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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Amaryllis_Flair,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
K4FHZDela and Raine Split FlairAdult (f)2,3068862
oJCICDouble Trouble Dual FlairAdult (m)2,5207863
so9GCLinda and Worm Montane FlairAdult (f)2,7059683
siXHSNoble and Potch Doublet FlairAdult (m)2,6358391
b7GjAOpal and Crypt Sylvan FlairAdult (m)2,8119953
7Bk3lRay and Leigh Precious FlairAdult (f)2,2578413
RljsTPythia Sybil FlairAdult (f)3,5678312
JO62fOracle of Eons FlairAdult (m)3,7477901
VCLUn(VCLUn)Adult (m)3,4528891
cHeTg(cHeTg)Adult (f)3,9538871
CcOh7(CcOh7)Adult (f)4,1709951
oDDup(oDDup)Adult (m)4,2499790
iYgYCAlgernon Shriek FlairAdult (m)2,9541,0642
ayG9EEmerald Storm FlairAdult (f)3,5118681
5MYpwViridian Glade FlairAdult (m)3,5097731
iiIpvThe Scarlet Pimpernel FlairAdult (m)2,8909281
hteRcMarguerite Blakeney FlairAdult (f)2,8189173
7KqzaKaza Antares FlairAdult (f)3,8857921
ilMCPAlpha Scorpii FlairAdult (m)3,9558102
KHVWy(KHVWy)Adult (f)4,2971,0071
F1oql(F1oql)Adult (m)4,2229804
ISans(ISans)Adult (m)3,8308373
L4VDz(L4VDz)Adult (f)3,8888311
30LkBAria Schafer FlairAdult (f)3,5019181
QmMrfMourning Dove FlairAdult (m)3,0067431
TWlPh(TWlPh)Adult (f)5,1051,0122
oKRvY(oKRvY)Adult (m)5,3021,0331
mjm82(mjm82)Adult (m)2,5236742
HJNq5(HJNq5)Adult (f)2,6457122
EI5dN(EI5dN)Adult (f)4,4497961
qP7fI(qP7fI)Adult (m)4,4977731
190K7(190K7)Adult (f)4,4637701
E0bg1(E0bg1)Adult (m)4,5987851
fcF9bHelium Puffy FlairAdult (m)3,1061,0317
VlHrZ(VlHrZ)Adult (m)5,2086991
GolwD(GolwD)Adult (f)5,3317200
AJmAeFlight of Grave Importance FlairAdult (m)3,8211,1073
XMk7ODarius Vartha FlairAdult (m)6,4621,1439
JfeVDObsidian Oblivion FlairAdult (f)2,6529012
Um9FZUmbra Nightshade FlairAdult (f)2,2878772
o8x0QAssamese Butterfly Effect FlairAdult (m)1,3387294
Naa4GCamellia Sinensis FlairAdult (f)1,1426842
cpq4KAlpha Cliffside FlairAdult (f)1,6617032
zz77wOil Slick FlairAdult (f)4,3859834
RlObOTuber Melanosporum FlairAdult (m)4,3599752
vn8yY(vn8yY)Adult (f)4,2181,0141
up2jU(up2jU)Adult (m)4,2571,0221
E0prpLuna Sanguine FlairAdult (f)2,3088204
OqmTvRapid Lunacy FlairAdult (m)2,7778673
PPtfzSherlock an Mycroft Holmes FlairAdult (m)1,8329313
iqDhHIrene and Jamie Moriarty FlairAdult (f)1,9669374
JFBBkRunning Creek FlairAdult (m)1,9787484
t3tRwTigris Fisher FlairAdult (f)2,0307771
bvbDi(bvbDi)Adult (m)5,4659332
aCEpy(aCEpy)Adult (f)5,4469191
YRkGbNana Periwinkle FlairAdult (f)2,5029771
oMiuuOmiuu Waveclan FlairAdult (m)2,3508521
Q9Kj1Shelly Seaside FlairAdult (f)2,4208964
zoI45Lei Bittersalty FlairAdult (m)2,4948072
EBsxuBlu Oceansong FlairAdult (m)2,6489121
NYEHtBill Nye FlairAdult (f)4,0626911
RQRhUStunning Spell FlairAdult (m)3,8776701
mDEzj(mDEzj)Adult (m)5,2571,0162
613vZ(613vZ)Adult (f)5,0979952
