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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Alice__,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IqozB(IqozB)Adult (f)2,4238440
Ms0UV(Ms0UV)Adult (f)2,4466901
EAAak(EAAak)Adult (f)2,2187992
wZS66(wZS66)Adult (f)2,2078560
ipsJh(ipsJh)Adult (f)2,2448301
sdIHa(sdIHa)Adult (m)2,2728351
tDL1e(tDL1e)Adult (m)2,2938891
mbe0o(mbe0o)Adult (m)2,2618571
PoA5(PoA5)Egg (F)
SMmsAlice Rose in the ForumAdult (f)4,7771,1073
Iea4Two Shades of BlueAdult (m)3,9791,0797
BVmhMommy we lost our namesAdult (m)4,2801,1687
vbLsKiro SplitAdult (m)7,1941,56912
YdlNKeira SplitAdult (f)4,9231,1012
UmXQNLeny SplitAdult (m)4,9511,22710
a3n0NBlue BituneAdult (m)2,8548812
2PkGmTwo Brained ChaosAdult (f)2,6718884
A73kJTwo Headed RageAdult (m)2,9648528
5qhDAlbabyHatchling (f, F)2,8088672
RPn2Bob BloonnAdult (m)2,3067201
eqVcRAWR FEAR THE DRAGOnAdult (m)3,8661,1807
Rm63Two hundred dragons to name omgAdult (f)7,5631,7745
e0q9Can't Get NoAdult (f)2,6819783
AXamSATIS FACTIONAdult (m)3,4661,1026
QHTTNOO NO NOOAdult (m)3,7958554
HWCnWe shall not alt on this scrollAdult (f)3,0709167
q6RuAlts are for losersAdult (m)2,3927633
T5mYeBlack Curled Tail DestinyAdult (f)2,9469082
NpidmNephilinAdult (m)2,9289704
BnbRI(BnbRI)Adult (f)1,7626600
uWAaYou don't need alts mommyHatchling (m, F)4,1345433
IbdxgFrozen Black o'BerryHatchling (F)1,7235891
tNKAYPink Kay TeaAdult (f)3,1309062
L80DJSalt Salt Salt SaltAdult (f)3,0059161
xwVKuLittle Man SaltHatchling (m, F)2,0126622
vBtWnIcy SaltHatchling (F)1,0191391
sqJX1Bleeding  LoveAdult (m)3,0189112
EU9xoWasting  LoveAdult (f)3,0371,1023
RrIzc(RrIzc)Adult (f)2,6669994
duRsFive FinnsAdult (m)3,9221,2578
dE4OI Counted Five not TwoAdult (f)4,7341,2487
NP9tCAfter The BluesAdult (f)1,7987417
H2jVWCB Qjinn GrensisAdult (f)1,9668501
pBqepLyra SpotsiesAdult (f)3,4581,0873
merQTRed Chest O' LoveAdult (m)2,9518882
4NoJaCB Lynami GrensisAdult (f)1,9648232
MpaPrCB Sot GrensisAdult (m)1,4596840
CHE6gCB GrensisAdult (m)1,4086751
cPRjfCB Kius GrensisAdult (m)1,7777370
fbKVmRagricus GrensisAdult (m)3,1189172
32bvKFeliz Navidad HollyAdult (f)1,29171916
SlsEHolly  KingAdult (m)5,2731,5989
HrdsHardy's BeardAdult (m)5,4621,1739
Z5mhsZ'Candy CaneHatchling (m, F)1,3626593
TmNnGold Winged JollyAdult (f)5,7161,6185
W4jTSix Golden WingsAdult (f)3,8411,2643
V7vOh(V7vOh)Hatchling (f, F)1,3596842
qstfRibbon RainAdult (f)6,5541,40911
pm1KtFive RibbonsAdult (f)2,9991,2182
boILK(boILK)Hatchling (f, F)1,3006551
qHA9RWinter's Rainbow MagiAdult (m)2,1609400
bkf6y(bkf6y)Adult (m)1,4316373
rRelDCold Winter MagiHatchling (m, F)2,2549530
A3tn5That's a wrap folksAdult (m)2,9361,0123
