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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Allspice,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
btfE2(btfE2)Egg (F)
qFba5I'm Just that LuckyHatchling (f, F)3,5535898
5NLf1Silver is as Silver DoesHatchling (F)2,7244066
07iNCSpecial Dry IceHatchling (m, F)3,1321,0463
49ALgNever HiddenHatchling (F)1,2544466
rDXEGClutterbugHatchling (F)1,3762171
smG5eIcecold GoldHatchling (f, F)2,7697827
LOxgqGolden BoltaHatchling (m, F)2,9859647
PPSFdExtend the Holly BranchHatchling (f, F)3,3271,0137
kS5NcTiedina BowHatchling (F)2,6496273
kXSaJDay of Yuletide CheerHatchling (F)1,1815282
9W1oNIce MagiHatchling (F)1,2285413
vflXKBucking TrendsHatchling (m, F)2,7671,1244
hSMlqSnow to AshesHatchling (m, F)2,6831,1353
Ms6Q9RU an AngelHatchling (f, F)2,9351,1152
Y1ndEIcy Bronze MedalHatchling (m, F)6,8831,0613
iAIddPink Iced TeaHatchling (f, F)5,2488553
puwECGlowing Blue IceHatchling (m, F)5,6188001
qU3EPMolten ShimmerHatchling (f, F)4,8796081
w3mI8Ice Cold ValentineHatchling (f, F)4,3489342
XSlr7Frozen Sweet TreatHatchling (F)1,9465983
eMOinFrozen HeartbreakHatchling (f, F)3,3171,1391
UTLT4Frozen Fudge BarHatchling (F)2,0757982
szmAOSweet Frozen SunHatchling (m, F)3,4251,1062
yRWPxFrozenRoseHatchling (F)2,9297091
A0urXIce Aurora RoseHatchling (f, F)3,4621,0501
O8CRVWalk onIceHatchling (f, F)4,1501,1633
BOYYGOh Boy StarsHatchling (f, F)1,7147203
GycGkShimmering Frozen Gold LeafHatchling (f, F)3,5501,47715
h5ni4Golden Diamond IceHatchling (f, F)6,0351,1183
6WX39Frozen Vanilla ScentHatchling (F)6292972
rnby6Medusa HeadHatchling (f, F)2,3051,0722
rC4NYCold Sugar SkullHatchling (m, F)2,3931,1171
06wsoIce CrimsonsaurusHatchling (F)4,8917902
3rx50Frozen MozzarellaHatchling (F)3,8754411
uomAq(uomAq)Hatchling (F)1,9541351
cqG7R(cqG7R)Hatchling (F)1,8231421
D4i6JPutonIceHatchling (m, F)5,0881,1381
EuEU4(EuEU4)Hatchling (m, F)6,1009654
EdUo0(EdUo0)Hatchling (F)3,1583102
BnPeE(BnPeE)Hatchling (f, F)3,0319124
lqBPI(lqBPI)Hatchling (F)1,0134434
R7HWPSpiced PaladinAdult (m)2,8777606
I8MklSpiced MintAdult (m)6,2661,09713
XjTtDSpiced Setting SunAdult (m)6,2441,18410
Sun5SSpiced RiptideAdult (m)6,1931,0839
WAjEdSpiced Atlantis IIIAdult (f)6,8611,1359
T4XSjSpiced Venus Fly Trap IIAdult (m)7,1281,1646
L978hSpiced Harvest MoonAdult (f)8,1781,4316
VENG9Spiced Vengeful DreamAdult (m)10,5891,6215
jX6i2Spiced Green CobblestoneAdult (m)10,5791,6557
qHJpaSpiced Swallow in FlightAdult (f)10,6611,6886
XtH7WSpiced WarlanderAdult (m)10,7601,6718
jAgpRSpiced Nightshade IIAdult (m)9,2861,27410
0AcVJSpiced Storm CloudAdult (m)6,6371,2727
dXFtOSpiced SunberryAdult (f)4,2784716
uUcsbSpiced SparkAdult (m)9,0621,4177
nuRFgSpiced Winter CoatAdult (m)9,0771,4675
1W2V9Spiced Lava FlowAdult (m)9,3901,4427
ltOXRSpiced CallalilyAdult (f)2,8374353
1eaPpSpiced MikadoAdult (m)7,4331,1056
FKM8vSpiced DebonairAdult (m)5,3426273
6JTEOSpiced Leaf GreenAdult (m)5,7011,3143
5g12aSpiced Purple RainAdult (m)7,6571,4548
