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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Alxndr__,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
w2x2aT o X i c S t e PAdult (f)7,6551,1159
CGDwtF L u r r i e d M i n dAdult (m)8,3911,1307
6Q0TWB o l t sAdult (m)8,4081,1746
RtaeIM o l t e n L a V aAdult (f)8,2271,1023
0tn6cG e n t l e s t e pAdult (m)8,5951,28710
JE0f6P u d d l e s t a l k e rAdult (m)8,6511,3309
i23kPS o f t b r e a t h sAdult (m)8,6481,3385
YdwTAB u b B l E Gu MAdult (f)7,8809485
7ExsCs m a l l w i n g sAdult (m)12,7901,3854
jRhH2C h A R c o ALAdult (f)8,9301,0402
devQGFa L LeN I C I c lEAdult (f)11,2931,1762
8IRMeP r E cKkAdult (f)11,2731,2201
wQXgAp e A n u T b u Tt ErAdult (f)6,7471,0934
3CzrhR O o st ErAdult (m)8,4981,2232
sbCkrC ON sT ELl A T I OnAdult (m)8,8061,2425
1AxeGB u Lb SAdult (f)11,1401,4433
XtGJpFi Re Dan c ErAdult (m)9,1481,3744
7gUTYP i LLowAdult (f)9,3391,3756
XtHM2Re d EyeHatchling (f, F)6,7839953
uZ1DBBa CK sPikEAdult (f)10,0061,4163
HEbnhWH I p Las hAdult (m)9,9541,4225
7Ze1ADiv i d EAdult (m)7,5151,2163
BNqjqF L ig ht o f tHe SuNNAdult (m)8,3971,2293
gOEEtCL oU d eYE sAdult (f)8,3931,2236
NQx4USiCkn E sS dr EA M eRAdult (f)7,6631,0622
wVkrusH iE ldE DAdult (m)8,6361,2437
tnmxqSu PE r nOV AAdult (m)8,2141,2072
6RMpZSN ow Ste Pp ErAdult (m)7,5981,0896
g5DJKR e D  DAdult (f)7,5101,0576
qe6HcF i rE bI r dAdult (f)8,9401,3075
ddn2hSprIn g TiM eAdult (f)7,8991,0675
VvWXaG OldeN daN c erAdult (f)8,8481,2383
4EHyPJ a DeAdult (m)8,2481,2674
tWK5vFErr eTAdult (f)9,1461,2641
mPjqr(mPjqr)Adult (f)8,8891,2434
5LfBL(5LfBL)Adult (m)7,9721,1593
lMvhI(lMvhI)Adult (f)7,9421,1715
aSwYG(aSwYG)Adult (f)8,2991,1403
pOY3H(pOY3H)Adult (m)8,3361,1583
3P7nw(3P7nw)Adult (m)7,4951,0833
VkFCm(VkFCm)Adult (m)8,3081,0743
olYzk(olYzk)Adult (m)7,5101,0594
djBhm(djBhm)Adult (m)7,5261,0701
nsyPv(nsyPv)Adult (m)8,8201,1114
hxPH5(hxPH5)Adult (f)8,8361,0884
eLYxo(eLYxo)Adult (m)9,2161,0933
FVHsu(FVHsu)Adult (f)8,4591,1074
Ytr9s(Ytr9s)Adult (m)7,3291,0452
0T9lB(0T9lB)Adult (f)7,3031,0164
wSsFS(wSsFS)Adult (m)7,3021,0161
foPFn(foPFn)Adult (f)7,5061,0460
d9YwG(d9YwG)Adult (m)7,0561,0172
EMU2e(EMU2e)Adult (m)7,3811,0381
gWRYk(gWRYk)Adult (f)7,0571,0153
OILNZ(OILNZ)Adult (f)8,1941,0786
PhoaP(PhoaP)Adult (m)7,6151,0983
rhmhy(rhmhy)Adult (f)9,6531,2049
9H4Wp(9H4Wp)Adult (m)9,5391,2049
59mAd(59mAd)Adult (f)9,6121,1928
Nw7pl(Nw7pl)Adult (m)9,5011,1526
f6U0X(f6U0X)Adult (m)8,5071,1872
AYeCb(AYeCb)Adult (m)7,0921,1921
Y4fpv(Y4fpv)Adult (f)7,9971,2151
0JP4H(0JP4H)Adult (f)7,0521,1693
38tNn(38tNn)Adult (f)7,6811,1893
KoZTn(KoZTn)Adult (m)7,1041,1281
qOruT(qOruT)Adult (f)6,4831,1483
bcP5X(bcP5X)Adult (f)6,4621,1422
q54Ce(q54Ce)Adult (m)6,7681,1632
