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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Alexiel-sama,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5b2DXBaby Tree FlowerEgg (F)
80OuLWhite ChickenAdult (f)1,63845917
xc4AWhite Dragon with Blue EyesAdult (m)1,35237122
apyCPurple glitterAdult (f)1,38739328
FQR2Death Red FlameAdult (f)1,34836926
yodBBluesea DeathAdult (m)1,35336425
IOKgPurple glitter boyAdult (m)75551530
3Hf8Bluesea Death GirlAdult (f)79953028
n8sXZBlue Eyed White DraconiaAdult (f)2,17288110
mIUsvMortal Red FlameAdult (m)5,2309391
95VvhRed and Black AeonAdult (m)4,0989984
AjLQORed and Blue AeonAdult (f)4,5328262
3Gr1xChrono Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)1,5275014
OGRyDOgryd-Chrono Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)3,5281,0994
X1MiWGaia  Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)1,4714954
NM4E1Gaia  Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)5,0851,0973
LTFv4Pyro  Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)1,5515193
c6TQVPyro  Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)4,9259614
6vMEQAstrapi  Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)1,4825003
kqUxpAstrapi  Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)5,8441,0333
99SUvThalass  Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)1,4034763
aECZSThalass  Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)3,6067812
r0itnMageia  Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)1,4564912
Q7GLhMageia  Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)5,0131,0987
hcvvNKe'maro Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)3,6629543
FWRUJKe'maro Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)5,8101,2136
IvKpVObidar Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)3,6779712
0nNRaObidar Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)5,7301,1974
Onc3MAso Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)3,7089535
kEMgXAso Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)5,6901,1808
pp7pGUmbra Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)3,6968613
GWdKlUmbra Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)3,7131,0427
q2m8fPharos Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)3,7919732
W0PKBPharos Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)5,7261,1648
wffb3Aquilo Xenowyrm LordAdult (m)3,7699633
RKdWFAquilo Xenowyrm LadyAdult (f)5,7981,1886
VzZDvStaterae Xenowyrn KingAdult (m)5,8381,1985
L5G2jStaterae Xenowyrn QueenAdult (f)6,2941,1206
z8srLGolden Blue SoulAdult (f)1,62345215
v2J32Blue Purple SoulAdult (m)1,70547618
ClateClateAdult (m)2,07349720
S5w2IRoyal Crimson SpellAdult (f)2,06548820
ijKZColorful Day GloryAdult (m)70753430
DiMjDark Night GloryAdult (f)76155213
5xaGkRed  Finned Tidal LordAdult (m)2,34553521
LaDf5Red Finned Tidal LadyAdult (f)2,36353828
XcQ7BlumnoAdult (m)66047422
lLRsBlumnaAdult (f)69148639
D8vlxGlaucus White and Blue LadyAdult (f)1,7435263
mXSnBGlaucus White and Blue LordAdult (m)1,7195193
0Uc8nWhite Tsu'namiAdult (f)1,7624854
jDXt6Blue Tsu'namiAdult (m)1,87259218
ddB2cBlue Winged SnakeAdult (m)2,63548216