iMfLPSpiced Blue MoonAdult (f)9,9661,62411
nIF5mSpiced AirshipAdult (m)5,4788638
GZi5tSpiced Comforting GlowAdult (f)5,1599825
jeom2Spiced Aura of TimeAdult (m)4,8559644
EFaBdWar Drum UBAdult (f)10,0811,35212
e1liUGolden Coin UBAdult (m)8,0231,19212
pYlX6Purple Vine BSAAdult (f)3,0278853
66Gi9Spiced Sakura DropsAdult (f)4,0188333
L38OtSpiced Akuma Ashera IIAdult (m)10,6181,6949
KSqmZSpiced Rouge Ashera IIAdult (f)9,6761,6936
PYcbfSpiced River RunningAdult (f)4,8171,1906
B00NkSpiced BloodlustAdult (m)7,9541,1799
TiXgXSpiced BerserkerAdult (m)10,6131,5648
BaX57Spiced StreamersAdult (f)10,6541,6689
dfUteSpiced Ride the LightningAdult (f)10,8921,66214
emgJgSpiced Lord of Discord VIIAdult (m)10,1541,60916
FOCAsSpiced Razor Leaf IIIAdult (m)6,9391,2676
XQuqNSpiced History of Stripes VAdult (f)8,7461,55810
0n1EvSpiced Sailor Moon IIAdult (f)8,3611,27612
1XiMMSpiced Electric Strike IIAdult (m)10,0511,70112
AtXWcSpiced Colorful Pattern IIIAdult (f)8,4301,60513
q2eIYSpiced HyperactionAdult (m)7,5551,1316
4O2g3Spiced Forever Pink IIAdult (m)11,4121,71410
qidMZSpiced Solar FlareAdult (f)8,0821,4085
lF5CpSpiced Healing LightAdult (f)9,0861,1936
GqOOPGlowing Orange BSAAdult (f)10,5261,6259
YDv9YSpreading Warmth BSAAdult (f)10,8341,68612
bdJW7Magic Orange BSAAdult (f)5,7278473
I0b4pSpiced Time Shifter IIAdult (m)10,3621,71614
ooUuoSpiced StarsignAdult (m)4,4511,1339
Ua98ESpiced Lady of the Night IIAdult (f)11,4811,73513
mah5DSpiced Tea LeafAdult (f)3,1478124
oHc5ESpiced Clear Blue SeaAdult (m)10,7871,6816
DGhJKSpiced Blessed CerberusAdult (f)11,1101,72111
B8IE4Spiced Nox AssassinAdult (m)10,4061,6535
ErpcCSpiced Fadb Thuwed VAdult (m)7,5281,2517
QdRAnSpiced HavartiAdult5,6681,0025
JKaQ0Spiced In the Pink IIAdult (m)10,4791,4949
4LhfHSpiced Shooting StarAdult (f)3,4851,0714
eQAQTSpiced Mountain ConquererAdult (m)2,8497863
Z3MGuSpiced Flashing SilverlightAdult (m)10,0771,4669
J0e0WSpiced Soft as VelvetAdult (f)11,0491,62011
rbsuLSpiced ThundagaAdult (f)11,1841,63112
Td0urSpiced ViceroyAdult (m)6,9551,1295
I01UpSpiced Line of BloodAdult (f)12,9051,81521
H72JNSpiced Lady Lantana IIAdult (f)7,9941,2665
Msgl7Spiced Thunderous RageAdult (m)12,0511,62614
5VifgSpiced Origami SwanAdult10,8401,58511
eP1OLSpiced God of the Heavens IIAdult (m)6,6371,1295
5WPE6Spiced Deadly Swipe IIAdult (m)9,3421,4796
tNEekSpiced Yoshi's SafariAdult11,3461,66013
4OLs6Spiced Fouhc Thuwed IVAdult (f)11,5931,7068
CRNEXSpiced Hot as Ice IIAdult (f)10,2491,67710
G5incSpiced Howling at Dawn IIAdult (m)8,5741,4597
TdV4aSpiced Lunar Candy IIIAdult (f)9,0321,4798
666buSpiced Sinister HealerAdult (f)11,3291,7209
H3PYQSpiced Big Blue EyesAdult (f)10,9011,78612
bqI1eSpiced Warrior MonkAdult (m)10,9531,7407
W71GTRedish Hue BSAAdult (f)7,5011,2084
1YCudSpiced Burning StarAdult (m)7,6141,2874
BrCTTSpiced Star SpellAdult (f)7,6011,2383
HOottSpiced Healing Fire IIAdult (f)11,0271,70613
UCfJUSpiced Hot Blooded VAdult (m)8,1071,4346
RFaJKSpiced Darian Silverlight IIAdult (m)9,1981,3474
