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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Aleika,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pHPn(pHPn)Adult (m)3,08080424
H1Aa(H1Aa)Adult (m)1,7775437
1nI8(1nI8)Adult (m)1,64565714
3moP(3moP)Adult (m)1,3916174
EC1Qg(EC1Qg)Adult (f)1,4823625
grKk(grKk)Adult (m)2,26957812
A6Q2(A6Q2)Adult (m)74250910
b9aI(b9aI)Adult (f)2,58077111
6oms(6oms)Adult (f)2,25690317
rPRY(rPRY)Adult (m)1,8135205
RBlsr(RBlsr)Adult (m)1,6823028
TN1AA(TN1AA)Adult (m)1,8843099
6fQk(6fQk)Adult (f)1,4035841
k3bnH(k3bnH)Adult (f)1,4523224
Ei9L(Ei9L)Adult (f)2,95977714
pJPF(pJPF)Adult (f)1,6624828
nXxj(nXxj)Adult (m)2,22463632
4KyN(4KyN)Adult (m)1,1036518
DtE0(DtE0)Adult (m)1,9007232
eVZN(eVZN)Adult (f)3,38992420
bh92(bh92)Adult (f)73055224
Iqr4(Iqr4)Adult (f)1,5485911
pCq8(pCq8)Adult (m)1,3395854
SkHb(SkHb)Adult (f)1,25459624
hufI(hufI)Adult (m)1,50941519
eTVl(eTVl)Adult (m)1,3315282
H4oT(H4oT)Adult (f)2,95287114
BIQL(BIQL)Adult (f)1,2985123
pM21(pM21)Adult (f)2,5961,11923
T9h2(T9h2)Adult (f)1,0576004
bpUZ(bpUZ)Adult (m)2,4477704
MVJ9(MVJ9)Adult (m)1,6935402
69R9(69R9)Adult (f)1,00978813
VXfK(VXfK)Adult (f)1,63436814
BMRM(BMRM)Adult (m)2,07836016
7LL2(7LL2)Adult (f)2,87057528
IqaN(IqaN)Adult (f)1,77659217
K3iG(K3iG)Adult (m)78258424
HmWY2(HmWY2)Adult (m)1,7103724
58E6(58E6)Adult (m)2,17988824
tcFl(tcFl)Adult (f)1,6635145
E9bD(E9bD)Adult (f)2,65878613
qCJS(qCJS)Adult (m)2,5916324
5MGr(5MGr)Adult (m)1,79262917
bkVI(bkVI)Adult (f)1,3445252
kDBe(kDBe)Adult (m)1,76571921
NBEq(NBEq)Adult (m)2,77483021
k8Of(k8Of)Adult (m)4,2801,13426
WOiU(WOiU)Adult (f)1,2485636
tccH(tccH)Adult (f)6834855
LG5R(LG5R)Adult (f)3,19881013
1PtJ(1PtJ)Adult (m)2,54767914
kJmC(kJmC)Adult (m)1,4654727
o6HQ(o6HQ)Adult (m)1,5714896
EZDM(EZDM)Adult (m)1,5534845
I66Q(I66Q)Adult (f)1,3776123
ybdx(ybdx)Adult (f)1,25856923
3YVA(3YVA)Adult (m)2,3776079
PQduN(PQduN)Adult (m)1,3123564
pH9F(pH9F)Adult (f)1,29259330
7QcJ(7QcJ)Adult (f)1,31770114
7PsW(7PsW)Adult (f)1,91277612
jJkt(jJkt)Adult (m)2,8757398
etLc(etLc)Adult (f)1,7605264
O5vv(O5vv)Adult (m)3,05180115
odE1(odE1)Adult (m)2,7607165
2qYT(2qYT)Adult (m)1,91242726
fua6(fua6)Adult (m)95841616
CWyY(CWyY)Hatchling (F)31922922
2abF(2abF)Adult (f)1,32159225
aN3m(aN3m)Adult (f)96041315
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