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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Aleoleo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AoLeOAoLeO - Ruling MascottHatchling (f, F)3,6669328
W2VVw(W2VVw)Adult (m)4,1363983
Aleol(Aleol)Adult (f)2,8087056
ALeOq(ALeOq)Adult (f)3,4098056
RaikLeetle RaikEgg (F)
UJCpBlack Niger - Trade SeniorAdult (m)6,9281,17929
OA1xNAloan - Gift ManagerAdult (m)4,4387582
odjBCOdjib - Youth GuardianAdult (f)4,7501,4382
ozhNZ(ozhNZ)Hatchling (m)2,3906352
HNt8nHentle - Boyz' orderlyAdult (m)4,0511,1071
G1KyCGinny - Girlz' orderlyAdult (f)4,6331,1491
rgX9yLady Grace VerdantAdult (f)3,7886534
4Rm3zNarakanniAdult (f)5,0111,0652
yUy9EDappling LeavesAdult (f)4,6821,0962
vO1XcVoix - S1 GuardianAdult (f)5,6931,5063
lW5rmIwirm - S2 GuardianAdult (f)4,9861,4502
KU8KQueen Blackos the Very FirstAdult (f)4,03098121
liQgPiouAdult (f)6,0756095
zhmcqPiou-PiouHatchling (F)1,4045332
s3M39Sieimen - Families CounselorAdult (f)3,4135908
nmvy8(nmvy8)Adult (m)3,5707993
iWfWB(iWfWB)Adult (m)3,4118611
1eL1n(1eL1n)Adult (m)5,0947341
AOg5Z(AOg5Z)Adult (m)4,5857512
mttIoGlowback SistersHatchling (F)2,2762741
eoKoa(eoKoa)Adult (f)3,4588651
hKBWg(hKBWg)Adult (f)3,5328083
uLv9X(uLv9X)Adult (f)3,5848481
w3dw5(w3dw5)Adult (f)4,4089391
9kXYfLuminox BrothersHatchling (F)2,2623832
e1ct5(e1ct5)Adult (m)3,3687881
V0WMH(V0WMH)Adult (m)3,5848092
C1KVX(C1KVX)Adult (m)3,4978532
TbpdG(TbpdG)Adult (m)3,6948660
xX2Jf(xX2Jf)Adult (m)3,5338211
1dHT1Luminox SistersHatchling (F)1,7012972
W8uWE(W8uWE)Adult (f)3,2877781
CCGgo(CCGgo)Adult (f)3,7438121
dxucM(dxucM)Adult (f)3,5258202
61Hai(61Hai)Adult (f)3,6898531
blgE2(blgE2)Adult (f)2,4518201
f8LZ0(f8LZ0)Adult (f)4,2996590
NE6yo(NE6yo)Adult (f)4,2629120
bS3wOAvea BrothersHatchling (F)1,9213412
ahJsoAvea TribeHatchling (F)2,1641491
mFFtj(mFFtj)Adult (m)3,7367182
hXET0(hXET0)Adult (m)3,7476861
WkcZH(WkcZH)Adult (m)4,7729691
VkmJ0(VkmJ0)Adult (m)6,3031,2320
MBfYxAvea SistersHatchling (f, F)3,2016653
BhzEy(BhzEy)Adult (f)3,5827182
mOySI(mOySI)Adult (f)3,9947412
CdHWU(CdHWU)Adult (f)3,7637654
sgipJ(sgipJ)Adult (f)5,1231,0961
DVquJRift BrothersHatchling (m, F)4,0918001
3rQ3m(3rQ3m)Adult (m)4,5461,0385
P6nUg(P6nUg)Adult (m)3,6958942
Oiut6(Oiut6)Adult (m)3,6076992
IneOW(IneOW)Adult (m)3,4658540
zYvmtRift SistersHatchling (F)2,2493012
tPMuK(tPMuK)Adult (f)3,4096937
obUUF(obUUF)Adult (f)3,6237153
9dL8T(9dL8T)Adult (f)4,4069034
hpses(hpses)Adult (f)3,6959751
ksnsA(ksnsA)Adult (f)5,8941,0981
iYdjb(iYdjb)Adult (f)4,7378371
