011
8ZWcm(8ZWcm)Adult (f)2,0356961
DRsSPPBM Thuwed Common Pygmy A1Adult (m)2,2638053
G9PneMB Male Common Pygmy Dragon A1Adult (m)3,3921,1811
wE5ifPBM Mystic Copper Flyer A1Adult (m)2,3185395
tKDLvPBM Crimson Flare Pygmy A1Adult (m)2,0006171
iTmp7PBF Crimson Flare Pygmy A1Adult (f)2,0446190
UUHMTCBM Dark Green Vine A1Adult (m)3,4161,01012
IINtiSS Male Gabriella's Vine A1Adult (m)4,8561,5543
2clleCBF Dark green dragon A1Adult (f)2,9157072
H6oyKCBM Dark Green Dragon A2Adult (m)2,6227022
K0tr5CBF Dark Green Dragon A2Adult (f)3,2207020
FQ5IaCBF Dark Myst Pygmy A1Adult (f)3,0487081
ccX9fCBM Daydream Dragon A2Adult (m)2,6949503
0pMMQCBF Daydream Dragon A1Adult (f)3,0551,0282
9OvanCBM Daydream Dragon A1Adult (m)2,8637022
kK31YCBF Daydream Dragon A2Adult (f)3,4477071
BWFNjSS Female Deep Sea Dragon A1Adult (f)1,9306221
mw7kYCBM Deep Sea Dragon A2Adult (m)2,8347011
gC9LbCBM Desipis Dragon A1Adult (m)1,8287081
EkLkWCBF Desipis Dragon A1Adult (f)1,8537181
osLNPCBM Diamondwing Dragon A1Adult (m)3,0117031
UZq1tCBF Diamondwing Dragon A1Adult (f)2,9187031
3lUOECBM Diamondwing Dragon A2Adult (m)3,0277081
tLRwZCBF Diamondwing Dragon A2Adult (f)3,6407022
LBxCzCBM Dorsal Dragon A1Adult (m)1,9353583
2kIUOCBM Duotone Dragon A1Adult (m)3,4583992
ffAHhCBF Duotone Dragon A1Adult (f)2,7787341
8R9juCBF Electric Dragon A1Adult (f)1,9856293
e5Yf6CBF Electric Dragon A2Adult (f)3,0961,0072
ruDv9CBM Electric Dragon A1Adult (m)2,3808602
tVnA5CBM Electric Dragon A2Adult (m)2,5787062
LH7qRMB Female Ember Dragon A1Adult (f)2,9409374
RQXobSS Female Ember Dragon A1Adult (f)2,7669706
pIMF0CBM Ember Dragon A1Adult (m)2,4607012
gicv1CBF Ember Dragon A1Adult (f)2,2127021
EGdWPCBM Falconiform Wyvern A1Adult (m)4,5279284
I6CHACBF Falconiform Wyvern A1Adult (f)4,0807061
aqYZMCBM Fell Dragon A1Adult (m)2,4567041
tZ2PbCBF Fell Dragon A1Adult (f)3,0077041
zhSs3CBM Fever Wyvern A1Adult (m)3,3677061
SWG8NCBF Fever Wyvern A1Adult (f)2,3577022
L7cnICBF Fire Gem Dragon Blue A1Adult (f)4,2117752
lZZ32CBM Fire Gem Dragon Blue A1Adult (m)3,4437872
6Ua2ACBF Fire Gem Dragon Blue A2Adult (f)3,1489103
EHh58CBF Fire Gem Dragon Red A1Adult (f)5,0509496
qnVLGCBM Fire Gem Dragon Red A1Adult (m)4,5758181
qAaaqCBF Fire Gem Dragon Green A1Adult (f)4,1187162
SQEL1PBM Flamingo Wyvern A1Adult (m)2,1496502
bIY4bCBF Flamingo Wyvern A1Adult (f)2,7679725
g5ZZsCBF Flamingo Wyvern A2Adult (f)2,1663480
ngXB1CBM Flamingo Wyvern A1Adult (m)2,6307011
36PDbCBM Flamingo Wyvern A2Adult (m)2,5347051
sbCIzCBF Flamingo Wyvern A3Adult (f)2,5317051
L5w83CBF Flamingo Wyvern A4Adult (f)2,8007021
Yn0rdCBM Flamingo Wyvern A3Adult (m)3,0257041
0TvczCBM Flamingo Wyvern A4Adult (m)3,3277041
sX9BYCBM Flamingo Wyvern A5Adult (m)2,1737125
QQJ6TCBM Flamingo Wyvern A6Adult (m)2,9337010
g8TxVCBF Flamingo Wyvern A5Adult (f)2,8377050
LoYwSCBF Flamingo Wyvern A6 JungleAdult (f)2,3487061
DwekZCBF Flamingo Wyvern A7 CoastAdult (f)2,3857030
7wli8CBF Flamingo Wyvern A6Adult (m)2,9237011
vh6RhCBM Flamingo Wyvern A7Adult (m)2,5657060
rQAXdCBM Flamingo Wyvern A8Adult (m)2,0967096
HptdyCBF Flamingo Wyvern A7Adult (f)2,2408041
fGOCOCBF Flamingo Wyvern A8Adult (f)1,7137362
xS7ATCBM Flamingo Wyvern A9Adult (m)2,2935781
RAjPzCBM Flamingo Wyvern A10Adult (m)1,9837860
HsQG6CBM Floret Wyvern A1Adult (m)2,4657041
fIIxbCBM Freckled Dragon A1Adult (m)2,4727051
