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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Aleoleo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AoLeOAoLeO - Ruling MascottHatchling (f, F)3,6669328
RLUbj(RLUbj)Hatchling (F)1,5202141
a9jlX(a9jlX)Hatchling (F)1,9372591
7DXZl(7DXZl)Hatchling (F)1,9432542
Aleol(Aleol)Adult (f)2,8087056
ALeOq(ALeOq)Adult (f)3,4098056
RaikLeetle RaikEgg (F)
W2VVw(W2VVw)Adult (m)4,1363983
UJCpNiger - Trading DirectorAdult (m)6,9281,17929
OA1xNAloan - Gift ManagerAdult (m)4,4387582
odjBCOdjib - Youth GuardianAdult (f)4,7501,4382
6EZ9c(6EZ9c)Hatchling (f)4,2289833
7GRhw(7GRhw)Hatchling (m)4,4369732
wcYES(wcYES)Adult (m)4,3577035
eHSQiSelkienAdult (m)4,1278033
HNt8nHentle - Boyz' orderlyAdult (m)4,0511,1071
6Dk76Gracious ChaserAdult (m)3,2248313
ZXLRQPatina LoveAdult (m)3,3935771
Oo3n0PlumsticeAdult (m)4,2276826
agv8JTinyDoveAdult (m)2,9975371
zYwxyFuzzy TrinketAdult (m)2,3445832
S2oFK(S2oFK)Hatchling (F)2,0073001
zEA93Harvesting SnowAdult (m)2,5015432
d7RhN(d7RhN)Hatchling (F)2,1232041
R9R2HGuardian of WoodsAdult (m)2,04882318
c3Dzp(c3Dzp)Hatchling (F)3,0622221
DMbeTSmug LeavesAdult (m)2,1968437
iA4z1Sun Melted SnowAdult (m)3,1498208
qkBI7SanzarisAdult (m)3,9198011
G1KyCGinny - Girlz' orderlyAdult (f)4,6331,1491
pMwGlSoil GeekHatchling (f)4,2308622
Ht9pkRoof StrutterHatchling (f)5,0201,0721
Lg2dHViperid FerretAdult (f)2,4385482
b89eANoodle QueenletAdult (f)2,3607141
VxiD3Love SanctityAdult (f)2,5367411
rLlc3Bright PresenceAdult (f)2,5087491
x5owiBlooming Under The MoonAdult (f)2,7768551
TK85CNerd SeductionAdult (f)3,0979191
M9g2zGreen Love SproutAdult (f)2,6688382
2Y326Steady RoseAdult (f)2,8738421
7vOmUPepper KernAdult (f)2,9528392
ID8RFAeldriaAdult (f)3,0858412
IthVDCandid FlowAdult (f)3,2518213
Gr8hxGrand FlowersAdult (f)3,1137672
1LqQdFlorealliaAdult (f)4,4478124
t1bPGVelvetEarthAdult (f)4,6598101
axUohTinyBlacknessAdult (f)2,8675131
CRLQmEarth BindingAdult (f)2,6094983
2KHK2Cautious LoveAdult (f)2,8176638
2MyQYSolis GratiaAdult (f)4,4707051
t2vtMSun-Splashed MagicAdult (f)3,0465981
CsJjjFlower MaidAdult (f)4,0496723
iLuhlDer Winter kommtAdult (f)3,2728482
DifMSFrilled GoalAdult (f)3,0067772
Ny2Pb(Ny2Pb)Hatchling (F)2,0832281
W8DWgSweet ShenanigansAdult (f)3,2196072
9FgDKThicket BlueAdult (f)2,53281219
Rbk1SNatural CareAdult (f)5,48896810
VmGRgMistle'MoonAdult (f)2,7948891