tVfSISting Reason FlairAdult (m)3,8781,1093
UBNNcRobin Redbreast FlairAdult (f)2,5757172
iIQmpChar Dandelion FlairAdult (f)2,4959351
ugaqtRam Jam FlairAdult (m)2,2198541
qirEdJunia Aries FlairAdult (f)2,1958383
iXtegMenorah Miracles FlairAdult (f)3,4778831
G6DtpFestival of Lights FlairAdult (m)3,0027271
Xph79Dexter Skyclimber FlairAdult (m)3,3121,0531
fpDcy(fpDcy)Adult (m)5,2116931
uaiMP(uaiMP)Adult (f)5,2296882
yzu4q(yzu4q)Adult (m)5,1657192
KKZoB(KKZoB)Adult (f)6,0928360
hSPZA(hSPZA)Adult (m)6,1078442
7Gm3RCrimson Lake FlairAdult (m)1,8897593
KRCCNBessie Hellcow FlairAdult (f)1,9678002
PyJCmCassie Unmagic FlairAdult (f)1,9327522
AnmfsFear No Evil FlairAdult (m)2,1566552
aoLQZApril Fools FlairAdult (f)3,8398392
OhJmXCeleste Starsign FlairAdult (m)4,0068953
TGN2kSir Adelu Kirkton FlairAdult (m)2,3735132
iHcTGPepper Jack FlairAdult2,5958614
EmOBcThe Sky Is Falling FlairAdult (f)2,8948802
tnQnlDecember Tsy FlairAdult (f)1,6288709
2DF2KReddye Candystripes FlairAdult (m)3,5141,3121
qrrDCPeppermint Tidings FlairAdult (m)3,6261,2273
rIV0uSneaky Blessing FlairAdult (m)4,2707564
BFHW4Geranium Angel FlairAdult (f)3,6171,3652
jQcyfSnowy Dove FlairAdult (f)3,7771,0261
1S0Ou(1S0Ou)Adult (f)4,2988633
92WSu(92WSu)Adult (f)3,3839021
UxuSZ(UxuSZ)Adult (f)5,8711,2471
FeQod(FeQod)Adult (f)5,7761,2801
2c6bjJingle Shimmer FlairAdult (f)3,4301,3424
QaUCpCopper Ribbon FlairAdult (f)1,6727643
771QOGilly Glowing FlairAdult (f)2,2937872
2O27wTwilight Shimmer FlairAdult (f)2,2667271
yxGab(yxGab)Adult (f)3,42649611
TiAvP(TiAvP)Adult (f)4,6071,0452
a9jOZ(a9jOZ)Adult (f)5,7171,2551
mbsF1Snowfall Aurora FlairAdult (m)2,2659291
UjB0c(UjB0c)Adult (m)5,7861,2710
c56uLCane Candyapple FlairAdult (m)2,1099002
fZkmI(fZkmI)Adult (m)4,1227412
VbunaStar of Midwinter FlairAdult (f)2,2568272
CySeeCandle in the Darkness FlairAdult (f)2,3658321
vqwanSpeckled Flurry FlairAdult (f)1,9086642
JIkggWinter Mint FlairAdult (f)1,9886762
RRnX7(RRnX7)Adult (m)1,3544432
QfkyL(QfkyL)Adult (m)2,1234825
I2q7G(I2q7G)Adult (m)1,6464984
UUv6B(UUv6B)Adult (m)5,7121,2740
TsOfi(TsOfi)Adult (m)3,4318942
RaadR(RaadR)Adult (m)5,4921,0522
9IxvY(9IxvY)Adult (f)3,9577442
FUWDx(FUWDx)Adult (f)3,8606780
RTVUt(RTVUt)Adult (m)3,6881,0622
3oxmN(3oxmN)Adult (m)3,6741,0360
inc2vSheer Wave FlairAdult (m)3,4709862
LbB62Making Waves FlairAdult (f)4,0586681
Wa5tWWater Skimmer FlairAdult (m)4,6607081
IiJ7IShadow of the Colossus FlairAdult (f)2,9839612
UGmHrDinner Plates FlairAdult (m)3,2039711
z9sdSLiver of Sulfur Cortez FlairAdult (m)1,2347033
NuH6IAlight Tarnish FlairAdult (f)4,4306885
fTZtlHoney Burnish FlairAdult (f)2,7338673
y8BNaRainbow Cuprum FlairAdult (f)1,3057452
UXMQPLucky Penny FlairAdult (m)2,1026927
VO5r8Statue of Liberty FlairAdult (f)1,1817181
t5ZwRVinegar Verdigris FlairAdult (m)2,57387012
