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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AloraSionn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uv25hMistress GeminiAdult (f)4,7631,09210
Gyam9Master GeminiAdult (m)6,9251,3333
0h2OgDuophiliaAdult (f)2,1536030
jQ1LMDuchess GeminiAdult (f)3,0896307
pN5DgDuchess Opal GeminiAdult (f)2,3647864
oun6pDuke Opal GeminiAdult (m)2,0665683
XGDXkHigh Lady GeminiAdult (f)5,9551,0414
FJ2a4High Lord GeminiAdult (m)2,2827022
8rtYF(8rtYF)Adult (f)4,2414251
O6z7Z(O6z7Z)Adult (f)3,1446124
0k9R5(0k9R5)Adult (f)3,0746263
WvnS3(WvnS3)Adult (m)3,5014601
OeJpW(OeJpW)Adult (m)3,5563564
2dyli(2dyli)Adult (m)2,8853723
Aw0JOGemini EclipseAdult (f)3,9431,1415
LnO4SHigh Priestess GeminiAdult (f)2,2765456
oTPDDHigh Priest GeminiAdult (m)4,3948356
snUeTAcolyte GeminiAdult (m)3,3277937
U1qj9(U1qj9)Adult (m)4,4487202
tuJM2(tuJM2)Adult (m)3,7476602
6kzr3(6kzr3)Adult (f)3,1334012
qd5EoEighty Eight MPHAdult (f)5,8759429
Nt0pFMessy but not uselessAdult (m)2,9747782
30PJuTime is a TreasureAdult (f)3,5243973
tPeyzTime is a Gold CoinAdult (f)3,8487712
n0qLzPale Bones TenebraeAdult (f)3,5687465
gRLYu(gRLYu)Adult (f)3,4367145
6ShZd(6ShZd)Adult (f)3,9073754
y02Yr(y02Yr)Adult (f)4,3313030
zgyZu(zgyZu)Adult (f)3,9376967
G2W98The Wolves ofAdult (m)5,1553992
QooTdLok SedaiAdult (m)3,4367071
3Zx8J(3Zx8J)Adult (m)3,5744453
90Y6o(90Y6o)Adult (f)3,1684702
foBKY(foBKY)Adult (f)2,8934411
mP4HX(mP4HX)Adult (m)2,7454162
RZ8jl(RZ8jl)Adult (m)3,2434131
SyzTs(SyzTs)Adult (f)4,3134483
RBtNP(RBtNP)Adult (m)3,8914400
tTmD9(tTmD9)Adult (f)4,2644550
zqNLv(zqNLv)Adult (m)4,0553861
Tlp9N(Tlp9N)Adult (f)3,5434370
hpT9r(hpT9r)Adult (m)3,6304101
qalfj(qalfj)Adult (f)3,1313922
YNZPIPowder the WiseAdult (m)4,3831,35211
HbrIII burn watching FireworksAdult (m)1,7765521
HmGxuI tan in the RainAdult (m)2,5726131
IiyzpGreen Ajah SistersAdult (f)3,4397778
ShM4J(ShM4J)Adult (m)4,7148073
erLNYDragon Rides the Winds of TimeAdult (m)3,6368273
MiRaN(MiRaN)Adult (f)3,3704831
Mr9vp(Mr9vp)Adult (f)2,2037104
ex9tAAlora's Confetti FunAdult (f)4,6137307
ni0K1(ni0K1)Adult (m)3,7744270
ncRLXEagles are everywhereAdult (m)4,4787812
kn9rQAngels are Everywhere it's TrueAdult (m)5,7227974
UMhVBBecause they can flyAdult (f)3,7777482
tazjf(tazjf)Adult (f)5,1153434
JtwUD(JtwUD)Adult (m)4,6753123
9GqOI(9GqOI)Adult (m)3,3076923
dSmzP(dSmzP)Adult (m)4,9577056
gLjeb(gLjeb)Adult (m)3,1863883
nt3jF(nt3jF)Adult (f)2,9883851
U2F5W(U2F5W)Adult (f)2,6404701