4nvzZCBF Freckled Dragon A1Adult (f)3,0136044
HCZekCBM Frilled Dragon A1Adult (m)2,9285876
iMRYeCBF Gemshard Dragon A1Adult (f)3,2577012
Va8pbPBF Geode Dragon A1Adult (f)2,3718461
O9wepCBM Gilded Bloodscale Dragon A1Adult (m)2,1523371
gjtlnCBF Gilded Bloodscale Dragon A1Adult (f)4,2729353
h3vnGCBM Glaucus Drake A1Adult (m)2,2777033
Na7UgSSM Day Glory Drake A1Adult (m)5,6328504
UvXd0CBM Day Glory Drake A1Adult (m)3,1979712
9e3mHCBF Day Glory Drake A1Adult (f)4,7531,4523
P0W1fCBF Night Glory Drake A1Adult (f)6,4271,2192
vhrn3CBM Night Glory Drake A1Adult (m)2,4497031
2daAtCBM Gold-horned Tangar A1Adult (m)3,8799903
ZWFpCCBF Gold-horned Tangar A1Adult (f)3,7391,0842
v34gBCBF Gold-horned Tangar A2Adult (f)3,2005601
1IxWDCBM Golden Wyvern A1Adult (m)2,4827012
7tunUCBF Golden Wyvern A1Adult (f)2,3247070
2SlKKCBF Grave Dragon A1Adult (f)1,7477211
ABIWuCBF Grave Dragon A2Adult (f)1,8427021
W1nstCBF Greater Spotted Drake A1Adult (f)2,2437161
g0xItCBM Greater Spotted Drake A1Adult (m)2,8187061
ZrP0iCBM Green Dragon A1Adult (m)2,6549152
vBg8fCBF Green Dragon A1Adult (f)1,8397732
ERSfYCBM Guardian Dragon A1Adult (m)2,6436854
NDRn7CBF Guardian Dragon A1Adult (f)2,4987023
8kNKrCBM Guardian Dragon A2Adult (m)2,4947081
mSeiLCBF Harvest Dragon A1Adult (f)2,0525883
SVMbiCBM Harvest Dragon A1Adult (m)2,8013471
LF1VKCBF Heartstealing Dragon A1Adult (f)1,8937091
JWTOPCBM Hellfire Wyvern A1Adult (m)4,1877041
CHW4ZCBF Holiday Dragon A1Adult (f)2,1387041
NgnAyCBM Holiday Dragon A1Adult (m)2,1387070
ho9cCCBF Holiday Dragon A2Adult (f)2,1207030
PB8PKCBM Holiday Dragon A2Adult (m)2,1527091
hk67rCBF Honey Drake A1Adult (f)2,8737061
NWzYfCBF Honey Drake A2Adult (f)2,7447041
Ps6RPCBM Honey Drake A1Adult (m)2,4897041
KDP52G Erosaf's Male Horse DragonAdult (m)1,6976135
gAYQ4SS Female Horse Dragon A1Adult (f)4,9121,7103
mh7fvCBF Howler Drake A1Adult (f)3,4167051
oht53CBM Howler Drake A1Adult (m)2,7537021
8xGMpCBM Imperial Fleshcrowne A1 ForeAdult (m)2,2417010
ctQqHCBF Khusa dragon A1Adult (f)1,9237021
HsNGHCBM Khusa dragon A1Adult (m)2,8857052
94SUe(94SUe)Adult (f)2,0427291
bYqn5CBF Kyanite Pygmy A1Adult (f)2,6477041
GKWX5CBM Kyanite Pygmy A1Adult (m)2,5197031
MgKgTCBM Lacula Dragon A1Adult (m)1,9737081
PzYzZCBM  Lacula Dragon A1Adult (m)2,0067042
fByTtCBF  Lacula Dragon A1Adult (f)2,1357172
jLWuoCBM  Lacula Dragon A2Adult (m)2,0747041
Bc5hcCBF  Lacula Dragon A2Adult (f)2,0377011
jzvlfCBF  Lacula Dragon A3Adult (f)2,0477041
Cu73MCBM Leodon Dragon A1Adult (m)2,1367131
vMCF1CBF Leodon Dragon A1Adult (f)2,5217031
zD92VCBM  Leodon Dragon A1Adult (m)2,0837051
Uty7VCBF  Leodon Dragon A1Adult (f)2,0867051
7GMNxCBF  Leodon Dragon A2Adult (f)2,3587041
T0jeg(T0jeg)Adult (m)2,1407621
QAc7ACBF Lumina Dragon A1Adult (f)4,6876597
Kiv6YCBM Lumina Dragon A1Adult (m)3,4394734
Jqnb0CBM Lumina Dragon A2Adult (m)4,2138312
k0ZgrCBM Dark Lumina Dragon A2Adult (m)3,8938322
xeh6OCBF Lunar Herald A1Adult (f)2,6957012
cMCZuCBM Magelight Pygmy Wyvern A1Adult (m)2,0238012
qG2s9NPB Female Magi Dragon A1Adult (f)2,5848718
ZL4WqNPB Female Magi Dragon A2Adult (f)3,0329748
shdZ5PBF Magi Dragon A1Adult (f)3,1281,0477
ge9k5PBF Magi Dragon A2Adult (f)2,6439442
LY8hXCBM Magi Dragon A1Adult (m)2,0447772
vKQNICBM Magi Dragon A2Adult (m)2,4299001
cKTmCCBM Magi Dragon A3Adult (m)2,2678280
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