9k5W1Blue Winged SerpentAdult (f)1,83354420
geEBBlue Wave RunnerAdult (m)1,06955727
7xM4fBlue Wave Runner LadyAdult (f)3,6521,0183
fyuTlFyuTlAdult (f)4,0647622
XHb8eBlue Storm RiderAdult (m)4,6178123
7BGC4White Winter FrostAdult (f)1,5986571
cuPylBlue Winter FrostAdult (m)1,5216151
Ef3vGray Dragon LadyAdult (f)66939129
MrfeLord Gray DragonAdult (m)80756519
Eh29Shiny Silver ShieldAdult (m)83844634
DDRAzBright Silver ShieldAdult (f)1,92652819
AvoOFAvoof ShieldAdult (m)8,2101,2762
zrsXZPrincess Dark Nobleshield PureAdult (f)5,2889303
Pc4JxPrincess Dark NobleshieldAdult (f)6,5501,1304
hzYZOPrince Dark NobleshieldAdult (m)6,6621,1795
tFlZBeautiful Purple SpeedAdult (m)68542243
cDjymPretty Purple SpeedAdult (f)1,69548019
rhxDKBlue Hell Fire MareAdult (f)3,0135329
wJ4JDRed Hell Fire HorseAdult (m)2,94557811
WLFjtGolden Metalic BeautyAdult (f)2,33557228
pc50dGolden Metalic Beauty MaleAdult (m)2,07959733
yhAybBrown SeragammaAdult (m)1,79855715
dFZOcLady Brown SeragammaAdult (f)2,32549831
1S4PGold Treasure GuardianAdult (m)84851543
s59fdGold Treasure KeeperAdult (f)3,43163421
Haf6vGold'EnAdult (m)2,14857432
y57jPGold-haired VenturisAdult (f)6,0711,0833
sm0KSBlond VenturisAdult (m)6,1971,0772
reAJGreat Silver DragonAdult (m)2,84491932
2RONvGreat Silver DraconiaAdult (f)1,71360232
qSJ3xBlue and Green River LordAdult (m)4,5971,3605
uV9rYBlue and Green River LadyAdult (f)4,5661,4041
jkAJ7Blue Saphire Gem DragonAdult (f)4,6231,3794
56oUsRed Ruby Gem DragonAdult (m)4,6991,3984
XWF5VGreen Emeraud Gem DragonAdult (m)3,9891,2334
EMBfjBlue Rigde BabyHatchling (F)5151971
ROiLBeautiful Red and Purple WingsAdult (m)86854926
1ttIBeautiful Purple WingsAdult (f)86458322
lFM0gTan Ridge BabyHatchling (F)5462291
J9qgTanned Red WingsAdult (m)94761923
MEjsBeautiful Tanned Purple WingsAdult (f)99663225
CZQ2Madam Green EarthAdult (f)81243735
A6l98Mister Green EarthAdult (m)1,83750416
4XpeLord of the LandsAdult (m)77242139
O6yonLady of the LandsAdult (f)1,87852824
1TvYYellow DandelionAdult (m)80246545
PJSVKGreen DandellionAdult (f)4,7488584
tjkYGreen TerraAdult (f)83258535
pc6YGreen TerraeAdult (m)5,0221,3259
deMSnGreen Fever WyvernAdult (m)2,8061,0441
BgxM7Green Fever DragonAdult (f)2,7189861
BIPUJBlue Anagallis LadyAdult (f)1,6494652
ntRh4Red Anagallis LordAdult (m)1,6834722
OWNTqGreen Greater Spotted LadyAdult (f)4,2011,1553
GkiLAGreen Greater Spotted LordAdult (m)4,2231,1893
06J3cGreen Undine LordAdult (m)2,0757722
aeHNuGreen Undine LadyAdult (f)2,0707282
MFeNSEmefensAdult (m)4,0209673
dnrxTDinrixtAdult (f)4,3341,2104
xxSq1Yellow Crowned Dragon LordAdult (m)2,28850914
UP2wYYellow Crowned LadyAdult (f)2,14550025
6gkEZBrigth MoonAdult (f)1,87653129
BhQb9Red Light MoonAdult (m)1,64348823
8E6AMarius -The RomanusAdult (m)1,26267942
bPhMClaudia GabrielleAdult (f)68644936
dESadESaHatchling (f, F)89933015
hZlQVamppire BabyHatchling (F)42725426
8V2EOrange PumpkimAdult (f)97254839
MhPeLady SkeletonAdult (f)1,64485123
25nsLord SkeletonAdult (m)1,67685529
ICQdqPhantom-The White ShadowAdult (m)1,01748932
kYtMiKytmi-The GhostAdult (f)1,01446739
6SBELSix's BelAdult (m)1,59254412
lZYMhIzy MihAdult (f)1,77157510
