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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AmarinAstarte,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oa34(oa34)Hatchling (f, F)8,1061,27111
NjH0(NjH0)Hatchling (F)7311973
TXRN(TXRN)Hatchling (F)8372144
UTy8(UTy8)Hatchling (F)6542064
JUtT(JUtT)Hatchling (F)6111944
bIod(bIod)Adult (f)3,04969168
GbuA(GbuA)Adult (f)3,89163957
4wgY(4wgY)Adult (f)4,16685135
Ymoz(Ymoz)Adult (m)3,43499544
25cL(25cL)Adult (m)1,66657566
SZpr(SZpr)Adult (f)2,41268884
5vJ5(5vJ5)Adult (m)1,73864269
oEBZ(oEBZ)Adult (m)2,29586379
OgXT(OgXT)Adult (f)2,24659788
WFH9(WFH9)Adult (m)2,469597101
F9JD(F9JD)Adult (m)2,60974455
X8CQ(X8CQ)Adult (m)2,25159389
8wTj(8wTj)Adult (m)1,73665073
je1Z(je1Z)Adult (f)2,11056779
WRvq(WRvq)Adult (f)2,20253792
RYv5(RYv5)Adult (m)1,77368792
JpHg(JpHg)Adult (f)1,47666581
ydQf(ydQf)Adult (m)1,47262983
pcGV(pcGV)Adult (m)1,85474682
GqSs(GqSs)Adult (f)1,89277987
L9fL(L9fL)Adult (f)1,61356552
ybOc(ybOc)Adult (m)1,61058651
qtJn(qtJn)Adult (m)1,62662239
xURC(xURC)Adult (f)1,67862746
3N4c(3N4c)Adult (m)1,79763930
MSRc(MSRc)Adult (m)1,79064748
M83d(M83d)Adult (m)1,88862945
Kxku(Kxku)Adult (m)2,07655654
OW2G(OW2G)Adult (f)2,39047227
jrKF(jrKF)Adult (m)2,8946477
KlcO(KlcO)Adult (m)3,12870413
h69H(h69H)Adult (f)2,47074721
ClVt(ClVt)Adult (m)2,39573821
HEQ9(HEQ9)Adult (m)2,0295099
Y6f5(Y6f5)Adult (f)2,76434220
jwoW(jwoW)Adult (f)3,23437518
dBZY(dBZY)Adult (m)2,16942016
YoeX(YoeX)Adult (f)1,83239815
ZiQb(ZiQb)Adult (f)1,64043212
Wvqe(Wvqe)Adult (m)2,19543015
t4Zj(t4Zj)Adult (m)1,9405938
tbc1(tbc1)Adult (f)1,04537715
tzxS(tzxS)Adult (f)1,2393719
5FUi(5FUi)Adult (m)1,84344612
ODfE(ODfE)Adult (f)2,6825718
Gs15(Gs15)Adult (m)2,6845916
3Ob8(3Ob8)Adult (f)1,8804766
C7Vv(C7Vv)Adult (f)2,5336044
CRNx(CRNx)Adult (m)2,5946134
gNMn(gNMn)Adult (f)2,5046004
mKTG(mKTG)Adult (m)2,1965484
S96G(S96G)Adult (m)1,9633683
Smjv(Smjv)Adult (m)2,2753238
WQdi(WQdi)Adult (f)2,99032414
BpfN(BpfN)Adult (f)1,1404474
EFLx(EFLx)Adult (f)1,2014684
MXMe(MXMe)Adult (f)1,4695154
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