1Q9odYou wrapped meHatchling (m, F)2,5429352
v1oIbSolstice MysticAdult (f)1,6336871
zxlzYZ'Blue SolsticeAdult (f)1,5686922
MMRNPCB Darya SeasailAdult (f)1,9708582
bXrbTCB Daryo SeasailAdult (m)3,0358732
YMJ1E(YMJ1E)Adult (m)1,6166945
NARuvFirst Copper HereAdult (f)1,7588408
WWgQzRed Copper ThuwedAdult (m)2,5999228
KVQsdiCopperAdult (m)2,36292910
UjLeGetting tired of namingAdult (f)3,8981,2994
LJmRGetting tired of studyingAdult (m)3,3068886
fZA8Digging for Gold RootsAdult (m)3,7331,00010
00AcSoft GroundAdult (m)2,9038622
AnoufVenus BirdtrapAdult (f)2,2288982
ZZhJXZ'We told you don't need altsHatchling (f, F)5,0141,2513
2JhnJasminn PinkreamAdult (f)2,5745256
vU8jHIan PinkreamAdult (m)3,1769305
0QDY9Mia PinkreamAdult (f)4,6191,2028
JXOf7CB Isilia DeepseaAdult (f)1,8628041
yK4ZnFreezing DepthsHatchling (m, F)2,1395936
TaoPQLatern HeadHatchling (F)1,2531801
kmOiPurple Hei BandsAdult (f)2,5016256
nVZ3Red VeneziaAdult (f)4,1621,2626
uBbvElectric ShootAdult (m)4,6761,0846
HbGFUsbal UwkaAdult (m)5,3411,3866
TFd4Rophy TnaaAdult (f)2,7528422
eliqgElio YkalAdult (m)2,9218842
zuvc7Z'uvckAdult (m)2,3428102
We3VWe Three ViewHatchling (f, F)3,29043510
HThcFlamingo GardenAdult (f)3,3655242
XItaUPrince Damian KatzengoldAdult (m)2,5399397
ntDLALord Klaus KatzengoldAdult (m)2,2747984
XP7FInGeodeAdult (m)4,9361,20215
hSoIkPebev ThuwedAdult (m)2,4677712
gW1v0Yabam ThuwedAdult (m)2,7248414
EXWY0Lana ThuwedAdult (f)2,9309072
XQ6BFPanop ThuwedAdult (m)2,9868944
UPYKaGlorifying DayAdult (m)2,6978691
LToolCB Dazzling GirlAdult (f)3,0319103
0t9knCB Dusk HaloAdult (m)3,3241,0622
kH9IUMarie JaneAdult (f)2,6428966
zErR7Z'eldaAdult (f)2,9101,06413
4ZimeGold for YouAdult (m)2,5828456
wf9nk(wf9nk)Adult (f)1,9797241
edeRSophie HonorAdult (f)6,4151,70812
1GrtDon HonorAdult (m)4,5291,4404
oV9dFitzzzzzAdult (m)4,1191,3273
U7Z1aSneaky  SneakyAdult (f)2,4087701
UFSUTempest FogAdult (m)2,5164724
n1UUIlyra FogAdult (f)6,7521,0239
niObuJack FogAdult (m)2,5179310
2PZj4Spade TormentAdult (f)2,6499401
IYC4TDianna FogAdult (f)3,7481,2716
bsOHmTinselkin FogHatchling (m, F)1,8616273
enX7MY PebbleAdult (m)7,0131,3624
fquB7Oh My Neck AcheAdult (m)1,6046151
vtHH5Green Spotted WingsAdult (f)1,9656384
I9Un8Vaiao UwoalAdult (f)3,4891,0614
btSDvUveal JuslalAdult (m)3,3541,0546
cUfSGuardian of APAdult (m)4,9121,3589
mVa3Guardian of CBAdult (m)3,0408313
KS6Y7Golden Memories Of HerAdult (m)1,8047134
3GSaxGolden Memories Of HimAdult (f)2,2358032
kCUlJPretty ShimmerkinAdult (f)2,7409225
IErhNFour Time's a CharmAdult (f)2,7838855
VBPggSmooth CallAdult (f)3,1829036
tCWtFVegas Golden LightsAdult (f)3,0781,0098
ARIbDAriadne EverlightAdult (f)4,8501,1605
puNhbWere GoldenAdult (f)5,1891,5676
