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You pick up the scroll labeled “Aloe_,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hcoz(hcoz)Adult (f)4,89790648
zZd0(zZd0)Adult (f)4,90892058
TAQy(TAQy)Adult (f)4,45682146
HkKU(HkKU)Adult (f)4,7491,43949
YNdS(YNdS)Adult (f)4,63089055
d37S(d37S)Adult (m)5,50776646
49zu(49zu)Adult (f)3,8451,05437
fEpN(fEpN)Adult (m)4,34187358
x6GD(x6GD)Adult (f)4,55791249
lFft(lFft)Adult (m)2,88481928
qPFd(qPFd)Adult (f)4,1621,17643
sKXc(sKXc)Adult (m)3,56985032
2fsQ(2fsQ)Adult (m)3,62985633
ImkA(ImkA)Adult (f)2,17223825
sQN8(sQN8)Adult (f)1,84950520
gano(gano)Adult (f)2,59672429
MRhi(MRhi)Adult (m)1,84352620
xlRq(xlRq)Adult (f)2,15956023
EVf1(EVf1)Adult (f)1,88847717
05Ng(05Ng)Adult (f)3,50979834
YAAN(YAAN)Adult (f)3,59982336
D4bQ(D4bQ)Adult (m)3,65481732
alEQ(alEQ)Adult (m)2,90075633
OAiy(OAiy)Adult (f)2,97252420
D2D0(D2D0)Adult (f)1,94956524
H32S(H32S)Adult (f)2,78571830
Kmyc(Kmyc)Adult (m)3,17076638
K3j3(K3j3)Adult (m)3,35272637
aCx8(aCx8)Adult (f)3,08268020
8pz9(8pz9)Adult (f)3,58076521
oCiY(oCiY)Adult (m)3,85380025
d3rW(d3rW)Adult (m)3,39670922
65yA(65yA)Adult (f)2,96165322
tIpB(tIpB)Adult (f)3,96071736
NLxr(NLxr)Adult (m)4,32664338
mFsV(mFsV)Adult (f)3,06267126
lsui(lsui)Adult (f)3,01267935
BT13(BT13)Adult (f)3,51875138
aLNo(aLNo)Adult (m)3,53573747
4CnD(4CnD)Adult (m)3,55473730
2T09(2T09)Adult (m)1,88043116
MLP5(MLP5)Adult (m)2,21350517
nMqt(nMqt)Adult (f)2,41155622
6uX1(6uX1)Adult (m)1,93667314
12fG(12fG)Adult (m)2,12871220
52cp(52cp)Adult (m)2,31660145
JYah(JYah)Adult (m)1,33041416
E6d9(E6d9)Adult (m)2,82741817
5gmW(5gmW)Adult (m)1,43440731
We1P(We1P)Adult (m)7,26772462
FmS8(FmS8)Adult (f)1,99649329
UrNc(UrNc)Adult (m)1,77544126
R7hH(R7hH)Adult (m)1,76342322
BBl5(BBl5)Adult (m)1,87345520
rTzP(rTzP)Adult (f)1,87645223
7Orv(7Orv)Adult (m)6,80760121
5YGi(5YGi)Adult (m)1,61141423
LMEU(LMEU)Adult (m)1,42741520
5TrS(5TrS)Adult (m)1,52243720
1BTX(1BTX)Adult (m)1,48742119
280C(280C)Adult (f)1,81244219
G74D(G74D)Adult (f)1,74635020
K7Ic(K7Ic)Adult (f)2,31842229
mYf0(mYf0)Adult (f)1,39634922
OA53(OA53)Adult (m)2,13537017
5USk(5USk)Adult (m)2,47537817
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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