m6rlOHunter of The CavernsAdult (m)1,63661010
nlSfwLord GraveyardAdult (m)1,70353622
MQawsLady GraveyardAdult (f)1,72154126
YzmGoGreat Desipis LadyAdult (f)3,6241,2311
7iQXnGreat Desipis LordAdult (m)3,6411,2413
vAv5EBlack Death CaligeneAdult (f)3,6441,1343
1Nv4aDark Death CaligeneAdult (m)3,6761,1333
Swb2uOmen Wyrm LadyAdult (f)6,3521,2482
asxxEOmen Wyrm LordAdult (m)6,4091,2302
YgEqHLong-horned KohrakiAdult (f)5,4761,3186
MjGUWLong-beardy KohrakiAdult (m)5,5481,3214
CMhNpHowler Dragon LadyAdult (f)1,7045143
LNdN9Howler Dragon LordAdult (m)1,6215033
sBHeESbheeAdult (m)2,0727143
TZpoxTzpoxAdult (f)1,8776854
6agMAGreen Fire ArcanaAdult (f)5,1091,2062
nIcDmGreen Flame ArcanaAdult (m)5,1071,2122
6bifGCurled HornsAdult (f)5,5551,2314
EOyREOrange BackAdult (m)5,5491,2154
2BPdQGreen Colossus LadyAdult (f)4,5721,3813
vuTA2Green Colossus LordAdult (m)4,5561,3766
4cd7jPoison Pest DragonAdult (f)1,96159710
e7Fv5Toxic Pest DragonAdult (m)2,10060921
iClDNGreen TeimarrAdult (f)2,52993916
3tgL2Yellow TeimarrAdult (m)2,55592019
PgoWHBrute Red and Purple Dragon LordAdult (m)2,7701,0221
YkpAqBrute Red and Purple Dragon LadyAdult (f)2,7751,0161
K3C2Bright Ember LordAdult (m)1,21464823
eO4bBright Ember LadyAdult (f)93957124
v0o6uFalcon Blue FlameAdult (m)1,5186241
DadIbFalcon Blue FireAdult (f)1,4895991
FePIDemon NightmareAdult (m)68140836
JOKTlJokiti- The Demon Nightmare WifeAdult (f)2,32559825
KucPBlack Night NightmareAdult (f)77446933
N51OBlack Night NightwalkerAdult (m)1,07362636
EiyEHPurple Horned DragonAdult (m)2,4074694
7IIxePurple Nailed DragonAdult (f)2,4074694
xgyyxDark Spirit LordAdult (m)1,5594623
uONFKDark Spirit Lady DragonAdult (f)1,5254524
mDlURDark LuminoxAdult (f)3,2778812
TEwRUBlack LuminoxAdult (m)3,3008861
vdPaFemale MagicAdult (f)79945340
py5kGOrange Magic PowerAdult (m)1,73849612
rGHuOrange WaterAdult (m)70653126
oW42Female GoldfishAdult (f)62742531
toFjjTofjjy-Lady of Cassare DragonsAdult (f)2,7891,0122
kF7niKefni- Lord of Cassare DraAdult (m)2,7171,0262
0MWruBright Antarean LadyAdult (f)4,4751,0073
srCRDBright Antarean LordAdult (m)4,4489982
rzqbgBrigth CandelabraAdult (f)4,5311,2445
AocpJShiny CandelabraAdult (m)4,1331,0133
mV8pUDark Blue Celestial LadyAdult (f)4,6661,1043
A0eU7Dark Blue Celestial LordAdult (m)4,8451,1012
XEnFCelestine-The Blue Sky MaidenAdult (f)1,62597836
khWpICelestino-The Blue Sky DragonAdult (m)1,75549115
bNnMDreamy Blue White CloudAdult (m)64840135
TnK0Dreamy Pink White CloudAdult (f)1,04267124
CZlnYColorful SapoAdult (f)7,0851,2795
v6BbpColored SapoAdult (m)7,1001,2725
J8mDwBlue Glacewing LadyAdult (f)3,6389275
wY7tkBlue Azure LordAdult (m)3,7379283
XNzvKBlue Morphodrake LordAdult (m)4,1451,1252
W3qDPBlue Morphodrake LadyAdult (f)3,8679752
DRDzNBlack-TiAdult (m)3,3231,17120
mCXqNPink Black-TiAdult (f)2,6594645
VzMVBrisk PinkAdult (f)74242140
4s7sgMale Brisk PinkAdult (m)3,7239632
1TZUPink Lizzard GirlAdult (f)80444740
89WYPink LizzardAdult (m)67239423
iKrLiIkiriliAdult (f)2,00451930
0LphROlphirAdult (m)2,44556118
tbqleInfluenciadoraAdult (f)3,0307271
7yGctInfleunciatorAdult (m)3,0437291
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