48HmBShruikan GildedscaleAdult (m)4,8241,5504
lkm0k7G ShimmerkinAdult (f)2,3038907
FkuOzSpreadingg LoveAdult (m)2,4671,0036
k1XqGGolden PleasuresAdult (m)2,4359267
wjGomAli's LanityAdult (f)3,5248884
hOCMaGolden' PresentAdult (m)3,8301,3326
xYsEcGolden ShadownAdult (m)1,8677115
uxZBuCB GoldwinaAdult (f)1,2986776
q30JuGoldstein the VillainAdult (m)4,6321,2037
b6AxoAurelia LuxAdult (f)2,2698042
VLDZLGolden GirrlAdult (f)2,2527972
qOLiBGolden Ribbon ToastAdult (f)1,6626536
CR5w0CR 05Adult (m)5,2491,2084
c03JGCerwen JGAdult (m)2,6138871
38TL5Tolkien JAdult (m)5,2581,2224
vfpw0Golden BlooodedAdult (m)4,0871,3614
b0xTsGolden ActionsAdult (f)4,2181,3774
MSrR6Mr FestiveAdult (m)4,3959635
4WOSWGolden BrinneAdult (f)4,2921,2162
LVFFAI don't know whereAdult (f)2,6139013
E9kW2You're going but do you gotAdult (f)2,6188442
Dc61vRoom for one moreAdult (f)2,6498642
cHWfQTroubled  soulAdult (f)1,8646935
UNhVkI don't know where I'mAdult (f)2,6089933
qMIFmGoing but I don't thinkAdult (m)2,6199830
6rT9cI'm coming home and I saidAdult (m)2,5449841
Ng8ZKI'll check in tomorrow if IAdult (m)2,5951,0411
r1B4ZDon't wake up deadAdult (f)2,5631,0131
PMU5bThis is the road to ruin andAdult (f)2,8847764
SwWKdPumpkin YaoinAdult (m)2,1559076
wCTGsAutumnn PumpkinAdult (m)2,1408586
TxWp2Skull NightmareAdult (f)2,25193512
s6k1QCross GoatAdult (m)2,3069024
angesShadow AngesAdult (m)3,0521,1822
F35ESSilent as a ShadowAdult (f)3,0571,2001
AOfVYAnna Shadowing LightsAdult (f)3,0141,2071
lcraKIsaak WalkerAdult (m)3,0311,1521
HmoGBFreeziing ShadowHatchling (f, F)3,6582834
ZlcLeZ'iclesAdult (f)2,2188936
P14ZLStalker DorkfaceAdult (f)2,4307667
rulohR'hllor MarshmallowAdult (m)2,3887885
Nndh5Margaery MarshmallowAdult (f)1,6478044
RTaqtRobb MarshmallowAdult (m)1,5998024
DVW5dDaenerys MarshmallowAdult (f)1,8158093
GXhDDDrogo MarshmallowAdult (m)1,8188483
fjDw9Melissandre MarshmallowAdult (f)1,7518112
cvRVDo MyAdult (m)6,3671,34210
dJLnDirty WorkAdult (m)4,6581,4598
rKnvBlue' InfernoAdult (f)4,2071,0218
Y8GZ0Green FirahAdult (f)4,1398363
JDi0cFrozen  HellHatchling (F)6361782
sZqJy(sZqJy)Adult (f)2,8978824
AequP(AequP)Adult (f)1,9236933
GWsG(GWsG)Adult (m)3,7665573
ioqe(ioqe)Adult (m)4,9601,1518
DBLmt(DBLmt)Hatchling (m, F)1,9106592
TCVKXMyra ThuwedAdult (f)3,1821,0586
Lani1Lionel IciclesAdult (m)3,2289046
Nbb8(Nbb8)Adult (m)3,0939391
F8Vo4(F8Vo4)Adult (m)1,8438211
XoVRYIluminaeAdult (m)4,9261,2278
hy0rRApricumAdult (f)3,0489331
GjWC(GjWC)Adult (f)3,1369786
mFhnA(mFhnA)Adult (m)2,2399162
FYW1o(FYW1o)Adult (m)2,6099807
S8pKE(S8pKE)Adult (m)3,0009094
e29CNTeleporting yer mindAdult (m)1,9577054
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