HvofVKovos TribeHatchling (F)2,4601751
ysWViKovos BrothersHatchling (m, F)3,6187391
KfhwO(KfhwO)Adult (m)3,5468650
16ICQ(16ICQ)Adult (m)2,9837931
aYD7v(aYD7v)Adult (m)3,7556771
d2w8e(d2w8e)Adult (m)3,5949700
CK4rJKovos SistersHatchling (F)1,9883591
02sWZ(02sWZ)Adult (f)3,8278823
S0ESm(S0ESm)Adult (f)2,9338243
vhf1n(vhf1n)Adult (f)3,8348111
fZ6V6(fZ6V6)Adult (f)4,3939280
sHj6hVremya TribeHatchling (F)2,1594253
bcDoiVremya BrothersHatchling (m, F)3,7497342
bWPkM(bWPkM)Adult (m)3,8078782
dohvT(dohvT)Adult (m)2,7728341
EiCd9(EiCd9)Adult (m)2,9228681
kzTSS(kzTSS)Adult (m)5,4281,0550
AJ9Xl(AJ9Xl)Adult (m)4,9347921
U0A23Vremya SistersHatchling (f, F)4,7288394
BzDkR(BzDkR)Adult (f)3,7388790
o0ETT(o0ETT)Adult (f)3,3248591
7D6NJ(7D6NJ)Adult (f)3,4798721
vEfQJ(vEfQJ)Adult (f)2,5624712
xK2MS(xK2MS)Hatchling (F)1,9093701
v0OXQ(v0OXQ)Adult (m)4,7768593
xND6T(xND6T)Hatchling (F)2,2413881
vCvZJTerrae G1 no1Adult (m)4,3788373
m6GzxTerrae G1 no2Adult (m)4,1388333
jltJyTerrae G1 no3Adult (m)5,4926742
25eD4Terrae G1 no4Adult (m)3,9006233
J25Z1Terrae G1 no5Adult (m)3,4835812
tMSEyTerrae G1 no6Adult (m)4,3748713
Y510rTerrae G1 no7Adult (m)3,5577572
3hMnoTerrae G1 no8Adult (m)3,9837978
jAcA6Soulpeace G1 no1Adult (f)3,4837492
y9X5p(y9X5p)Hatchling (F)1,9932842
3T3SPBeth PyrolavaAdult (f)2,6367171
B3M4e(B3M4e)Hatchling (F)2,1032581
buYWcBalden HighwindAdult (m)3,4107636
7JBilSilver Sparckle lineageHatchling (F)2,9703514
J8jZ0SilverySparkleAdult (f)2,29783047
u0OBSNerd Games lineageHatchling (F)3,7343531
dvnshNerd GamesAdult (m)3,0067854
R12G7Terraeble GriefAdult (m)4,1067811
OLhdDOlden IreAdult (f)3,7407311
63CwTI Hear Thy NameAdult (m)3,3487522
ELgdOElga of the SnowAdult (f)3,6877123
Cdws6Mechanical AntiqueAdult (f)3,8126741
Sw3WbSwabenAdult (m)7,0309863
5d0t0Sodoto SantalAdult (m)7,0119593
zufjvMrs ZundineAdult (f)5,2057174
xyjnhArtist's MessageAdult (m)4,4036254
hxZEZResiliant ImmunityAdult (f)3,0126173
uRFLzFreckentillAdult (m)4,5466122
0goQtCorona di TerraAdult (f)5,0656542
WBvl0(WBvl0)Hatchling (F)3,8962663
2ZfDuPanomerAdult (m)5,6679013
6Qvd7Prowl's VanityAdult (f)4,1247023
BGLeETinyBlegleAdult (m)2,5647053
g1tUt(g1tUt)Adult (f)3,8446553
yA5BIVerdant BronzeAdult (m)3,3816531
47cKIAcki - Prize CoordinatorAdult (m)3,0559361
rzst8(rzst8)Adult (f)5,4281,0282
0ztwU(0ztwU)Adult (f)3,6498962
ET1cx(ET1cx)Adult (f)3,7958591
dD3liGold Tinsel TribeHatchling (F)4,3877785
eKim9Gold Tinsel BrothersHatchling (m, F)7,1181,2205
6zEJzGoroni AurAdult (m)6,5579215
siDtvGreek SunlightAdult (m)6,23589618
RWwpdLove or BusinessAdult (m)9,6456531