45vxbSolstice BlessingAdult (f)2,8448952
vO1XcVoix - S1 GuardianAdult (f)5,6931,5063
lW5rmIwirm - S2 GuardianAdult (f)4,9861,4502
1ENfz(1ENfz)Adult (f)5,3779663
q2Vkl3G Terrae X Deep SeaAdult (f)4,3346702
KU8KQueen Blackos the Very FirstAdult (f)4,03098121
liQgPiouAdult (f)6,0756095
zhmcqPiou-PiouHatchling (F)1,4045332
s3M39Sieimen - Families CounselorAdult (f)3,4135908
33J5TCrystalline BrothersHatchling (F)1,9092492
Fiucy(Fiucy)Adult (m)2,5426092
AMwle(AMwle)Adult (m)3,0867984
BXIw2(BXIw2)Adult (m)3,0887922
clqMq(clqMq)Adult (m)3,0738054
EUjRj(EUjRj)Adult (m)3,7486334
8F43T(8F43T)Adult (m)4,3928975
2C6al(2C6al)Adult (m)3,0328455
OHA8fCrystalline SistersHatchling (F)2,2312941
6cCZA(6cCZA)Adult (f)3,4635573
eI8sZIcy SnapAdult (f)3,3647068
ljIpWCold DelugeAdult (f)3,3606977
tKYqCFreezing GraceAdult (f)4,6856706
dlBtnSleet CarnivalAdult (f)3,2707965
5LJDVFrost ExpoAdult (f)4,2306888
110xo(110xo)Adult (f)3,0328403
sVSNaStratos BrothersHatchling (F)2,2803081
L6xQy(L6xQy)Adult (m)2,0515802
d6MxR(d6MxR)Adult (m)2,2645923
Ys1qe(Ys1qe)Adult (m)2,2115654
CjkuT(CjkuT)Adult (m)4,14292014
RTT18(RTT18)Adult (m)3,00082214
DzxnC(DzxnC)Adult (m)3,5508407
X8rLs(X8rLs)Adult (m)3,9089295
AYbdI(AYbdI)Adult (m)3,9789415
XvBQdStratos SistersHatchling (F)2,4742691
j183h(j183h)Adult (f)2,4786092
JNhBG(JNhBG)Adult (f)2,6825945
heFTo(heFTo)Adult (f)2,6586454
QA3ZA(QA3ZA)Adult (f)3,57770916
rWHHz(rWHHz)Adult (f)2,70480612
bGsSB(bGsSB)Adult (f)3,02283513
9Zwl7(9Zwl7)Adult (f)3,48782611
F9YGS(F9YGS)Adult (f)3,8309374
Kx5lyGlowback TribeHatchling (F)1,2133103
nmvy8(nmvy8)Adult (m)3,5707993
iWfWB(iWfWB)Adult (m)3,4118611
1eL1n(1eL1n)Adult (m)5,0947341
AOg5Z(AOg5Z)Adult (m)4,5857512
26ziCGlowback SistersHatchling (f, F)2,5777551
eoKoaTinyKoalaAdult (f)3,4588651
hKBWgTinyGlowyStarAdult (f)3,5328083
uLv9XTinySticklerAdult (f)3,5848481
w3dw5TinyClubAdult (f)4,4089391
km76PTeRockAdult (m)5,9335041
Gf7RrFertileSoilAdult (f)4,3496622
s7kK7(s7kK7)Adult (m)3,4476081
CQTVA(CQTVA)Hatchling (F)1,6941791
q6CBnCortwoAdult (m)4,2526943
8KfMe(8KfMe)Hatchling (F)2,4092301
BNn8VQi Gong FanAdult (m)3,3575183
93HyR(93HyR)Hatchling (F)1,1153043
TtrNyI'm from GreenwitchAdult (f)2,9485321
hG71H(hG71H)Hatchling (F)1,1513133
rd8Jg(rd8Jg)Adult (f)2,1366182
aLbhD(aLbhD)Adult (m)4,2307431
FgV7a(FgV7a)Hatchling (F)1,6891952
mtmjpMiernenAdult (m)2,3145864
8rPWX(8rPWX)Hatchling (F)2,8243861
lpFfYFyriinaAdult (f)2,2295883