0KMem(0KMem)Adult (f)4,2518790
2eT3k(2eT3k)Adult (m)4,3569260
MbfX9Eddi Sacrado FlairAdult (m)6,6381,5629
adAa7Vinny Snapdragon FlairAdult (m)1,2565944
BP11tPrince Dragon Grass FlairAdult (m)3,9589873
NR1t2Hunny Friskie FlairAdult (f)4,58839412
8aR89Dizzy Mindrain FlairAdult (m)2,4428151
Yy8hSDaisy Reverie FlairAdult (f)2,5888381
mtVP0Benny Fishdragon FlairAdult (m)2,3349301
vVRbHShiny Shiny FlairAdult (m)3,2507111
GEJWNLucy in the Sky FlairAdult (f)3,1847071
o5fEN(o5fEN)Adult (f)5,4341,0421
F8Um9(F8Um9)Adult (m)5,3549984
OrH2b(OrH2b)Adult (f)5,2431,0011
BLJhl(BLJhl)Adult (m)5,3921,0341
CkiN9(CkiN9)Adult (m)4,9869562
gZkgl(gZkgl)Adult (m)5,0291,0181
qaehaQaeha Indigo FlairAdult (f)3,8241,2213
OzloqOzloq Scarlet FlairAdult (f)2,7229414
aT1rpSka and Punk Wavering FlairAdult (m)2,6469043
67kTCPurple and Russet Tension FlairAdult (f)2,6269392
MkMOHShocking Sparks FlairAdult (m)1,7936292
fWvEjElectric Slide FlairAdult (f)1,6926452
Wp0YXAmber Remember FlairAdult (f)3,7361,0583
5BCNJKing Coal FlairAdult (m)2,5628301
lSMRyAriana Coldfire FlairAdult (f)1,9418111
2z4xvPeregrine Falcon FlairAdult (m)1,9427841
yiOO8(yiOO8)Adult (m)2,5166801
oqq0j(oqq0j)Adult (f)2,6197031
VXIxYTox Orange FlairAdult (m)2,1878181
EiYniFever Sail FlairAdult (f)2,1688251
z0bCNCalcium Carbonate FlairAdult (f)3,4637822
U5XU7Jazz Hands FlairAdult (m)5,3421,1251
ENWnBCuprous Chloride FlairAdult (m)4,3639622
IzoaQBlue Light of the FlairAdult (f)3,6797781
K6TIxSaltpeter Arcanite FlairAdult (m)5,3721,0483
gX1RJPearl Ash FlairAdult (f)4,0297881
8bFHXNuzzle Phoenixwing FlairAdult (m)3,6891,0712
DlusiDlusi Twizel FlairAdult (m)3,0399233
U6cFCMini Redtide FlairAdult (f)2,9601,0123
cK0XvAnnoying Imp FlairAdult (f)2,5669181
AaOBxRegal Pester FlairAdult (m)2,3698522
BsYEqIris Meadow FlairAdult (f)5,0631,1011
V8h7qOld Flame FlairAdult (m)5,0531,0701
sne71(sne71)Adult (m)5,1111,0931
mQkVL(mQkVL)Adult (f)5,0471,0632
Jv5lh(Jv5lh)Adult (f)4,9861,0692
MGqCX(MGqCX)Adult (m)5,1571,0894
X3vqw(X3vqw)Adult (m)3,6479082
WXFBt(WXFBt)Adult (f)3,0027371
nBDj4Elsa Frozen FlairAdult (f)1,9138202
2W1UzChristoff Blizzard FlairAdult (m)1,9447761
KVoBK(KVoBK)Adult (f)3,5139202
KNwDN(KNwDN)Adult (m)3,9868741
puITz(puITz)Adult (m)3,4048911
qwghM(qwghM)Adult (f)3,9788841
3Ceu3Oliver Twist FlairAdult (m)2,9269484
3hncuJade Nephrite FlairAdult (f)3,2709162
e9tjTRuby Corundum FlairAdult (f)2,9749863
84femCurly Cue FlairAdult (m)2,9239572
1VAikAzure Caeruleum FlairAdult (m)3,2849612
tApaKLapis Lazuli FlairAdult (f)5,5301,3746
KmpWXCrystal Surprise FlairAdult (f)1,6738723
3uB8jPalaemon Oceanus FlairAdult (m)2,3658372
YI2WvHydne Tethys FlairAdult (f)2,3668882
oS1KFRadiance Rainbow FlairAdult (m)3,3224486
E0yLvDayglow Diurnal FlairAdult (f)2,5988862
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