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You pick up the scroll labeled “Altaira,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
twgC9(twgC9)Adult (f)5,4056252
bvcCTG1 Crystal PrismAdult (f)6,6226111
ujuMjG1 Lunar PrismAdult (m)3,6807521
nHSRG1 Magi of the DawnAdult (m)2,857537142
2yelG2 Magic MoonAdult (f)2,249680200
WferG1 Magi of the DuskAdult (f)3,17672523
6ASntG2 Oceanic MagmaAdult (m)4,1346712
dHGfeG1 Sleeping Below YellowstoneAdult (m)4,4627274
xlBjuG1 Melismor MoonriseAdult (f)4,4157492
BThs7G1 Melismor MoonsetAdult (m)4,4547243
7Xt7BG1 Mojave MelismorAdult (f)5,4097061
Rx1ynG1 Sahara MelismorAdult (m)7,5119014
Xt2LG1 Minting A DreamAdult (f)2,05445870
BCCcG2 Minted SunAdult (m)2,273613155
1Gu57G1 Monarch of Snow WarningAdult (f)4,0356791
b5QhxG1 Monarch of Storm WarningAdult (m)4,9316602
FoX0XG1 Monarch of WintertreeAdult (f)4,4426581
UsAvGG1 Monarch of AutumntreeAdult (m)5,5475421
QK8GiG3 Alternate Side of the MoonAdult (m)5,8885352
vI5nG1 Katra NebulaAdult (f)1,78859415
6HKA7(6HKA7)Adult (f)6,1417253
QB8S7(QB8S7)Adult (m)3,5462412
FOyKFG1 Copper NebulaAdult (m)5,5179911
AuZbLG1 Emerald NebulaAdult (m)4,3555892
zx26xRecycled Paper OrigamiAdult4,5028290
Ee3USilver Salmon IIAdult (m)1,68962211
8RMcyG1 Dawnfall's QueenAdult (f)5,4081,0171
m4UbRG1 Dawnfall's FlightAdult (f)3,5119421
KPTVJG1 Dawnfall's KingAdult (m)3,6018530
ifdj6G1 Dawnfall's SkiesAdult (f)3,6968631
un5MhG1 Dawnfall StarriseAdult (m)4,2478132
GDaTaG2 Princess of the DawnAdult (f)4,3457980
46DHKG1 Dawnfall RideAdult (m)5,6055921
wBblFG1 Dawnfall CloudAdult (m)5,5705781
R4JszG1 Dawnfall of RigelAdult (m)5,4177081
tp6N6G4 Dobby's Omen Says End of LineAdult (f)6,3077953
J4YIG3 Purple Girl PowerAdult (f)1,47446892
d2FYWG1 Purple WindAdult (m)4,2398560
Qkk0mG1 Purple QuickwingAdult (f)6,1836451
chdn8G1 Purple FieldsAdult (f)5,1766431
yKa21G1 Purple SkyAdult (f)4,9206901
ietHzG1 Purple NightsAdult (f)5,8966941
3WyVbG1 Purple MoonwingAdult (m)4,8666991
1YDsuG1 Purple MountainsAdult (m)4,6416891
MKsfbPBG2 Morning BreezeAdult (m)5,6994901
FUAqwPBG2 Cheetah MoonAdult (m)6,1196831
pEwI6PBG2 High PlateauAdult (f)6,0176781
ZQKpCG1 Purple GemsAdult (f)5,7017181
OZ3WQG1 Purple DuskfallAdult (m)5,7007211
nUmZVPBG2 StarwindAdult (f)4,0236971
psUrWG1 Purple CrystalsAdult (f)4,9146631
xMfnmG1 Mountain StarsetAdult (f)4,4679714
hXgS4G1 Mountain StarriseAdult (m)4,3906052
Va7Pd(Va7Pd)Adult (m)5,0475931
hsZTw(hsZTw)Adult (f)5,9086051
CrdsiG1 RazorwingAdult (f)4,7377524
7xv1IG1 RazorwindAdult (m)4,6197063
eU3YlG1 RazorwildAdult (f)5,5517521
4FldQG1 RazorworldAdult (m)5,5847571
CxdAG1 Crimson RhyoliteAdult (f)3,093611137
8zOsG1 Crimson AndesiteAdult (m)1,480484100