BvW3K(BvW3K)Adult (m)6,6061,1371
sJcZY(sJcZY)Adult (m)6,6991,1631
hM1nu(hM1nu)Adult (f)4,5986832
6Y0IU(6Y0IU)Adult (m)4,3326641
iVfZU(iVfZU)Adult (f)4,4776761
SVYXF(SVYXF)Adult (f)4,3436581
83Xbm(83Xbm)Adult (f)4,2586602
goGM4(goGM4)Adult (m)6,9089295
95bsl(95bsl)Adult (m)6,8969294
GMoJ9(GMoJ9)Adult (f)6,9399244
0eFet(0eFet)Adult (f)6,9199394
VT30d(VT30d)Adult (m)7,2409594
5LtSC(5LtSC)Adult (m)6,4078782
L6C51(L6C51)Adult (m)6,4498674
b3gx8(b3gx8)Adult (f)6,9349094
IeMNN(IeMNN)Adult (f)6,9429213
z6VzG(z6VzG)Adult (m)6,9259912
fxRXW(fxRXW)Adult (f)6,3981,0333
YQEFl(YQEFl)Adult (m)6,5821,0461
bFGto(bFGto)Adult (f)7,7051,1081
TTnkY(TTnkY)Adult (m)7,5781,2692
4HeJA(4HeJA)Adult (m)8,3171,1914
69tyt(69tyt)Adult (m)6,8431,1387
yB5fB(yB5fB)Adult (f)6,9801,1425
rWrJV(rWrJV)Adult (m)7,0231,1763
Otshf(Otshf)Adult (m)5,3509414
uEjoP(uEjoP)Adult (m)5,9851,0351
9qeq5(9qeq5)Adult (f)4,4406838
BOtO9(BOtO9)Adult (m)4,4236796
SfwW5(SfwW5)Adult (m)4,3936827
BK1BX(BK1BX)Adult (f)4,4256816
nOoI8(nOoI8)Adult (f)2,9477530
pnmpc(pnmpc)Adult (f)3,8437150
yhV3b(yhV3b)Adult (f)6,6361,0585
VoO3O(VoO3O)Adult (f)6,8861,0744
RCIO7(RCIO7)Adult (f)6,8291,0964
B0C9y(B0C9y)Adult (f)6,3781,0802
sDsEd(sDsEd)Adult (f)6,6681,1054
VZLdM(VZLdM)Adult (m)4,0967883
ilExf(ilExf)Adult (f)7,4001,1972
qrIOl(qrIOl)Adult (f)7,5091,2063
mKYuC(mKYuC)Adult (m)10,2621,2953
RHmVj(RHmVj)Adult (m)7,9641,2172
13s1u(13s1u)Adult (m)7,0329921
8ibBL(8ibBL)Adult (f)6,8849652
KD7lM(KD7lM)Adult (m)7,0439941
U5XA3(U5XA3)Adult (f)11,9141,5425
kRlbt(kRlbt)Adult (m)7,2911,0233
g7vE4(g7vE4)Adult (f)7,4231,0252
0AsTs(0AsTs)Adult (m)2,8966302
zDAoh(zDAoh)Adult (f)3,0846601
romVR(romVR)Adult (m)2,9506342
G1JBQ(G1JBQ)Adult (m)3,2077211
2VWKl(2VWKl)Adult (f)3,0206632
WvjWt(WvjWt)Adult (f)8,5911,2742
UPBzA(UPBzA)Adult (f)9,6681,44413
1DgvO(1DgvO)Adult (f)6,0769892
L5n7H(L5n7H)Adult (m)6,4469924
b9rSK(b9rSK)Adult (m)6,2539903
HlPCS(HlPCS)Adult (f)6,4571,0223
tbDYh(tbDYh)Adult (m)6,4399781
Il0Mb(Il0Mb)Adult (f)7,1491,0644
P3OS0(P3OS0)Adult (m)7,2101,0722
OFbJK(OFbJK)Adult (f)7,2681,1011
Ds8lo(Ds8lo)Adult (m)7,1671,0452
sFzqw(sFzqw)Adult (f)7,1561,0661
f8moR(f8moR)Adult (m)7,7341,1592
JwABL(JwABL)Adult (m)8,2641,2184
MQTow(MQTow)Adult (m)8,0171,2151
tUUpD(tUUpD)Adult (f)7,9391,1583
uWVdX(uWVdX)Adult (f)9,0141,2883
gONAY(gONAY)Adult (m)3,8056572
DcEUb(DcEUb)Adult (f)3,5246373
BUfpN(BUfpN)Adult (m)5,0907571
kl2PB(kl2PB)Adult (m)3,7318071
b68ax(b68ax)Adult (f)4,3528433
wXxAg(wXxAg)Adult (f)4,2308303
ZSU53(ZSU53)Adult (m)4,3708343
wNd8X(wNd8X)Adult (f)4,3168404
Whxq9(Whxq9)Adult (m)4,8659114
KmKOn(KmKOn)Adult (f)4,1874190
RPHsW(RPHsW)Adult (m)4,2324243
nh0kq(nh0kq)Adult (f)3,0456644
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