xM53aSweet Taffy DreamsAdult (m)3,5414551
ktMuwA Winter Dawn is BreakingAdult (m)4,0567153
3HDwmPink and Gold SkyAdult (m)4,0737881
2bd5F(2bd5F)Adult (f)3,9903761
nnaqMPink and Purple MistAdult (f)2,2807082
e7hVp(e7hVp)Adult (f)2,9777032
36GSt(36GSt)Adult (m)4,6833572
soQkz(soQkz)Adult (f)2,3755956
QISNm(QISNm)Adult (f)1,8535386
0SWjh(0SWjh)Adult (m)2,6236370
6saKC(6saKC)Adult (m)4,6274312
3EktO(3EktO)Adult (m)3,9384182
XG3Zp(XG3Zp)Adult (m)4,1533890
9aGpF(9aGpF)Adult (f)2,9824261
B7SIj(B7SIj)Adult (f)3,4004030
V1gWF(V1gWF)Adult (m)4,0674451
5xHMh(5xHMh)Adult (m)3,1203724
1rSQ5Dress Made of DiamondsAdult (f)5,7476842
ADl8cSnakehead GeminiAdult (m)3,5526891
p1SETGemini of the SeaAdult (m)2,9247151
Awb6T(Awb6T)Adult (m)3,2917390
l2D7U(l2D7U)Adult (f)3,2944811
KJplH(KJplH)Adult (f)3,2564000
06gDZ(06gDZ)Adult (m)4,0116510
8bvA4(8bvA4)Adult (f)2,93256210
9tfxm(9tfxm)Adult (m)4,2026092
oH1aR(oH1aR)Adult (m)3,5765041
CA8asKing Aqua GeminiAdult (m)3,6217183
CjDcuQueen Aqua GeminiAdult (f)3,2497782
GiUpc(GiUpc)Adult (m)2,8206923
D7MgX(D7MgX)Adult (f)3,0895520
Q1cQcMacysdayAdult (m)3,7651,0734
Ezdfm(Ezdfm)Adult (m)3,4656732
KRbux(KRbux)Adult (f)2,6176840
9MoBv(9MoBv)Adult (f)4,8134012
fPwSE(fPwSE)Adult (f)4,4197351
Kzawm(Kzawm)Adult (f)4,8688132
PzZKU(PzZKU)Adult (f)3,5604820
bNMI7(bNMI7)Adult (f)4,2243560
3DeVI(3DeVI)Adult (f)3,1894260
7wGV3(7wGV3)Adult (m)2,6047110
49kI2(49kI2)Adult (f)3,1676158
U7BAE(U7BAE)Adult (f)3,1676105
sT856SpellfangAdult (m)3,6531,0644
tS4fZSilver-Moon's Darkest NightAdult (f)2,3474977
Vu0q4Alora's Little Black DressAdult (f)3,1359754
PrX1NPraxin GoldschlagerAdult (f)2,2625561
9kkBhFrosted Silver WinternightAdult (f)2,3797975
nzpCdLok's Suit and TieAdult (m)9,36193212
uaNXJLok's Black LimousineAdult (m)2,1816743
tdsrtGerman Black and GreenAdult (m)2,7095510
iXEYpLok's Black Tie AffairAdult (m)2,2066862
vVVdKLok's Formal DresscodeAdult (m)2,2887131
MGcWYAlora's Black GlovesAdult (f)1,9886800
7OvDyJust Like My MetalAdult (m)7,8121,0702
Ac3tp(Ac3tp)Adult (f)8,0681,1156
bHi2H(bHi2H)Adult (m)8,1771,1115
hivEj(hivEj)Adult (f)3,2822199
W7afD(W7afD)Adult (m)4,6083740
kf0sQ(kf0sQ)Adult (m)7,2221,1494
CDUZH(CDUZH)Adult (f)2,1187042
ieqMY(ieqMY)Adult (m)2,3217071
YRzM6(YRzM6)Hatchling (m, F)4,3097959
YfBLITinsel Wings of the NightAdult (m)3,07339114
Bmkc1(Bmkc1)Hatchling (F)4,4504427
6Em15Curl up with youHatchling (m, F)5,9339428
x5lVXLady Gray TeaAdult (f)2,2111,0803
vUKetSpice Chai TeaAdult (f)2,0747004
vkjfBCranberry Christmas TeaAdult (m)2,1136471