XqILPPBG2 Andestic RhyoliteAdult (f)5,1469973
9l1gfG1 Crimson BasaltAdult (m)4,7401,0663
uiCCdG1 Crimson LavaflowAdult (m)6,3627491
qWls8G1 Crimson CarbonatiteAdult (f)5,3531,0081
69GRNG1 Crimson MagmaflowAdult (f)5,7419901
ZeyEvG1 Crimson CraterAdult (f)6,5657711
9vnhNG1 Crimson VolcanoAdult (m)5,2129110
RiQn9G1 Crimson AshfallAdult (f)4,4927990
vYHUoPBG2 Basaltic CarbonatiteAdult (m)4,9238560
umupoPBG2 Volcanic CraterAdult (m)5,4476952
mpswZPBG1 Crimson LavalakeAdult (m)5,0687111
bVfGyPBG2 Obsidian FlowsAdult (f)5,2145971
qTSJdPBG3 Basalts By AndesAdult (f)4,6315881
pYowzPBG3 Volcanic ObsidianAdult (m)4,2007032
PGvjePBG4 Obsidian and FeldsparAdult (f)5,8446171
21kqZPBG2 MagmafallAdult (f)5,7786162
fbF0TG1 Basalt FlatsAdult (m)5,2796331
m9c8nG1 Andesite FlatsAdult (f)5,3756361
rIZ3jG1 Rhyolite FlatsAdult (f)5,4426481
kdSqBG1 Shoreline VolcanoAdult (m)6,1966382
jOlSiPBG2 Shadow of the VolcanoAdult (m)5,9696693
Kj9HOPBG2 Ring of FireAdult (f)4,0136832
swZssG1 Volcanic WinterAdult (m)4,3176342
cp6WQ(cp6WQ)Adult (m)3,9965981
KKja9G1 Legend of VolcanoesAdult (f)8,2319484
rWkl1(rWkl1)Adult (f)3,7752671
doYHG1 Duskdawn RidgeAdult (m)2,0657888
5oo1rG1 Ridge PeakAdult (m)6,1596131
1bOKkG1 Mount RidgewindAdult (f)5,0477584
30hyQG1 Distant RidgesAdult (f)5,6327383
KNYWhG1 Mountain ExplorerAdult (m)5,6647793
6z6eIG1 Frontier PeaksAdult (m)5,8787231
8sEBG1 Dawndusk RidgeAdult (f)1,6096327
kyIiUG1 Royal SkiesAdult (m)5,9046223
7zHCJG1 Royal Crimson BlazeAdult (f)5,6095931
4f2VKTSG2 Spring MoonshineAdult (f)5,5497471
WBkBLTSG2 Spring WindsAdult (m)5,4187462
IgHftTSG2 Spring MoonAdult (f)4,8828590
BYhteTSG2 Spring MigrationAdult (m)4,8948660
uWisfG1 SpringwildAdult (m)7,2848692
14ivBTSG2 Herald of SpringAdult (m)5,2505633
Vof8jTSG2 Spring's WildflowersAdult (m)5,2435605
Fw2KrTSG2 Spring NightlightAdult (f)5,1515924
U4E9eG1 SpringwindAdult (f)5,3895964
n7IzPBG1 SummersongAdult (f)2,15070799
xh1iPBG1 SummersflightAdult (m)1,51563591
didNPBG1 SummersdanceAdult (m)2,11566121
liMdPBG1 SummersbreezeAdult (f)1,95368717
SC1XVTSG3 Moon WindAdult (f)5,9485831
lhhWOTSG3 Moon MigrationAdult (m)6,1386131
55qGtPBG1 SummersendAdult (f)5,2245861
QH4YSP Autumn SunAdult (f)96533535
zO8JZG1 Autumn's ArrivalAdult (m)4,0226911
iriKtTSG4 Harvest GalesAdult (f)4,7476071
8N8BuG1 Autumnal WindsAdult (f)6,4866421
1arerG1 Autumn SunriseAdult (m)6,2436411
jA7mUTSG4 Harvest MigrationAdult (m)6,2806081
hrQVUPBG2 Swirling LeavesAdult (m)5,0327212
9YOVSG1 Autumn SunsetAdult (f)4,9365651
LexMqG1 Falling LeavesAdult (f)2,8678331
Tf7We(Tf7We)Adult (f)4,3686282
LW960PBG1 Winter's MoonsetAdult (f)5,8418292
eacwIPBG1 Winter's MoonriseAdult (m)3,0187161
SVZVSPBG1 Winter's Evening SkyAdult (m)3,0477201