W8TYrSpiced Dark Gaze IIAdult (f)12,3501,7285
ti7ZbSpiced Tiz a SunsetAdult (f)9,5671,4205
XmOUNSpiced Yoshi's CookieAdult11,4931,8487
6lsIKSpiced ZoysiaAdult (f)11,7551,8088
53sCTSpiced Tough LoveAdult (m)11,6131,8414
EvR4ESpiced Ever TogetherAdult (m)11,6211,81412
8Mr7tSpiced SparklerAdult (f)8,8611,39011
4Y1uqSpiced BumblebeeAdult (f)11,5381,8017
ujolvSpiced Desert SandsAdult (m)12,0061,87211
OQ0XhSpiced Violet HueAdult (m)8,3821,3694
BAiX8Spiced Stripe of HonorAdult (m)10,0031,7998
9pdiOSpiced Midnight HourAdult (f)10,2561,8565
3rNfvSpiced Summer DaysAdult (m)9,6521,7453
IiAjaSpiced Crimson Stripe IIIAdult (m)9,6591,80313
HkR5DSpiced Dark Alley IIAdult (f)6,6191,1166
bik9oSpiced Ankle BiterAdult (m)7,1881,4735
3hPdqSpiced Sea BreezeAdult (f)7,1661,4887
C4WqWSpiced Sailor's DelightAdult (m)6,5191,3252
AnlW3Spiced BriquetteAdult (f)7,9761,5792
cu7Q5Spiced Burnt to AshAdult (m)7,8311,5692
mMNYMSpiced Colorless EnergyAdult (f)6,9051,3806
tOBERSpiced Sea SerpentAdult (m)7,1751,4644
j8Z6KSpiced Leafed MenaceAdult (f)8,4171,6531
LhCOWSpiced Pristine PlantAdult (f)8,4061,7307
q8jelSpiced Tropical PalmAdult (m)7,4201,16610
S5QglSpiced In a DreamAdult (f)5,0731,1326
Ud305Spiced Makin WavesAdult (m)8,5691,6915
CiRVNRed Servant BSAAdult (f)9,3441,8258
an16GWarm Cuddle BSAAdult (f)9,4931,7966
6S3JVSpiced Ayesha of  Listra IIAdult (f)8,0091,5077
ECEU8Spiced Diamond in the Rough IIAdult (f)6,2121,3056
MoToTSpiced DragonairAdult (f)5,7171,3171
CdkcUAura 'Devon BSAAdult (m)5,8971,4726
eiojEPink Kindness BSAAdult (f)10,0041,8836
qDvEISpiced Sunlit ReflectionAdult (f)9,7691,8604
57Qi6Spiced Desert SunriseAdult (f)8,4161,6025
I2MeoSpiced Warrior's Roar IIAdult (m)8,7001,6899
ZNB0TSpiced Weather MachineAdult (f)8,6101,6327
JAfKdSpiced Crimson RainAdult (m)5,0471,1892
d7BDgSpiced Gothic BlissAdult (f)6,2831,4282
LHo6ESpiced Song of the SeaAdult (m)6,0231,0757
sndooSpiced Silver StripeAdult (f)6,4641,3908
ogVMrSteam Maker BSAAdult (m)6,6281,3424
n93cZSpiced SkykingAdult (m)6,7381,4555
ECciRCelestial Red Fury BSAAdult (f)6,1951,3184
YNFqfSpiced Jungle SongAdult (f)7,3891,4535
eIfXoSpiced Moonlit PathAdult (f)8,9301,6707
onGMMSpiced Stone GolemAdult (f)9,0401,6959
ZsglCSpiced Glittering SilverlightAdult (f)7,0031,3587
gpkYtSpiced Full MoonAdult (m)5,7491,1542
ZDTovSpiced Love of Stripes IVAdult (m)5,9619645
7b9a0Spiced Cyan Verbena IIAdult (m)7,9521,4827
WGAuFSpiced Under FireAdult (m)6,3351,2637
HLHafSpiced Lady ElectricAdult (f)7,0991,2888
lHkKGSpiced Icy WindAdult (f)7,5661,3318
X6H2XSpiced Swallowtail WarriorAdult (m)9,7822,0827
iKLYdSpiced Lovely ShadeAdult (f)7,5151,4265
MSQO5Spiced Along the WavesAdult (m)6,9221,1555
VC8VBSpiced Paper AirplaneAdult7,0781,3236
Up7iCSpiced Star PowerAdult (m)5,9321,1083
eBe53Spiced Morning DoveAdult (m)9,3931,8207
CDUWNSpiced Winter WonderlandAdult (m)7,7181,3206
pPrVuSpiced SilkweedAdult (m)8,6431,0184
7L2dWSpiced Burning SunAdult (m)6,7681,2196
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