XnwDKSweet Assam TeaAdult (f)2,1435275
MNECfScottish Highlands TeaAdult (m)2,6076423
meNZeVanilla Spice ChaiAdult (f)1,9916191
ghRQqTea'Earl Grey HotAdult (f)1,9395494
sCa8T(sCa8T)Adult (f)3,4694212
h4jyY(h4jyY)Adult (f)4,8347799
BAagY(BAagY)Adult (f)3,4884010
yLoLlShorebird OceansongAdult (m)4,2451,6812
St0P5Salt LovesAdult (m)8,81891219
r63g1Healed by the SaltAdult (f)2,1036901
qCZe2Salt LifeAdult (f)1,6525733
ONNVa(ONNVa)Adult (m)3,1286411
xg39i(xg39i)Adult (m)2,9817096
X9j2X(X9j2X)Adult (f)3,2837144
eF7UK(eF7UK)Adult (m)2,7738041
0tLwi(0tLwi)Adult (f)3,4613532
9CAOq(9CAOq)Adult (f)3,4534831
p59a6Lady Charlotte LinkAdult (f)1,9926512
6vkbDLord Meier LinkAdult (m)2,9341,0484
6WxtULady Myra LinkAdult (f)2,0576812
QS7hMLady Alu LinkAdult (f)2,1866521
OakKeLady RolandAdult (f)1,9876770
0zOQKPrincess GeminiAdult (f)3,0321,3041
qFQ0qPrince GeminiAdult (m)2,5577134
n1JM9Holy GeminiAdult (f)2,0427081
yUefXWild GeminiAdult (f)2,2355610
hnLB8(hnLB8)Adult (m)3,2737052
oVm1c(oVm1c)Adult (m)2,7577056
5AvEs(5AvEs)Adult (f)3,2987979
7wuxsBlue Tiger RollAdult (m)3,6764592
oUNeRBlue Tiger SashimiAdult (f)6,2568286
acehb(acehb)Adult (f)3,0824491
AOvUcSushi Sun HopesAdult (m)5,4666993
Ir15lSushi Sun NightmaresAdult (m)4,2394504
mJcVlSushi Sun DreamsAdult (f)3,19078711
0dAwZ(0dAwZ)Adult (f)5,5586072
gl6di(gl6di)Adult (f)3,2534012
ZnMH9(ZnMH9)Adult (m)3,6038213
hUmf5(hUmf5)Adult (f)6,2041,0764
Shn1s(Shn1s)Adult (f)3,4234030
nvMCzThe Space Between Sea and SkyAdult (f)2,4937572
wX1MRStarfall of the Gold SeaAdult (f)6,4061,0744
75xELTranquility of the SeaAdult (m)6,2431,09414
4jhqzPink and Gold OceanriseAdult (m)2,7314481
dvyP9Her Eyes Stole the Sailors HeartAdult (f)1,5516383
Hr2QiThe Sailor's Love was the SeaAdult (m)1,8287047
QEQvU(QEQvU)Adult (m)3,2504272
NheHP(NheHP)Adult (m)3,1367012
yRCO4(yRCO4)Adult (f)3,0477083
q7VR4(q7VR4)Adult (m)2,1297072
fedZ4(fedZ4)Adult (m)2,6547061
vkqfY(vkqfY)Adult (m)3,4304080
5emnL(5emnL)Adult (f)3,0515331
l1vZV(l1vZV)Adult (f)2,7355282
AH9um(AH9um)Adult (m)4,4927874
5Ua0M(5Ua0M)Adult (f)2,4907020
SW9gT(SW9gT)Adult (m)2,2557041
ylCSN(ylCSN)Adult (m)2,1195666
nsIxx(nsIxx)Adult (f)2,5206236
kT57O(kT57O)Adult (f)2,4286105
uz9tD(uz9tD)Adult (f)2,5746184
45Rtf(45Rtf)Adult (f)4,0303631
ydBPC(ydBPC)Adult (m)5,0033700
67R6n(67R6n)Adult (f)5,0723680
hkuIj(hkuIj)Adult (f)2,8474243
JUq5ZA Rose with ThornsAdult (f)2,3967523
0IcV8Gaia Hearts on FireAdult (f)2,7866094
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