zqSfOPBG1 Winter's Cold MoonAdult (m)4,3341,0231
hg04jPBG1 Winter's SkyflightAdult (m)4,2611,0201
0AevMPBG1 Winter's Morning SkyAdult (f)5,7199671
9mI1hPBG1 Winter's Snow MoonAdult (f)3,8931,0213
0v2h1PBG2 Frozen MoonholdAdult (f)4,6478731
J7fYIPBG1 Winter's ColdwindAdult (m)4,1519031
FfOP0PBG1 Winter's WildwindAdult (m)3,8948721
WrT8iPBG1 Winter's MoonflightAdult (f)4,1578581
dwYZqPBG1 Winter's SnowbreezeAdult (f)4,4598091
yya9RPBG2 Frozen SkiesAdult (m)4,2428321
DdB3hPBG1 Winter's WildwoodAdult (f)4,3078322
44evLPBG1 Winter's LightAdult (f)5,3936731
oz4dxPBG1 Winter's NightAdult (m)5,7086372
5otR7PBG2 Frozen AerialAdult (m)5,0586652
MkMtNPBG2 Frozen WindsAdult (m)4,6627571
CvmE1PBG2 Frozen WildborealAdult (f)4,4137711
tZRcwPBG3 Ice LunarwindAdult (f)5,4037352
MrpRSPBG1 Winter's MoonshineAdult (m)4,8677272
aY4uG1 Argent MoonshineAdult (f)1,900543192
h2xfG1 Argent MoonglowAdult (f)2,707744207
PKDRG1 Argent AzuremoonAdult (m)2,505638167
whlHG1 Argent BluemoonAdult (m)3,184882139
QCtSsPBG2 SilverglowAdult (f)4,3269520
wXuI5PBG2 MoonstoneAdult (m)5,6766401
62eYTPBG3 Silver MoonAdult (f)4,0056972
Mq4PoG2 Ashau MoonAdult (m)4,2745843
NFb4X(NFb4X)Adult (f)5,5716001
Mjn9f(Mjn9f)Adult (f)6,0786081
cuWAPBG1 Sky DancerAdult (f)2,556657141
kNYoPBG1 Sky FlightAdult (m)2,127591135
DichPBG1 StonesoulAdult (m)1,595410112
Lwt4PBG1 StoneheartAdult (f)3,1861,10532
DjogPBG1 Stone AgesAdult (m)3,02980720
kTlUAG1 Arctic ThunderwindAdult (f)6,0599451
1VaqpG1 Arctic ThunderwingAdult (m)4,3209681
Cr9Sj(Cr9Sj)Adult (m)5,8875831
eDXbmG1 Undine of the SeaAdult (m)5,6075661
bpS0OG2 Heartflame of EridaniAdult (f)4,7599641
1DlO4G3 Sunrise in FebruaryAdult (m)6,2168304
XFSb2G2 Desert SweetsAdult (m)3,7947022
GFpkNG3 Roses of Golden EridaniAdult (f)7,5066172
EHVEwG2 Soul of EridaniAdult (m)5,5698273
gzBnZG2 Heart of EridaniAdult (m)5,5608461
UgGIyG3 Seeking Heart RibbonsAdult (m)3,8206952
zGpJmG2 Seeking Hearts of AlbinoAdult (m)3,8306952
Vwc2Y(Vwc2Y)Adult (m)4,4665591
tBsO0(tBsO0)Adult (m)4,5725541
t8Arg(t8Arg)Adult (m)4,2605391
iHlPjA Messy HeartseekerHatchling (F)1,5523842
fMmPcG2 Heart of the StormsAdult (f)6,5517762
kP9RKG2 Kin-kur AshayaAdult (f)4,8159751
r0zn9(r0zn9)Adult (f)4,6625571
oixoAPBG1 AshauAdult (m)3,8949761
WRzzNG1 Ashau SlorAdult (m)3,9899711
Ob5Wj(Ob5Wj)Adult (f)3,7187151
YDlnA(YDlnA)Adult (f)3,7307151
a3GLSP Whip WyndAdult (f)2,40096613
5YKaO(5YKaO)Adult (m)2,4616266
ZuWrG1 Alaskan WintersAdult (f)3,843728178
LCWwG2 Winter VolcanoAdult (m)2,400780149
CTXWdG1 Xeno of the SeaAdult (m)4,5791,0652
3nmCq(3nmCq)Adult (f)6,0695972
dLveqG1 Astrapi SpiritAdult (f)4,8701,0935
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