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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AlphaDream,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
h2Qf3(h2Qf3)Adult (f)7,1081,1992
0uYK2(0uYK2)Adult (f)7,0091,1962
OEtmD(OEtmD)Adult (f)3,8869450
gTPsR(gTPsR)Adult (m)5,5481,2150
PhMQK(PhMQK)Adult (m)3,5848812
SYeNe(SYeNe)Adult (f)4,1549932
dvrqb(dvrqb)Adult (m)4,1061,0410
8QKerGarlands and FestivitiesAdult (f)3,6138701
kyGef(kyGef)Adult (f)3,6298951
9JMPz(9JMPz)Adult (f)6,8251,0041
0uwjb(0uwjb)Adult (f)6,9681,0583
07KJl(07KJl)Adult (m)6,3441,0291
czifc(czifc)Adult (m)4,4407840
DxxPx(DxxPx)Adult (m)4,3387550
RMwfr(RMwfr)Adult (m)4,3717740
C6gtN(C6gtN)Adult (f)4,3977851
czJHu(czJHu)Adult (m)10,8339714
VmfS1(VmfS1)Adult (m)6,2611,2742
T2l9j(T2l9j)Adult (m)6,0541,2431
4It23(4It23)Adult (f)5,6131,0332
dZ3z3(dZ3z3)Adult (f)3,7707282
GtZqX(GtZqX)Adult (f)8,4271,2380
p8Yx7(p8Yx7)Adult (f)5,3451,0561
pRRaA(pRRaA)Adult (m)5,4091,0501
8eEdH(8eEdH)Adult (m)5,3799653
f1hE6(f1hE6)Adult (m)5,2401,0152
B9H7V(B9H7V)Adult (m)3,9677633
9QZrU(9QZrU)Adult (f)4,0438071
wBZno(wBZno)Adult (f)5,9551,1681
OAlOd(OAlOd)Adult (f)4,7531,0213
JXAEP(JXAEP)Adult (m)4,9691,0021
imQFw(imQFw)Adult (f)4,8531,0191
1zP6p(1zP6p)Adult (f)4,3477243
NDFvv(NDFvv)Adult (m)4,2937412
QknLz(QknLz)Adult (m)4,3657581
QGH6j(QGH6j)Adult (m)4,3087141
FfgHZ(FfgHZ)Adult (m)3,1178004
OTDlG(OTDlG)Adult (m)3,3508202
QZeYe(QZeYe)Adult (m)3,1638303
0ESvB(0ESvB)Adult (f)3,0908184
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