Ayt3mProdigal Color lineageHatchling (F)1,9434171
IprpZProdigal ColorAdult (m)2,3696232
v0OXQ3G Pipio x Dark MystAdult (m)4,7768593
3T3SPBeth PyrolavaAdult (f)2,6367171
buYWcBalden HighwindAdult (m)3,4107636
7JBilSilver Sparckle lineageHatchling (F)2,9703514
J8jZ0SilverySparkleAdult (f)2,29783047
u0OBSNerd Games lineageHatchling (F)3,7343531
dvnshNerd GamesAdult (m)3,0067854
OLhdDOlden IreAdult (f)3,7407311
63CwTI Hear Thy NameAdult (m)3,3487522
ELgdOElga of the SnowAdult (f)3,6877123
Cdws6Mechanical AntiqueAdult (f)3,8126741
zufjvMrs ZundineAdult (f)5,2057174
xyjnhArtist's MessageAdult (m)4,4036254
hxZEZResiliant ImmunityAdult (f)3,0126173
uRFLzFreckentillAdult (m)4,5466122
iSIcOIsis GemAdult (f)5,2345381
Py6Gj(Py6Gj)Adult (m)4,2376611
2ZfDuPanomerAdult (m)5,6679013
6Qvd7Prowl's VanityAdult (f)4,1247023
BGLeETinyBlegleAdult (m)2,5647053
g1tUt(g1tUt)Adult (f)3,8446553
yA5BIVerdant BronzeAdult (m)3,3816531
jsxbRCrown of SummerAdult (m)3,3356432
pSQFDCybernoodleAdult (m)2,9056232
mmqQHWater in my VeinsAdult (f)3,1274181
rzst8(rzst8)Adult (f)5,4281,0282
0ztwU(0ztwU)Adult (f)3,6498962
ET1cx(ET1cx)Adult (f)3,7958591
5TXsORomantic Tension At Its PeakAdult (f)4,6237752
nWNAC(nWNAC)Adult (f)5,6557192
K7vSR(K7vSR)Adult (m)3,9478062
fHEWl(fHEWl)Hatchling (F)2,4032031
t2XmKMiranda's TreasureAdult (m)3,1947022
TFpEn(TFpEn)Hatchling (F)2,3584892
itHi8Crashing MeteoAdult (m)5,8157063
JAOUJaou - Magic CoordinatorAdult (f)3,2711,18417
6GUCwSister GuardianHatchling (f, F)6,9869419
OXza5Father GuardianAdult (m)6,73198111
GCVe8Mother GuardianAdult (f)4,1211,2263
2r4b9Mighty PowerAdult (m)
jwXstMighty MommaAdult (f)
mdpxeCantalouHatchling (F)1,7055552
ZHQ4jFromtonHatchling (F)3,2715585
nXbovP'tit PapierHatchling (F)2,0244364
ZdnPPPapelardHatchling (F)3,3359735
1USARussian GrandadAdult4,28998917
UWktjDecadent DriveHatchling (F)2,6681821
5AQrxThe End Of ItHatchling (m, F)5,5026464
0NCWpOnna VigiliaAdult (m)4,8221,2127
PuJimPatience is lethalAdult (m)3,27082716
MfynACan't stop anymoreHatchling (f, F)3,9069985
etePpToo Great a TemptationAdult (f)5,66493919
P1Q7ZIt has to be that wayAdult (f)4,9087513
V7dtlVidetl - Tribes CoordinatorAdult (m)3,1937866
xuawwAeon TribeHatchling (F)3,4704501
3lG4QAeon BrothersHatchling (m, F)4,1119362
yCRQyElusive OracleAdult (m)3,3028738
OUfYaOracle of BrassAdult (m)4,9868284
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