h67I7Gold Tinsel SistersHatchling (f, F)5,6891,03911
MIW1BApollinieAdult (f)8,5979194
7h2T5EpicadaAdult (f)8,0098182
w5VMBMerchaurAdult (f)6,5291,07720
Mkkp3Silver Tinsel TribeHatchling (F)5,8895651
7NUXUSilver Tinsel BrothersHatchling (m, F)4,4571,0424
Z6vD8Marth's LegacyAdult (m)7,2111,1688
qrVvfKeliverAdult (m)8,55592626
UuG5kAnmar GunAdult (m)7,0467936
u0iZuPenkish LoveAdult (m)4,1371,1298
hlw9OSilver DedicationAdult (m)5,2808585
WouP7Silver's TanAdult (m)7,44790613
poe2qArgent PortAdult (m)7,0239487
fkYRbSilvoxiousAdult (m)7,94578321
F6M9KEarth's DreamAdult (m)6,54090425
FtGpjGoroni ArianAdult (m)6,5361,1741
y9y55Din's GlitterAdult (m)7,4529058
pLZzaPink PlazzaAdult (m)7,22681311
tMHzqSilver Lining lineageHatchling (F)2,2483193
8qLnnDL G1 - 1Adult (m)5,2578715
vq0g5DL G1 - 2 bisAdult (f)4,9408362
viSth(viSth)Adult (m)7,4039805
ErHp3(ErHp3)Adult (f)5,8658422
i0tIiDL G1 - 8Adult (f)5,7658353
uyePaDL G1 - 10Adult (f)4,8618041
xLDUjDL G1 - 12Adult (f)5,1988664
hpocHDL G1 - 14Adult (f)4,7448603
b6qVADL G1 - 16Adult (f)4,5468534
OFcQqDL G1 - 7Adult (m)8,6259665
fsOu6Reserve Terrae - Project A LeeAdult (f)3,5157113
fErF9DL G1 - 9Adult (m)5,29788111
mbUCbBut our love  it was strongerAdult (m)5,48597910
WWWY4by far than the loveAdult (f)3,9689319
ImiPqAncient Tinsel lineageHatchling (F)3,3252345
IGKfcTerra ShineAdult (m)9,0347873
TZxXRTaziiosAdult (f)5,9235523
IQWfHTerra LoveAdult (m)6,2489234
kN3BuKnubuAdult (f)3,3108611
0ezQuSilver Tinsel SistersHatchling (f, F)4,9949593
ZPXDRZilver ZtoneAdult (f)8,8428667
l7ktRLady of GoslandAdult (f)5,5558426
l8kK5Verdant MorchaintAdult (f)6,5299772
5f02AMercharianAdult (f)6,0671,3669
jxuBESilveryTwilightAdult (f)7,3799406
t4nAwVivenniaAdult (f)7,0619703
pNly2Bronze Tinsel TribeHatchling (F)2,1414261
g5gPwBronze Tinsel BrothersHatchling (m, F)6,1861,1336
6rK4lSyrupy MapleAdult (m)6,59080510
uud2ABitter BronzeAdult (m)2,3609456
HCQGHGlory leads to GraveAdult (m)7,9387737
rbEafBronzimAdult (m)7,36982323
zmhA1Blubberbutt CumberbundAdult (m)7,27487317
JKDX1Tinsel SeasonAdult (m)6,39890917
Ute9zGoroni EfydAdult (m)7,3439457
VFy1OAutumn's RewardAdult (m)8,4978072
gWoG3Bronze Tinsel SistersHatchling (f, F)3,3421,0273
KQuvHShuffling PrizeAdult (f)6,4038548
mpYBYLaurelin's FruitAdult (f)7,64784816
tFfP1Bronzy BronzerAdult (f)8,4458943
CsDDxMaple LoveAdult (f)6,4821,21535
3GH6wAncientinselAdult (f)6,71690314
yx0F3Aleoleo's Shiny BabyAdult (f)8,5038704
1WP0uTinsel TruffleAdult (f)6,28495722
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